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tv   Andrew Pollack Why Meadow Died  CSPAN  September 28, 2019 11:00pm-12:11am EDT

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>> good afternoon. director of partnership here at the research council and it is my very great privilege to introduce today's lecture and co-authors of the book why meadow died. as a reminder in the audience we will be taking questions the last 15 or 20 minutes and will let you know when we open it up and it will also be archived in the speaker series
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library. so once completed we encourage you to show it on - - share on social media. >> when meadow died is the untold unbelievable true story how the corruption brought by politically correct policies made the most avoidable school shooting in history somehow inevitable the broward county with an approach to school discipline prompted by radical leftist organization enforced by the upon the department of education they had the false prison to pipeline that they were systematically racist and could not be trusted to enforce rules so instead they argued for healing circles and restorative justice. as a consequence these
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policies enable the psychopathic criminal to maintain a clean background check and purchased a firearm to kill 17 people marjorie stone douglas high school. the obama administration leniency policies to the school serving millions of students by way of a letter that threatened the loss of federal funding if schools were have found racially disparate in their suspension rates. co-author of the book senior fellow for education at the new york city-based in manhattan institute a former program manager of the education policy studies department at aei and has a ba from yale university. andrew pollock is an unlikely political activist and a businessman with experience in real estate but everything
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changed when his daughter was murdered february 14 of last year. cannot dedicates his life to making school safe again fine - - founding a nonprofit or children's live for school safety to ensure the families of victims get answers and justice. to begin andy pollock. [applause] >> hello everyone. thank you for coming. want to tell you about my story. i never would've entered politics the first time i voted was 2016. all i wanted to know why my daughter was murdered at the
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school for climate from long island and then if i like every other parent not looking into what was his in the school's proto- and every 14 was valentine's day and i was with my wife on the picnic. that's when i got a call from my son. i said i was never going to do this speech again. my son told me there was a shooting at the school. i didn't think anything of it. i thought maybe it was an incident or a police officer there was an accidental misfire. but as the day progressed it
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got worse the calls came in and then they couldn't. we couldn't find meadow all day long my wife worked at the hospital we had to go from room to room people were looking for my daughter. we couldn't find her that day. she was not in the operating room. and we gave up our search at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon and that's when we regrouped at home. i knew personally we could not reach her by 6:00 o'clock that my daughter was murdered. i use the word murdered because a lot of people tell me she passed or died but i don't like it sugarcoated. she was murdered at the school.
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so within the next couple of days that media jumped on the event. even the superintendent was already blaming the nra the sheriff was blaming guns i just want to tell you why the sheriff talking about this restorative justice programs of leniency of not reporting crimes the sheriffs are elected officials and the benefits him to join these types of policies because the crime stats look much better when he runs his commercial for sheriff to say he reduced crimes by 30 percent that in actuality they are just not arresting so these that have
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been called without a rest in the sheriff makes a point and to judge his success rate by those he kept out of jail. if he would've been arrested once the background would have been deemed and tip off the fbi would have come up he was a problem kid but he had no background with no issues. so i needed to honor my daughter and that is a magnitude of failures. and then my daughter to honor her.
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my daughter would want me to hold every single one accountable i reckon everybody who got their hand in this and a lot of people don't know about. we had to get a governor elected in florida ron ran on accountability and stuck to his promise and i knew he would do it. and what did ron do the first week in office? he remove that piece of garbage sheriff and that's what he is. you don't know this but i do, because i lived and my daughter is dead because of i it, he changed the policy of active shooters to his
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deputies may go into the building it use to read they shall enter a building. he changed it the protocol to may go in. so of course what happened? five deputy show up and none of them go into the building. you could hear the shots going off on the body cameras. one takes his time on his body camera walks to the back of his car to put a vest on as my daughter is getting murdered you can hear the shots in the background and kids are getting shot and he pulls up to put on a vest and doesn't go when the building. another deputy hides behind the wall. he was 9 feet from the door where the killer was and doesn't go into the building and let everybody die.
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and then the sheriff was removed and that was important and for accountability as he opens up a grand jury investigation. they are so unethical and damage from living in broward and i hate to categorize democrats but i don't care no more. and whenever you hear them talking about the president day in and day out that's nothing compared to what the democrats in broward did to me and my family. the sheriff that was removed is actually running again in broward county in 2020. and that's the type of people in broward and how unethical
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they are what they do to the families. and the superintendent the families went to the school board meeting for accountability they asked the superintendent about that restorative justice policies that he brought to broward and what did he say to the families? he called it reprehensible that they would question them and that they were called racist for wanting accountability for their dead children. and the school board i ran a school board race i can honestly tell you i did everything humanly possible to fix this county in broward and it just is not repairable. i ran the school board race to get rid of the policies to fix the schools and who fought at
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me every single voting was the broward teachers union. teachers. i wanted to make it safer for the teachers. we want the school district safer in teachers say further broward teachers union fought us like it was the civil war the north against the south. that's what i had to deal with i had an army of people all over the country to help run the school board race but i could not do it and i could not get it done. and what is ironic is because of this restorative justice program in broward, we wanted to change it but they fought us so now one month ago to know that the head of the teachers union was at the school board meeting that all the teachers are getting beat up and assaulted and we need
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to have a change in broward. help me with the stats. so this is the stats that 2000 teachers were interviewed in broward. >> what you think would happen. [inaudible] [inaudible] so it even gets crazier. i keep categorizing democrats because at the end of the day they were all a democrat and i had to deal with them. so the teachers union fought us and now the president of the teachers union is at the
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school board meeting complaining the teachers are getting beat up now last week they have a fundraiser for the sheriff and who is at the fundraiser supporting the sheriff? the broward teachers union president if you can believe it. this is just what is going on with the teachers. and really it is the public school system that is attacked right now. california just passed a bill if you are following education gavin newsom signed into law that it is illegal to suspend a disruptive student. i don't even know how that could make sense even if you are a democrat that cannot make sense to put a kid in a school they can say whatever they want to the teacher. no consequence.
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and those are the same policies that led to my daughter getting murdered. the school district still has these policies. so when my daughter was at the school, one of the policies they were allowed for misdemeanors without being introduced to the judicial system or law enforcement. one of them which is i don't know how a parent could be, you don't know these things but now i live with it. i don't know the legal amount of weed let's just say 1 ounce if you have more than an ounce it's a felony summer in broward county if you have 30 bags of weed in the school and you are distributing and it is less than the felony amounts they don't consider that a crime it would be one of those
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healing circles they put on the teacher. put them in the healing circle and put a video on and that will cure that. and i know that's fact because they make the police be the enemy perk i know it's a fact because my buddies are in law enforcement they have a special school police unit who gave me those records of multiple children of just drugs ten or 15 bags of weed and they would not allow them arrest them but they put them into the healing circl circle. and what bothered me this wee week, this book is the truth regardless of the media
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everybody knows those who got the attention those who want to say it's about the scary gun but it is the nra and if it was up that i would tell you that but like i said i would find out everything why and how my daughter got killed and it was all of these leniency programs of these kids. they had to frisk him before school he was so dangerous. he was not allowed in with a backpack that is how dangerous he was. he threatened to shoot the school up and was not arrested. he threatened students lives and was never arrested program at one point his mental health workers wrote a letter to his psychiatrist that they were worried. there was a hatchet missing in his garage and they did not know what they should do. with him. but those same cases of
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counselors that were overseeing him come eight months later they recommended him to be mainstreamed into the school district with my daughter. from middle school he was infatuated with guns and in the book you can read the records. he said he wanted to kill. and at the end of the day when they mainstreamed him back into high school, the first class they put him in was to jrotc where they gave him an air rifle and taught him how to shoot. that is what is going on in the schools. so when this first happened i really wanted to be the last parent that could say they lost a child in a school. and i saw that i could not achieve that. there were more school shootings like charlotte, santa fe, colorado
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, and kids are getting killed. icing - - so i cannot be the last. but now i can honestly say want to be the last parent to say that they didn't know what was going on in the schools. and that's why it's important for me to get the message out for quite want to hear it from a parent i cannot believe my kid was bullied i cannot believe he got his arm broken i can't believe the iphone was stolen i can't believe my kids got to sit there and twiddle his thumbs while the teacher has to deal with another kid for 20 minutes. and politicians can only do so much. and then schools across america but the president doesn't get any credit he had the federal school commission he rescinded the obama era policies putting ten months of
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research into it but what does that mean? broward county where my daughter was murdered as the greatest thing since cut bread with this policy of not disciplining kids and not giving them a chance after chance. other school still do with it. politicians can only do so much and it's on the parents now. you take your kids to the school bus you drive them to school and you put them in that environment. they cannot do it on a local level the only people that can do anything now as parents and grandparents it is more segregation charter schools are booming so it's on the
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parents and the grandparents i hope everybody reads my book give it to a teacher or principal now it is a manual for parents to see what happened in broward if they are interested in knowing the truth. all week long i try to get on mainstream media channels. to show the truth and they were not interested i guess their viewers is not important to liberal viewers to put their kids in a safe environment. i tried. believe me. cnn canceled, msnbc i never heard back. abc i'm still waiting i think they wasted my time. cbs, i did a video.
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it was not children safety was not enough to be on their live show they put me on digital and then used by clip to question another father to see if he would go against what i said that's what cbs did. they are despicable and should be embarrassed. for not wanting the truth to get out. only parents that watch fox that will know the truth because i could put a tent and up and slept there everybody wanted to know the truth they welcomed me on every single show they did everything to get the listeners to know the truth and that educational policy guy. i didn't know anything about this but i felt the need to educate parents so thank you for coming. now we will answer some questions and now max can speak.
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thank you. [applause] >> thank you for coming. so that phenomenon to go down to parkland to joining him on his mission to make something good come out of it. in the very beginning two days later two groups of students came forward one group immediately pointed their finger at the nra calling for background checks and another group said we all knew he was going to do this. he threatened to kill us.
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he threatened to rape us and shoot up the school we knew it was him before it was done. they sent a snap chat back and forth is that this kid? they were featured for a couple days then they went away. senior fellow at the manhattan institute said all these kids are saying he committed these felonies in school in broward county became famous for the policy to decrease arrest in fact a model for the nation to fix the schools by lowering suspensions and expulsions. and this is how to reconcile these facts. but then immediately it became polarized. some conservative media it
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wasn't these policies that more of a question liberal mainstream media decided it was conservative. so i didn't need to be investigated and should be attacked. i am not overstating this because the superintendent after this new cycle responded by saying this is fake news because the shooter was never referred to the diversionary problem they never promised offense while in high school. so anybody who can read or understand the meaning of english knows the last three words are there for a reason mainstream reporting which is a categorical denial to move on and then to bash the nra. a couple of months after i
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wanted to answer the question i wanted to be a serious researcher and figure out the truth i had no intention of meeting andy when i came down to parkland but he found out i was in town and he texted me. because anybody who ever heard was trying to find something he got in contact with. we would not have met on my own accord. explained what i was doing and why was doing it and that i gave him some questions and then he finds out the state commission that has subpoena power still has not received the shooter's disciplinary records and he says thank you so much to be an asset to get justice for my daughter's murder.
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when i came down to write the article but when he said that i could not come back but those not just a random person but then it was meadows dad. so then i start to find out so much it is mind-boggling and staggering now it has to be a book because now it's too much everything that's going on in america is colluded. and to get a leave of absence from the manhattan institute because now i could not write this book it needed to be a full-time endeavor. unfortunately explaining the significance required explaining the shooter you saw the notoriety don't say his name it is a double edge sword
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because it also shields attention away from what went wrong and why. so we had to fight for every biographical detail about his daughter's murderer in order to figure out why his story was the way it was in to show the story. from a policy perspective these two joint forces one is the pressure to educate students with disabilities in the lease restrictive environment is to be inclusive which makes sense if there's a physical impairment or dyslexic but it's another when the disability is emotionally and behaviorally disturbed to say he is a crazy kid if you look at his record he was kicked out of private pre- k. he could never last more than
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a few months in elementary school in a normal classroom. they tried to put them into traditional middle school because middle and high school there was only two choices in the public system. they tried them in the normal school his behavior becomes so bad after seventh grade he is suspended every other day he is fixated on guns and then he just talks about guns every day he is in the class and only in the class every other day because he talks about guns and throwing desk and jumping out from behind kids and pulling the fire alarm. everybody was terrified him. you he had a security escort to walk to class then his mother had to accompany the security escort to walk to class. teachers try to bar their door closed.
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i spoke to one staff member who said when they heard of the shooting and they heard it was him they didn't believe it. not because they didn't think he could do that but they couldn't understand how he was ever stent to stoneman douglas high school. it took them a year to send them to a specialized school of full-year that every single adult new needed to be done. to respect the rights of a student with disabilities to go through this onerous checklist process. checklist pr checklist process.
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>>. and arnie duncan was so impressed what happened in broward he thought this is great we should do this everywhere expulsion is down all across the country for those that have disabilities this should be everywhere so now the obama administration took these leniency policies pioneered in broward and enshrined to them it's not
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that if you show them differently or that they are disciplined at different rates. and then to take away federal funding and investigate it with these policies. so from 2014 through 2019 according to one national hall survey 42 percent of american schools do restorative justice. i think that's on the lower sid side. and the reason this matters and the tagline sounds like fear mongering but it is entirely true the parkland school shooting the most avoidable mass murder in american history and the policies that made it inevitable are everywhere. they spread to your kids school. and it will lead to your kid getting murdered? probably not but does that
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increase the likelihood of mass shooting? yes. he had a kill list in the rape list he never got arrested. we have a deep problem with this disaffected angry young men that deserve to be in that school to prison pipeline. he should have failed the background check because he is psychotic. if we don't let juveniles get records and background checks are worthless and then to not take action and then to destroy the environment the literature is unambiguous and where they have been told locally a national poll came back in to say that they they
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got those suspensions down by underreporting or 70 percent higher tolerance and the rest is underreporting. on these policies are spreading everywhere and then with racial justice and with that politically correct cancer because they have limited control with those activist agenda and bureaucrats who are rewarded for not getting the jobs they don't they don't think is of
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national policy that bad stuff happened at school so parents taking action at a local level and this is what we described at marjorie stoneman and if it is you have to take action and it has to be on the parent and broward is irredeemable and they can afford action so that is analogous to the common core. so they spread it everywhere across america and then
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somebody explains that the grassroots rebel against them and it's not quite overturned but it is neutralized. so that they know what to look for what they need to do they will have a manual to keep their kids safe. so that's how we got to this place. unfortunately it still only one side of the political spectrum. parkland was the biggest story of 2018 but to them the big story was a couple of teenagers the big story wasn't why they were murdered but some recognize they exposed a
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fraction of what we have in this book but i can tell you educational reporters that they look at the judgment in far lower esteem than which talking points they stick to and what becomes inconvenience for what you've heard. the last thing i will say is it's very much like chernobyl. and that documentary leading up to that massive meltdown where there is a series of unbelievably incompetent decisions to be a meltdown but each unbelievable decision makes total sense and none of that would have been exposed if not for a couple of people who stood up to make sure of
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it. and then to get it out there they fixed the nuclear reactors. they are safer and it remains to be seen if we can do that with american education. thank you. [applause] >> now we will take questions. for those who are interested whether or not for policies for the first time and i consider myself versed in education policy i sat down and read the disciplinary handbook cover to cover as a direct result of this book it
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really is educating yourself on what is happening in your kids school before it is too late. it's very easy you both identify who points the finger at the gun lobby but are there other organizations outside of the machinery of the education department that you think were involved there is a couple that said aclu they are a horrible group of people. and all four of these policies but they are not interested in the facts. and the more they push these type of policies the more they
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will ruin public education. and meeting with the department of education this week they see the pattern of charter schools. they see the pattern of private schools and homeschools. if parents don't do something now then public education will keep going down. like a tell parents, don't do what i did thinking your kid will be safe at the school. it's up to you to put them in the right environment and they have no excuse to do that. >>. >> and any nra lobbies influencing policy. that we would be here telling you that but with the southern
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part of --dash with the loss center they use press releases in litigation and allies in the media to operate by telling school district she will adopt the policies or weevil school loan - - sue you or label you as a racist. it doesn't matter what they do to students we know it they will do. but this is how they make money and that pathology starts there and then to spell that out a little more but there is a series closed-door meetings the superintendent made sure only one school board member was allowed to speak because of two of them
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spoke it could be public record than the minutes would have to be taken. >> it is called the sunshine law. so that parents are not happy with the district for all sorts of reasons and then the superintendent holds a public meeting and has the deputy say we have a series of closed-door meetings we have not heard rhetoric this file since desegregation was enforced. please come to the school district to support your superintendent so now we've reached a point your kid gets murdered in school and if you ask why or try to hold people accountable you are called a racist and nobody will care. to my mind that goes to the southern poverty law school one - - loss center.
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>> i am so so so sorry for your loss thank you for sharing your story i am actually a former juvenile prosecutor from new york i don't know how things work in florida but really they are not doing the bad kid a favor because at least in new york the juvenile system unlike the adult system is to therapy and rehabilitate and get them better. anyway i wanted to make that point. and then with that expunged record in the back. so why would you suggest for parents send their kids to private or religious school cracks can i assume those same policies don't apply to
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private schools quick. >> i would answer in a couple of phases. i don't hear school shootings going on a private schools. they don't have to deal with these policies and i made a mistake and i have to live with it. she would be alive. if i read this book two years ago my daughter would be alive i didn't touch on another person. he's on my target list and the district attorney in florida in broward is actually trying a murder case against the murderer. his name is mike sass and has been there 30 or 40 years. he is trying the case when i started doing my research into policies his signature is on this restorative justice
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document. so i set a meeting up with the district attorney and i want to know the facts per i set up a meeting with myself and my attorney and other parents to give him a chance of accepting accountability to have a role in my daughter getting murdered. what he told us was so despicable, and i will tell you and i had my lawyer with me and he said he has never heard a public official say this. so for all the years he knew they had this restorative justice program, he know the school district was obstructing justice and he did not want to be the one to end it because he was scared they would call him a racist. and that's what he called the
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parents who were murdered at the school. so in my eyes, he is part of the problem in broward. and of course the one he happens to belong to is the democratic party and i will hold him accountable. i am for the death penalty but i cannot let someone do that to my daughter and not be held accountable or accept responsibility. so that's also what's going on. they were great it would call him a racist they knew how bad the policies were how bad it was for the children. but they don't get into the political stuff so you have to stay out of it.
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i don't want to hear it from any parent. i'm not the average parent. the average parent who has a ki kid, you could go look into it and make the right decision for your child. and that's what i would tell every parent. do you have to do i don't care what you have to do. that is your options. >> i feel that no words are appropriate but we do grief with you so we appreciate what you are doing and spreading the message. so my question centers on the difficulties with the us versus them environment with bureaucrats and public school
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officials so do you have practical advice i know you are disappointed what happened in broward 90 percent of kids go to public schools and do you have advice for those who want to make changes in once they start asking questions and those that could advocate for these policies. >> when i got into this and the message was i want to make the school safer. i want more security i went student safer. i got labeled republican conservative. do you know what i mean cracks and of that republican
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conservative. but when they check out the world trade center it wasn't the debate of gun at the airport. and then take the common sense approach and what we all do to make the school safe. but with all the people that we dealt with i'm proud to be republican because i don't have time to deal with those type of people. but parents, i did everything humanly possible to fix broward county and we cannot get it done. so the average parent i don't know if they can fix their school board or make a difference.
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they could try they could talk to the resource officers and talk to the teacher but most of them in broward are spineless. they get no money. they don't speak up for themselves, so i don't have tons of sympathy for them when we ran the school board race to get rid of these policies of discipline to have a better work atmosphere i saw four teachers out of 2000 trying to help us. parents look into it and then you will have options. like you said 90 percent then 90 percent have to look into it and make changes. they all have to get together to make a difference. strength in numbers or charter school or home school or roll the dice. >> schools are this way
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because parents let them be this way and the only people that we hear from like the aclu and at school board meeting where they came to ask questions about those policies those that were killed and said i find it ironic they are lecturing us on discipline when just the other day i got a letter from the aclu and they say i'm not going hard enough. that's a very close paraphrase if not word for word. and we just have to hope that most superintendents are morally and mentally challenged as those in broward and as the school board members to say that's
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unacceptable this is bad for the kids and those are told what they are told and to take action based on that. >> they are elected. and they are joined together and make a difference. there are all communities where parents can get together and to make a change within the school board there are counties in florida they don't put the ideology ahead of a child's education but like this the options are limited
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the new school and tenant said we need more mental health counselors or school security officers cracks what do you think about that cracks so that when a group kids emotionally disturbed and label them special needs and they should be put in a different school because it is subjecting all the kids that want to learn to that disruptive person. now i'll hit the democrats again but talk about
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background checks day in and day out you cannot put on the tv without them talking about background checks. but if somebody is mentally ill and violent that's all it is. at least commit them for the full process of goes on the background. so background checks are useless if we don't enforce the laws to protect us as citizens. and for me i'm not a politician. so roll the dynes parents or stand up and make a difference.
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>> i'm so sorry for your loss and i feel especially bad because of what both of you gentlemen were saying today in terms of solutions to avoid this, i brought up in the year 2000. if you look at my name most of that now has disappeared off of google so you have to have a contact at the nsa or the deep state. but basically to the point, i ran for school board montgomery county maryland that has been in the news lately with the justice of the supreme court or whatever my mantra school board in the year 2011 - - less than one year after columbine and the platform of waste fraud and
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abuse and that has some of the best defense lawyers in the country defending the school system and the second was the issue of prescription drugs over medicated kids and gangs regardless of immigration status. everybody was talking about that election year for school safety i had some suggestions but after what happened the only candidate endorsed by the nra to nationalize, i'm serious at nationalize the rate it basically ruined my
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career the political career. i had a kid in the system and being a good nra member that basically so what i'm saying is do you have any other suggestions or questions other than what you already mentioned? . . . .
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well so is there anything else other than a red flag law. i agree with you the parents. even in a public school system if he can afford to leave the public school system was my family and i couldn't be in now and go to private schools or get out of town then if you are stuck in a politically correct environment are there any suggestions you can make two parents other than running for school board or working with local law enforcement or federal law enforcement to identify this? >> i would recommend homeschool. that's what i would do. i wouldn't put my kid in an environment like that. you know you touched on what i learned also about mental health and medication is my daughter's
12:02 am
murder was on medication. it's an amphetamine novartis made it and after the murder of my daughter novartis change the labeling and it reads now increases homicidal ideation. so if a kid is violent like what happened, i'm not saying every kid. it probably works for 95% of the kids on it but the violent ones mentally disturbed emotionally disturbed punching holes in walls killing animals, there could be kids at these schools on that type of drug without emotional disturbed on that type of drug. it took my daughter to be murdered for me to find that out and you can fact check it if you want. they changed the label.
12:03 am
so that's what's in the public schools also. we found that out after. it's an ongoing process because of my civil suit so when our depositions of these people that failed my daughter one by one i've been getting to them. it's hard to arrange for deposition was with 38 tourneys involved. it takes months so we are going to have more. we have more records and we are going to expose them all, everyone that is responsible. >> thank you. i have a question. in your research or in your awareness of the school pipeline and sort of the quota disciplinary concept underlying that is the assumption that teachers are racist and applying
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the school systems with the schools themselves don't operate on a case-by-case basis in terms of fairness and there's an underlying prejudice because you get these disparate numbers and ratios. it doesn't seem to me that the teachers in broward county are probably racist or a 97% of the school districts in america nor the population in general if you look at the demographics of teachers. isn't this sort of you know just sort of really a terrible assumption? do we know anything about that? >> we know from academic studies that argument is almost entirely false. when you start to control for basic demographic background variables that would obviously affect behavior the disparity shrinks dramatically. a student from a single-parent
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household is twice as likely to be suspended. we know that when the student is sent to a principal's office the principal does not treat them differently because academics have been able to get at that question. he can't observe behavior directly and find ways to get added and we know that there is one study that suggests once you take into account prior student behavior the entire disparity ceases to exist. there's another study that looks at survey data and finds disability gap still exists. there is one study that finds that there is a slight differential in teacher or furl to the office on the order, if an african-american student were to have all black teachers rather than white teachers he would be one or 2% less like you to be sent to the office. so it's not zero but it's not the explanation.
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unfortunately this political correctness we are seeing it ever more clearly in places like "the news york times." everything is racism. racism is the explanation for everything. and then we as these progressive dialogue media people bureaucrats, government officials have to fix racism and it feels really great to call somebody else a racist and be the person who fixes them. that's most of words where it's coming from and unfortunately it's profoundly a strong force in the people who have the levers of power. i don't really think this is a 50/50 issue. i think this is a 97-3 issue and it so happens that 3% think like this and have this power so the hope is that if we show the other 97% what's really going on
12:07 am
they can hopefully find some way to counteract this. >> unfortunately we are going to have to wrap up for the day although that is a conversation that can most certainly keep going. a great thanks to our two guests today. thank you so much andrew pollack and max edenpro we applaud you in writing a great look and we thank you for your time today. as reminder for those of you who will be watching the sunlight we encourage you to go to the archives lecture at sherrod on whatever platform is available to you so that the message of this book and the information and i can get out to the broadest audience possible and buy the book on amazon. you will find yourself tremendously enlightened and hopefully activated to go out and the consumers of information in your own children's schools. the book is available on amazon.
12:08 am
thanks again to andy paul and max eagan today. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
12:09 am
>> we are still deciding if a 12th grade education is enough
12:10 am
all the signs an economy in and the labor market say it's not enough but unlike her predecessors who were able to respond to that basic economic signed by saying let's educate our young people we are fighting about it and turning it into snobbery and politics and partisanship when clearly there's just a sign that our young people need our support and need our help, need more education and need more skills in order to survive in the current economy. >> good evening everybody. welcome. hello, welcome. i'm dorian devin and thank you for coming o


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