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tv   After Words Michelle Malkin Open Borders Inc.  CSPAN  September 23, 2019 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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author and political columnist michele offers her thoughts on u.s. immigration policy. interviewed by the republican
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congressman chip delay of texas. "after words" is a weekly interview program with relevant guest host is interviewing top nonfiction authors about their latest works. >> great to be with you. the first part of your book captures the attention because that is important as the congressman from texas the extent to which cartels have operational control over the border. i've been there numerous times you notice while it is a problem. they are at the border and the
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appalling impact that has for innocent people on both sides of the border is important to eliminate in chapter one of the book of what i call the caravan cartel is that they couldn't do it alone. it's not that you have the conspirators out there that are making these billions of dollars in profit and endangering lives and really wreaking violent havoc on innocent families and children, but the fact that you have minted benevolent charity and religious organizations that may think that they are doing good deeds and of course now we all know what the good intentions pave that on both sides of the border they are doing service and enabling the drug cartels to make as much cash as they do they come across
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from central america and flight of mexico into your state and beyond. in the network of specialty churchgoers in america need to understand that it's largely coming from their own pockets and they think it's helping their neighbors and they think it's helping homeless people in their communities. but in many ways it is going straight to the network and i name many of the shoulders from central america all the way to the interior of the united states that are being subsidized for example by the catholic church and every sector they are in. and in concert with non- govern until organizations like doctors without borders creating those magnets and factors that they
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then exploit. what i would love to explore a little bit further the extent to which there is human smuggling and the operational control of that cycle to your point about how it works. a lot of people i think don't understand you have people being driven in illicit organization and one report i saw was $2 billion for the profit that they are moving to get across the country and then the way they do it is by exploiting the law and the catch and release situation that i know you know a lot about and they come across the border and people are being brought across.
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they get straight to an ngo to be distributed as a country and all of this is completing a cycle of smuggling. can you talk about that and how that all comes together ask >> guest: the nail is hit right on the head because your average news consumer, even if they are well-informed have the impression the people that the bordeat theborder or trying to d they are marching right up to the station because they have encroached not just a long round number two, that they are hearing it on the radar. the word spreads very fast and we know that it's not just central america for these african migrants as well have been coached and i think what is alarming is that these people around the world are far more informed about the immigration
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law and the standouts and how to work around the loopholes and it's actually how it works, then the american people are about the rules into the wall that are on the books that are supposed to protect us. maybe they have protected status 25 years ago when there was an earthquake in el salvador it's never tiberi in the world of open borders. or they have extended relatives, and then they have got the children back home and they give the final passage and everybody is making money. then you have these ngos as you mentioned that get their own cut of the profit. what is the most offensive to people that understand the way that this works they get to
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operate under the umbrella of compassion while they accuse the rest of us of being xenophobic, racist, heartless, whatever the question comes up about who we are and they wrap themselves in the mantle of the flag and the statue of liberty which the last time i checked wasn't in the constitution of the united aids or any of the u.s. code to deal with immigration law that has been exhausted as such. i want to close the loop on the consequences of all of this. he mentioned the humanitarian rally that we are dealing with and the impact on american citizens, endangerment of the citizen.
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the person who perpetrated the crime had been caught and was just prosecuted for that and found guilty bufelt guilty but e reality in america. the women, the children on the journey is one of these in illicit organization's profit and then you set an important part right there about compassion. this is the false theme of compassion that open borders is somehow good for migrants and it's completely backwards in powering these organizations. you talk about these kind of thing in your book and i would love to hear your view before we go to a different chapter. >> the massive systemic exploitation of innocent people who want what we all want, better lives for themselves and their children. it breaks my heart, that done him the number in this game of
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open borders is incalculable and the fact that it doesn't just stop at the borders. i lived in the area of montgomery county that prided itself on being in illegal alien sanctuary space and when i leftt eahere of years ago you could already see the sign of its taking over the public schools, taking over the local malls. it's not just american citizens that are victim of these crimes, that it is largely other members of these migrant communities being victimized, raped and murdered. >> host: thanks for getting to that topic. i'm going to say something that is going to shock you and the viewers. i am a white guy. chapter four of your book is titled the southern poverty law center and you start with an
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exact quote without getting into the weeds you identify yourself as quoting nonwhite brown skinned daughter of filipino catholic immigrants, the wife of a grandson of a ukrainian jewish migrant and the mother of multiracial multiethnic children. then you start pointing out the things you are not the xenophobic, racist white supremacist. these are always the charges. for some of my democratic colleagues accusing the former head of ice was an officer defending the borders and enforcing the law. you see this all the time. can you speak to that from your perspective and what you have gone through and why you would take offense to that? >> i want to go back to my first appearance on c-span in 2002 when i came out with my first book invasion. we are talking to each other on the 18th anniversary of those
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attacks because of the love of country that my immigrant naturalized american parents inculcated in me to write the book and now 17 years later coming back to this topic fleshing out the global financing of this chaos is hell bent on demonizing and smearing every immigration enforcement advocate. every group out there that does the research and tells the truth about the negative impact on the culture and on the schools have on the public system and welfa welfare. these are not just random people it is very well orchestrated and funded coming from groups that
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enjoyed tax-exempt nonprofit status. so, the chapter that i wrote on the wall center starts out the way that you read because i encountered that very early on. now everybody is aware of it with the large number of platforms we are seeing with independents, trump supporters and other organizations that found success on the internet. but very early on it was immigration that motivated groups like the national council to come up with their own guidebook, a bit of code words that you are not allowed to use and for me in 2006 and 2007 is a video that attacked me for talking about the academic concept of re- competes to it
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the idea that demographically if many of these open border forces are able to overwhelm cities but he would announce an electoral power you would see how that is appended to talhappening to talt without being labeled a conspiracy theorist is nearly impossible these days and it could certainly help the highly discredited organization that even makes liberals in magazines like the atlantic have completely exposed. the poverty palace should no longer be quoted by the mainstream media organization.
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you spent a lot of time down on our southern border and i haven't as well the district i represent the county is about one hunted down and i spent a lot of time in mcallen. you've been to the border of texas, arizona, new mexico, california and i wonder if your perspective is the same as mine is often brought out the charge that there is a racist tinge to believing in border security and i have two thoughts on that and want to get your feeling on it. but that those men and women on border patrol outraged right now because they are so overwhelmed and has other agency said the three on the line trying to protect the stretch you can
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drive a car alongside the river and you can't see the river come you don't have a cell phone signal, we are asking you to do the impossible. here is my point. if a majority of the officers that i have engaged with and i believe the truth are hispanic there hispanic americans along the border who believe that it is part of our sovereignty to the pool of law matters. how is it good for people of any color to be abused on a journey coming here and have open borders that have been in power of the various legal organizations we discussed earlier in the show, and how is that a good thing from a race standpoint i wonder if you have thoughts about either of those. >> i absolutely agree with you i cut my teeth in los angeles in the early 1990s and not only
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that i report on the perspective of american citizens and law-abiding immigrants who were early warning about immigration chaos in that state trying to take control of it back then started building up many sources both on the border patrol and then i moved to the "seattle times" and was able to see the perspective of the border patrol agents and deportation and removal officers who worked on the northern part of the border. we spend so much time talking about the southern border for the neglect especially when you have canadian government in power who see themselves as doormats of the world and in large part harboring islamist extremist groups that then can just go across the northern border because all of that is stopping them are orange rubber cones it's alarming and they've been under siege for a long ti
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time. they always pay lipservice to wanting to fund them more and increase the ranks but they've been turned into the diaper but go because too many special interests don't want them to do their job effectively. another point that you made of course is that the border patrol agents come from all backgroun backgrounds. many of us are in the southern sectors. in colorado, my adopted home state, i visited these facilities recently and the agents there and the other people that work there, many of them are proud and naturalized americans who understand that to
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preserve the gift of being able to become un-american you need an orderly system that is able to fit properly and decide who we want to butt in and who should stay here and how to remove the people who don't belong here in the first place. >> host: i was about to move to business but i can't resist commenting on the situation. you will remember i was in colorado and i sold you on the weekend that a group of folks stormed the facility and turned the american flag upside down. i went to that facility the day after that occurred and you and i talked about this. i went in there and i found clean rooms. three square meals a day, internet access, jim and the interesting point to your point there were people in that facility from 57 countries, 57 countries from around the world
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this isn't just a northern triangle with respect to mexico. >> guest: its worldwide and i can remember the picture of you outside of that facility it inspired me to do more in my home state and not long after just recently we drew two people on the holiday but it was a hundred and a thirst among the grassroots ordinary citizens to show their support in a way that has not been done until now and with so many of these facilities under siege and being lied about with the agents cannot talk andt this in the book and chapter five i call abolished the anarchists is underwritten by the sources that are hostile to the american sovereignty.
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it's important for people to know what is actually going on in facilities. i was stunned to find out among the amenities that you listed on top of that you have these detainees many of course still criminals who have free access to lexis-nexis to hav the heavys service pharmacy. two department of correction facilities they have these amenities and yes, if you believe the hysteria here in the beltway, they are on the order of concentration camps run world war ii. this is absolutely ridiculous and more disturbing, the incitement to violence isn't
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just some sort of a speculation. and you would think that with all of the targets that have now faced shootings like the ones in the san antonio and the one of the cia's office in florida. if the chips have fallen on the other side, this would be declared and epidemic and there would be congressional hearings about how to prevent this epidemic of violence are continuing. >> a huge number we have to find a place to put them, where are
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they going, they are going to the facilities and when i was there i was told as 80% of the total, they had come across the southern border recently. we don't have a place to put them and i wonder if you want to comment on this. i wish we could shouted for the rooftop. one week in photoshop onto the time cover and the left of
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course exploit this ability but we can't do the stories of the hidden impact of the victims of crime that we can't know about and the displacement of the facilities like the criminal repeated aliens like you say and the networks that i've exposed i've moved away from montgomery county to colorado thinking that i was escaping it, and the plate for the everyday americans across the country is not no faith-based from the tanks. >> host: they did a conference for me in san antonio and because of the dean jurors that are now opposed to the people 50, 60 or 70 miles from the
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border would have a real impact for folks did in colorado it's in montgomery county to make your former home we are seeing all sorts of terrible things and coming here daily only from the northern triangle. i'm glad you made that point but i think that we should go back to the title -open-brace there is obviously a correlation and a tie to the business community. one of the things i said before that i think we should say it's wrong to stand on the rio grande with a no trespassing sign with any kind of wink and nod with a fake help wanted sign but we do that a lot in this country. they have their own vested interest and it isn't merely virtues, if it were simply empty virtues signaling a day provide
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the services for the illegal family members and i wrote about this as a focus of my last book with the former american software programmer turned lawyer who had been harmed by the chief labor pipeline from india, they are explicit goals is to bring in as many cheap laborers as they can within outsource the work. the companies have invited them into their inner chambers to help them identify their worst political opponents and then to
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completely follow them from telling the truth and it is connecting the dots of that money. tim cook and jeff have donated to many of these organizations. you wonder how it is that they have instant representation in court to sue over every last initiative to enforce the law. so, you know, big business and the chamber of commerce are sort of huge reasons for that. >> host: but we had your perspective on this because you know, i've been working on this universe for a while when i was on the senate judiciary committee 14, 15 years ago and then again the chief of staff and members of congress and also when i was the attorney general's office the litigated to enforce the law. the circle that we find
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ourselves in is significantly part of the chamber of commerce business crowd. you have a sensible border security mission, one like for example the democrats filibuster reyes in el paso, building a fence in el paso that would work and now his successor wants to tear down. we know border security needs some sort of infrastructure. southern california we have 600,000 something annual apprehensions in in the mid-1990s the number is down to about 30,000. from brownsville to el paso my concern is my question for you is why do we end up in an endless cycle with some interest not wanting us to actually enforce the law.
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>> guest: money talks a lot of local chamber of commerce members have no idea what the national chamber actually represent and i think that most of the grassroots local members would be appalled to know that. if we could just point fingers at julian castro and say they are really out there and want to decriminalize the border trespassing and they talk about this seriously. they really do want to abolish them but not replace it with anything else. but, lurking behind them are these larger corporate interests that allow the crazies and radicals to give voice to the ultimate working agenda of their own organizations. they would be very happy if every last willing worker in the
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world is able to cross the border for the dollar an hour wage. >> host: with me ask you this on a related point, and we are talking about the business community and free trade that's really important in texas and nafta in having the good services across the border to mexico. my observation you have a burgeoning middle class getting free-trade and our goal ought to be to have an encouraged economic growth around the hemisphere, mexico, the northern triangle. we want that to occur. but part of that is the economic situation making sure we stand up for free trade. i would know if nancy pelosi is blocking the gold because she doesn't want to give them to victory. but why don't we also recognize the enforcement in order to stop people coming across as a part of that. in other words, it is better for mexico and guatemala, better for
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venezuela in all of south america or the secure border they are welcome to come here and that would result in better lives for people in other countries. >> guest: the interior enforcement is empowering to the people in these home countries to create more wealth in their own countries and to convince them to take more accountability for their own homes. ..
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>> promotes virgo to bank of america bank of illegal aliens in america suppose. now there's all of these apps and paypal is in on it and a lot of the silicon valley to be able to more seamlessly than remissions is back home. when president trump who has vowed and problem promised to signal an telegraph and he's going to start taxing the billions that are sent back to mexico and the rest of the world. he hasn't done it yet. and shockingly for most people off of i know you know this, and people who have followed these issues no, the federal reserve itself runs remissions program called direct or mexico where it recruits illegal alien customers in america by throwing carnival games and festivals for illegal aliens they can sign them up so they can get a part two. >> one of the things that grabbed my attention your book is the little bit about the media. i think you referred to at some of the media personalities have
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done to create a climate of hate. extending from what we've very been talking a pit about there. keeping a little bit about that and how that impacting the whole conversation right now with respect to how we actually solve the problem in the rational and sane way. living in sovereignty and free trade and people of faith and wanting to help people who need help. living less best way to do that is to have a system that works. with the laws are enforced. it's not this open borders wink wink that actually harms people because they're being controlled by dangerous cartel. can you talk about media is going about that wrongly. michelle: it is incredibly difficult to talk rationally about policy consequences we do have open borders and propaganda his and the media constantly sneering patriots as patriots. seizing control of the absolute moral authority card, to confirm essentially the same moral
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authority while in illegal aliens and their families. this is at the expense of american families who have been separated. that never ever comes up. i actually wrote a column of this week about questions i know that the open borders media are not going to thanks the democrats presidential candidates. questions like, living is in houston, houston which is the sanctuary state. jocelyn johnson lost her husband both of them members of the houston member police department. she did not in the course to sue to hold the sanctuary and i chris accountable. where the bleeding hearts on the left for families like this. she and her husband are both african-americans. there is a many stories like that. you have it open borders media that when president trump finally embraced many of these angel families until their stories, during the state of the union, these media types on
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twitter were proactively smearing them, sneering at them while they were being applauded in the chamber. that absolute contempt for american citizens while they exalt every last suppose a victim of the illegal immigration racket and in many cases lied. they talk about the straight out narrative deception. we talked about in her sanchez in many cases like that and it certainly doesn't help that you have outright illegal aliens in the media. like josé antonio vargas who is been supported by money. is out there calling himself a real american who liberating the very fundamental difference between people he came here legally like my parents did from the philippines and people like him who came here illegal lead. >> i'm really glad you mentioned what you are talking about and respect to houston.
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some of the sanctuary problems that we have. i mentioned earlier jack vargas who is in murdered last july in san antonio. his wonderful mom lori and his family and kristin. his whole family, his brother and the are a wonderful family. they have just blown away by the state laws. they are really hurt, their lost loved one. bill hear from some critics who will say well, there are that are committed by american citizens in the strike plate his percentages. it doesn't do anything to bring jared back. this is somebody is here who wasn't supposed to be here. by the way, the 900,000 people who came across our borders, 600,000 god, were not performing adequate screening. and if even only 1 percent of those people are coming in our that people and associated with ms 13 against, that's a lot of people. this 9000 people. can you talk a little bit about the angel family, the direct impact on american citizens. a lot of people don't know the
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stash houses in the abuses they continue. we found a townhouse, united states government in houston with 54 people in the baseman. they are being held hostage to pay ransom active cartels on the other side of the rio grande. that's real. this happening in america. keith talk about these things. >> michelle: i always try to stress this. for the past 25 years i've been covering this issues i have. yes, the [propaganda will go back and forth about whatever the proportion of criminals. the 100 percent of the criminal aliens, committed crimes that were 100 percent preventable. if the gun control lobby applied its own, fit save save just one live mantra to immigration control, we would be so much better off. in this resolving door, of course is victimized so many people we've talked about it
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before. it's not just american citizens. the people of all races and backgrounds. in the callousness of which the media and hollywood especially, the whole entire chapter to that. the intersection between hollywood and open borders inc. the callousness which they show in particular families of color to borrow their own phraseology, is stunning to me and i contracted the outpouring of compassion for the chen test by hollywood to media and selected democrats in california. to the near code of. [silence] there was when romeo sinks, the figueroa legal immigrant of indian descent from cg, was ruthlessly murdered on christmas day just a couple of years ago. at the same time, nancy pelosi and pamela harris were tweeting about the separation of families at the border, they had zero to
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say about romeo since. i love it if there was a media of moderators that would thanks these democratic presidential candidates to raise your hand if you know romeo sinks his. >> you've got so many great subjects that are covered in your book. i'm not sure i'm going to hit them up but you just reference one. there are more. you talk in this whole open border ink. this is the web. we talked about sanctuary cities. another factor in all of this is the faith community. i find the sometimes ironic that the faith community is complicit in allowing this illicit trade of people. because again i think in the false name of compassion, that somehow this is the good thing to be able to do. can you talk a little bit about the catholic church. evangelical churches, and that a part of this whole network. sometimes wittingly and sometimes unwittingly. maybe for some good purposes in
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their heart. because at the end of the date they are still part of this human smuggling cycle. michelle: i'm catholic myself and over the years, i have become more aware that the vatican and the u.s. confronts of catholic bishops are actively involved in converting our borders but i didn't know how deep and how many billions of dollars for his sake. many of them and forum of government contracts for the refugee resettlement racket. in the case of the u.s. confronts of catholic bishops, exclusive contract dealing with sheltering and paying for foster care for unaccompanied children on unaccompanied minors from south of the border in central america. and what's alarming is you got many unwitting catholics who are giving money to catholic relief services or charities or the catholic campaign for human
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development who don't understand that these organizations spin hijacked in some cases by social justice warriors or it's been in their dna that they were in hawaii clients with belinsky in chicago. so we give money every thanksgiving as part of a national campaign and as i said before, people are on the impression that this is going and staying in their neighborhoods when it is being sent abroad. it's like this vicious cycle. this money laundering machine. it's not just the catholic church. i talk about the little lutheran and written refugee services. this is one of the voluntary agencies in the beltway. vernacular that has one of these exclusive refugee settlement contracts. there responsible to bring the families here. and they're largely responsible for transforming the twin cities into the biggest breeding ground
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for jihad. their ongoing taking place here domestically but of course these young men who were brought here in their toddler years, early elementary elementary school years now going back to somalia and killing their own people are targeting american soldiers. so i finally highly ironic that you have these liberal military leaders to publish a piece in the washington post recently arguing against a more radical reduction of refugee resettlement numbers by staying that it would make a small unpick because we need to import more arabic translators from afghanistan and iraq back here. my answer to that is an appendix in open borders inc. which profiles 60 of what i call refugee hotties. including at least two muslim translators that were employed by the u.s. army his they were arrested charged or convicted of plotting jihad against america.
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>> you into little bit ago something else that caught my attention in your book and something that struck me a little bit is about the funding of a lot of these entities that are out there particularly on the left. george mentioned my name. he spent a lot of money wrapped up and trying to push it jenna fairly radical agenda. if you want to have a little bit about his and or other wealthy donor forces that are impacting this debate. michelle: it's become remote in to talk about george. as many of his minions that are employed by groups like media matters or the now defunct progress groups like this. that have labeled any criticism of george suspending anti- semitism. as you mentioned, i am the wife of the grandson of the ukrainian jews yet this still doesn't insulate me from these ridiculous at homonyms.
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so the chapter that i wrote about george is simply filled with facts about how the large bulk of his 25 billion-dollar net worth, is now being directed towards open society foundations. 18 billion has earmarked to achieve his agenda. again this is not a conspiracy theory. i read his book and he says he considers sovereignty quote an obstacle. an obstacle to his goal of using the united nations to achieve his own and. for financial reasons or ideological reasons. what's daunting is that for your informed at least leaders on my side of the ideological file, we know is involved in many high profile groups that always become active during the electoral season. but there are hundreds and hundreds of them that
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proliferate with names that you don't even understand what they mean. the ice movement in new york city, for example, has been perpetrated mostly by a group called make the road new york. i don't even know what that means came out of nowhere. to organize thousands of people to descend on the airports in new york city when trump tried to introduce the travel ban. it was all centered on making sure that we don't have another 911. there are numerous of these groups that then turn around and take their rants and grant them to other organizations. i think it's really important for people to see just how many layers are involved here. and make sure that in their own neighborhood that they're doing their own homework about who is fomenting sanctuaries. or who is spearheading the drives licenses for illegal aliens or in-state tuition.
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we talked about montgomery county maryland and basically has been a feast. in count montgomery county. his political action arm endorsed the montgomery county executives their market relic. it's a cozy little network. >> you just articulated that very well and i think one thing that might help for those who are viewing is truly understand open borders inc. walking someone through the cycle, this human smuggling effort is at the center of it. that a family sitting in the northern triangle what allah, salvador, who are struggling and economic unrest. i like to get there. they're told, you don't have to come through the normal channels just come up and you pay a fee, then you get taken across the river and nuclear will to do whatever you want to do until that some degree of honesty. because with the cartels are
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staying in the some illegal organizations are staying pay a fee. what is the fee. it's something like $7000. so a family in the united states, an uncle or aunt will pay the fee for somebody or somebody back home baby. and that brings me to the water. the pay a coyote. it's a natural supply chain. there is a whole business model built around this and they will take those video of 70 coming across the river and sent back to their own family. then sometimes, though take those dad or brother and the love use them. the take those video of the abuse and send it to them and then thanks for more money. morrison. the across the river, and sometimes it take into another stash house and held for ransom. meantime, when they come across, as you pointed out the go straight to border patrol because they know they're going to get caught in the lease. if you have a child on our current interpretation of the law, is about interpretation, it's your get out of jail or automatic entry card. see getty come into the united states. i could go on and on but i think
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it's important with american people and i think as a whole notion of the borders inc. if this is the whole system. it all ties together to do this and accomplish this to the detriment of our sovereignty and migrants to seek to come here. >> michelle: the fluency in which all of these players about this racket, that premium that they pay to get across knowing that a letter of note is right there. the by national satellites of lawyers there to hold their know your rights seminars. we talked about lexis-nexis. inside of the ice facility. and there is an appendix in open borders inc. that lays out all of those legal organizations and an entire army of what i call the illegal alien lawyer lobby. we do have every law school that is recruiting and every white shoe law firm that provides pro bono legal services and bringing
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cases all of the way up to the supreme court, let alone the judicial tyrants, it's not just that night circuit appeal. i understand that that's sort of shorthand for people signaling that they understand there's a problem with the courts but we do have individual circuit court judges just unilaterally asserting authority to overrule the president his powers on immigration, we have a systemic problem. he blessed me, what can i do. one thing is make sure that if you have the power to cast votes for district attorneys, you are going to vote for a district attorney who it's not going to look the other way at immigration laws. i think we should start impeaching these open borders judges as well. >> we could have a whole hour long conversation on just that long. i'm getting accent and which those judges interfere with i think reasonable efforts by the administration to try to secure
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the border and congress to make their stances but actually brings me to an which is the politicians right now. we've got a significant debate going on about the state of the border and with the president wants to do is trying to do, i swear patrol, the first five months of this year, my democrat colleagues repeatedly said there was no crisis. it is made of crisis. the manufactured crisis. i go to the house i would talk about the numbers people, 100 and something thousands of people month. suddenly the summer, it was overweight, we have to admit there's a crisis. we do see is the main problem here from a political standpoint how much has politicians are making it worse. how much is the problem of politicians are attacking law enforcement. michelle: i think the violence of the squad and pretty much every mainstream democrat now is incredibly alarming.
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i think that's why you know seeing these grassroots manifestations to support for ice. the disingenuousness of all of these democrats certainly the presidential fields on suddenly determining that a noncrisis was now a cast catastrophic if it. this speaks to the lack of any adult in the democrat party bathrooms on these issues. there used to be rational staying voices on this. in the majority in your home state was true heroin and patriot. there isn't one democratic presidential candidate who will stand up and say you know, we shouldn't have medicare for all illegal aliens. we should put american citizens first. we should really believe in this idea of securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity first. i suppose all of them, gabbert
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now has shown some glimmer of sanity on the issue. we do have the head of the democratic national convention, as someone thomas perez who use the head maryland, the radical french has become the center of the democrat party. >> i'm glad you pointed that o out. as i think about the importance of your book right now, the timing and the subject matter, i'm really glad you mention the medicare for all. milton friedman, famous economist once asked i believe in the 70 his, both of he supported open borders. and he said, absolutely. keep in mind is the pre- 11911 world. if you don't have social welfare state, that's an important part. it's important to have sovereignty in a way to manage all of this. the security of our citizens and the migrant have a safe way to get here. i think that's an important.that you made with medicare for all.
12:52 am
every single candidate raised his hand. if you thought about what that magnet look like and what that would do to up and migrant situation. almost a million would be swell to untold numbers. where did we go from here. we get out of this but what you think we do to shape the narrative and what you know trying to accomplish with open borders inc. michelle: people asked me what i do now. for all seven, this is my seventh week that i've written. i've never intended my books to just become doorstops. or for people to just read them and just these books to have a shelf live of french fries. i want them to last. i want people to use the information. sometimes practice what i preach by going out there and i see so many great people on the frontlines for so long though haven't had the privilege of having a platform that i have. you can't let fear guide you.
12:53 am
if you take steps like you and to defund open borders inc. and you can start small. some of these things are harder than others. if you don't want to support what google is doing anymore, you got google and amazon and microsoft. they all employees have now essentially declared war on ice. they are pressuring their ceos to stop doing business any business at all with anyone who works at the department of homeland security. when yourself off of those platforms. myspace doesn't exist anymore and there was a.that we've all thought it was going to rule the world. it no longer exists. we don't have to yield and to petition plate. i've even changed banks from a national chain that was embracing emigration to a local bank in my hometown. that was my first set. we have to lobby ourselves and raise our voices. and pressure the people here in the swamp. to do more to defund for example
12:54 am
many of these nonprofit tax-exempt groups that are i think are engaging and vicious behavior. >> shall i appreciate your book and the timing of it. i think we can solve this problem if we work at it. we have solutions that we set on committees and capitol hill. one page bill that would solve these catch and release problems funding eyes, at the loophole president obama has a billion dollars to meet you at the border to stop cartels. labeling cartels as terrorist organizations. it just takes the results do it. i really appreciate you exposing this kind of network that running against with the american people want which is the rational staying system built on a rule of law so people can come here and live the american dream and do it safely according to her a lot. you agree with that. michelle: if we could clone you 434 times [laughter] we would go a long way. so thank you for your time and know you are busy and they
12:55 am
please keep doing what you are doing congressman. >> thank you michelle, god bless. >> this program is available as a podcast. after all afterwards programs can be viewed at book tb .org. created by cable in 1979, cspan2 and brought to you by the local cable or satellite provider. cspan2 your unfiltered view of government. in south carolina, jenner spoke about reporting on the 2015 emmanuel shooting.
12:56 am
and its aftermath. as a portion of the program. >> after the shooting, the office staff had taken care of two returns eligible items found the victim his bodies in the fellowship hall. one woman had found and cleaned first. she was grateful for the woman's efforts but what she really wanted back with survival. you don't wanted the woman had cautioned. yes, i do want it. we don't think you want it. you can keep everything felicia said, i want my bible. that bible however had been tossed in the trash. from the way with other things that seemed to damage to return to the victims families. when police lieutenant jenny antonio got wind of that conversation, she didn't dismiss felicia his request was impossible. a devoted catholic, she understood what the bible meant the grieving mother. she also had been working with the national sbi rapid response team that flew into help local police agencies and victim
12:57 am
advocates handle mass casualty events. the team his members had dealt with casualties like sandy hook elementary and brought with him critical lessons learned including that many of the dimmitt stated parents had wanted their children's personal effects. like backpacks and drawings. no matter how damaged. the fbi team also had discovered a texas company that could salvage even the most bloodsoaked items. so five days after the shooting, antonio had called an fbi counterpart and soon rose to the first of two storage buildings that housed file hazards the cleaning crews and emmanuel had thrown away. there, they hold out several big classic fans that contained the life-and-death of nine people. suffocating heat, with gloved hands, antonio had rummage through sticky papers that clung to what looked like a dark brownish red bedsheet.
12:58 am
she appeared beneath it. there sat a dark leather bound bible soaked in blood. a bullet had pierced its pages. she opened the cover and then try to part two of the pages. set between them a little cleanup east what might've been a receipt for a name. felicia sanders. antonio had carefully wrapped it up and send it to the company in texas. two weeks later box appeared in her mail. antonio syndrome downgrading roads to felicia his home and knocked on her door. please that greeted her. though her eyes were fogged with grief, police had managed a small smile and we will. antonia says the tremendous effort it took for the survivor to break the endless stream of people leaving to talk with the investigations, community members to suddenly wanted to know her number on the large circle of family and friends to stop by to visit.
12:59 am
she decided to make it quick. as they walked inside antonio held up the box. felicia took it from her and she opened it and gently tugging aside tissue paper. there sat her black bible. she called her basic instructions before leaving earth. she opened the front cover, a pinkish now attended the gospel paper inside. a barely visible now, marked where a bullet had pierced the pages. yet despite a gunshot, the blood in the cleansing, the word still stood back at her in clear in bold black letters. god was still with her. so felicia brought this bible to her sentencing hearing. she had held it up and she took the pages of it and she displayed them at him.
1:00 am
she said something to the effect of i have forgiven you, but you and nobody can help you until you help yourself. i thought of us is interesting that she brought it with her. as if to show him the defiance and no matter what it happened to her that it was silvers. i thought that was really a special moment. and the fact that this police attendant would do that.


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