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tv   Government Shutdown Day 6  CSPAN  December 27, 2018 4:04pm-4:33pm EST

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senate. i ask that it stand adjourned under the previous order. the senate stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. on monday, >> pretty much what we expected. no speech order the house coming back on monday, 10:00 a.m. eastern, new year's eve. 10:00 a.m. eastern and the 116th congress beginning a week from today at noon eastern. here on c-span and c-span2 we'll continue to take your calls and comments. c-span radio as well, 202-748-8921 for republicans. democrats, 202-748-89 0. federal worked, 202-748-8922. love to hear how the shutdown is affecting you and for all
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others 202-748-8923. up gallery this afternoon on capitol hill chad cheating this. i if you're watching c-span, pat roberts of kansas presiding over the senate session after a prayer from senate chaplain barry black and that's the house is meeting in pro forma session. luke messer was the in the chair for the indiana representative, and the pledge of alegions by mike burgess of texas and all of the negotiations there if-sufficient negotiations, happening out of view of the ands public. we hear from you next, ricky in point pleasant, west virginia. republican line go ahead. >> yes. thank you for taking my call, and i like watching c-span, but first of all i am in support of the president's shutdown because
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i can't understand why chuck schumer a while back offers 25 billion to build the wall and now he won't even give the president any. that's the question we need to present to mr. schumer. >> host: okay, rickey, los angeles, yvette,. >> host: afternoon federal worker in los angeles, hey there yvette. >> caller: hello. >> host: how have you been affected be the shutdown. >> caller: oh, horribly first of all it's just unbelievable how the people who have to suffer the employees the little people so to speak the voters the -- whatever party you're affiliate dish won't mention it because it's irrelevant at this point. my life has been affected. i have people saying to me, well don't worry about it. you'll be paid. first of all i like to work for my pay okay? i don't like to just sit around
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and get a check from the government. that's not why was employed for. number two if i wanted to be off i would take vacation. evidently i did not want to be off, did not plan to be off. number three care about the work i do. i care about my cases and they're suffering right now. by the time i get back, whenever that will be, i'll be so behind that it's going to -- not only impact my life but the impact the peoples live is service. i've ban federal employee for almost 30 years. to me that's attendantment to a military career, never had a problem. never been fired never didn't disciplined, great worker, great asset, and this is the thanks that i get? and there are thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of people like myself. all ages races status in the government, that we feel as though this the thanks we get from all of them? i am mad at every single one
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from the president to the senators, all of them, every single congress person, this is disgusting. and no one is having any kind of empathy for the federal employees. i don't understand this country at all. this is very depressing. >> host: yvette, thank you for your call. we set assign to the lied, 202-748 8922 for federal workers. wanted to share you a treat from abby phillips. cnn -- >> a new press statement says democrats have not responded to the white house's offer on the wall. read some of it, saying the president made it clear that any bill to fund the government must adequately fund border security to stop the flow of illegal drugs, criminals and ms-13 back members, childs smilers and human traffickers into our communities and protect the american people. the administration understands this crisis and made a reasonable comment sense solution to democrats five days ago. we have not received a single
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response. part of the statement from sarah sanders. we have linked -- we'll link to that on the wednesday shortly at >> westminster, colorado, democratic line and good afternoon to gary. >> caller: yes. i think all of this started initially with president trump vying for the president and disrespecting all of 16 senators congressmen and governors, disrespecting all of them. and then he gets into office and then he wants to take over, show he hires all the generals, admirals the coast guard and everybody in the federal government, there's about 100 different people departments that carry guns, and i think what he did is he read "mein kampf" and he read "the prince"
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and thought he would take over the counsel because he is not intelligent enough to take over and not respectful enough to take over this country and that's what the problem he has now and i truly believe before mueller gets done with hit investigation, he might be going to jail. so the shutdown is totally wrong. i don't -- i believe the last lady that said it's not right for him to say that, especially when he says, i want the wall. that's what he told the soldiers in iraq. and it's just totally -- he does not understand government or the people that he is trying to protect and nurture and that's what i think about it. and if you haven't read "mein kampf" or 0 "the prince" the prince said you can do anything
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you want to anybody if it excels you. >> host: federal worker line, janice virginia. go ahead. >> caller: yes. the people that aren't -- the ones that have to stay behind and work, we're doing anywhere from five to ten other people's jobs. so the other ones on vacation, not by choice, i feel sorry for them but they also have to consider the ones that have to work. >> host: did you have to work together? >> caller: yes. but the point is, i don't understand how congress could pass a bill over ten years ago or five years ago that they're authorized to get paid, but we're not. and you have to come and work but you're not going to get your
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check. the point is, if they're so upset about the fallout of this shutdown why doesn't all each individual independent democrat or republicans cough up their pay and put in a pot and put it aside because i know we're going to get paid, but they could put that in -- put on the side and put the money to good use by donate to churches or to salvation army, to goodwill. but since they're being people on both sides then they should cough up their paychecks. >> host: you may have seen that as we showed the house we mentioned the -- as we look down the mall, the capitol christmas tree on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol two days after
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christmas, six days into the shutdown you may have seen when the house came in brief lay quick or or heard representatives trying to get recognized. here's the reporting of rachel bay from political and her tweet. jim mcgovern next incoming house rules chairman tried to bring up a bill to re-open the government about the g.o.p. would not let him. and this is a tweet from 2011. this is from barack obama in january of 201. he tweeted this: i strongly believe that we should take ons and for all the issue of illegal immigration. president trump is retweeting that at this hour, saying, i totally agree. glen is next in newport kentucky and glen, go aheador ore on the air. >> caller: hi. i'm sitting here watching c-span and wanted to call in on this. i don't necessarily vote for republican or democrat or independent. vote for the person i think is
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going right for the united states and for our country. not too long ago when obama was in office, the democrats was all for the wall but they couldn't get the money funded for the wall for some reason when they was actually in control of both the house and senate. and now it's kind of looks like between the democrat and republicans they've done a complete flip-flop and there was a republicans wanting the ball built and the united states of america needs the wall built. this is not foreign countries where they just invade and just come and go. sanctuary cities. unbelievable. you commit a crime go to a sanctuary city and no one can couch you. that's totally ridiculous and there's movie out that patrick swasey "red dawn company and the way they invade the united states was through mexico, and as you listen and watch and eall the problems coming into our country, they're coming through
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mexico. or northern borders are not 100% secure but they are debt enoughly better than what they are in our southwestern border. the of the united states and i think it's time that everybody suck um their little nitpicks on each other and become true americans and vote for the united states of america and for its citizens. got to remember, we are the citizens of the united states. the illegals are not. they don't even have so toe show any. >> if they vote and it's totally de-diculous, as are fast paying nor wall, trump said he would pay for the all-everybody forget bud the tariff texas he put on mexico's products so realistically they are paying for the wall. he is pulling the troops out of two countries over east and the income for them, because of the hazard pay they received, i believe a gentleman said it
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would be like 12 years the wall into woo be paid for. >> oo glen in kentucky. appreciate that. we'll spend the next 15 minutes taking your calls and comments as we won't see the house or senate until monday of next week the waning days of the 115th conference. den nice is next on the democrat line. and in lancaster ohio. go ahead denice. >> caller: yes, first of all i think it's time we talk about real immigration reform, and i believe that we need to not devalue individuals in this country. i have empathy for the federal employees. i feel bad for. the, they're pawns in this particular game. i think the president has no heart for the federal employees. i think that he believes that it's either his way or no way and i think it's time for his plan for real immigration reform and the wall is just a
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small part of that but late put the plan out there and let's get together as a nation and talk about true immigration reform, not just a wall that is just a minor part of the immigration reform and a successful foreign policy for these countries where the people truly don't want to leave their country but where we could do some serious good-disserious help and direction to these particular countries that are struggling with severe poverty. >> host: okay. here's kansas city, our federal worker line, cindy hello there. >> caller: hi. >> host: you're on the air make sure you mute your television go ahead with your comment. >> caller: yes. i believe -- i voted for trump and i appreciate what he has done. i am a federal worker, and i am -- i've been there 31 years and it's bothering me. i'm furloughed. i know that he wants this wall,
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but the immigrants and stuff they will dig tunnels to get over here so i don't believe that it's a good thing to have this wall built. why don't we bring over some of the army men and stuff over from syria and have them build the wall. >> host: that's sin any kansas city. the senate golfed out. the cloakroom tweeting -- an account we follow -- the senate is adjourned until monday, december 31st. the senate will reconvene on wednesday, january 2nd 4:00 p.m. maybe the last meet offering the mike emanuel from fox says. they will resume consideration of the house message to accompany hr695 the government
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border wall funding bill think bill the senate agreed to moving forward on debate. but that's where it is. no more debate actually happening on the floor of either the house or senate. all the negotiation about this issue is happening off the floor. texas is next up, michelle on a republican line. >> caller: hi. i just wanted to touch on what the two federal employees one from california and one from virginia i believe said, one was on furlough and one had to work. >> host: yeah so. >> caller: i have sympathy for the federal employee nobody is talking about the 40,000 plus members of the coast guard who are forced to work without pay and now the secretary for the department of homeland security is deploying coast guard corps known process the immigrants coming in on the border and they are going there without pay. all of these families, men
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women, their husbands, they're wives, their children, they defend our borders in the gulf in the pacific and in the atlantic and the great lakes every single day and nobody is talking about them. they're not getting their pay on december 31st and they don't even know what they're going to do. and nobody is talking about it. >> host: and -- >> caller: these are -- >> host: that's a good point michelle. a piece we were seeing in the cq is writing defense department is fully funded but jennifer and katherine write in cq the coast guard is part of the department of homeland security. one of the nine departments without fundingle while the rest of the military in the department of defense which is not affected by the shutdown. thank you for pointing that out. our republican line is next, we hear from ted in colonial heights, virginia. >> caller: yes, sir. just a couple of comments about this. even though i'm a republican, i
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see some democrat still want what donald trump is trying to do. what strikes me most is two things. number one i keep seeing films in 2006 of barack obama hillary clinton, chuck schumer and others saying we need the wall. we wanted the wall. have they forgotten this now in 2018 now there's a republican pratt? second what is critical, such also the healthcare, we fun out for illegals every year. would pay for what he is asking for the wall five times over in one year. and i don't care you're a republican or democrat, you can see criminals come in, you can see drugs come in. everyone should want to stop that. i feel very bad for the people that aren't getting paid right now. that work for our government. but it is safety for all the people that he's trying to accomplish and i wish him well. and i wish the congress would
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get together and back him up. thank you very much. >> host: thank you ted. a couple of federal workers next. first is alex in wooster madd. >> caller: hi. >> host: hey there go ahead. . >> caller: concerning the situation, the media plays and stuff like that for sometime, the way i feel about this situation would be that you have donald trump -- some people may by offended by -- who knows what they're watching on tv. media can be confusing to a person on a day. but it would be that he kind of has a lot of backing for like, moral stance, like family structure and things and those type of things where behind that, it would be -- the last caller stated something about some media inference but a barack obama or hillary clinton and things like that, where i think that the leadup to these
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media expo says and things that seem controversial and seem like a diagreement with a person, they come from the timeline to a decade old agreement like knees and 60s people born then have the cultural phenomenon of quote-unquote hippie culture or drug culture and then when -- our industry has like a runoff date with things they could state maybe on a day that seems to be like a hid item, kind of popping up in different places and being the school system or making people socially confused, where it is that when donald trump is -- the effect of that -- is of quality. to certain places where in between that, a person's state of rhetoric and media seen one by a but if things get kind of new school to no defense for --
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a more ground way of thinking and it is the thing where things seem to be elusively popping up in different places and then people are kind of unfounded or unconfounded within. thises when they inference that there's something else going on than what -- >> host: i'll let you go there alex. we have more callers on the line including another federal worker plano texas. >> caller: this is lina williams movement colleagues and i are retiring on december 31st but we can't because the buildings closed. how do we turn in our badges, our equipment. >> host: let me get this straight you're did you say retire? >> caller: we can reexpire it will prolong receiving our retirement annuities. so i'm perplexed. what are we to do under these circumstances? >> host: what's your agency?
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>> caller: thank you. >> host: lina? are you still there? >> caller: yes, i'm here. >> host: who do you work for. >> caller: i work for internal revenue service. i'm a veteran but i worked for the irs irs since 1999, and we're retiring and we can't make a move right now. i was going build a nest egg and it was a shutdown, we'll build 1100 commerce is open, but all of -- all the irser is offices are closed so i'm puzzled. how do we return and we can't make a move until they make a move and we're for all intents and purposes -- i'm told we're not retired until they receive our paperwork but they can't receive itself until we turn in our equipment here. >> host: some of experiences of federal government workers. five mow minutes on c-span, c-span2 and c-span radio.
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mitchell miller from wtop radio in nation colorado contractualol: shutdown update. mass in session for four minutes today. no immediate the end saying for partial government shutun, senate to hold a pro forma session on monday. back to kansas city, missouri, and democrats line, marie. >> caller: i'm concerned about schum and pelosi. i'm democrat but they've got anywhere minds closed. they need to open up, talk to the president and get this situation that they're in now about the wall. all they have to do is sit down and taj. that's all i have to say. >> host: lawrence in maryland, federal government worker. >> caller: hi. i'm a federal government worker, have been for over 40 years. i am really appalled that federal employees continue to be
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low hanging fruit during shutdown and furlough. i don't think that we have ever voted to be shut down, and any other government or private industry has not put their employees on a furlough where we have no idea if we are going to get another paycheck after this one that comes out at the end of the week. >> host: lauren from maryland, many of the 700,000 monday resident of the district of culp ya, the nation's capital. many either work for or contract with the government. d.c. del -- tweet: federal employees are not democrats or republicans but civil servants. trump's shutdown is hurting hundreds of thousands of americans and the hard work, federal employee who serve them. to sue in massachusetts.
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good afternoon. >> caller: i. >> host: sue massachusetts are you there? >> caller: yes, i am. >> host: go ahead. >> caller: yes, i just like to make a comment that this liar in chief, his time is up, this wall built and heeded to be charged extortion. >> host: here's art, republican line in texas. hi there art. >> caller: yes. it's on? >> host: you're on the air. go ahead. >> caller: yeah. first things first. i don't see how the media or anybody can be commenting that my whole family work, hard core democrats and all these fake stuff started coming out we could make a flip-flop and we're republic us because of the fact of how all these -- i don't know
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who is making up all these false stuff. schumer, nancy pelosi, i mean, all this stuff is obvious that it's fake, it's -- the americans don't have no say sew. -- say-so. >> host: you get the last word, art. more tomorrow morning on washington journal on 7:00 a.m. eastern weapon look to the west side of the u.s. capitol. a live look from the cameras on capitol hill, the next sessions of the house and senate, the house and senate coming in for pro forma sessions, monday at 10:00 a.m. eastern look for live coverages all of the house here on c-span, the senate on c-span2, and thanks to the c-span radio listeners for joining us here this afternoon. ...
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former secretary of state, condoleezza rice moderate a discussion on the evolution of communication. and its effect on democracy at stanford university is hoover institution. she is joined by british historian, neil ferguson. and former national intelligence council chair, joseph nye . [applause] >> good afternoon. and you for joining us for what we hope would be a very stimulating and interesting discussion. i am joined by my colleague, senior fellow at the institution, neil ferguson. historian of considerable note and our colleague from harvard university, joe nye who is also, visiting at hoover from time to time and so, we very much look forward to our


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