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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Gerald Connolly  CSPAN  September 20, 2019 12:49pm-1:20pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> live coverage from the white house. his eating president trump and first lady a melania trump will be hosting prime minister morrison and his wife jenny for a state dinner. we will see guests arrivals and bring you dinner toasts from president trump and the prime minister. live coverage starts at 6:30 p.m. eastern on our companion network c-span. we're planning on bringing a washington d.c. youth climate change rally on c-span2 because of this news conference ran long, that rally is now live on our companion network c-span. that coverage will begin in just a moment. >> welcome back virginia democrat jerry college tour desk, senior member of the house oversight committee. first on this m mysterious
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whistleblower complaint and the process of trying to get access to it. what you know about it? >> i only know what has been put out there in the media, but what we seem to know is that on more than one occasion the president has had conversation with a particular foreign leader in which explicit, either threats or promises were made that this whistleblower was witness to and felt sufficiently alarming that he felt he had to go to the inspector general anden report . the words used were alarming and urgent, urgent. now -- >> these are the words from inspector general? >> guest: from inspector general. those are not words often used by anos inspector general. and so that's get everyone's
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attention, and the other speculation that involves ukraine. was it a a conversation with te new president of the ukraine? was it a conversation with vladimir putin about the ukraine? we don't know that yet. what we do know is that in this timeframe remember the president suspended over the actions of congress a quarter of a billion dollars worth of military aid urgently needed by the ukraine cover. we have to remember that in the eastern part of the ukraine, russian forces andai russian agents are actively engaged in military activities including casualties on the crane inside, and on the russian side as open and russia continues illegally to occupy and illegally annex crimea which is you created territory. so it's not a trivial matter to suspend that military aidte whih has now been resumed, but why did he do that and was that connected with whatever this
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conversation was? there's been a additional speculation that this alsoo goes back to donald trump and rudy giuliani, his personal attorney, trying to get dirt on joe biden son who is engaged in some business activities with certain ukrainian autocrats. and again, that would be for political reasons which which would be a very disturbing development, are part of the president. >> host: on a 40 like this image is a lot of speculation that's out there. witnessing the official complete yet. i'm assuming you have either. >> guest: no trade without you separate thehe speculation from what you f need to talk about ad what you need to see? >> guest: that word urgent coming out at an inspector general really got my attention. this is not a mundane thing, maybe it's important, maybe it isn't. this is now at the elevated
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stage of its urgent. there's something deeply called about whatever this conversation was in content between the president and a foreign leader. i think all of us are entitled to know. if there's nothingr there, then reveal the contents off the conversation and we can conclude that. if on the other hand, get something to live because this is a truly disturbing activity part of the president and inappropriate, if not downright illegal, we need to know that, to. >> host: the acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire scheduled to testify before the house intelligence committee next week, next thursday. i know your oversight committee, but if you're on that committee what's the question you would put to him? >> guest: tell us about the conversation, or thosese conversations. andonid the the president say who was he talking to? i think the public is entitled to know that especially after this kind of very intense speculation. >> host: the president talked
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toto the american public this morning via twitter. here's his tweets on this topic. from just a few minutes ago, the radical democrats and the fake news media partners had headedp again by little adam schiff and batting zero for 21 against me are added to give. they think i may have had a a dicey conversation with a certain foreign leader based on a quote highly partisan whistleblowers. he goes on to say strange that with so many of the people hearing or knowing of the perfectly fine and respectful conversation that they would not have also come forward. do you know what the reason they did not? because there's nothing saidw wrong. it was pitch perfect. >> guest: that's classic donald trump, deflect and distract, and try to diminish your opponent so that by the time the truth comes out it's already been diluted. in valley. i don't think is going to get away with that this time. by the way if you so confident of the conversation, then released the transcript of it.
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>> host: gerald conley with us until house comes in at 9:00 this morning. when they do but until then the phones are open for your questions, comments for the congressman. when we originally have either join we thought we be taught but at different investigation, the house oversight committees investigations into spending at president trump's properties. several avenues of that investigation, just want to show them to our viewers. there was the military personal staying at trump's turnberry resort in scotland, the air force personal stories we've seen above. allies president trump staying at trump's island resort while he was on a visit to ireland and the president trump suggesting his property in miami could be a possible site for the next g7 summit. which of those things most concern t you? >> guest: well, shame on you
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as government officials, military and nonmilitary, for deliberately staying at the trump property. the appearance of that is just all wrong, and are plenty of options people have. i think the perception of that, if notha the actual doing of th, is wrong. i think they ought not do it be it enriches the president and it diminishes public confidence in their objectivity. the thing that may be bothers me the most though is it goes to foreign governments trying clearly to seek in and curry fr with the president by staying at his properties. we have seen that here in washington at the trump hotel where a number of foreign governments have had events there or have booked lots of rooms there, and have done in such a prominent way that clearly it was designed to capture his attention and curry his favor.
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we have a clause in the constitution of the united states,, emoluments clause, big word, , but what it means is the presidentth can't benefit from s office and -- >> host: section nine clause eight and will shortly viewers. no, no person holding any office of profit or trust under them shall without the consent of congress except that many present, emolument, office or time any kind whatever come from any king, prince, or foreign state. but you continue. >> guest: i think this on face of audio -- violation of emoluments clause and trump is made worse, as you alluded to, by publicly saying i could host the g7 meeting next year. he didn't even want to go to to, and meeting he said vladimir putin ought to be invited to again, and ignore what's going on in eastern ukraine, ignore the illegal annexation of crimea, ignore the fact that
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u.s. policy to sanction russia because t of those activities. let's invite them back in the family of nations and give them that status and let's do it at thean trump property. >> host: how doy. you prove and emoluments clause violation andm you think this is an impeachable offense? >> guest: yes. listen, it's in the constitution of the united states. i don't think it's all that they can do think instead of trying to take care to make sure he doesn't violate that, he's lately going ahead and violating it. remember that we made our concerns note early on at the time of his inauguration that, because of his inherent comforts of interest, he needed to divest himself of his holdings, his property holdings, put them in a blind trust whatever. he didn't do that. he handed over management to his sons that he retains control and that is an inherent conflict of interest, let alone a violation of emoluments clause of the
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constitution of the united states. people who say i believe in thes constitution, okay, let's start with the emoluments clause and let's hold them to account. >> host: not unusual when you join us, , plenty of calls for you. shared from north carolina, a democrat. good morning. >> caller: yes. i'm calling, how, that this man can get away with everything and anything and nobody can do anything about it? when you've got people going to jail for little to nothing down here in north carolina. i don't understand we have jury managed by jury in the i live with regis rezoned as to a republican, more people on the republican side. i don't understand why he can get away with anything and everything and nobody else and go to jail for just spitting on the streets. >> guest: i think that's a fair question, and i think we have to go back a little bit. so when trump got elected we had
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a republican majority in congress, and the republican majority that had been very zealous aboutbe oversight of the obama administration went to crickets when trump got inaugurated. on our committee for example, which is the oversight committee of the congress, they did not hold a single hearing, zero, in terms oversight of trump for the misdeeds that he has been accused of, none, zero. .. by the republican majority even though they had issued more than 100 in the previous administration with president obama. we a midterm election in one of reasons they won is because of the view that your job is to
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hold any president, a respective party or your party to account and provide oversight. that is the role of the legislative branch of government. we have picked that up considerablyns. we have six major committees investigating and this president personally. lots of litigations in the courts going on including the monuments. just reinstated the monumental case. that it could go forward. of course, lots of of media scrutiny as i think we are trying to pick up the pace. i thinke we will hold this president to account. certainly encouraging us to do that now and a possible wiosecutor in the future. i do not think president trump will get away with anything. holding him to account is very difficult. any interest on the other side ofg the aisle. >> like you,e congressman, on r
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program earlier this morning was in congress during dividing government and the obama years. he said the relationship between the executive branch and the legislative branch is worse now than it was at the height of that divided government. would you agree? >> i believe president trump himself is toxic. i believe he has defied the legislative branch of the american government. i believe his behavior is deeply erratic. ise washington post has counted 12,000 lies out of his mouth for his tweets since he has been president. i think that is created toxicity and deeply disturbing on the part of the president of the united states who is the head of our government. >> two and out of louisville
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kentucky. good morning. >> good morning. i have a couple of questions. i would like short answers. i would like to hear his response and respond to what he said. >> go ahead. >> i would like to ask him if he thinks there is anything that trump can do right. just yes or no. >> yes. >> the other question is, how long have you been in political office? >> this is my 11th year. >> you have not written there as 'long as some. you been in there long enough. that is the problem. we aswe the american people are sick of career politicians. we are sick of them. they have been in office so long the american people wanted something different when they voted donald trump in. you might not like him and you may accuse him of lying, because he is not a politician. every single day when all of this stuff comes out about him,
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something new every single day, you guys are just putting the nail in your coffin. >> congressman. >> well, first of all, respect, the people who decide on my future live in the 11th district of virginia. 72% of the vote last november. i am accountable to them. sey will decide whether i've been here too long. secondly, apart from being a career politician, i spent 10 years running nonprofits. twenty years in the private sector. ten years as a staff member of the united states committee. i am not a career politician. i do agree in public service and i am very proud of it. hopefully, my voters will decide whether they share that or they are happy with that performance. career politicians. that is up to the voters. if they want to reelect them,
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that is their prerogative. if they share your view that some time limit, just don't vote for them for reelection. that is always your choice. >> a lot of those constituents are federal employees. what does this latest continuing resolution, this six weeks stop that measure, what will that mean to them? >> i think that means more scraps. kind of kicking the can down the road. the trauma of the last shutdown, the longest shutdown in american history, 35 days, 35 days, is very much with them. >> how do you plan on thewh future? how do you have a sense of dignity whenn you are told you don't need to come in or you can come in, but we will not pay you. by the way, it is bad enough for federall employees. double for federal contract rorkers.
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companies serving the federal government. oftenal times, they are embedded side-by-side. they do the same job as a federal employee in the same office except for one gets reimbursed and one does not, necessarily. ae terrible moralizing of fact. god bless our federal employees for sticking with it under these kinds of adverse circumstances. i will finally say this, a crowd that says we are in government, i worked on the private secr for several companies. i do not know of the business that would survive if it is a management shutdown position. threat and not to pay people. threat and not to bills. disparage the workforce, in terms of the quality of the work and how many of them there were and how they got paid and how much they got paid. no insult would allow a ceo to
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get away with that. for people who say we have to run it like the private sector. we certainly are not doing that when we threatened to shut down government. >> 10 minutes before the house of representative gavel returns for the day. work on capitol hill at that point. taking your phone calls. georgia out of florida. republican. good morning. >> good morning. go ahead. what is your question or comment >> i think we lost george. tom is in maryland. democrat. good morning. >> good morning. twenty-four generation. my question for the representative from the 11th district of virginia is, i should not say question, basically a statement. i'm completely ashamed of thei democratic party. out of maryland. it seems me you all say my party
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wants to say donald trump, he is a radical. undermine him. he is a criminal and all of this. it is rubbish. divine a nation is this thdemocratic party. people like you, sir, that ring shame to the party. your ideology and philosophies. >> tom, before you go, the congressman justin, when was the last time you voted for democratic presidential election >> you are not a lifelong politician. that is all you've been doing. sucking money out of our pockets. your districts is one of the most expensive in virginia to live. totally ashamed. >> i don't even know what to do with that. clearly, you are not a democrat.
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i am not making an apology for the fact that i am a democrat. i am proud of my party. unlike your party. holding this president and this administrationen accountable. that is our constitutional law. if you have a problem with that, maybe you want to make -- that is how it works. i do not think we have ever had a president with this kind of behavior in our office. he needs to be held accountable to it. just parts and politics. like you conveniently ignored that we had something called a molar report. bob mueller, lifelong republican he carefully delineated for the better part of two years. i report that it is deeply troubling. 180 pages. it talks about the connections with the russian government that are unique and unprecedented and
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deeply disturbing. could not prove criminal conspiracy, but they did not mean there were not lots of unusual and disturbing contacts between trump and paid officials and the russian government and russian officials and that ought to bother every patriotic american, democrat or republican the second part of the report, he delineates 10 occasions where the president probably crossed the line with obstruction of justice. he goes further. i cannot indict him because the department of justice will not let me. you, congress can, have remedies to impeach them. he said, once trump is out of office, he can still be prosecuted for these crimes because the department of justice opinion will no longer apply. what prosecutor does that if it is not serious grounds for concern? this is something democrats have
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made up. this is something that professionals have eliminated for us. i commended the report, too. it is something that ought to be of concern to every patriotic american. >> about five minutes left nubefore the house comes in. you can see the capital over my shoulder there. the live view of the capital. let me show you the scene of the white house right now. the arrival ceremony getting ready to take place for scott morrison. australian prime minister. australia's 30th prime minister. that ceremony will take place this morning ahead of the state dinner that is taking place at the white house. our coverage of that begins at 6:30 p.m. we will show you the arrival ceremony. the toast offered by president trump and prime minister morrison. join us tonight for that event. we will be with you tonight. again showing you that scene
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this morning. michelle. upper marlboro, maryland is good morning. >> good morning. i just wanted to say as an independent, i cannotte vote in the primary as an independent. i am a registered republican. i have been a longtime democrat. democrat parties left me. they went to liberal for me. i am a strictly independent moderate person. i am the mom of four millennial's. i am just so disappointed with theth democratic party with the way you are not fighting. representative connelly, as she said it, you just said that the president should release the transcript of the conversations and that is something that the democratic party should have said to the press as soon as
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this storyth broke. also, call his bluff. push him to release the payments that have been made at his hotel by the military. intelligence saudi arabia. the democratic party is not calling this president's bluff. >> congressman, thank you for encouraging uss to do more in contrast to the previous caller. i think that that is good advice. we need to make sure that this president understands he has not above the law and that he is accountable to the american people. it is our job to facilitate that we will double down and we will take your advice. good advice. >> does that start formal eaimpeachment inquiries? >> i do not know what formal really means. i think we are in that already. that is what the judiciary
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committee is doing. i think we will see, whether that leads to a formal impeachment process or not. >> would you like to see speaker pelosi more open? >> i think speaker speaker pelosi has a role. the role is to make sure that this is a methodical fact-based process. >> it is a deliberative careful process. i thinkme that she is right to call all members of congress, especially democrats to that standard. >> having said that, chairman of the judiciary committee has a different role. that is to genuinely get underway, as this colors the plot to hold the president to account and to examine early whether there is a proceeding
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with impeachment. >> two more calls before the house comes in. good morning. >> good morning. i wanted to thank you for taking my call. representative connelly and the democratic party which i am a registered democrat, they do not hit the mark quite right. we in colorado, i retired colorado national guard, when the president comes to a hotel, the cost for the american taxpayer is so enormous, they rent out three-five floors. they have to replace all of the windows and make them bullet proof just for the visit andma then they go back to being normal windows once they leave. i think we have camp david, why
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do all of these meetings have to be held in private hotels owned by trump when the cost, no one is talking about the actual dollar amount for one days visit when they have a dignitary go to a trump establishment or these people stopping off in ireland. let's talk numbers here. because the taxpayers need to know. >> well, i certainly certainly would agree with you that any presidential entourage ought to be -- we don't want to compromise anyway the president personal security. do we need all who cost a lot of money to the u.s. taxpayer. sometimes traveling with the president becomes a matter of prestige. i think your bottom point about
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trying to look at the cost and all of that and separate the extra special nice to do versus no for security and operation i think would be a good exercise, almost in engineering exercise in terms of looking at a project that may cost none. i think that's good advice and i think we could use it. >> these investigations into the trump properties. do we think they will be wrapped up the four voters go to the polls again? >> i think we will have faxon figures in front of us. we will hopefully curb the behavior ofan our u.s. military. >> appreciate your time. >> president trump and first lady will host the second state dinner. his wife jenny morrison. watch guest arrivals and dinner
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toast. live coverage begins today at 6:30 pm eastern on on c-span online and or listen on the free c-span radio at. >> c-span is back in des moines, iowa, this saturday for live campaign 2020 coverage of the annual steak fry beginning at two pm eastern where 17 presidential candidates will take the stage for speeches. watch the polk county iowa. listen live on the go using the free c-span radio app. >> i tell bernie sanders voters all the time, you care more about pear people than i do because you don't. you care more about access because you don't. care more about educating poor kids than i do.
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we have solutions about how they get there. >> life, career and government and politics. president of the heritage foundation think tank. sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span q&a. next remarks from virginia senator mark warner and former homeland security secretary on the dangers to democracy regarding digital disinformation campaigns. held at the federal election commission in washington. this is two hours. >> a few more people still milling up and down stairs. we have a very important guest with a limited timeframe. we will go ahead and get started i am the chair of the federal election commission. i am delighted to welcome you


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