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tv   What Are You Reading with Representative Jim Banks  CSPAN  July 21, 2019 2:06pm-2:11pm EDT

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and all saying exactly the same thing you are. something's going on. there's enough of us, we shall overcome. god bless you. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, we ask you respectively remain in your seats until the levin family has been escorted out. so please remain in your seats. >> booktv recently visited capitol hill and asked congressman jim banks about his reading list. >> this summer i had a very ambitious reading list. currently i'm finishing a well-known book by stephen ambrose on the day couple weeks
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ago. i went to the 75th anniversary of the day and i'm about finished with the book. going there seeing firsthand what happened 75 years ago by our heroes. the greatest generation. the world war ii veterans. they stormed the beaches of normandy and to read the book firsthand and learn more about it, it's overwhelming to imagine what they went through been i'm also reading seapower. which just went paperback. i'm a navy reserve officer. and have been a champion of bigger, stronger navy force posture in this to mulch was an dangerous world we live in today. i just picked up asked carter's new book, former secretary of defense. two of the best military history books i've read in recent years. both secretary panetta and secretary gates books. now i can add as carter's book
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to that collection. my daughter who was nine years old and i have a reading competition in 2019. whatever reads the most books wins. she's currently beating me. but if she beats me, she gets a puppy. so that her motivation for winning. so i've got a lot of work to do to catch up with her to win the competition. >> how do you select the books you read? >> i have a bad habit. i used to work at barnes and noble and i spent a lot of time at barnes and noble and i often buy books that i never really been that they pile up in the office or at home than i get around to them when i can. i'm constantly on at least a weekly basis, at a bookstore, looking at books on the shelves and finding books i want to read. >> find out what other members of congress are reading by visiting and searching, what are you readin
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? >> tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on "after words", in their new book justice on trial, molly hemingway judicial crisis networks carrie severino examine brett kavanaugh.and the future of the court. there interviewed by los angeles time supreme court correspondent, david savage. >> were trying to figure in talking to these people, who was brett kavanaugh the earlier that week with maccallum and then on thursday, when he really came out strong. it was fascinating to learn that in fact that was the person he really had been early on. >> as the court has become more political in its decision-making. when it makes law rather than interpreting the law as it's written. that creates a political situation and it's not altogether surprising that the
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process becomes more political. >> at 11:00 p.m. eastern, kimberly offers her guide to reading and understanding the u.s. constitution. in her new book, how to read the constitution and why. >> the question i get a lot on television and regular conversation is, can he do that? can the president do that? my answer is, that's the wrong question. the question is, if he does that and we've had until now present to don't cross the boundaries, what's the consequence? what are the processes for holding a president accountable? >> watch booktv every week and on c-span2. - - every weekend. >>. [inaudible conversations] >>


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