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tv   Campaign 2020 NH Democratic Party Convention - Julian Castro  CSPAN  September 9, 2019 1:46pm-1:58pm EDT

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nomination. watch live coverage on c-span2. president trump is holding a campaign rally in fayetteville, north carolina on the eve of a special election for the ninth congressional district. watch on c-span2 or or the sun life on the free c-span radio app. >> campaign 2020, watch the live coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail and make up your own mind. c-span campaign 2020, your unfiltered view of politics. >> the state attorney general briefing coming up at 2:00 p.m. eastern, more from this past weekend new hampshire democratic party convention you will hear from julio castro. [cheering]
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♪ good morning. [cheering] hello new hampshire. [cheering] i heard that i was coming to visit with the rowdies, loudest democrats in all the united states of america. [cheering] and i have to say you all are living up to reputation. let me say, i'll give a shout out to your senators, your great senators and representatives, the chairman buckley, to oliver new hampshire grants that are
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going to make sure that we beat mitch mcconnell and have a democratic senate. [cheering] like many of you, my story is an immigrant american dream story. i grew up along with my twin brother and my mother and my grandmother, my grandmother came here when to seven years old as a little girl from mexico. with her sister because they lost their parents and their closest relatives lived in texas. she never finished elementary school so she worked as a maid and a babysitter. she raised my mother as a single parent and my mother raised my brother and me as a single parent. my brother and i are proud products of the public schools of texas. [cheering]
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i had the opportunity to go back home to san antonio and become the first of my family to be a professional as an attorney and then enter public service and serve other city councils. represent my hometown as mayor and served president barack obama as secretary of housing and urban development. [cheering] and during that time, i had the chance to visit and work with 100 different communities and 39 states. i am running for president because i know that weirdly live in the greatest nation in the world and we can work together as one nation toward one destiny, to make it even greater in the years to come. i am running because i know that there is going to be life after donald trump. [cheering] in the important part of all
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this is what is that going to look like? >> i believe that the destiny for this great nation in the years to come is to be the smartest the healthiest the fairest in the most prosperous nation on earth. and forget to be the smartest, we need to start early with universal pre-k for three and four -year-olds. we need to improve k-12 education by paying teachers what they deserve. in improving our classrooms and reducing class sizes, making sure the state universities, community colleges are tuition free so folks can afford it. [cheering] we know the jobs require more knowledge and more skills than ever before and we need to equip this new generation with the
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skills that they need to prosper. if organ be the healthiest nation on earth, we need a different healthcare system. the grandmother that i grew up with had diabetes, and as my brother and i got older and older we watched as her condition got worse and worse until right before she passed away, she had to have one of her feet amputated which is very common for severe diabetics. but the whole time she had medicare, i want to strengthen medicare for the people who have it and make sure it's available to everything a person who wants it so that everybody could get great healthcare. and i want to make sure the distinction between physical healthcare and mental health care in advance and mental health care for everybody who needs it. in making sure that also means protecting a woman right in
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investing in reproductive healthcare at a time when it's under assault. if organ to be a fair nation, we need to reimagine our criminal justice system. investing in public defenders and legalizing marijuana in investing in diversion programs. so instead of ending up in jail, 440 more people are able to reah their dreams. it also means starting with the criminal justice system does. i am proud that i was a first candidate to propose a reform in the united states so we don't see more cases like eric gardner or michael brown or mccormick don or sandra bland or pamela turner, it does not matter who
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you are in this country, the matter the color of your skin or how much money you have or what neighborhood, you are treated the same, you have the same value, he feel every bit a much part of this country as everyone else. if organ be a fair nation and means passing the equality act so no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity you cannot be discriminated when you go look for a job or house or apartment. if organ to be the most prosperous nation we have to take fiercely the most threat termination in our world, i will lead again on climate change, and a green new deal by 2045. no job in the clean energy economy in new hampshire in texas and ensure the prosperity
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in the years ahead means prosperity for everybody. by raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour and indexing it so we don't have to fight for it year after year. investing in affordable housing because new hampshire like a lot of other states, housing is a human right. everybody should have a say at least an affordable place to live and we can make that happen in our country, we also have to ensure that we reform our immigration system and i haven't totally bi different vision from this president, i believe we should maintain a secure border but treat people with compassion and common sense and no more children in cages, number families separated, we will keep families together in the potential of immigrants, and we will make sure we treat people with respect, humanity and we
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will show the best of what america is, not the worst. the motto of this day is live free. i want you to help us live free from donald trump starting on january 20, 2021. [cheering] . . . little by little we have been getting stronger and stronger. i came here today to ask you for your support. i hope you will be ambassadors of this campaign and i'm looking forward to the debate on thursday.
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[cheering and applause] and to the month ahead. i believe that we are picking up momentum and we can win when you vote on every ten and then out and win in places like my home state of texas and then california and defeat donald trump on november three, 2020. [cheering and applause] and then on january 20, 2021 someone asked me what the first thing you would do as president i said i would find a reentry into the paris climate record but my favorite moment was tom earlier in the day when it's traditional for the incoming president to usher out the outgoing president i can imagine being there getting my entourage with donald trump and melania
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trump and the helicopter would be off in the distance with the door open ready to go and there will be ready to go back to new york or marl lago or somewhere and right before he leaves right before he goes we would tell him goodbye. you very much. thank you, new hampshire. thank you. [cheering and applause] thank you. ♪ >> thank you. thank you. my name is tim ryan, congressman


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