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tv   U.K. Prime Minister Johnson Speaks at U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  September 26, 2019 1:08am-1:26am EDT

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>> the general assembly, mister president and your excellencies in the audience it is customary for the british prime minister to pledge our values and with
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that two state solution to do all these things but with that gathering force with every member of this assembly. when i think of great scientific revolution in but that is not just the case in the digital age. to keep your secrets from your friends and parents, children, doctor even your personal trainer but it takes real effort to conceal your thoughts from google. and if that is true today in the future there may be nowhere to hide.
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with the sensors all join together and then to commune with a lamppost the electric car and then the urban environment but this technology could also be used to keep every citizen under surveillance they will be watching you alexa will be stamping her foot in the future with conductivity your mattress will monitor your nightmares. the a moment that you are approached the smart meter
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every one of them minutely transcribing your every habit and a shorthand for some great clouds of data evermore oppressive and we have no control over how and when that precipitation will take place if we tap on her phones or work on the ipads as some of you are doing now clearly in the ether tap by tap to be described least by decaying
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leaf that is the crude oil we don't know who should have the oil fields and we don't know who decides how to use that data and if these algorithms can be trusted. with that mortgage or in surgery and's one - - insurance or surgery. are we doomed to a cold and heartless future cracks with the emperor in the arena. what about the algorithm cracks how do we know the machines have not been programmed?
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we are already using messaging service is. and with that censorship of conversation and in some countries that happens today. and with that even merging reality the reason i'm giving the speech today that is slightly gloomy is the uk is one of the world tech leaders we have just been caught unaware by the unintended consequences of the scientific breakthrough with that everyday psychological impact of any other invention if you consider how long it took to come into circulation with the
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arrival of the internet is far bigger than the atomic age but it is capable of good and harm it it is not alone and then to race toward us and we strain our eyes for good or for bad. ai what does that mean? helpful robots back into the future for the human race. or restoring livers and eyes or will that bring terrifying chickens to our table? with these tidy robots?
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that with any scientific advance to be punished by the gods. when prometheus brought fire to mankind, a tube of fennel zeus punished him by chaining him to a crab while his liver was packed out. by an eagle and every time the liver regroup the eagle came back and pecked it out again. and this went on forever. this is like my experience of brexit. [laughter] in the uk. by some parliamentarians if they had their way. in fact it was a standard
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poetic practice for the person responsible for a technical breakthrough only they never invented from all sorts of disasters never would've happened it is instinct to be wary of any type of technical progress in 1829 the human frame would not withstand the speed with stained and today people are actually anti- science. a whole movement for the anti- vax or's who refuse to acknowledge that vaccinations have eradicated smallpox and actually endanger the very children they want to protect. i totally reject the anti- scientific thought i am
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optimistic about new technology as a liberator to remake the world and in this respect that technology is already doing just that. to revolutionize of a fraction of the size of a red blood cell and then to attack malignant cells like a star wars armada. with a new generation to people who would not otherwise be able to hear the voices of their own children and those to navigate more frequently with the app on their smart phone to helping the deaf to hear and the blind to see.
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and the british company that can make an engine capable of blasting a rocket with millions of people in and the transfer money using a simple app they can do this in one transaction and new advances to make it ever cheaper against climate change the national world is transformed by genome frequencies the very essence of life itself with that genetic code of every living being with those breakthroughs with the precise genetic makeup of those individuals so far we have discovered secrets on the planet think that we could achieve and it's a matter of
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when. let alone five or 10 percent but how? with those emerging anomalies behind the breakthroughs and to shape the future of humanity. and whether we have the orwellian world the censorship and oppression and control with debate where technology threatens famine and disease but not our freedoms. several decades ago with the universal declaration of human rights the united humanity with the only time of one set
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of principles that the privacy of correspondence to seek and impart information and ideas unless we ensure that new technology reflects the spirit that our declaration will mean nothing nothing of the united kingdom and all who share our values of those emerging technologies are freedom and openness and pluralism with the right safeguard to protect our peoples. month by month vital decisions are being made academic companies and boardrooms they are writing the rulebooks of the future making judgments
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what will or will not be rendered possible. together we need to ensure we need to protect our values by design. there is work being done in the eu and of course the un which has a vital role to ensure that no countries have the wonderful benefit of this technology and the revelers one - - revolution to be even more ambitious. we need freedom of control which innovation and regulation private enterprise and oversight with the ethical judgment but the design of new technology. and we must make our voices heard to write the rules and above all we need to agree a
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common set of global principles to shift those norms of emerging technology. so i invite you to a summit in london next year a wonderful city. whereby the way it is not raining 94 percent of the time. and when i was mayor we discovered we had more four-star restaurants than even paris. but we still have by far in the uk the most robust tech sector every kind of tech.
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the biggest tech sector anywhere in europe. and i hope you will come there and we will get the broadest possible coalition to build on what we can contribute as a global leader of ethical and responsible technology. if we master this challenge, i have no doubt that we can , then we will not only safeguard our ideals but the constrained humanity and those perils. together we will vanquish diseases and transform our cities so now with freedom and openness and pluralism but to
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release that ingenuity. by which, above all the united kingdom will strive thank you very much. [applause] >>


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