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tv   Campaign 2018 California 23rd District U.S. House Debate  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 1:02pm-2:03pm EST

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honesty and support that america has always had as a moral compass, that we've lost in the last 2 years with trump and i don't think that is what we've seen recently with the bomb scares and with everything. so much infighting amongst people, i think we've lost our moral compass as a country and i want to try to find our way. >> the city's tour travels to profile american cities. join us the 1st and 3rd weekends of each month as we explore the american story. >> house majority leader kevin mccarthy debated his democratic rival tatiana mata in california 23rd district, she has held theseat since 2013. before that he represented california's 27th district for 6 years. this debate is about an hour . >> live from bakersfield,
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your local election headquarters, this is california's 23rd congressional district debate. >>. >> good evening to you and thank you for joining us for tonight candidates debate featuring the 2 candidates seeking to represent california's 23rd congressional district, i'm jim scott. >> with us tonight we have a republican incumbent congressman kevin mccarthy seeking his 6th term in office and democratic challenger tatiana mata. >> we begin with the word out about both candidates, congressman mccarthy is the house majority leader and has held that title since 2014, represented california's 3rd congressional district 2013, previously served as us representative or california's 22nd congressional district from 2007 2 2013 tatiana mata is a board member for the joint unifiedschool district and a board member as a military spouse advocacy network . he here are tatiana mata strategies, public relations term serving political
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candidates, ms. miss mata has certain nonprofit organizations including vice president of development and program manager or emsam, the us air force welfare chairman and she's a volunteer for the uso in operation on front. >> here's a quick look at the 2013 congressional district, running to represent including the cities of mohave, ridgecrest, parts of lancaster and most of bakersfield. a quick reminder for you viewers , before we get to our issues,we are screaming this debate live on her website , and on our facebook page. join in on the discussion on her facebook page and our twitter page throughout this life debate, but not for the rebroadcast of this debate, we might which will be this saturday at 6 pm. here on tv 17. >> the candidates have been apprised of the ground rules
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for our debate, we will start with opening debate, miss mata has elected to go last. that same order will apply to closing statements. your opening statement, 90 seconds. >> i want to thank k ged for having this debate, you the viewer or watching for the next hour. i want to thank tatyana for running, it shows her care and love for this country and i look forward to a healthy debate on the issues. 2 years ago, i stood in the same spot and i ask for your vote. 2 more years that i would work hard to provide for results for more job opportunities, greater growth through this country and district and i want to report on what we were able to achieve. in just those last 2 years i was able to move the greatest water reform we've had for more than 25 years. we have secured full funding for isabella and the lake success dance, something we worked on for a few years. a week ago we celebrated the
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government citing a $40 million lead for a new veterans clinic. this is one that will build on the clinic we have to date but will be one that is state-of-the-art because while it will focus on women's veterans, mental health and also homelessness but we've gone much further. i sat in the oval office when the president signed the bill to and human trafficking, modern-day slavery online, nothing we fought for 8 years. we were able to pass tax reform to let every family more than what they've earned, almost $2000 apiece but our job is not done, we got more to achieve and that's why i'm going to ask or your support to finish the job . >> thank you and miss mata, your opening statement, 90 seconds. >> i want to thank a gtd for hosting this event, for kevin mccarthy for being here. i'm a mother, a military spouse, and air force military member and also a
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trustee for the school district, i'm an army daughter. i think that to me sacrifice comes in blood. i'm excited that i live in morganton but i chose to be here. our family chose to make bakersfield our home. edwards air force base our home. the 23rd congressional district our home. i'm optimistic that together we can do great things to move forward our community. i'm ready to serve the country that given us so much but also to give back to a community that embraces our family. [speaking spanish]
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>> thank you miss mata. miss mata, congressman mccarthy as you well know is house majority leader. he's in line to become the next speaker of the house so he's in a position to bring home the bacon, if you will, to his district from congress. with all due respect to you miss mata, why should voters in the 23rddistrict give up that kind of political interest and influence and send you to congress . >> i believe i understand the plight that comes from having a future speaker of the house, i understand that. i understand the pride is all they got, puerto rico obviously , they are very full of their heritage but doesn't give our communities and families money to eat. that doesn't give them a place to eat, i understand the pride that comes with that but i also understand we need to do more to support our local economies and to get those workers the voices they need. i understand that i'm new to
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politics but that's actually a good thing nowadays. i've worked in a nonpartisan way for years. this is not about a democrat or republican, this is about someone who understands service comes before all else and i'm putting my community on top of everything to serve the community that given me so much. >> congressman mccarthy, rebuttal. >> the question is should she run, everybody should be held accountable but what she really should look at us or what are the results. >> unemployment in america in the last 49 years as only been below 4 percent 9 months , before those we lived through. we got the highest pay raise for men and women in military in the last decade almost. we were able to get the resources for china lake and edwards but that's not the only place we saw. look at the bill we passed dealing with opioids, something that's reaching every single family, one of
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the most comprehensive bills gone through and we've done this in a bipartisan way, i canwork across the aisle, i can disagree with your philosophy . i can solve and get a result of the end of the day.and i want to be held accountable but i think if you look at the record, i have a reason why we should run to finish the job. >> thank you congressman. we have a number of questions on immigration, the topic that's been front and center in this district for many months so the question for you to start out mister mccarthy, last week you introduced a bill to build the border wall between the us and mexico and an estimated cost of $23 billion . now, if memory serves, president trump told us mexico was going to build this wall. now you're asking for $23 billion. what gives life and mark. >> nothing gives, we need border security, if you've been to the border along california, the only place already started building the wall is california. has changed but if you think
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about our own community, we need the security. if you look at the caravan coming across today, but what happens in those situations is you get drug members. you get gang members, ms 13, you get antenatal coming across. i want to have a legal system that works and that's why 2 bills on the floor at reform immigration, that bill for the future, that allows us to have a program that gives us security along the wall and deals with the students that are here that are daca. we came close to passing it but unfortunately there wasn't one democrat on the other side of the aisle to vote for it. unfortunately, that seems to be the case when we passed tax reform to drop all this economic growth and if you read the wall street journal, the real economic forum just said america is the most competitive country in the world. we've not had this standing in more than a decade so we've made fundamental reforms but immigration is a big issue, i've been working on it and i believe at the end of the day we will solve it.
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>> miss mata, rebuttal. >> i understand this country needs to enforce their borders, we're entitled to that and i will work across the aisle with whatever president in whatever administration to ensure that . that's one of the existing goals within our family, making sure this country as safe . at the same time, billions for concrete will not make us safer and that is my concern, as a school board member i know there's plenty of need to support federal funds in this community and the fact that we are putting out a bill that so much money that this president told every single one of their voters that they were going to, mexico was going to pay for that wall makes no sense to conservatives who understand the deficit is not something we should be blowing out of proportion. i might not agree with my party 100 percent but i think at this time, getting a border is billions of dollars is not going to cut it.
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our families need help and the only way of doing that is focusing on what matters most . >> let me follow up and depress you a little bit more. what introduced this bill now? the house has a bill to spend 5 billion on the wall, the senate has a bill to spend 1.6 billion. lawmakers from your own party soft at the price tag of 23 billion. how will you convince them to spend this much money now? >> because it's going to make the border safe. the bill says build the wall, enforced the wall and it's an advanced appropriation. every year we go to appropriation, inside the house bill we have 5 billion, and no one to get his 5 billion this year but it would advance it and wouldn't stop at any future administration but that's not the only part of the bill. you know what else it does? actuary cities. it changes the course so if cities want to go against federal law and build a sanctuary city, they can get
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federal grants but the thing it does is removes ms 13 gang members coming across the border. the other thing it will do if you watch in san francisco they allow illegals to vote in their election, it will condemn that. if you allow illegals to vote in your election your degrading the power of anybody else and any naturalized citizen. i go to naturalizations and the thing that happens is the excitement of registering to vote. one of the most exciting days they have is casting that 1st ballot. we got to enforce the law and we will be a safer and secure community. >> i believe we need to secure the border and enforce the law, i believe in all the things he's saying except that's too much money from our federal budget to put into concrete. it's important we established that priority we have for the 23rd congressional district, i understand nationally we have a position we need to
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advocate for but we're talking about unemployment, education, environmental issues, thoseare the things we should be worrying about . >> there's been speculation about your motives, something it's an attempt to win over members of the conservative caucus for the speakership of thehouse and to lock in an endorsement from the president. your response to the stand coming out of washington . >> washington has nothing to do about anything in the future, this only have to do aboutbuilding the wall and enforcing the law . >> this was inside each one of these bills having voted on the house. i put a bill on the floor because kratz want to abolish ice so i put a bill on the floor talking about ice has beenable to achieve, the number of human trafficking , the amount of fentanyl they had stopped in the process, the amount of gang members. the majority of democrats who voted no are insane so that's part of the bill, removing ms 13 gang members, that's
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already past. you have a returned individual that comes back and forth across the border and has been arrested illegally and they go to sanctuary cities and lo and behold, one is murdered. this will change the course of history but securing the border is something we've been voting on. in 2006, you had a number of democrats who voted for a doublefencing, one of them happened to be senator obama . so this is not something new. it's just people have not finished the job. i was down in el paso, that city was a dangerous city before they built the wall. now it is one of the more safest cities with a population of 500,000. there's a reason there's a border along california that has a wall that's become more safe. our immigration system is broken and one of the key parts of solving the problem is securing the border and changing the immigration law to move forward.
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>> miss mata, rebuttal. >> we need to have a comprehensive immigration reform, make it easier for workers and farmers to get workers across this country. we have to make sure border patrol agents have the resources they need so i agree with that. more technology for the border would be great but we need to talk about the children incages . right now we have thousands of kids in cages throughout this country. what are we doing about that? that's costing a lot of money . how can we make sure that is not something we do while were spending so much money in the border wall? it's thing when you have a discussion about, it's not coming from the leadership we have in washington . >> they on the topic of your proposal, critics say this bill complicates negotiations on a spending bill or homeland security set to be
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considered in early december after the midterm elections. why push this bill now? are you concerned you will have control of the house after the midterms? >> we haven't finished the appropriation bill. this is the time you take it up . our budget goes until september 30 so we haven't debated this element, we passed 75 percent of the rest of the funding, this is the time to have that debate. the reason why i introduced it, all elements of that bill had been voted on and passed in congress. i have hours debating immigration. i have been inside the white house with senators and congressional members on both sides having 2 or 3 hour debates. i had meetings every day in my office with senators from the white house to the secretary trying to get immigration reform. i moved to bills to the
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floor, came close to bad passing both but not one democrat could vote for either because they're held back. it's become almost like the resistance that they don't want it to happen. they want this to be an issue to use in a campaign. i want to solve the problem. i want to bring reform just as i brought reform to water and the va. if somebody wants to criticize me because i'm willing to lead on immigration, i'm not afraid of that. i'm going to solve this problem and in my if i'm effect elected again we will have immigration reform that will have security along the border just as this country had an election and decided to pass. >> rebuttal miss mata. >> we are seeing a wave of candidates coming forward with a new vision on what the districts they are wanting to represent looks like and that's why we're seeing a lot of change, a lot of people come in with the passion to serve like myself. i want to serve the community. i'm not looking for leadership decisions or to
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serve in washington for everyone, just looking to serve the people of the 23rd district because i care about a community that had embraced me. i hope the community can look into a new face, someone that's willing to work across the aisle but get results done . it's not about the national politics. this is about people like the one i saw a few days ago in the burrito project, there were so many homeless i saw in a line. my heart sank when i saw the need we have to supportour homeless . >> this is something that's real and the only way to fix it is by putting in new leadership . >> iq miss mata. one other question, a final question about this bill. you touched on earlier but please be specific about the provisions in your bill to protect the dreamers, the undocumented immigrants came to this country as children. is there. >> we've not built within the border security portion because what we're doing on appropriation is the part for security and in the bill i brought to the floor , it was
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overall immigration, not just security don't with the dreamers, it also dealt with the process of how we reform all immigration and also when it came to catch and release, when it came to the process of how you deal with somebody such as this caravan. most people don't realize our immigration system works. half of the people here illegally came here legally on a visa program so we wanted to reform that. we added a workers program because we know somewhat how important that is for us to stay number 1 in agriculture in the nation but when it also dealt with is as you look the other people who come in from honduras and el salvador, when they claim asylum, that's when you give them a ticket and they stay within the country but if they came across the border illegally, mexico, they get sent back but when you claim
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asylum, why do you claim asylum in america and not any of the countries you pass through? it would deal with this issue because of those children coming across, you don't want to break the family of but 80 percent of those children are coming with no parents atall, that is dangerous. that is when you're looking at human trafficking and drugs running across , that's why a wall protects that an protects not only our country but protects mexico and others. >> miss mata, rebuttal. >> the fact that this president darted his campaign talking about immigrants the way he did, that's what a lot of people are deeply concerned about the way we are legislating with this administration. my mother when i was little, we were american citizens and when you're born in the island, i had no say whatsoever in the fact she took herdaughter with 2 bags and moved across the country. that has an impact on the child . the fact we as a country can't look at those dreamers and say when is this going to be finalized? that's a problem, that's why we need to make sure this country movesforward and not backward .
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>> every good. >> and miss mata, you figure comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, yet congressman mccarthy is we should not provide any amnesty that would that those to enter the united states illegally. these 60 seconds to explain yourposition on amnesty for undocumented immigrants . >> this country, there's a lot of people that come to this, to the united states seeking different things. people who come here and are criminals should go back to their country. that's something we shouldn't allow that there are good people out there that might not have the money to go through the process for they face challengesthroughout the years here . those are things we should be looking at in a comprehensive immigration reform. those debates need to happen, that's why we need people with different experience legislating, making sure we have other voices because
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immigration is not something that's easy, it's a very complicated issue and we're not only talking about latinos but immigrants from all countries that don't necessarily have the resources they need to get the papers they need in this country. i have to say that we need leadership in washington that will getthings done but also have a compassionate view of what immigrants look like and what they can provide . >> mccarthy, rebuttal. >> we are a land of immigrants. i recently went to a naturalization era money. when i watched the individuals take an oath, announced the country they came from. in my speech i told them george washington was your founding father, martin luther king spoke of your dream. and the flag that sits on the moon is your flag. you have as much right as i do , as a naturally born individual but you also have the same responsibility as every citizen in america.
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we are a land of rule of law and if you allow the rule of law to be broken, you will break down society. we take care of the dreamers why? whether they are daca recipients, why? because the rule of law hold you accountable for what your parents have done and this is where this president went, he went further than anybody else that's gone before and he announced in his state of union he would do that. we put that on the floor but not one democrat voted for that because they wanted to make it a political issue. i want to put people before politics and solve the immigration problem so we can move to the next century and continue for america to grow. >> by all accounts there's going to be a big fight over funding for border security after the election before the election, maybe through the election. the president wants to make good on his promise to build the wall, would you abort a government shutdown if
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democrats don't negotiate? >> i watched the democrats shut this government down last year, it's a terrible thing to do and it shouldn't happen. you don't have to shut the government down to solve the problem . we don't have differences because these arguments, you have a debate. our government is designed to find a solution and find compromise. we lay out legislation, work, evaded, we passed in the house, the state passes differently and we go to congress. at the end of the day we get the job done. >> miss mata, rebuttal. >> i don't agree a government shutdown is helping anyone, especially someone in a military installation. services affect our mission within our national security. it's something we shouldn't even be talking about. we should be sitting at the table and having discussions as grown men and women and
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getting things done across the aisle because that's the only way of moving our country forward i don't see a path of this administration doing that when they can't even in the minority do the things they promised the people of this country. >> the answer there was we can't do it because of the majority. the way the law of america works, the house passes by majority, the senate takes 60 votes so when we were in a shop down, it's because the democrats would not vote to end the shutdown even though a number of the majority voted not to reedit so it's not the majority, your 4th 2 and the way our government is designed you have to compromise because of the vote in the senate side but if you look at the house, it's one of the most active congresses we've had in history, the number of votes pass, the bills that i've gone through committee, a number of those that sit inside the senate and more than 500 of them and 100 percent both republican and
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democrat. we want a company designed by these 2 young harvard kids, they studied the last 25 years of congress and looked at the bill, it was the most partisan congress we've had if you look in the bills that have passed with the cosponsorship, i'm proud of that and i will continue to work across the aisle, i'll continue to work with anybody that wants to solve a problem, that's what i spent hours and they've all been in my office bringing people together to try to find a solution for immigration. >> speaking of being in your office, you consistently, because we see editorials about this almost monthly biweekly. you've consistently resisted repeated calls from your latino constituents here in the district holding town hall meeting so that they can express their concerns and you can listen to their concerns about immigration and the procession or the lack of progress in congress informing the nation's immigration policies, why do you resist those calls to hold town hall meetings? >> that's not true, i do
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telephone town halls when i'm in dc and if you survey the system, more than 75 percent for a telephone town hall, why? we know the chaotic politics today, we watch what happens but on the telephone, they don't have to give their name and it's free to say whatever they want. they're free to get their point across and they can be home and more people can participate. i need individuals, those groupsthat stood outside and many of those groups who protest are citizens of the 23rd district . they come to my house to protest, pounded on my door they did on the supreme court . it's not a way to solve the problem but i sit down with everyone who's willing to participate. when we had the meetings in our offices, they will overtake the office and lock themselves in. i've had people if you read on facebook the other day, there was an individual that
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needed help and the protesters would not let them in. they locked their apartment because of it. those are the type of things that don't work in politics, to try to create impotent intimidation, i sit down with every group that wants to talk and i will continue to hold monthly mobile office meetings through the entire community, go through communities. the amount of times i'm on your show or on radio, i come back to the community most every weekend. i don't even have an apartment in dc because i don't want to stay there. judy and i met in high school. our kids went to the same high school. we still live in the 1st house we purchased. this is where i'll finish and that is why i believe in this community and will listen and not be afraid toleave . >> miss mata,rebuttal . >> i did do, i created a town hall. it's not an easy task i have to say. it's hard to listen to the
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concerns of people because i can't do anything about it right now. i understand that it can be a little daunting when you don't have the responses to give to them but i'm going to tell you something. people want to see their representative in person because that creates accountability. however youvote in congress, you have to talk to the people of the 23rd district . i agree that having local offices around the district is important but i also agree we have to be more visible to make sure not only the latino communities get heard but also people who need water, people who get no treatment whatsoever. i'm going to be inrosemont, california, in all the cities we need to be in because i'm going to be visible . i'm going to leave this district, i don't want to lead washington, i want to leave the 23rd congressional and the latino community stays respectful and has a lot of values. >> are going to take a break right now.
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we have many more questions for our candidates and we will come back to our candidates debate featuring a candidate for california's 23rd congressional district, you're watching a live debate. on tv 17. back after these words. >>. >> welcome back to our live debate on tv 17 featuring the 2 candidates seeking the seat of the california's 23rd congressional district, i might just had a quick reminder once again for we get much more questions, we're screaming this live on our debate website and on our facebook page and you can join in the discussion tonight, on our facebook page and kget twitter page as well throw out this debate.
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>> we want to start talking about healthcare. miss mata, you support health care for all, expanding medicaid and medicare. your reflection on the republicans is meddling of obamacare. >> that is definitely a concern not only across the country. people have high prices of prescription costs here in the 23rd congressional district, 61,000 people enrolled in the aca. it's important to understand that people enrolled, they need someone that's going to go out there and make sure that their services are provided, that they're working across the aisle to make sure that their deductibles are lower but also that they're looking forward to seeing how can we make sure everyone in this country as healthcare? it's important to have that discussion because we put in billions of dollars on the wall, we talk about all this money coming in, the tax cuts for the rich but we cannot have a conversation about
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healthcare in this country, and talked about the values owing forward so we want people to have great jobs but we're not putting help in the forefront of the conversation yes, if i'm coming across as someone is being proactive and thinking about the future of this country, i want to make sure everyone as healthcare, but way to pay for that is coming we need to figure it out but having those discussions in the 1st place to getting healthcare for all. >> mister mccarthy, rebuttal. >> this is what we're going to do. >> medicare for all his government run healthcare. medicare for all means 55 percent of all americans get their healthcare from their employer, that will nolonger be the case . how would the va be able to sustain itself? the earliest numbers say $32 trillion so if you take all the taxes you pay today and you doubled them, you still did not pay for them to work hard to reverse the damage
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that obamacare has cost to so many small businesses and others through the community, i path this right to try, you know the challenge i am losing my father to cancer but as he went through that you watched the new drugs coming forward but if the fda and not approve them he could use them but now you can. i worked to integrate locate the individual mandate, not force people to buy something they don't want because under obamacare, more people would pay the penalty and sign up for it but you know the other thing we're able to achieve, we extended the children's health insurance program 10 years and what does thatmean, greater funding . for clinic, we approved the ability to fight healthcare in this community and allow small businesses to pool together, or healthcare.if you read the wall street journal editorial, they said because of the tax bill
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lowered, more people are getting their healthcare through their employer, the 1st time that happened in years we are making improvement of the job is not done . >> you say on your website care is not a partisan issue, it's a human rights issue, would you explain that and also for americans who can't afford health insurance, what should be done? >> if we talk about pre-existing conditions, we're talking about the simple things like something from very simple to very catastrophic as cancer, we're talking about this administration or the trunk administration suing to make sure those existing conditions no longer exist so i'm a little cautious about the way the administration is trying to portray the existing conditions. yes, they're going to be there and employers will be able to provide that but are we talking about skyrocketing insurance deductibles? if it is, we're not doing justice many of the people.
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i have pre-existing conditions, diabetes. there's probably people you know and have pre-existing conditions, what are we doing for them if we are going to be taking away that mandate? i'm curious to know how this is going to work. that's why the health care for all system might be the solution. that's thing we debate, we make sure in this country we take care of everyone regardless of their ability to pay . >> i support pre-existing conditions, i voted for that but the challenge is what she talked about, medicare for all. every senior is watching me right now, whatdoes it mean? medicare will go bankrupt . you're putting everybody into it but those who have healthcare through their employer will be gone, you will no longer have choice but you can't afford it. you will double the tax we have today and it cannot pass . this is the challenge of what we have. i believe we can do a better job and you watch what we've
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been doing, but there's more to solve this problem. we want to have, we have more choice purchasing our cable package on what we want to watch than we do in healthcare. you buy things you do not need and the same parties don't give you the option to get things you want and then a cost that is too high. we need to have an opportunity that puts the patient back in charge with the doctor and the patient talking together instead of government tellingyou what you need . >> we hear this from advocates of universal healthcare that healthcare is not a privilege, it's a right . it's a human rights. having healthcare insurance is the right ofevery american . you agree with that miss mata? >> in this country we need to move forward with our values. a country healthy is going to be able to produce, and i want to make sure that people in the 23rd through our actually talking about in the campaign about the highest
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dilution rate, we talk about asthma, my child has asthma and i know for a fact when i come from edwards, it's a real thing. i see it as a mother. i have mothers who come to me and say we need to do something, i think that something is sitting down and figuring out how we can provide healthcare for everyone, because again, we are rushing to create laws to make sure that we have a border wall, i understand there's a need for to enforce the law but we're not taking care of our people for and that is where we are weaker, that's where we're not making sure that our people go 1st and i feel very positive about making sure people in the 23rd have the resources they need including healthcare . >> rebuttal on this? >> i care about healthcare, that's why have the children's health insurance program, the longest it's ever been reauthorized and democrats voted against that. that directly affected the
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individuals who need healthcare what everybody else. i changed the tax bill that more people are employed today that we had any time in america. there are more jobs being offered and people looking. this is an opportunity where we allow small businesses to pull together because it givesgreater choice, better quality at a lower price . the idea you can't buy health insurance across 8 lines but our insurance is wrong but what did obamacare do to small businesses? dictate how long people can work so people lost their 40 hour jobs because you couldn't go past 30 hours so you have to take 2 part-time jobs. we watched that growth not happening but there's a new day and america is coming back. we are now the most competitive country in the world selected by all the other countries, that's because of what we've been able to achieve inside congress in the last 2 years and if i'm able to serve 2 more, we will finishthe job . >> i remember when the debate over single-payer health care
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in california was raging on in sacramento and you heard member after member from the california nurses association saying healthcare insurance is a right, and we have a bill of rights, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to worship as we seefit , those are inalienable rights given to us through our bill of rights and our constitution, i don't know where it's written and critics i've heard this a it's a point to be discussed, where is written healthcare insurance is a right to californians, that may sound coldhearted but your critics counter this call by advocates for a single-payer health care that healthcare insurance is right. what you say to that line of reasoning? >> i'm going to take it to something i know, our military members received tricare, they receive payment for their medical services
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provided, family members all covered, this is millions of people covered throughout the us. i think we can learn on the good and bad at happening with many tricare and implement something at the national level. it's not the same but we can do something because we see that it works. when i go to a doctor, my mother pays more than me. that is not acceptable. she worked 30 years of her life as a teacher, she gave her all and i pay less than my mother, that is not acceptable anymore. i don'twhy the nurses are concerned that we're in this country, especially in the states but we're not doing enough to support the people that can pay , there's an injury away from being bankrupt we have to take a good look at the people we're electingin the congress , are they able to look at partisanship or are they able to look at what's happeningon the ground and making sure people are safe and healthy ?
1:43 pm
>> thank you miss mata, rebuttal . >> she talked about medicare for all, if you read the bill medicare for all, the va healthcare system will go away. everybody is tied into medicare though those on medicare today not having gone they will be bankrupt. you talk about california, a passage in the senate but the assembly was controlled by different said no becausethey said it would not work .>> they didn't have the budget. >> nobody would have the budget. more importantly, what have we done for the veterans? you know what i work on when it came to healthcare? we created a pilot program because you go to the clinic but the clinic is not open for hours or on weekends but that doesn't stop you from breaking your arm or getting sick we created a pilot program and a handful of congressional districts but it's right here so you can call a one 800 number and go to the same place judy and i
1:44 pm
go to, almost off-hours with your children because the veterans who defend our country, they deserve the best and i were getting a bit brand-new va clinic and you know we done, we brought 10 years but we're making sure what is being built, there's going tobe state-of-the-art, because we pass emissions so people have to go to la anymore, they can get their healthcare might hear . >> sending the constitutional issue aside, do we have a moral obligation though to take care of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens when it comes to providing them with preventative and critical healthcare? is that something we cannot walk away from that, what are your thoughts? >> we need to provide and help individuals, that's what we do, that's why we have a clinic and take care of the sick but if you look to the constitution, that's what governs us. you cannot mandate, that's why we repealed the individual mandate is what did obamacare say? even though he said if you
1:45 pm
like your healthcare you can keep it, we found that is not true to the 11 million americans that kicked off healthcare. for the number of people i know had a terminally ill child, that they had good paying healthcare but now they did not have it, that was wrong. let them have greater choice. let people compete in the marketplace . what obamacare does creates a system youonly have 3 choices . medicare for all created one choice with government decides and what will the government do because they don't haveenough money to mark they will ration it . what will you do if you have healthcare from your employer? you will no longer have the ability. that is the wrong direction to go while costing us too much. the real direction to go is lesson power. when i go to a place to eat, i know what something costs, that's why i have to bill to show the prices in a pharmacy when it comes to drugs and also pass that we could have more generics, lowering the cost and improving quality.
1:46 pm
>> i've got to give miss mata a chance to rebut. >> understand the concerns and that's why we need to have leadership that will be able to talk about those things and make a plan that we don't lose the va, so we don't use total security. so we don't go bankrupt out of something like that you need to do something. there's a point in time that we need to sit down and put our values in the forefront and let me tell you that if were going to talk about our veterans, and that dear to my heart, my husband is in the air force, my brothers overseas, the whole family has served in the army. in the national guard, to the our veterans are one of the most important things that we have to value in this country. and right now, there's a bill in congress that we haven't talked about and it talks about healthcare, we need to make sure that our veterans who served so much can receive medical cannabis
1:47 pm
because they deserve that, we need a research medical cannabis and need to make sure we provide the funding so they can have more resources on the va. if were talkingabout the va, that has to happen . >> i read the other day and in this election cycle you've received $218,000 from pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists, is that accurate? >> i haven't checked the tally, but what is your response to critics who say that congress with its cozy relationship with big pharma, over a number of years decades even, is at least partly to blame for the opioid epidemic that has gripped this country? >> you wouldn't say that if you watched my ax in congress. my bill was in there, it was a bipartisan bill i did with steny boyer who was the minority whip area is one of
1:48 pm
the most comprehensive bills i ever did when it came to opioids. it was no longer though. now the bill that we just passed hitting on the president's desk have to decide the house with more than 50 bills put inside. i have the responsibility on the floor, it didn't start in the senate, both of them started andhouse . and look at the other bills i've done, i've made sure generics come forward, pharma doesn't like that. it lowers the cost that it's able to go through and i made sure we had pricing when you went to your pharmacy to make sure the less pricing you're seeing when it comes to that, that's not something pharmaceuticaldoes. i'm not beholden to anybody but the 23rd congressional district ,that's the difference . >> miss mata, rebuttal. >> i agree he hasn't taken money from pharma. i don't know how that impacts his voting but i have to say that people wonder, the conversation that happened if
1:49 pm
we don't have town halls and people who come out andask those questions. ask me and i can't answer them . he needs to answer for himself and i'm grateful that today we have an opportunity we can answer that but people wonder is that something is affecting his voting. i can tell you i don't receive any corporate money. >> corporate cannot provide money in federal elections. >> i have a corporate free, what i mean is i don't receive any money coming from any corporate and what i want to say is that impact ability you have to move forward within legislation and i can tell you why, it has been an improvement . my campaign is all about people. i don't fund raise hours and hours. that may be limits my ability to have the resources i need but that hasn't deterred the passion i have to support my community. >> let's move to the environment, a question for both candidates. it's climate change real?
1:50 pm
>> i think climate change is real, the question should be what is the cause? you look at what we've been able to achieve in the last 6 years by lowering the emissions of what we've been able to do across the united states, more than if you look at companies and combine them but we become number 1 when it comes to production of oil and natural gas. if you look at the 28th congressional district, we are the largest solar district in the nation, combine the others and it will be as large as kern county. we have what is called all of the above energy policy. when we achieve that nationwide, we will become energy secure and we are doing that in an environmentally found and friendly way. we are able to achieve old at the same time and as the climate continues to change, the headlines in time at a magazine, is the earth going
1:51 pm
to continue to change? we need to do all in our capability to solve this problem at the same time but the debate is not about his climate change real, everybody believes that. the difference would be what do we do to solve the problem? >> miss mata, your thoughts on climate change. >> i believe by gutting epa regulations, that's not being proactive. we need to do more, even when chevron in their own website that climate is changing, we need to do something about it, the un is talking about how important it is to do something quickly because communities will be affected. the fact that this administration is gutting regulations that will affect our environment talks loudly about those values and the things we hold deeply. we can talk about the things that representative mccarthy is talking about today but let's talk about here.
1:52 pm
we have federal rates off the roof, we talk about pollution levels, what are we doing to make sure our communities are better? these are things we get to talk about and i get to talk about these questions because i am knocking on doors and i hope that we could have that for years here but a phone call is not going to make it anymore and i promised the people i will be there holding those townhalls regardless of how comfortable they feel . >> congressman mccarthy, you support the president moved to roll back the obama era vehicle emission standards set to take place in 2 years? some critics have said they are unreasonable for economic and safety reasons. where do you stand on the president moved to do this? >> i want california and everybody to get together, unfortunately we are having those meetings but the california legislature decided no, they didn't want
1:53 pm
to work with the rest of the nation is when you impose those, you didn't have the capability of achieving them with the technology we had today . did you want to ability a minute the ability to make cars or find common ground government is designed to find? we put meetings together and the challenges california is trying to be their own nation. i understand the goal is to give you free needles and remove straws but that's not going to solve the problem. just as i get to work across the isle. i want to have the leadership to solve the problem's rolling back obama era emission standards, what's your position on that ? >> i think if we come across things that are good for the people, i think we should be discussing how to get them down. if i agree with president trump on something, i will work hard to make sure if it's veterans, if it's the economy, whatever it is i will do that but i don't think by gutting just because obama did it, that is
1:54 pm
acceptable. i think there's consequences to that and i think that we need to make sure we are not putting our 23rd district in disregard by doing something like that. >> got 1 minute for closing statements. do you support call for a moratorium on oil drilling in california, miss mata? >> you have to have new relations, enforce regulations we have. the oil industry is part of our district and understanding that is a 1st step but we also have to diversify a local economy to moveforward together . i think i'll work together with the companies to make sure ourcommunities are safe , thatis my main priority . >>. >> you understand we were the company that produced the most oil as a company, we are no longer number 1. why? division oil and gas makes it
1:55 pm
more difficult to renew. what happens is you lose jobs, lose the ability to be more independent andbuying our oil from saudi arabia somewhere else . >> it is time now for closing statements and by virtue of the coin toss, mister mccarthy will go 1st and you have 60 seconds for your closing statements. >> i want to thank kget, tatyana for running and you the viewer. i came here 2 years ago and i asked that if you gave me the opportunity to serve that i would work as hard to make sure we brought results for more jobs and more opportunity for current counties. i've seen and achieved that area for one, water. for 2, pa. but also we need to get into the healthcare of the veterans administration. we put into law what is called the mission for communities like kern county
1:56 pm
that they no longer have to go to la, they can get their healthcare inside their community but most importantly, i was born and raised here. i met in our biology class and our children went to the same high school. this community has been so good to our family, for generations. i want to make sure the next generation is ours and the current county and the 23rd congressional district as every opportunity to achieve what they want to do and i would humbly ask for your support and be honored to have it . >> miss mata, you have the last word. >> you saw a difference of opinion on balance and they vision we have for the 23rd and i want to thank representative mccarthy for being here and the people out there watching today, watch parties across our district. i've been very thankful to have known you and knock on your door and you've been extremely nice to me throughout this campaign, thank you for your support this is just the beginning . my platform is to make sure we have better education and
1:57 pm
as a trustee i'm optimistic that we can get federal funding and staff members can work hard to make sure we have money to provide for schools.we've have healthcare, as a priority though now we diversify local economies to bring in not high paying jobs, to me, this a priority and i was born in puerto rico but the military has taken us across the country and this is our home. this is where we want to stay and contribute. this is what my family did. give me theopportunity to serve you. i ask for your vote and we can make this happen . >> that concludes our candidates debate and i think our candidates for the congressional district, we wish you the best of luck in your campaigns as we had down the home stretch to november 6. we encourage all of you to do your homework and make an informed decision at the polls november 6 .
1:58 pm
polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm. your ballot must be postmarked on or before november 6 and received by the election office by november 9. >> if you'd like to see that debate we will be posting it on our website, and we will rebroadcast saturday at 6 pm on kget as well. >> for tammy with no shock and all of us, i am jim scott . thank you for joining us and good night. >> president trump will be on the campaign trail this evening one day ahead of the midterm elections. c-span will have live coverage at 6 eastern fort wayne indiana and again at 10 eastern and the presidents in cape girardeau missouri and
1:59 pm
with one day to go before the midterm elections, c-span is your primary source or campaign 2018. tonight, book tv is in prime time with her look at recent books in politics. juan williams examines the trump administration policies on civil rights in his book what the hell do you have to lose? then senior fellow heather mcdonald argues that diverse thinking is being challenged at the collegiate level in her book the diverse city delusion. every university study chair carol anderson beset the wisconsin book festival in madison about voter suppression. tv all this week in prime time on cspan2. >> which party will control the house and senate? what cspan2's live coverage guarding tuesday at 8 pm eastern as a result come in
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from house, senate and governor races across the country. your victory and concession speeches on the candidate, then wednesday at 7 am we will get your reaction to the election your phone calls live during washington journal. c-span: your primary source for campaign 2018. >> .. >> i believe not enough people in my generation are voting. the concern is that we will be coming up within ten to 30 years. the future is ours.
2:01 pm
the lack of addressing i have heard one person talk about how there can affix that that is an issue many older americans are really concerned about. they had based a lot of their opinions on soundbites instead of research. i know in the state of alabama they are not allowed to bring
2:02 pm
their public housing idea they have to have a drivers license and then the nearest dmv to some of them is 50 miles away. how are you supposed to dry. and there's no bus. it's really important to me that we are able to get access to people of color join as the first and third weekends of each month. as we explore the american story. and now a look at how state and federal officials are working to secure the 2018 midterm election from cyber threats. millions in federal funds. in the federal government began sharing more information about cyber attacks. we will hear from for secretariats estates about their election security efforts. but first remarks by christopher kratz. the national protection and programs.


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