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tv   Sen. Rand Paul on Not Receiving CIA Briefing on Saudi Arabia  CSPAN  December 4, 2018 8:16pm-8:27pm EST

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mbs killed a journalists we know he killed a journalist, we know he ordered it. we know that he monitored it, these are all people that are very close to him. and that is not acceptable for american standards. and going out by the way and getting other people in other countries and renditioning them to the other country and torturing them because they happened to have a different point of view is also inappropriate. so i think the memof them is look, this is something we can get away with, the greatest country on and earth its leader has said its okay to get away with it. we're going to continue doing it. -- i don't want to use a word sad i'm urging in a positive way they take action themselves. i don't know we'll see.
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>> sen. paul: good morning. i think the very definition of the deep state is when the intelligence communities withhold information from congress. today there's a cia briefing going on right now for which most rank and file senators and congressmen have been excluded. i think it's wrong for the cia to express a conclusion that the crown prince was involved with the killing of khashoggi and then withhold that information. i know about the information of the cia's conclusions only by reading it in the media. if i were in the briefing today i would ask the cia director several items. was the crown prince's brother communicating with khashoggi telling him it was fine to go to
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the consulate in istanbul were there text messages sent back from the killers to the crown prince's office. were there phone conversations between the crown prince and the killers? some are saying there is no smoking gun. what's being reported is there is a smoking gun. communication from the killers back to the crown prince's office. i think the time has come for the senate to grab back foreign policy and say you know what, the president, no president, this president or the previous president has the power to take our country to war with saudi arabia and yemen without the permission of the senate. >> do you think the white house is preventing the cia director from releasing the full -- >> sen. paul: the definition of the deep state is that when intelligence has so much power there's no oversight. i've been arguing for a decade that with intelligence it's only given to a few people within our system.
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that's more like an oligarchy. only eight people, nothing to do with trump. there are 8 people in congress that have briefings in intelligence. that is not democracy. nor is it democratcratic oversight. i think the information needs to be shared widely with those elected. why should someone elected in california get the information and someone not in kentucky not get the information. >> what do the leaders tell you the reason you aren't getting the briefing? >> sen. paul: i came to the full briefing but there was no briefing from the cia. what i'm concerned ability have are the public statements that say there are no direct evidence. it sounds fairly direct if there was communication going on between the killers and the crown prince's office in saudi arabia. here's the thing the media has missed. here's the question you need to ask pompeo and mattis. they keep saying there's no direct evidence. ask them a do they disagree with
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the cia's conclusions. they're not answering the real question. if the cia has looked at all of this information and says with a high degree of probability that we think the crown prince was involved. the secretary mattis and secretary promise pay o disagree with the conclusions? that's not what they're saying. i can't go into anything i've asked them. i would ask them if they disagree with the conclusions. my guess is if they're honest they don't disagree with the conclusions. the complication of all the facts is yes he was involved. we're playing games with words here. no smoking gun, no direct evidence. i think there's direct communication, the media reported that the crown prince's brother directly communicated with khashoggi. and there were communications with istanbul going to the crown prince's office, i would want to know more about that to help me make a conclusion. but the definition of the deep state is rank and file people
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are excluded from oversight. i can have no oversight in the deep state simply means that intelligence community has too much power. too much power that's independent of representative oversight. has nothing to do with which president there is. i say the same whether it was a democratic president or a republican. >> the specific information here may be the secretary of state and secretary of defense can speak broadly about it but to get into the specifics is a whole different scenario. >> sen. paul: i think there are reasons you wouldn't want to get into the specifics of who listens to who on the phone. the only reason i'm say it is because i haven't been in the intelligence briefing to hear that i read it in the newspaper. you can argue why that shouldn't be presented because it reveals our abilities to eavesdrop. i would say the information is out there and the conclusion shouldn't be classified. so for example the newspaper has written that the cia has concluded with high probability that the crown prince was involved.
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that doesn't sound to me like something classified. how you come come about the details you can see how that should be classified. but the conclusion, not only is it classified, it's being prevented. rank and file members are being prevented from hearing it. >> how does not having that information make p it harder to make policy decisions like the yemen resolution like you are now. >> sen. paul: i think it's incredible important that the cia with high probability said a person killed a member in the consulate. people say well people kill people all the time. tell me another time when a person was killed and dismembered in a consulate. i think it's extraordinary what happened but it's on the heels of bad behavior by saudi arabia. it's on the heels of an unjust war killing civilians in yemen, and the heels of irrational behavior block aiding cutter. and saudi arabia having nearly a thousand people in prison who
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have never had a trial. saudi arabia has a young man who is 17 when he was picked up at a rally. he is on death row and set to be executed and crucified. there's a game being played. we're going to let women drive but we're going to execute and kill people. crucify people. >> sen. paul: i was not notified on the hearing. i passed a democrat senator and he had not heard about itch we're reading it in the media. i couldn't ask about being included in it, because i wasn't told about it 67 am if you have some senators that with are more equal than others that is not democratic representation. every senator should have equal access to the intelligence. >> when the new congress takes office in january it will have
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the youngest most diverse freshman class in recent history. new congress, new leaders. watch it live on c-span. starting january 3rd. >> here's some of what we're covering wednesday. president george h.w. bush leaves the capitol after lying in state for two days. the departure ceremony is at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. 24 first lady and president trump will attend with world leaders. on c-span 2 a form on the country's aging infrastructure including remarks from peter dufosseio, the ranking member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee. and the senate returns to consider bernard to be a member of the federal regulatory commission.
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>> sunday on q and a. >> i worked with four people who want -- future presidents. jimmy carter, bill clinton, barack obama and to my surprise, donald j trump. >> peterasinose publisher of many non-fiction books. >> i also came to understand about donald trump and this is profoundly important for the way things work now. is donald trump is his heart of hours believes he always wins. here's a guy who has been in new york real estate but gambling real estate boxing, wrestling, beauty contests television, construction, never been a target of a criminal investigation. that's astonishing in new york city. >> a conversation with longtime journalist and publisher peterasinose. sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a.
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>> in this interview with "wall street journal" managing editor gerard baker, national security advisers john bolton discusses u.s. foreign policy and recent events including the g-20 summit, trade relations are china, russia and north korea. this was part of the wall street journal ceo counsel held in washington, d.c. [applause] >> gerard: good morning. thank you very much for being with us this morning. can i start you just got back from banes airacy from the g20 meeting. it looked like a good discussion between the presidents and the president certainly president trump described it in a almost 1938 chamberlain paste in our time way. may not be the right analogy but can you explain ely


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