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tv   Campaign 2018 West Virginia Senate - Sen. Joe Manchin  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 1:03pm-1:18pm EST

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♪ and egg ♪ long let me run for you ♪ who care ♪ let me return to you who care ♪ >> in west virginia senator joe manchin held off patrick morrissey. donald trump campaigned for mister morrissey a number of times. [applause]
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[cheers and applause] sm [cheers and applause] >> let me just say i kind of lost my voice. what a way to end but before i get started i would like gail to say a few words because it means so much to all of us. we love all of you. come on up here. >> thank you.
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you know, we stand here tonight because of each and every one of you. we wouldn't be here if you had not made the effort that you made to vote for friends and family. this has been a long journey. joe and i began this journey 51 years ago. his commitment to public service started 36 years ago. you know what is amazing? there are those of you in this room that were with us 36 years ago. during that 36 years we were blessed with three wonderful children who met and married three wonderful spouses. now we have six children instead of three and ten glorious, wonderful
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grandchildren and they are with us tonight. this is what it is all about. they supported joe when it wasn't easy. life wasn't always good when you were in public service. the kids never said dad, don't do this, the grandkids never said we don't want you to do this, west virginia, it is about family and tonight is about the head of this family, senator joe manchin. [cheers and applause] >> there are so many people to thank, so many made this possible.
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you made history tonight, west virginia made history tonight. nobody has ever won, nobody in the united states has ever won in a state the president in the previous election won by 42 points. never happened. [cheers and applause] >> this is a win for west virginia, truly a win for west virginia. i went to thank my family, gail, my children, heather, joseph, brooke, we've got all our spouses, all of our children. we have jeff, trace, where is marcia, all of them and all my grandkids. i want to say something that is special about this election. i was able to have chelsea with
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me. [cheers and applause] and maddie came in and helped out and jack did the door knocking the last few days, just to have the kids involved is really special, you don't know how special that is. to all my family. i had my brothers and sisters with me, janet, my sister, janet, paula, rocky, brother rocky and all their spouses and all my cousins, all my nephews and nieces and everybody, raise your hand back there. [cheers and applause] >> i have been in a lot of elections and a lot of races. never had a staff, never had a staff that worked so diligently or professionally, never left any stone unturned and i want
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them to be recognized as all of you are part of my staff as you know. larry has been with me a long, long, long time. larry was 6 feet tall when we started working together, we just knocked him down but my goodness, he has been with me, putting it together, making sure all the trains ran on time. [cheers and applause] >> missy. [cheers and applause] >> on the official side i had
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pat, my chief of staff from my washington office is unbelievable and john is my communications director doing an unbelievable job. where is john? [cheers and applause] >> and making sure we keep on track and not say too many crazy things. where is grant? to all the volunteers everybody was involved one way or another. this is a group made in heaven. let me tell you what this is about, our seniors. i never had more of a commitment to any group of people than the senior citizens of west virginia because they earned the right to respect and dignity that this shape -- state should always give them. we will fight, we will not let
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your social security and medicare be tampered with, i can assure you of that. [applause] >> and anybody that has a preexisting condition, i will fight with every drop of blood in my body to make sure you are protected. to our veterans. if it wasn't for our veterans where would we be? the most patriotic state in the nation is right here in west virginia. we have given our blood in every conflict, every war. let me say something about 55 strong, god bless each and every one of you. i have never been more proud of educators, school service personnel, administrators, superintendents standing army
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on lockstep fighting for the children and education they deserve in west virginia. to the clergy, the clergy was unbelievable, the clergy stepped up and helped in all areas. each and every one of them. let me say this to the business and labor, we were able to bring business and labor which we always worked for and always worked with because together, we can do much better but there was one, there was one, there was one labor group that stood out, one group that came with me from the beginning and stood tall. that would umw be cecil roberts. [cheers and applause]
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>> we got that care and they will get their pension i guarantee you. [cheers and applause] >> let me say that i never expected this race to be the national race it turned out to be. i never expected donald trump to come to the state as much as he did, sending vice president pens, sending his family time after time after time and you stood tall. what you said. [cheers and applause] >> what west virginia said loud and clear tonight, mister president, we want our senator, not your senator. [cheers and applause]
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>> can't tell you how proud i. i can't tell you how proud to stand as tall as west virginia is tall, democrats, republicans, independents. i made my commitment to each and every one of you, those who supported me and later voted to someone else, i take my oath seriously, to uphold the constitution, that is for everybody, that is for everybody and we've got to stop this toxic rhetoric going on in this country, we've got to stop for toxic rhetoric, bring people together, mister president, i want you to be president of the united states, not the divided states. [cheers and applause] >> and i went to say this to
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our state legislator. [chanting] >> i want to say this to every state legislator, the leaders from the governor on down, start acting like a west virginia and and stop acting so pathetically partisan. [cheers and applause] >> i will finish with this. you heard me say this before. i believe in you more than you believe in yourself and tonight we show the whole world we believe in west virginia and we will fight for west virginia and is all about west virginia. god bless each and everyone of you, god bless the state of west virginia and may god continue to bless the united states of america.
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[cheers and applause] [chanting] ♪
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