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tv   Heather Mac Donald The Diversity Delusion  CSPAN  November 5, 2018 9:12pm-10:04pm EST

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and calls for the return to
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open-minded inquiry and expression. [inaudible conversations] if i could have everybody's attention we would like to get underway. it is my enormous pleasure to introduce my colleague heather mac donald. she's been a seismic force for philanthropy and crime and punishment and welfare reform
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for one of her passions are proud. it's exciting when one of the stories lands. i invariably learn a lot and that's because she is a fearless reporter. if there was any justice in the world, notes the columnist david brooks, mac donald would be knee deep in the magazine awards for her pioneering work. iit's to simply start asking questions rich with details and full of human voices. header may be best known for her book on crime that sparked a debate on policing and became a "new york times" bestseller.
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attorney general jeff sessions called her the greatest thinker on criminal justice in america today. [applause] but a major theme has been the flight of higher education and its the crisis of the campus and its effect on the broader culture of society that is the focus of her brand-new book the diversity delusion just out from saint martin's and it's the focus of her talk today as well. like all of her books, diversity delusion shows the university of session with racial and gender diversity's hope no one. indeed it's creating a generation of purported victims will bring their pathologies into the workplace. squandering the enormous amounts of money and it is destroying the great western idea of humanistic education and replacing it with a grey gray
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ideology and thought control. it's a book that couldn't be more timely and is already generating massive media attention george will has devoted two of his columns to it over the last week and other has been doing nonstop tv and radio for the last ten days. she's written frequently for "the wall street journal," the "los angeles times," new york post, national review and many, many other outlets. in other ideas. she holds degrees from yale, cambridge and stanford. so with all that lets me turn things over to heather mac donald. [applause] thank you so much for that extraordinary and generous introduction. it's been my great honor to write for the city journal.
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i could not have done what i've done without your insight and support. and thank you larry as well for coming today. this is a different experience. i've been speaking on college campuses recently. so you know what that means. there is a blockade that prevented anyone from attending my talk and so-called students of color at the nearby college announced by was a warhol and interlocking system of domination that produced the conditions under which people are forced to live. so to actually have an audience still in its seat and willing to listen is an unusual experience that may take me a while to get
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accustomed to. we've been hearing about the crisis of speech but not much about its root cause. the narcissistic victim ologies prodding from academia to the rest of culture. in a word, the american university is in the grips of a mass hysteria. students actually believe that they are victims of oppression and risk their lives to racism and sexism and the degree is impossible to offer stage. students of color occupy the president's office and complained about having to meet such attending class when they were so focused on, close, staying alive at brown.
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minority students surrounded a highly prospective sociologist and cursed and screamed at him for three hours because his wife had sent an e-mail suggesting that students could choose their own halting customs free from the administrations of yale's diversity bureaucracy. among the shout of shut up and i'm censoring data, and you are disgusting, they were directed at this mild-mannered professor with a cry of we are dying. from one of the ranchers referring to the allegedly endangered status of the minority students, but my favorite moment in this parade of narcissism came from princeton. in 2015, the students chanted we are sick and tired of being sick
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and tired. if there were grounds of plenty are being sick and tired of being sick and tired. but any princeton students, i don't care if he is green, purple or orange who thinks of himself as oppressed as in the grips of a terrible delusion that would encumber him for the rest of his life. perhaps you are thinking at least the adults on campus or trying to give a fir get a firmn reality to the contrary the adults actively encourage the hysteria. a massive bureaucracy is devoted to cultivating students in the
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involvement and evermore preposterous forms of self-pity. you want to know the reason for the astronomical tuition? look no further than this bureaucratic bloat. students act out psychodramas of oppression before the audience of diversity and equity diversity inclusion used the occasion to expand their dominion. many campuses have created by its response teams modeled presumably on the active shooter response teams on the assumption discrimination is so rampant and lethal but a defense force is needed. freshman orientations feature seminars and talk to masculinity and privilege. students are taught they are either be oppressed or the oppressors. if you are not female, black,
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hispanic or any of the 116 and still in a test sites and categories of gender, the only way you could escape being an oppressor is play becoming an ally something usually associated with the war and the thinking is students of color are literally in a war zone on college campuses and need allies from the opposing side to survive. am i exaggerating, i am not. you see the equity and inclusion with banners throughout campus reminding students of the university's paramount mission assigning guilt and innocence and the ruthlessly competitive token pool of victimhood. one featured a female student
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and hispanic male student allegedly peeping allow people other than your self to access. a message directed to the white students and faculty. this is not a purple lead. they mean it literally. college presidents o are the wot offenders at encouraging this etymology. after about three hours tirade against the sociologist, peter actually thanked the thugs are making him for this student body. yale subsequently confirmed a a justice pius on two of the most aggressive disciplines. the dean of the harvard medical school removed the portraits of its greatest physician scientist from the entrance hall to the school. you can guess the reason. they were all male and bus
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looking at them would make the medical students feel uncomfortable and unsafe. we can only wish these doctors luck in the operating room. narcissistic identity politics have destroyed the serious pursuit of knowledge throughout the humanities and most of the social sciences. students are being given a license for ignorance. all they need to be told about it because the content and the gonads of its author to know whether they can dismiss its content as thoroughly repugnant and both worth reading. shakespeare, milton, plato have all been by students that don't have the slightest clue about the renaissance for the enlightenment. a columbia undergraduate grouch
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about the core curriculum, quote, who is this mozart comedies superior white men, it upholds the supremacy of racism. no professor has ever defended the patrimony against such shameful outbreaks of ecstatic know nothing of some without adding a qualification about respecting diversity. academic identity politics are now rapidly spreading throughout the culture at large. every nonacademic institution no matter how previously is now vulnerable and that means above all the stem fields. exhibit a in th the culture's dissent into identity driven mediocrity and thought control
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is the firing on august 2017 tha 2017that had written a factd memo suggesting the average career preferences of males and females that may explain why there's nothere is not a 50/50. he. the language that the ceo used in hiring and was the direct import from academic victim ologies. the employees were hurting because they dared to challenge the orthodoxy. what followed the firing was even scarier. the regional branch to the national labor relations court upheld the actions on the same victim grounds. thif the memo had made at the
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employees feel unsafe at work according to the associate general counsel. it does constitute discrimination and sexual harassment. consider for a moment what this means for science. anyone who studies the different risk preferences and appetite among males and females is now at risk for the job. the branches of science could shut down completely no matter if their findings are true. it's now the dominant characteristic of the time that holds the absence of exact proportional representation of the racial, ethnic and sexual groups in any institution is by
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definition to suggest the different groups have different capacities, cultures, skills and behaviors that it explains the lack of proportional representation is not just tattoo. it will get you fired especially in any two era. from here out, everything you read and watch in the mainstream media will have been calculated in the form of the. you will have to meet a higher standard to get hired or promoted. the polytechnic university proudly announced that its crusades lower the number succeeding. every college is doing the same thing. it's not as public.
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newsrooms are under enormous pressure to find reporters. thanks to the media pressure and better resource department, corporate boardrooms. even before california mandated the board hires, i voted against every e-mail that shows up on the proxy ballot because i assume she is there because of her sex and not her business experience. case in point, drew gilpin faust recently accepted a position on goldman sachs.
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they mad hates capitalist dolla. even music is identified in the politics. the critic alex ross triggered outrage against the chicago and philadelphia orchestras this spring by saying that they had programmed no females or composers in the upcoming season. never mind that at the very moment the chicago symphony was performing at carnegie hall and worked with chicago and philadelphia had commissioned a grotesquely inflated cost. it is absurd to accept gender parity in the concert hall. the reality is this.
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for conducting positions and everything else. if only i had a conduct or i would be rich it is a alloyed pleasure that hollywood is being forced to sacrifice its best box office judgments to meet the demands of the race and gender bean counters that it is in the sciences or the diversity that it becomes actually dangerous.
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it's in the crosshairs and the federal government are demanding a. is being slowed down and watered-down in the hope of graduating more females and underrepresented minorities and an oncologist was curated by his team for examining it in a way that was to fact-based. i don't know about you but if i am going for cancer treatment, i would like my doctor to know the facts about drug interactions. the national science foundation is spending billions on programs to both boost diversity in
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science or giving only a vigorous laboratory can achieve scientific breakthroughs. that's funny because somehow the 200 guarantees who won the nobel prize has managed to discover dark matter and the genetics of viruses among other breakthroughs put out come forminforminto today's diversit. and of course the mania for the gender and race parody in science continues to the private sector. potentially groundbreaking scientists are being passed over today because they are of the wrong race and gender.
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guess who does not care about diversity metrics. china. the best thing they could do to level the playing field is the gender theorists from the american university's and dump them on beijing university and china's research labs. until that happens, china will pull ahead in science because it cares only about one thing and it's science labs, accomplishments. identity politics is tearing our society apart and teaching people to hate, to hate the greatest thinkers and creators of the past and hate their fellow americans. the diversity delusion therefore must be nipped in the bud. the next time they occupied the
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campus buildings demanding more reparations. are you kidding me you are the most privileged individual and human history. the you are surrounded by libraries that would have driven the renaissance humanist. you can read any book that's ever been written. you can pursue languages literature and history. far from discriminating against minorities every faculty search here is one wrong effort at finding remotely qualified underrepresented minorities and female candidate have been
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snapped up by better and out of schools far from discriminating against minorities and missions we employ double standards. students are studying my night d day for the privilege of experiencing this alleged maelstrom of featured. a college president never says any of these things of course. instead he is silent before the outbreaks of narcissistic delusion happy to sell out his faculty as alleged racist and promise to make further amends
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for so ms. trading the oppressed students. it becomes imperative than for the rest of us to rebut the victim ologies narrative. it is not enough to call for free speech. that is if i may borrow a term he relatively safe stance to take a. a. they assert that racism and oppression are not the predominant characteristics of american society today. there has never been a more tolerant opportunity than the present one. it requires knowledge of how unique has been the development of the rule of law, the scientific method and the concept of individual rights.
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passing on that knowledge was once one of the university's noble callings at the university's highest calling is to convey the full glory of the western inheritance to inspire students to get down on their knees in gratitude and instead of raising their fists in protest to grasp the beauty of the tradition to be discovered if you will permit me a highly selective in the somewhat personal list and despite the risk of student complaint, mozart. thank you for your attention. [applause]
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wait for the microphone to arrive and ask a question rather than making any kind of a long-winded statement. we will start at the back. what would be on your short list of actions people can take as a practical matter what do you think of the academy initiative on a related matter i know a lot of people who want to say i'm withholding money from the university and alumni, but what do you think of those actions and what others would you suggest as a practical matter against this trend? >> please do not send another dollar to your alma mater and unless you've done due diligence you what didn't exist in a company i presume without such examinations.
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you shouldn't keep funneling money into this. they still have the stanfield going for them, and a lot of people want to, understandably, supports scientific research. but again, two problems with that. science is being colonized and money is fungible. unless you can get it to somethingive it tosomething thay dedicated to a non- politicized identity study of the past and passing on knowledge, we aren't making these institutions invulnerable to the criticism. certainly i support the academy. this is an extraordinarily important venture to try to hold the academy's feet to the fire for extreme lack of diversity. i will be honest however, this
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has been a tactic of both principled liberals to dig into the voter registration of the faculty and notice and ever growing divide in the balance between democrat registered and republican registered faculty. it matters fo for the sociology department, but in theory mind view of the academy is that it should be an ivory tower and a boy band matter if everybody in the university where democratic if they kept their politics out of the classroom and again understood that their obligation is passing on this inheritance with gratitude and love. but the academy is hitting hard on the fact there is no
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ideological balance and it's worth pointing out as far as what else to do, all i can say is the core problem in all of this is based on challenge of the light via that the society is fundamentally still oppressive and the oppression explains the world today. if you have any opportunity to hit back against that, we have to take it on because as long as that remains the dominant narrative that demands to shut down speech on campus will be insurmountable because they have a logic and they are risking their lives. hate speech is literally a threat to their very existence and therefore must be shut down because they are surrounded by such a tsunami of hatred.
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let's go to the middle over he here. it is eventually eroding the status and brand value do you see them floating above and not being affected by? >> the people that hand out status awards are the perpetrators of the diverse ideology. so, in status as long as that remains the key of "the new york times," it is then ever great topic. you count the number of females
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and he does this and that will get front page coverage. but i think it is a risk to the actual core competencies of institutions. it is irrelevant in the category. if a scientific lab is all female, great if they've been chosen by marriage but is instead they've been chosen because the nationals ryan foundation has been conducting research in the engineering and math, if any of you are so lucky to have been protected from this phrase i wish i could share it is the latest in academic victim politics to express the multitude of people who can check off numerous categories of
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the official victim categories. the nsf is paying the gender theorists to study intersection ouaudi in the sciences. this is so mind blowing it is founded by congress in 1952 advance science basic research and we are doing this intersection. this is not to be ignored. we are definitely against science education is being slowed down in order to not leave people out. there was an announcement this summer by the university of akron i computer science profesr that he was arbitrarily raising the grade of all of his female students as a part of his
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contribution to gender equity in the sciences and the hope that they would encourage them to go alone. now there was an outcry that got them to back off of this but believe me such initiatives are going on so i think this is very threatening. as people move from the middle and then over to hear. i seem to recall that recently president or university of chicago came out and made some statements that addressed this issue. something to the effect if you don't feel safe here maybe you should go to another college because here we respect all voices and want to hear all sides of an issue. are there other universities or colleges like chicago that we
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should be supporting? feedback to the >> they did come out with a letter to the freshman class saying again safety is not the goal here, intellectual debate is. however there is an article that has been published recently that draws into question even the university of chicago's support for the scientific research somebody published an article that explored the mathematical perspective. for the gender proportionality in the hard sciences summers put
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forth the idea that at the extremes of the curb of the stupidity and math brilliance, males dominate. so if you want to thank some peoplfind somepeople who can't r primary arithmetic tables down it is going to be males but if you want to get the people that are the most brilliant investigators and abstract in the united states for example if you look at that .01% of mathematical ability, males outnumber females, 2.5 to one so there is a paper that was done by somebody recently to try to figure out from an evolutionary basis why there should be these basic distributions of mathematical ability and it was accepted by the premier mathematical journals, but the
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feminists got wind of it and not just any feminist but the feminist mathematicians who again sat the scientific research i was dangerous and threatening. the leader of the crusade the paper was rejected and ultimately it was disappeared. the author is in a bind right now because he doesn't have the copyright. it was there and now it's gone so he is in a limbo the main crusader against this heaven forbid anybody read a different take on the gender equity is a female chicago mathematician at the university of chicago and there was an appeal made to the president of chicago.
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he didn't respond directly, the provost said we don't find any intellectual fraud. it wasn't somehow paving a little obviously st. johns college is a far committed to western canon are admirable institutions and there is always full scale that therefore it is impervious to the federal demand for checking off all of the various boxes, but it's tough. i think the next step is going to have to be homeschooling for college or getting a tutor like we used to have with the grand tour. you find a classic phd who can't get hired because he's not doing these paintings and have him
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take your child around the roman empire. >> okay. right over here. >> michae >> michael myers, president of the coalition. let's go beyond the crybaby syndrome and addressed a real problems with my mentor called the failure of the human intellect. let's assume our institutions of higher education are not perfect and that there is past racism, discrimination, exclusion i wonder if you could move beyond the protest and analysis fantasy
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this as the best and brightest, and i assume they are the best and brightest of the administrators, the best and brightest in the nation is this not a failure of the human intellect to do justice by cracking down and tearing down the stereotypes because they make the decisions. if we have examples of actual discrimination going on, those must be eradicated completely. i've asked many university administrators or proponents of
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the implicit bias which has been leveled against corporations and universities can you provide me one example of a competitively qualified female faculty candidate or corporate employee or underrepresented minority who has not been hired or promoted or maybe even has been overlooked in the faculty search because of gender and race? is not in -- never gotten an answer. there is no question that this country lived for centuries in the most grotesque violation of its fundamental principles without a seeming awareness of the hypocrisy. and it took us decades and decades to get over that. and it's understandable to be skeptical that we really have.
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that's all i can tell you is that you can go to every faculty search today far from discriminating against females or underrepresented minorities that is all the talk about. it is those candidates that every computer science department is going to show the race. he and the same is true for females. as for beating back stereotypes, i would submit that there is nothing more dangerous in the perpetuation of stereotypes and
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racial preferences the racial preferences are offered to students in order to diversify the student body bringing in students who are often one standard deviation or two below the norm in a particular colle college. nobody is saying that they shoulshouldn't go to college. of course they should. mit sadly isn't self obsessed with gender. let's say i have sats of 650 but all of my peers have 800 which is the top on their sats.
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i would have done well if i'd gone to boston college which is a perfectly respectable college we see these happening with minorities and sciences when you admit people who end up because of these perverse racial preferences and th and they endp clustered at the bottom of the class which also happens at law school, something that -- has fought over, that does not help to ease the stereotypes. and they are the result of an affirmative decision on the part of universities. they are not necessary to
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perpetuate stereotypes. it's the fact of the preferences to do it. >> time for a few more questions. let's go to the back of the ro room. >> we are now in the midst of another controversy on something i hadn't even heard of until i read about the controversy. leading up to my larger question are there any organizations of scientists whether social scientists wer who are worried t this trend but they are willing to speak up about it because of what they see happening to research and disciplines? >> the american association of science, their conference have
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panels galore on discrimination on the sciences and very few scientists are willing to debug this. ucla now has a requirement that every incoming faculty applicant has to sit out a form or write a statement about the contributions to the equity inclusion meaning there is research to understand the problems of underrepresented minorities. it isn't clear to me albert einstein could get hired on at ucla today under the current regime. ucla would rather prioritize the professors contribution rather than basic science. we hope that there are splinter groups set out but i just talking to my friends that are
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engineers and i would say about half an engineering department believes that the gender gender mandates that is forced upon them at every faculty search is reckless and putting their competitive edge at risk astoundingly the other half actually believe in it because i would ask you generous philanthropists, i support what you do, but inevitably, the measure for any of the openhearted philanthropists how many students are going to college. the more education somebody has come of the more likely they are to think of themselves as oppressed. the engineers who are in the departments now are themselves the product of the diversity academy so we are going to reach a tipping point when it's going to be hard to break out of this.
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>> we have time for one more question and i will go to the front table. >> i wonder how you would answer this apparent paradox in the private elite university. at the alumnthe alumni bodies ag more and more money and they also are electing the trustees and the trustees elected and appointed the president. ..
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. >> does the english major
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require shakespeare? probably not. so we can give up is not worth giving up because the tradition is so important. we are in the debt of these thinkers and you just have to fight as hard as you can and as long as you can. >> that's a good note to end on. [applause] think you the diversity delusio delusion. [applause]
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