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tv   Washington Journal Caleb Bedillion  CSPAN  November 27, 2018 6:52pm-7:02pm EST

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more of your calls in just a moment. the president is tweeting this morning. about half an hour ago, the president saying polls are open in mississippi. hyde-smith in mississippi. go out and vote. that was his message. we turn to the mississippi daily
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journal's reporter who has been covering that race specific. the president was in mississippi yesterday making his pitch. what was the message he gave last night? guest: the message is the same thing we have heard from her campaign, which is she is the conservative on the ballot. she supports donald trump, and he wants to see her elected in a race that has tightened in ways >> with a short time span especially with the senate earlier this year upon retirement of that representativer and one of the quotes that i reported in my story published last night was
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a very special woman and in a short time she has made an impact and that is the message for the crowd to take away from when he rallied from her in october he did not even mention a race until the half hour mark he was talking about the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh but and starting with cindy hyde smith and then he moved on to immigration talking about that caravan and asylum-seekers and that's that they seem to be concerned about leslie in tupelo. >> host: how close is it? there isn't a lot of reliable poll data that they show the
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race within about five points and anecdotally just speaking with people there is a lot of passion right now at least from their perspective and there is a lot of enthusiasm on that side and there is on enthusiasm quite frankly there is a lot of ensues - - enthusiasm. that there is a lot of feeling we cannot be like alabama everybody is talking about everyone's mind. but to my mind how big is the
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enthusiasm gap if there is a run off and chris mcdaniels got 17 percent of the vote his voters are very conservative do not like the republican in this run out - - this run off if they sit this out and show back up that is good for the democrats but then it puts cindy hyde smith over that threshold that she needs. >> host: to talk about what mike has been talking about what is his message? we back to things. and the key elements of his campaign health care, he is really been saying cindy hyde smith does not support previous conditions and something democrats across the country have talked about he tries to pitch himself as a uniter that cindy hyde smith is a rubber stamp for donald trump she cannot represent for the democrats. that is what he said he will
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bring people together and make compromises but if you can do that in that environment on the hill right now i don't know that is a key part of his message. >> host: how do the viewers read the results as they come in tonight? what are you looking for to see if mike can pull off the upset? . >> the key part is the mississippi core door the delta and hinds county the state capital of jackson and south hinds county as well that is where they tend to be heavily concentrated he needs big numbers in those counties and then if key republican counties which is to the east or those to the north and the memphis area if they see lower republican turnout for those key counties.
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>> host: with the daily journal go check them out online we appreciate your time this morning at the start of a very busy day for you. >> thank you so much
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. >> we go live to politics and prose bookstore for live coverage of vermont senator bernie sanders to lay out his plans to advance the progressive movement talking about his new book called where we go from here live coverage under way right now on c-span to. [inaudible conversations]
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