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tv   Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Talks to Reporters  CSPAN  November 27, 2018 9:44pm-10:07pm EST

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violent, healthier, more tolerant and the average person their life as were improved across the board. the chinese essentially were free writers of the system we built and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. it's justifiable to say stop writing for free. you've got to carry your weight now that your status has changed. but we did something very valuable. here is what is also true for any political system and consensus over time the
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contradictions appear and that there are things that were not tended to. one of the major fault lines in america was always grace. and the customs and culture so we are living up to the ideals of the declaration of independence. lyndon johnson and the civil rights act of 64 the first thing he says is we just lost the south for the rest of my lifetime, maybe more.
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he understood the purpose of a consensus tangent down but we are not treating everybody the same. part of the reason everybody could get along in congress in 1957 or 1965 was there were not any women there to say what you guys are doing is stupid. [applause] [laughter] [cheering] the women show up and they start questioning things and suddenly men are kind of uncomfortable. changes to consensus. that is the same with lg dt issues. within the united states, we have a whole range of issues that were not being addressed as they come up with a healthy
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thing. they couldn't be buried and suddenly that consensus was comfortable. when it comes to the economy, what happens is the globalization had a consensus between bill clinton, george h. w. bush, george w. bush and certainly elements of my administration. the world was doing better because of globalization and there were folks whose factories were being closed and you have a
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winner take all economy back in 1960 maybe the ceo takes ten times more than the guy on the assembly line and now it is 200 times over 300 times the capacity of nationstates to regulate global capital. the communities that are being hurt by whether it is automation of the competition it becomes harder to do because everybody's worrying about what the quarterly reports are going to look like in wall street. so that creates frustration and contradictions. i think a legitimate critique
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which i consider myself to be part of and still believe it. the frustrations were going to flare up and all these changes that were happening were happening quick he had to address them and speak to them and in those environments you start getting a different kind of politics. you start getting a politics based on the nationalism that is and pride in country that hatred for somebody on the other side of the border.
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and you start getting the kind of politics that does not allow for compromise because it is based on passion and emotion, identity and which is why by the way when i hear people say they don't like identity politics, i think it's important to rememb remember. the folks that originated were folks who said three fifths clause and all that stuff, that was identity politics. that's still out there. maybe that was a little too controversial for houston.
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jim crow was identity six. that's where it started. so, part of what's happened is that when people feel their status as being threatened, they react and what i would agree with is the washington consensus, whatever you want to call it got a little too comfortable looking at the gdp numbers and the internet and everything is looking pretty great and then after the cold war after what you've engineered, you have this period on the part of america and american elites thinking we got this all figured out. remember there were books coming out. it came back to bite us.
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>> that was kind of a long lecture. i'm sorry. what are you most proud of about the pub with legacy? i suppose i'm most proud of the fact that i had the privilege of serving two presidents of the united states as the chief of staff and the privilege of being the secretary of treasury and being secretary of state and the privilege of running time of presidentiafivepresidential came republican presidents and spending 12 years in washington and leaving washington on indicted. [applause]
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mr. president, what about you? he stole my answer. >> what do you want us to think about when your life is unfolding of course? >> there are accomplishments. [applause] it was a starter house on the past through a smarter more rational health care system
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where we are not spending six and eight, 10% more than other advanced countries for worse outcomes. american energy production you wouldn't always know it, but it went up every year i was president. [applause] suddenly the biggest oil producer, that was me. [applause]
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what are you complaining about? just to say thank you please. [applause] i would put in a secondary a variation of what jim said michelle and i and our girls we came out intact the core values that we brought into the office pretty homespun values to tell the truth to see the other person's point of view to work
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hard and think things through. we were able to sustain that in a difficult environment for them to sustain. not only did i not get indicted, nobody in my administration got indicted and that is the only administration of history that can be said about. [applause] nobody came close to being indicted because they were there for the right reasons. we were there to serve, but i guess there is a larger point to that and i'm in the process of writing right now. the first time i was in the oval office was after i had been
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elected. i've been to the white house but i haven't been in the oval office. the tradition is shortly after the election the current president invites his successor in the hand he has me over and they couldn't be more gracious. i have to make the point that they had set up a transition process that was flawless and generous and thoughtful so that every member of 43 his staff have made themselves available to the person who was going to be taking their place and they prepared manual and books about how things work.
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they recognized there was a value of those differences and when i walked into the oval office, there is a reference for the office that is independent of you and if you don't feel that, then you shouldn't be there. [applause] a lot is represented in that
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office. not just the soldiers, but they than soma and workers in a coal mine and farmers in the dust bowl. you've are carrying that vessel and i never lost reverence for the office. every day i would come and say i'm going to make mistakes and there will be decisions that are compromises. there's a such thing as a 100% solution and somebody else would have solved it.
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you have a part of you and the bush family have that and ronald reagan has that and bill clinton had that. .. . >> whether president or secretary of state who is here
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for the first time. >> i would like to give ronald reagan the last word. not far from secretary baker's office sitting up to next to president reagan as president reagan looks very puzzled and in his wonderful handwriting these subscription reads as follows dear jim i look as if i've lost if not worried you will straighten it out like you always do, ronald reagan. [laughter] i speak for all of us when i say thank you to secretary baker and president obama because they straighten the hell out a lot for us. thank you very much a lot for
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us. thank you very much
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. >> this is another but the cool thing is. >> you open it up to come out like little bubbles but they look like caviar.
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. >> just three or four months after the mission had opened president roosevelt was here in southern california and frank miller invited him to come here and spend the night here in that room that is the epithet of the presidential suite historically how that was known for many years senate democrats expressed concern on the pending nomination


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