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tv   British Prime Minister Theresa May on Latest Brexit Negotiations  CSPAN  December 17, 2018 8:35pm-9:34pm EST

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>> after surviving a no-confidence vote for members within her own party british by minister theresa may reported back to parliament on her meeting with european leaders about the brexit negotiations. she announced to members that the delay vote on her brexit deal would now take place during the week of generate 14, 2019. opposition leader criticized the prime ministers decision and announced he would introduce a vote of no confidence against the prime minister. this portion of the debate is one hour. minister. >> i would like to make a statement of last week for 20 brexit let me touch on two significant conclusions from the other present of the council. we express our utmost concern of the question you seen at the straight and russia's continued
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violation of international law. we agree to rollover economic sanctions and sanctions and stand ready to serve and strengthen us for in particular the affected areas of the ukraine. second we also agree to work together on attacking the spread of deliberate large-scale and systematic disinformation including hybrid warfare. on this i outline some of the world leading work the uk is doing in the field. after we left european union the uk worked closely with our european partners to pull the international rule-based system and keep our people safe. our brexit deal includes [inaudible] mr. speaker, at the council i firmly reflect the concerns of this house. the assertions we have already agreed with the eu were
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insufficient for this house and he had to go further in showing we never want to use this backstop and it must be a temporary arrangement. some of the exulting exchanges but i make no apology. i make no apology. i make no apology for standing up to the interest of [inaudible] in the interest of our whole united kingdom. we publish a series of conclusions and they may clear it is there and i quote -- firm determination to work speedily on a subsequent agreement that establishes by december 2020 alternative arrangements so the backstop will not need to be triggered. the house will forgive me but the spares retrieving. the backstop will not need to be triggered. nevertheless they were to be triggered it would apply
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temporarily they said to this end the eu would use its best endeavors to negotiate and conclude expeditiously a subsequent agreement which would replace the backstop. they gave a new assurance and relations to the partnership with the uk to make it even less likely for the backstop would ever be needed by stating the eu stands ready to embark on preparation immediately after the withdrawal agreement sold negotiations can start as possible without the withdrawal. mr. speaker, in his conclusions of statements of the council and their private meetings with me my fellow eu leaders cannot have been clearer. they do not want to use this backstop and they want to agree the best possible future relationship with us and there is no plot to keep us in the backstop. indeed, president mccrone said on friday quote, we can clarify and reassure in the backstop is not our objective and not a durable solution and no one is
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trying to lock the uk into the backstop. as formal conclusions for my european council these committees have legal status and in trying to address the concerns of this house and they get on top of the commitment the parties negotiated in relation to the backstop and including ensuring the customs of the uk why and both sides are legally committed to using best endeavors to have new relationships in place before the end of the information. but it's a new relationship is not ready can choose the implementation. instead of the backstop coming into but it's a backstop comes in we can use alternative arrangements not just future relationships to get out of it but the treaty is clear the backstop can only ever be temporary and there is an expose it termination clause. mr. speaker, i know that this is
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deeply uncomfortable about the backstop and i understand that you want to go further still in the reassurances be secure. discussions of my eu partners including president -- have shown further clarifications following the council's conclusions is in fact possible and discussions are continuing to explore further political and legal assurances. we are also looking closely at new ways of empowering the house of commons to ensure any provisions for backstop has democratic legitimacy. >> this is irregular but the statement must be there will be a full opportunity for exchanges but the statement by the. minister must be heard and heard with courtesy. prime minister. >> empowering the house of commons to ensure backstop has legitimacy and enable places on
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obligations on the government to ensure backstop cannot be in place indefinitely. it's now been over 14 weeks for ceu is left and many members many members of this house have concerns we need to make the decision soon. my right honorable friend will have business on thursday in the usual way. but i can confirm today that we intend to return to the meaningful book today in the week commencing seventh of january and will devote the following week. mr. speaker. mr. speaker. when we have the votes when we have the vote members will need to reflect carefully on what is in the best interest of our country. i know there are a range of variation we had personal views on this issue across the house.
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i respect all of them. expressing our personal views is not what we are here to do. we asked the british people to take this decision. 400 and 72 current members of this house voted for the referendum in june 2015. with just 32 voting against and the british people responded by instructing us to be the european union. similarly, 438 current members of this house voted to trigger article 502 set the process of our departure in motion with only 85 of today's members voted against. now, we must honor our duty to finish the job. i know, i know it is not
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everyone's perfect deal and a compromise. if we net the perfect be the enemy of the good then we risk leaving the eu. of course, we have prepared for no deal tomorrow the cabinet will be discussing the next phase in ensuring ready to that scenario. let us not risk the job services and community by turning our backs on the agreement with our neighbors that honors the referendum and provides for smooth and orderly exit. avoiding no deal is only possible if we can reach an agreement or if we or if we abandon brexit entirely. as i said in the debate earlier this month. do not imagine that if we vote this down a different deal will miraculously appear.
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if you want proof look to the conclusions of this council. as president said it's the best deal possible and the only deal possible. any proposal for the future relationship whether norway, canada or any other fridays that have been mentioned with require a green with withdrawal agreement. either of the opposition can pretend they do otherwise. finally, let's not break faith with the political people saying as a mother political referendum. another vote which will do irreparable damage to the integrity of our holiday -- [inaudible conversations] >> order. many members of this house including an illustrious chair of a select committee who are heckling noisily -- mr. mcneil
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you are a cheeky chap but we leave much less of the cheek and more by way of courtesy and listening to the preminger. >> figure. another vote which will do irreparable damage to the integrity of our politics because it would say to millions who trusted him in democracy that our democracy does not deliver. another vote which would likely leave us no further forwards than the last and another vote which would serve to divide our country at the very moment we should be working to unite. let us not follow the leader of the opposition and taking about what gives them the best chance of forcing a general election. perhaps it's a critical moment at this critical moment in our history we should be thinking not about our interest but about the national.
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let us find a way to come together and work together and the natural interest to see the brexit through. mr. speaker, i will work tirelessly over the next few weeks to refill my response ability as prime minister and find a way for a bit over the last two weeks i met a number of colleagues and i'm happy to continue to do so on this important issue so we can fulfill our responsibilities to the british people so together we can take back control of ou our -- [inaudible conversations] while protecting the job in the security and integrity of our precious united kingdom. together we can move on to finalizing the future relationships of the european union and deals with the rest of the world that will fuel our prosperity for years to come. together we can get this brexit done and shift the national focus to our mastic priorities
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and investing in our nhs stores and housing in tackling the so many take and building a country that truly works for everyone. these are the ways, these are the ways in which together this house will best serve the interest of the british people and i commend the statement to the house. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i think the prime minister for an immense copy of her statement. on ukraine as nato has said we need both sides to show restraint and de-escalate with international law adhere to including russia allowing unhindered access to ukraine's ports. mr. speaker, we face an unprecedented situation. prime minister has led us into a national crisis.
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and if any more evidence was needed of why we face this grave situation the prime minister demonstrated it last week. there were warm words drafted in the prime minister even managed to negotiate those a way to replace words about preparing for no deal. mr. speaker, permits or boasted i had a robust discussion with president but that cannot hide the cold reality that she achieved nothing. standing last week the prime minister said i have made some progress. mr. speaker, she has not made any progress at all. prime minister said so herself while still in brussels and i quote -- the eu is clear as am i that this is the deal. the european commission has been categorical and will not be renegotiated. the eu given the clarification that were possible the stage so no further meetings of the uk
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are forcing. the deal is unchanged and not going to change. the house must get on with the vote and move on to consider the realistic alternatives. there can be no logical reason for this delay. except that in taking government to a new level the prime minister no longer has the backing of her cabinets. the international trade secretary suggested that the prime ministers deal no longer has the backing of a cabinet and it's worth quoting and i quote, i think that it's very difficult to support the deal if we don't get changes to the back. it i don't think it will get through and even though the cabinet will agree for it to be put to the house of common. we had the spectacle of the last few days and numerous ^-caret
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cabinet with of their alternatives. a two-year transition is a no deal option and the work pension secretary says government needs to try something different and build a consensus on the attorney general is reported as saying he wants it gone after renegotiated while the international development secretary is a legibly [inaudible] others are for the working on a second referendum. even if cabinet no longer backs the deal that who knows what the options would be? can the prime minister answer this. one, does her deal still have the confidence of the cabinet? two, is a cabinet collective response ability still in operation?
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three, does it remain policy to avoid a no deal outcome? mr. speaker, and unacceptable deal is on the table. no amendment has been secured and renegotiations have been robust and not even mirror services have been offered. the prime minister shoddy deal no longer even has the backing of the cabinet. the prime minister ran away for putting her deal before parliament and even her own cabinet has doubts. she herself has made parliament not back it. were left closing to the deadline without a deal without even an agreed plan in the cabinet to get a deal. the prime minister has cynically run down the clock trying to
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maneuver parliament into a choice between two unacceptable outcomes, her deal or no deal. the country, workers and businesses are increasingly anxious. even yesterday the cbi said uncertainty is struggling firms and threatening jobs. not in the future but right now. the british chamber of congress has said there is no time to waste. a responsible prime minister would for the good of the country but this deal before the house this week. this week. so we could move on from this government disastrous negotiations. this, mr. speaker, is a constitutional crisis and the prime minister is the architect of it. she is meeting the most chaotic government in modern british history and even though cabinet no longer functions. upon minister whose authority
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has been lost in a cabinet disintegrating into factions and a conservative party so fundamentally split that its existence is being discussed. it is clear, mr. speaker, the prime minister has failed to renegotiate her deal. failed to get any meaningful reassurances. there is no excuse for any more dither or delay. this government, this government, mr. speaker, has already become the first government in british history to be held in contempt by parliament. the debate on the meaningful vote was pulled at the last minute in the prime minister has now wasted five weeks having
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achieved nothing. not a single word of renegotiated not a single reassurance gain. this last week embodied a failure, chaos and indecision of the heart of this government handling of brexit. today they've been dragged kicking and screaming to announce to restart the debate. mr. speaker, it is -- spirit mr. ellis, you're a distinguished form of the government department. a representative of the executive branch. be good, man. you can do so much better when you try. let. >> a speaker, it's disgraceful that amongst what's been wasted as we were due to vote on the 11th of december there can be no further attempts to dodge the accountability of government to this parliament, mr. speaker.
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>> mr. speaker, the right honorable gentleman asked me three questions during that response. does the deal still have the confidence of the cabinet? yes. does cabinet collective response ability still apply? yes. does the cabinet want to avoid a no deal? yes, they want to ensure that we leave the european union with a good deal and that is the steel. the real indecision is the decision of the heart of a labor party that has no plan and no alternative. the national crisis is in opposition but responsible put this party interest first before the interest of a british peop people. [inaudible conversations]
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>> it's clear, mr. speaker, the deal with my right honorable friend has so assiduously negotiated is most unlikely to secure the support of this house of commons. in these circumstances does not think it would be wiser to seek an extension through article 15? >> order. i can generally say to government don't stand near the chair and shout at your colleagues. if you do that leave the chamber will manage perfectly adequately without you. >> an extension to article 15 rather than to leave with no deal. >> i say to my right honorable friend that i don't think it's right to be seeking that extension as article 15. what we what parliament will be faced with is a decision to
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exercise its responsibility to deliver on the referendum vote to deliver brexit. i continue to believe it's a good deal. yes, we seek those further research is but i continue to believe we can lead with a deal and this is it. >> thank you, mr. speaker bid i think the prime minister for her statement but i have to ask what is the leadership of the trait which is used without the prime minister but is still digging. mr. speaker, we have four [inaudible] we are left with a small window where we determined to find a way forward out of the government brexit timetable. it cannot be done. after two years of negotiations the prime minister has made a deal that she cannot deliver. [inaudible] mr. speaker, it is
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time to call time on this government. it is a laughingstock. companies and workers do not know that we will be crashing out of the european union in three months time. with just over 100 days. [inaudible conversations] hundred days to prepare for the rest of it no deal that most sensible folk would reject as being unacceptable. the prime minister is playing a game. the european council president was clear that i have no mandate to organize any part of the negotiations. what more does upon minister need to hear to know that her deal is dead and this is embarrassing. the prime minister might be prepared but the rest of us are not. seek to find a solution to prevent the jobs and prosperity of the people with countries we
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are talking about. today permits or tells us there are no other options. standing before parliament and another referendum on eu membership is an act of desperation from the prime minister. knowing she cannot get her own deal the. minister wants to silence debate and having taken away parliament's voice and her [inaudible] the prime minister wants us to take the right of the people to vote away. they have a perfect right to have their say. their democratic right to change the might. mr. speaker, [inaudible] stop isolation and reach out and speak for the opposition parties. we all have a response ability to protect our citizens. it's time to move beyond party politics. it is time to offer an interes
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interest -- i asked the prime minister to bring forward the meaningful vote on her deal before the christmas recess. there is no reason to delay. let us have that meaningful vote this week. lastly, what you do the right thing and meet with me and other opposition party leaders this week collectively. this, mr. speaker, is the government's work. if we are to believe that a partnership of equals that no today we must be heard. >> first of all, i'm happy to say if he wants to come talk to me about this issue i'm happy to talk about it. we do have a fundamental difference of opinion which revealed in the response of his party to what i said in my statement. i believe we should deliver leading the eu to the people.
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that's the fundamental difference we are. talk about jobs and prosperity and the still does just that but delivers on the referendum of protecting tops and prosperity. he says he does not want to be with no deal but the only way to ensure we leave without having no deal is to support a deal. can i just remind the right honorable gentleman the 56% voted for pro brexit parties -- ... ommission on referendum published earlier this year and recommended that any second referendum on the subject should be specified in the legislation enabling the first referendum so that the requirement for or possibility of a second referendum, and the reason for it is clear to the electorate before the first vote takes place. with the prime minister agree
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that no such provision was made and that calling for a second referendum at this stage is merely a ruse to try to reverse the results and not -- [shouting] thank you mr. speaker can i say to my right honorable friend i'm going to start pointing out to the house the case with the suggestion in 2016 that it might be a second referendum delivered by the government.
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[inaudible] are not being disloyal to her but simply better at math? i'm not sure the right honorable gentleman [inaudible] despite the councils endorsement with the agreement that this agreement has not been signed by herself as prime minister and is no more than a political agreement of which nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and therefore she can still walk away.
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>> obviously this is a deal that is being negotiated and it does have to go through certain processes to be ratified. part of that is here. the clarifications reassurances and renegotiating and contradicting and the desirable outcome. by the nature of the backstop
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with no right for this country to exit its own terms we deal with the concerns that the other members of the house have expressed about the issue of whether the backstop could be or what the indefinite so there are two ways to deal with it first is to ensure the backstop and second is to ensure it is temporary and it can be achieved in a number of ways. >> it will be 100 days i'm told the president leaves the european union.
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this is a constitutional crisis. there is other solutions whether a second referendum. through thegh political process that we now find the country the primprime minister's deal view t going to succeed. she now isn't that just listening bu to this and allowig the budget.
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there will be a short time to a every and what level of what be available for that.
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the prime minister went to the european council seeking legal usher in this and returned with non- but the next council meeting scheduled thicouncilmeee third week of march. now that they are speculating about what can have hidden cam she tells what purpose to continue to protect that we might leave the european union without an agreement when she knows better than anyone else how damaging it is * it would be and when she told the house just now that they would risk the job services and the security -- >> this house has a responsibility to come up with a decision on the matter and
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determine whether the european union was a deal or to leave without a deal where there will be no limits to try to ensure i think that would be wrong. that is what peopleop voted for him to democracy in our history and we should be leaving with a good deal. >> in case they continue, can the prime minister can't for all of those necessary actions.
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[inaudible] but i would say is we are making plans for the contingency arrangement as iwi said they wil be meeting tomorrow to discuss what further steps need to be taken. we have the separations as my right honorable friend was responsible for that further stepping up has gone on to look at such in the uk. will they rule out canada and the parliamentary votes from the objectives and the auction, and
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get everyone knows she does not have support for her plans and no assurances she asked if she carries on like this she will take on the known deal. >> they will be spending billions of pounds now doesn't she have a responsibility to have a proper discussion. bringing the end of two free movement with some ofhi those suggested would not allow it to
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happen and that decision is whether we go forward with the deal or not. can they continue to negotiate changes to the backstop would she agree with me if we are to avoid leaving the dl but we must at all costs avoid, would you build a consensus in this house and forge a compromise that delivers while protecting british jobs and interest? >> i agree with my honorable friend the aim of what we are doing and what the house will do should be to ensure that we deliver on those in a way that will protect jobs that is what
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we are working before and for e every member of the house will consider that when it comes to looking at whether or not we should support this deal. >> [inaudible]e] it would be not to have listened to the concerns expressed in
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this house but i'm working on discussions to continue in relation with how we address the concernsar it would protect jobs and our security. >> to improve the deal would it not be more palatable if the timetable for starting on and agreeing to the terms of future trade was as legally binding if the timetable? >> my right honorable friends fs make an important point.
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it's why it was important to continue to discuss about getting the absolute confirmation and the certainty and when the negotiations can start and when it is the determination to ensure those negotiations and with all of that in place by september 2020. will she publish? >> i have remained clear.
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to provide yet another proof to britain. i agree with my right honorable friend to the note he also mario we are continuing to discuss. >> how much would it cost the nhs and the businesses up and down the country because of this reckless time wasting?
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>> the responsible government is about ensuring and the responsible thing which any government i in this situation would do to ensure the contingency arrangements are in place to have the arrangements to know in certainty whether we are leaving with a deal or no deal. we need to make the arrangements thait is the right thing to do. >> at the cabinet meeting where they will be high on the agenda, will the prime minister please arrange to come to the house to give a statement so that we know what is happening so the country can be reassured. >> she is raising the important
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points of information being as necessary on the planning taking place and there are a number of ways that is expressed to the house. in the agreements of the arrangements being put in place. on the various options might she not thereforehe a great is she willing to do that.
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the members agreed with the line about the notion of the paper. as we've said in the motion on this is amendable. >> what stopped the legal guarantee with such a backstop
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we are looking at it in relation to this but those have been re- iterated after the council conclusion as well and the best way to stop from coming in play is introducing the future of the relationship that is good and the served at the december 2020 and will be considering to discuss what further we can get on this point. >> when precisely will they be pursuing this. well the house to be debating it on a fresh government notion and in terms of her commitment to come back home to start the
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debate, is that a promise? >> first of all, the business notion and the way the debate is to be discussed with the usual channel the gentleman asked me about the timetable and the discussions are continuing and i expect those to continue into the new year. if you end up forcing through a deal and also the mathematics don't stack up.
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can i ask the minister to get on with it and then look at practical alternatives. >> we will begin that in the second week in january and start in the first week in january i think it is important i suspect honorable members have been havt started the work to try to get the further assurances in the house i think it is right to do what we said we were before those legal issue in this debate could -- assurances. >> having failed tod win support for the parliament and get any meaningful change at the
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european council last week the prime minister simply to run down the clock. i would've put it to the prime minister is wrong to threaten theak parliament but more importantly ridiculous to take options off the table as she's tried to do today that could prevent the disaster in the country. >> it will be a decision for members of the house whether to accept the deal or to see the actions taken what i believe is that we deliver on the referendum and the question will be for the members ofy this houe
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and whether they accept the responsibility to come to the position of the moment no alternatives but deliver on the referendum in a way that protects jobs to bear the responsibility that they have in my case it is to manufacture and its verit's very urgent that wea deal. when she is negotiating and discussing does she have a feeling that there is the urgent deal and they are prepared to listen when i saw him looking so
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relaxed [inaudible] 's back from the commission and the leaders they do want a deal in all of those further assurances it's made clear by others that they can indeed take place. no better deal will be made in europe and she also knows no deal is disastrous. she failed to get supporto and can apply the same effort again
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the powers to seek an extension in article 50 would have to be agreed with the european union and i've been clear the right course of action having undertaken the negotiation to insure we need the european union on the timetable that we already havenn set out. they talked about empowering the house on the basis of further assurances can be agreed in the european union, but there's nothing in what she has said today or the council and assurances are likely to be giving and i say this to somebody that is going to vote for her last agreement on the basis that she set out when the
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country needs reassurance. i do not think the businesses and constituents understand when we should be having the meaningful vote this week. what i believe this right is ist the government is doing is having heard the concerns that have been expressed by members ce the house and wha house and e government is doing yes we have further statements in the council conclusions but we are seeking further assurances and then that can be debated.
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>> he was reviewing the question whether article 50 could be revoked. this case has been to look at these issues. has the minister have concern forr us but the article could be revoked forr their legislation will be set out to the court? >> i willl certainly look into that issue in terms of the relation to the case and i know the honorable lady has considerable interest and the revocation is something the government said we will not do because it means staying in the end.
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>> i was one of the members who would support the a prime minisr still but i have to say it's coming back to me from business from industry fromm the city is that we are now hemorrhaging support and investment on a daily basis that's getting worse which is why i asked the memberp to say please think again and holding this vote and standalone resolutions which mean that we can move on. i understand the concern he's expressing and i still think they are taking that approach. he refers to it as indicative of the emotions before the n house
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and can i just say to my honorable friend and members of this house what is necessary for the house to reflect on what the members want in terms of their responsibility to come to a decision on this matter and at the moment there are a number of you around the house from the second referendum some would support other arrangements. arrangements would require a way to draw agreement to make clear that basis in the european union. there are many people in the
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house that would take issue with the word meaningful because there's nothing meaningful that forces the members of the house between her deal and no deal so when will the prime minister started listening and build a consensus with members across the house to get us out of this mess as mess >> it is going to be the case whenever the votes come v before the house they will have a decision as to whether the deal is being negotiated or not with the consequences to support the deal. >> does the prime minister recalled telling the hous housen the third of december that a three to 4 million-dollar contingency no deal planning was about to be allocated to the
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department and has thus been made and is the money now available for the contingency? >> they are in place and money is being spent. a number of departments have settled to confirm all of those shortly.
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