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tv   Jennifer Palmieri Dear Madam President  CSPAN  December 29, 2018 11:26am-11:31am EST

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administration. guardian journalist chris mcgreal reports on the opioid epidemic in america. and pulitzer prize winner author jack maus discusses the god of islam, the world's second-largest religion. all of that and more on this four-day holiday weekend on book tv. television for serious readers. visit book tv .org for a complete schedule. >> the national press club holds an annual book fair in this yearbook tv attended and spoke with various nonfiction authors.former hillary clinton for president campaign aide jennifer palmieri book about her book "dear madam president". >> "dear madam president" is the name of the book. jennifer palmieri is the author. where did you get the insight to write this book? >> while working on the clinton campaign i was hillary clinton's communications director and i think like a lot
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of people that after we had an outcome that we are really disappointed in, wanted something good to come from that experience and felt that i had gained a lot of insight from working in politics in general but also working for hillary about the ways women still struggle to succeed so wrote a letter part of advised for the for women in america today. a lot of women feel empowered to engage in the world in a different way rather than feel defeated. that's how i felt so i wanted to write a letter that spoke to those women in america. >> did this start out as a cathartic exercise after the election for you? >> yes it did. it literally did. i got some advice to do this to start writing everything that was most top of mind, most raw, even most painful about what i
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had experienced and do it through the lens of what i had learned and i found it was cathartic but i also it helps me process what positive things to take away from it. i wrote the book in 10 weeks and it happened very quickly. >> is an advice book for the first woman president or how you feel? >> it is advice for women no matter whether politics or not, it's not really a political book. it's my experience but i wanted women who just across the country to read it, recognize it, particularly if someone you are disappointed in the outcome of the election, to know that there were millions of you that felt the same way that night but there were also millions of women who decided what this tells me is i'm going to engage in the world differently and i
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think that's why you see a record number of women running for office.women changing the way the arts business is run. and there's advice in there about what i learned. i work for hillary but i was also barack obama's communication director about how women can succeed in male-dominated fields but even more exciting to me is the notion that you shouldn't think of it as a male dominated field anymore it's how women want to engage in the world. >> how did you get into this line of work in the first place? >> i've been obsessed with politics since my mother worked for trent lott, i was born in mississippi and my mom worked on his first congressional campaign. i watched him go to washington and be on the impeachment and vote on impeachment as a young congressman and from that moment on i been really fascinated. i had really good fortune that leon canada happens to be my congressman when i was in high school in california. so i interned for leon and then went with him to the clinton white house and was able to work, see a lot of the government working at the highest level at a young age.
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i was fortunate to political events that put me on the path. >> do you consider trent lott, not necessarily mere politics, your friend? >> i met him several times since then and i also have to remind him that my mother actually worked for him and he said, the problem was him ãb considering his president, i'm not sure we have as many differences as we once did. >> dear madam president is the name of the book an open letter to the women who will run the world is the subtitle. jennifer palmieri of the author. by the way, book tv taped a longer interview with jennifer palmieri, you can watch that on our website at thank you. >> thank you, my pleasure. >> keep an eye out for more interviews from the national press club's book fair to air in the near future. you can also watch them and any


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