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tv   Roger Stone Speaks at American Priority Conference  CSPAN  December 10, 2018 9:04am-9:19am EST

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having technical problems with video from the national press foundation. we'll try to bring that to you later in our schedule. in the meantime we'll take a look at remarks by roger stone, a former advisor to the trump presidential campaign. he spoke at the american priority conference. [applaus
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[applause] >> thank you. >> we love you! >> thank you. >> i'm delighted to be with you today. and some of you may have seen that i appeared on abc with george stephanopoulos this past sunday. and i said in that interview something that i have said previously for the last two years, many times on the public record. and that is, no matter what happens, i will not bear false witness against this president. i will not make up stories and lies in the effort to remove him. the next day i was proud to see a tweet from the president of the united states who lauded me for my guts. now some in the mainstream
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media went immediately to a host of all liberal legal analysts who said that the president's tweet could constitute witness tampering. absurd on the basis of the fact that i have said the exact same thing on the record on numerous forums for the last two years. [applause] >> in fact, i denied yet again on abc that i had any advance knowledge of the source or the content of the wikileaks disclosures, be they alleged hacked e-mails or alleged stolen e-mails. the as a matter of fact same they think i said on meet the press with chuck todd almost a year ago, which got virtually no notice. i think most americans now understand that the russian collusion delusion is meant to
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be a distraction from the far more serious abuse of power in which the obama administration used the authority and the capability of the state through the use of illegal and illicit fisa warrants to spy on donald trump's campaign for president and the trump campaign for planting faux russian collusion and the treasonous, in american history. the crime of uranium one. if people are looking for russian collusion they merely need to look at bill and hillary clinton and their acceptance of $145 million from
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the russian energy company while the transfer of 20% of america's enriched uranium was on hillary's desk for transfer to the russians. now, few american, i think, could withstand the kind of legal prock-- proctological examination that i have been. and long before mueller was special counsel, that i was among three advisors to donald trump the candidate under surveillance by the previous administration. probable cause, i ask? no, this has been two and a half years of hell. not only was i under surveillance in 2016, but i
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also know that mr. mueller and his strike force have examined every aspect of my life. my personal life. my family life. my social life. my business life. my political life. my sex life. fbi agents have been seen rummaging through my garbage. my cleaning lady was interviewed by the federal bureau of investigation. yet, i ask this question, what does any of that have to do with russian collusion? so we're at a point now where i'm sure many of you heard yesterday that i have elected to invoke my fifth amendment rights when it comes to the witch hunt being conducted by the senate intelligence and the senate judiciary committees, just for the record, i informed
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through my attorneys, both of those committees, that i would not be turning over three tractor-trailer loads of documents for them to root for and i will not testify unless i am allowed to testify in public so the american people can hear every word. [applause] >> i insist upon this because i do not want to see a replay of my testimony before the house intelligence committee. i wanted that testimony to be in public, a right that i was denied. to this date, i am not even entitled to have a copy of the transcript of my testimony and it is abundantly clear that while this investigation is not about russian collusion, it's about perjury traps an trumped
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up process crimes. despite the partisan climbs of congressman adam schiff, a huckster and conman of the first institute and others of his ilk, my statement and testimony to the house committee was and is entirely accurate. i recently released text messages that absolutely establish that as i informed the committee, the-- a now unemployed radio talk show house, randy, was my source regarding the significance and the october release of the wikileaks information. the existence of which julian assange himself had teased on cnn in june of 2016 ch. claims that i urged third
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parties to come forward, to whom mr. creditco had confirmed his role, somehow somehow constitute witness intimidation are ludicrous, urging people to exercise their first amendment rights and tell the truth in the face of a tsunami of lies being circulated and recycled by the msnbc's of this world is a complete exercise of my first amendment right and a testimony to the truth. i also entirely reject contentions that dr. jerry corsi, as suggested to him by prosecutors from the special counsel's office, that he was the source of any information pertaining to the wikileaks disclosures. in fact, dr. corsi's predictions regarding the wikileaks disclosures turned out to be entirely incorrect
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and the basis of speculation. my contention that dr. corsi briefed me on the poe desia brothers lucrative business dealings in ukraine and russia prior to my iconic august 21st, 2016 tweet in which i said, let's get it right this time, the podesta brothers time in the barrel will come and accurate and supported by e-mail and text message records. the contention that the memo he gave me recording the podesta brothers dealings written as coverup defies logic of the records. coverup of what? there was no controversy in the wake of my tweet for six weeks. there was no social media chatter. there was no media coverage.
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there was no mueller investigation. there was no congestional investigation. there were no subpoenas. so coverup of what? mr. schiff and his colleagues are engaging in frivolous semantics, shifty word games and nonmaterial hair-splitting in a shameless bid for partisan advantage. if mr. schiff has any proof whatsoever that i had advanced notice of the source or the content of the allegedly hacked or stolen e-mails published by wikileaks or that i received anything of the kind, i challenge him to produce it now or shut up. [applause] >> just as in his previous claim to have been -- to have seen substantial evidence of russian collusion with the trump campaign and producing
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none, the congressman is completely full of sh-- i was extraordinarily proud of the president's tweet. i'm prouder still of the president who is making america great again. 4.2 million new jobs, unemployment at the lowest point since 1969. african-american and hispanic unemployment at the lowest point since we began keeping those statistics. wage growth at the greatest rate in american history. redoing the giant multinational trade deals that have sucked the jobs out of america and doing individual trade deals with our trading partners where we both have mutual benefit. securing our borders to make our streets and neighborhoods
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safe again. n now, about a week ago i speculated that i believed that it was possible that the president would choose not to run for reelection and some in the media said, oh, well, are you saying that he won't be able to be reelected or are you saying that he's going to be run out of washington? no. what i am saying is that the last two years are as successful as the previous two years, if the president succeeds in continuing to turbocharge our economy, to secure our borders, to revitalize the american dream, to redo the trade agreement, he could walk away from the presidency, going down as history-- in history as one of the greatest presidents in our history. [applause] >> i have known donald trump for 40 years. he did not run for president to
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be someone. he ran for president to do something. i go back to an interview that he gave perhaps 30 years ago with oprah winfrey if which she said well, what about public office, donald? do you think you would ever run for president? and he said, no, i don't think so unless things get so bad that i have no choice. this is a president whose presidency has cost him $2 billion. unlike the clintons and the obamas, he is not getting rich off being president of the united states. he did not run for president 'cause he wanted a bigger house. he already had a bigger house. he did not run for president because he wanted a bigger plane. he already had a bigger plane. no. given the slings and arrows of his opponents, given the attacks on him and his family day in and day out, this is not
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a man who needs the presidency for his own self-esteem. and therefore, i pray that he runs for reelection. i believe that he can be reelected, if the next two years are anything like the last two years, and i will be proud to stand with the president through thick and thin. thank you and god bless you. [applause]. [inaudible conversations] >> and this morning here on c-span2 we want today bring you a preview of next year for congress and the white house. we had some technical problems with that video. we are going to try to bring it to you later in our schedule and also post it


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