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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Tom Steyer Iowa Press Conference  CSPAN  January 9, 2019 8:18pm-8:44pm EST

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a third country, israel, that a delegation of people at a time when everyone was saying that the ayatollah was not going to live out the week, and that factions were rising up as to who was going to be the government of iran. this group, was vouched for by a third country as responsible citizens who wanted to meet, a meeting somehow with representatives of the united states as to how there could be a better relationship between a government of iran and united states. >> watch reel america this weekend on american history t.v. on c-span3. >> tonight on c-span2. democratic party donna, tom steyer, announces an advocacy campaign calling for the impeachment of president trump. then senate debate on the government shutdown and border security and from today's
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washington journal, a look at how the shutdown is affecting federal workers. >> tom steyer is a billionaire hedge fund manager and major democratic party donor. he other press briefing to discuss his group, need to impeach and its advertising campaign calling for the impeachment of president trump. this is 20 minutes. >> i want to thank you for coming. and showing up on such short notice. one year ago yesterday, i announced that i would be focusing on two things in 2018. engaging young voters and pushing for impeachment. i believed that those two causes would make the biggest differential positive impact on our country. and they did! next generation america had the
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largest youth american voter in history last year. and they put the impeachment question squarely into the political conversation. i said last year, that i'm willing to do whatever i can to protect our country from this reckless, lawless and dangerous president. every day since, mr. trump has revealed new depths to his incompetence, his corruption and his cruelty. the threat he poses to the american people has only grown. now the impeachment question has reached an inflection. therefore, i will be dedicating 100 percent of my time, effort and resources to one cause. working for his impeachment and removal from office. i am not running for president
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at this time. instead, i'm strengthening my commitment to "need to impeach" in 2019 until the house start impeachment proceedings were mr. trump resigns. that is how we will define success. today, i am announcing this following action. with more to come in the near future. we will be holding town halls across the country. including three more this month in nevada, new hampshire and washington d.c.. we will host and organizing some in the nations capital. to further detail our plans. we will be launching a public education campaign to deepen americans understanding of mr. trump 's impeachable offense. we will be organizing a grassroots effort starting an early primary and caucus states urging presidential candidates to back impeachment.
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and we will be rallying nearly 7 million supporters to continue pushing their representatives to vote for impeachment. by the way the number has been going up by more than 10,000 people a day. including more than 30,000 people yesterday. at the same time, we will continue to grow and expand our outreach. that work will be nationwide to particular emphasis on the constituents of representatives nadler, waters, kiel, cummings and schiff. -- i will be supporting these actions along with more to come beginning with a $40 million investment. since we started this we have
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said this is not politically driven by our differences with the president. i do disagree with him openly and publicly. but i'm calling for his impeachment because it is the right thing to do for america and for all of the american people. the simple truth is, mr. trump has repeatedly abused the power of the presidency and the constitution demands accountability. they must stand up for democracy and the rule of law. and if they cannot find their way then the people must insist that the president be held accountable. as i said, "need to impeach" has given nearly 7 million americans a platform to do just that. i'm committed to growing it and organizing people across this country to demand this. it is the right time and it is the right decision.
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last january, over 50 constitutional scholars explained that mr. trump had already committed eight impeachable offenses. and if left unchecked he would continue to violate the constitution. and we need immediate action to stop it. the response from washington was that we needed to wait. without questioning the investigation it must continue. and we will guard against any interference from the administration and insist on transparency because the american people deserve to learn the truth. which will be even more devastating. that investigation, along with the southern district of new york the new york attorney general his work has already exposed some of the presidents long history of lawlessness. we now know without a doubt, mr. trump has been surrounded by deceitful, corrupt associates. for years, several have been
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indicted, some have pleaded guilty, federal prosecutors concluded that mr. trump himself, directed one of the associates to commit his crimes. and the democratic house oversight of the administration will reveal much more evidence of the presidents criminality. but that has no bearing on what we already know. mr. trump continues to commit impeachable offenses. now 10 and counting and we do not have to wait to move forward. the debate over whether or not grounds for impeachment exists, is over. he met the criteria long ago. the question remaining is, what congress will do. they have a constitutional duty to end this destructive shameful presidency. and it is urgent that they put aside their political considerations and do what is right. some continue to argue that holding the president accountable for his illegal,
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immoral behavior, would be too devices. they are avoiding the truth. mr. trump has made division itself, the centerpiece of his presidency. he does not govern, he creates crises to remain in power. and he will not stop spreading lies to the american people. as he did last night, and is nationally televised oval office address. the chaos he creates and thrives on, is tearing the country apart. it will only get worse in his most senior and respected advisors continue to leave the administration and there wanted to the country grows louder with successive resignation letter. they can begin to end this madness today. by folding the scope of their oversight efforts into broader impeachment proceedings.the process will take time. that is why speaker pelosi
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should select a bipartisan group of lawmakers to start immediately. the longer they wait, the more they normalize mr. trump 's unacceptable, destructive acts. and the more they enable it. so patriots across this country, must stand up for the constitution. and demand action. that is why i feel compelled to continue elevating the voices of millions of americans who understand what their representative cannot bear to admit. most people come to iowa around this time, to announce a campaign for the presidency. but i'm proud to be here to announce that i will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, to remove a president. not because i disagree with his policies. not because we hold different
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ideologies. but because the people must do what our elected officials have been unable or unwilling to do. hold the president accountable. if we can show that our democracy works, if the people are able to hold a president accountable for his illegal actions, then there is hope that we can fix what's broken. in return to the work of moving forward and up together as one nation. the right time to do the right thing is always right now. thank you. [inaudible question] >> let me say that i do not know what the field of 2020 candidates is. and i have seen literally, as well have, dozens of people. so before i comment i would like to see both who actually declares for the presidency and
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what they have to say. i think, not to wait for that would be -- [inaudible question] >> i understand how upset and angry americans are across the nation. by the criminality and danger represented by this president. i believe that the impeachment and removal of a president is an awfully serious action. and so i have tried in every conversation i've had to be aware of both the breath of opinion across america and to respect americans in saying that if we're going to do this kind of incredibly important challenging, historic action, that we should take you with the seriousness with which i believe it deserves. [inaudible question]
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>> listen, i think trying to organize the american people to impeach and remove this president, is the most positive impactful thing i can do. and if you're saying, is that such -- that it is the lab i fall back on, i would have to say to you, i am taking on what i think is the biggest possible challenge i could. [inaudible question] >> i think this is the most important thing i can do. i think that there is no way to say that trying to move the american people, to impeach and remove a president, is a step
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down in difficulty. but my real point here is, i am trying to do what i think is the most important right thing. i understand your question and i'm saying, if you look at it on a historical basis, this is the biggest challenge i can imagine. [inaudible question] >> yes. listen, over the last six years, i've organized what might be the largest grassroots organization in the united states. we have pushed consistently for the broadest possible democracy. we have gone out to communities and age groups who are under representative and worked to involve them because i believe in the grassroots. just as senator warren does. as opposed to commenting on
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something that is not happening, i would just like to say, if you look at my record and the record of our organization, what we have pushed for it is the broadest possible democracy, power to the people at all times.if you look at what we are doing today, what we are saying is what counts and this is the voice of the american people. and what we are going to try and do is enable, encourage and empower their voice to be heard in this country as the most important thing. the most important and most serious voice in the world. [inaudible question] >> and that is what i was trying to say earlier on. i do not know who the candidates are. i'm not sure exactly what the basis is for their candidacies. i think it is super premature to think about. [inaudible question]
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>> well, i do not speculate. on what speaker pelosi is thinking but i will say this, every single time i have asked myself about impeachment i have asked two questions. are we telling an important truth? which i believe we are. are we standing up for the american people and the constitution? and if the answer is, that we are telling an important truth and standing up to the american people and the constitution it means we are doing the right thing. and if someone says, they are tactical, political reasons not to do the right thing, not to stand up for the country, i would say that is not the basis on which we are making our decisions. i am personally trying to do the right thing because i think is really important and i think there's a huge, dangerous threat to our country posed by our president. [inaudible question]
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>> well, try to describe some of the efforts that we are going to push for. including grassroots, national education campaign and trying to organize people, including the 7 million people who are on our list. to be pushing their representatives to understand what the people of america care about. to a very large extent, we have to work out exactly how it works but what we are trying to do is will rally the american people to understand how big the threat is and insist that the system work and that we get rid of a corrupt lawless, dangerous president. [inaudible question] [laughter] >> if you look at what happened
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last year, and then look at what is necessary to happen in terms of getting climate control under control, you will see that going up 3.4 percent is a disaster. we have a president who has a policy of denying what's happening and is strictly lying about it.he is trying to enable polluters to put the health and economic prospects of america, let alone their safety, at risk. i don't think there is -- i mean you can look at all the administration can look at his appointments. i think what you see is a consistent policy of supporting polluters at the expense of the health, safety and economic prospects of americans. and it is across the board. and i think that number is a shocking number when you realize that in fact, we have to be taking that number down
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by 10 percent a year. [inaudible question] >> what i am saying is this. no one knows what will happen in the future. including me. but what i do think is important, what i have seen in the last few years is, it is important to actually organize the voice of americans. there is no existing institution prepared to do that work. from my standpoint, it goes back to lincoln!. anything can be done with public opinion almost nothing can be done without public opinion. the voice of the american people is the most important power in the land. and what we are trying to do is give those people their voice. give them their power. in terms of exactly how it will work honestly, none of us
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really knows. [inaudible question] >> oh no! [inaudible question] >> removal. [inaudible question] >> the way that this will work and the way this should work, and the way it's always worked has really been about the voice of the american people. and that is democrats, republicans and independents. and if the american people do not insist on it, i don't believe this will happen. so the answer to your question is, at some point, republican
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senators will ask themselves, what their own constituents are demanding. and whether you know, whether it is better to abandon this disaster of a president, or to support him. and that decision will be largely made, not by them, but the people of america. so that is where we are going directly to the people in a grassroots effort which is what we always do. [inaudible question] >> it is funny because i've always said, impeachment is the beginning. getting rid of this lawless, reckless, dangerous president is a first step to restoring america towards the path of justice and prosperity. but obviously, we need a
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positive vision for how we will work together after he is removed. so, you know i will be working 100 percent for impeachment. but at the same time i recognize fully that is the first step. it is a necessary first step. we have to do it. but i know for sure that there has to be a positive vision on the other side. [inaudible question] [laughter] [inaudible question] >> you know, right now they should think of me is doing this full time because i think it is the right thing. what if said consistently every time, is i will do the thing i think has the most positive impact that i can think of. and i think i've been consistent in this.
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if there is a time when i think running will be the most positive thing that i can do, i will definitely do it. but at this point, this is my conviction. this is how i can make the best deterrent in terms of working for the people of america. [inaudible question] >> i think that the mueller investigation will confirm what we already know. that we already have the information to know that this president has committed impeachable offenses and we've known that for a long time. i think the mueller investigation for some people particularly, people inside the beltway, will be the seal of approval that what we already know is in fact true. but i think that, so i'm not
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trying to say that it is not important but what i'm saying is, there will always be an education effort here. that i doubt that every american is going to read the mueller investigation. and so i think that there is a need to educate, empower and organize the voice of the people of america to insist that the impeachable offenses result in impeachment and removal. >> thank you so much for comin . we are available for additional questions. [inaudible conversations] >> c-span washington journal
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live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, arizona republican congressman discusses the government shutdown and border security debate. then wisconsin democratic congresswoman talks about how the government shutdown is impacting food stamp programs. and we will discuss the president's visit thursday to the us-mexico border with texas tribune reporter. be sure to wash washington journal live seven eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. >> coming up this weekend on booktv. saturday, 6:45 pm eastern, california democratic senator, kamala harris details her life and her career through her book, the truths we hold. an american journey. at 11 pm eastern, and author
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talks about his latest book, last call for liberty. then sunday, on afterwards, and 9 pm eastern, journalist rence? alan discusses her book, it was all a dream. a new generation confronts the broken promise to black america. she's interviewed by the root editor-in-chief, danielle belton. walk booktv this weekend on c-span2. >> sent a reaction to the presence nationally televised speech on border security and the ongoing negotiations of the government shutdown. they begin with mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer. >> last night the present delivered his first address to the nation in the oval office. amidst the government shutdown the president offered a reminder of just what is at stake. that


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