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Mitch McConnell
  Senate GOP Party Leaders News Conferences  CSPAN  October 29, 2019 6:43pm-6:57pm EDT

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log on to rap schmidt his webpage at cspan.or your fast and easy way to cspan2 his unfiltered coverage anytime. >> bass will be in order. for 40 years cspan2 has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, the public policy events washington dc and around the country. you can make up your own mind. created by cable in 1979, cspan2 is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. cspan2 your unfiltered view of government. >> democratic and republican senators held their weekly caucus meetings today and spoke afterward with reporters. we begin with the republican briefing allowed by the democrats.
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>> always strikes me that there is no small amount of irony associated with the product back to the president, is apparently being impeached. were holding up prancing time. democrats are showing a defense bill, they're going to the buses they defense bill which will be voted on later whose week. it will provide for the assistance to be frank. with regards to the investment effort, & later today, the speakers way to layout a process. which will frontline what the house is going to do. will all be looking at that and see if it meets normal due process standards you would expect to be provided to the president.
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similar to what was provided to president nixon and president clinton in similar situations. >> is the leader pointed out the rats in the senate, seem intent on blocking defense appropriations and will see will have a vault no good chance to show is a model of what they really think about that. if they follow through on their intentions to try and stop it will be incredibly poorly time in the wake of last weekend where in the direction to the president's national security team and our intelligence professionals and special operators were able to bring abu identity to justice, something very good news to the market people and very good does the work. in the fight against terrorism. the democrats have an opportunity to support the military. the defense appropriations bill has the largest pay raise in
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over a decade for our troops, finds it important weapon systems readiness and preparedness for the challenges national security threat that we face around the globe, and so i would hope that they will come to their senses and realize whose has brought the place or the detroit stop in appropriation bill. defenses of the we all believe in the american people understand how important it is. i don't think will be lost if the democrats carried through, and their attempts to block whose bill. coupled with the national defense authorization act in defense bill which is something that for 58 years the public said the dimness have come together on. every fiscal year. for those areas of agreement where when it comes to defending the country, and been able to work together. but that to know is bogged down in partisanship that is being carried out by democrats it will hear the senate and house. let's hope we can do better. the democrats who come to the
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conclusion that funding our troops and making sure that they the biggest pay raise in a decade is something we all want to be for. >> while the democrats are obsessed with impeachment. they been upset since the time president trump was elected. actually a full month before the president even took the oath of office, he'll live warren and other democrat senators, were working on a roadmap to impeachment. now they are trying to overturn it overthrow the result of an election by the american people, they're doing it in the seller in the shadows, and in secret, and republicans are focused on the sorts of things that actually move the country forward. is a result democrats obsession, they are not doing the things that are important. like paying troops and funding the military and they're not doing the things that are important for all of us. like fixing our roads and fixing our bridges. all of these things are important and yet, the democrats have even prevented us to get and pass the u.s. mca.
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imported trade issues for our nation and our neighbors. republicans are going to continue to be focused on the things we were elected to do witches grow the economy, continued to focus on the strong healthy growing economy and more people working, higher wages and more opportunities for our children and our grandchildren. subic attacked a little bit at lunch today about differences of circuit judges are making. invented the first three years and up to date in the top administration 16 circuit judges, it's about twice is monday is the three predecessors were able to get confirmed in the same period of time. soon a court has brought matter,. >> about 50000 cases go to the circuit courts. the federal circuit courts. about 8000 of those cases, are appealed to the supreme court unless you are the supreme court heard 77 of those cases.
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so of well over 7900 of those cases were appealed, the constitutional law at the moment, is determined by that circuit judges decision unless the supreme court decides to establish some new criteria. it matters are making a difference there in the present appointing constitutional conservatives are making a difference in a talk about and pull, cases that trump employees decided it will be the kind of cases the you'd expect the constitutional conservatives to decide. >> al back danny's demise makes whose world a much better place folks. i would like to commend the president our intelligence community and of course our wonderful special operations forces for their accomplishment in whose mission and make sure he was brought to justice and
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there is information that was released and smart information gives us indication that the likely successor to him was also killed. and again folks, our world is the much better place. so let's make whose a warning to all terrorist groups out there all extremists that you cannot hide. you cannot hide from us and we will bring you to justice. that is our warning to you. and now our world is the safer place and again it is because of our wonderful troops and we hope we are able to continually fund our troops and an appropriate manner, i do hope that the democrats will join us in supporting our men and women in uniform and i would encourage all of you to support our men and women in uniform and it also just is a final shout out, i left you a shout out to that wonderful canine that tracked al back danny, that is a good, we should give him an envoy or at a girl world may never know.
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so again congratulations to the men and women of whose mission for a job well done. >> i want to commit our special operators that members of our intelligence community for eliminating al back daddy, the most wanted terrorist leader in the world headed by since i also want to apply the president for making a bold decision to send our special operators on whose important mission. it's a good time to reflect on those who have given their lives and to try to defeat i.c.e. is an ongoing battle, toward a marine from memphis indiana gave the ultimate sacrifice. his family continues to be tougher, the anguish of his memory of the note they did not die for not. he died for all of us and i know there are other servicemen and
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women made similar sacrifices around the country. peter cassidy, he died at the hands of isis and he's from indiana, his family continues to suffer. whose is the good win for america and of course i want to applaud the president for making whose bold decision we have to stake visually is a country though and that involves properly funding our military, something we have before us whose week and in congress. >> you signed on. [inaudible conversation] >> how could you be perceived is being a fair, you signed on. filling the house impeachment process. >> the resolution is about due process and it was critical, at
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least at the moment, mostly with the house comes up with later today. about the way they were going to handle the case. they didn't tell with the merits, the process was what was dealt with. let's take those look at what the house produces later today and see if it passes. providing the due process protections that the president has and is in certainly entitled to it just like president nixon was and president clinton was. >> we have not mayday decision on that yet. i think the next step is i said, is to take those look and see weather the house is now going obviously they responded to the pressure. that we put on them and to try to handle whose in a more transparent way that it meets basic standards of due process and every american is entitled to that. >> pushed back. [inaudible conversation]
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hearings, tenants of the house,. >> we give them our advice all of the time, when we passed bills, and when we critique their performance and they do the same with us. [inaudible conversation] statement impeachment, and a practical matter is whatever the majority of the house decides it is at any given moment. it appears, that the democrats in bolton advised, whose have been on whose path for three years. the first headline i thought i think it was in the washington post, before the president was born and was that the impeachment process is beginning. so this is just further evidence, that this is what they had in mind from the very beginning. [inaudible conversation]
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>> look, i'm not going to question the patriotism of in any of the people who are coming forward. the action is in the house now. we will see weather they can eight, with the due process of the fundamental due process senate standards and then see what they do. i think that both are now going to have to open the impeachment inquiry will be very interesting. we'll all of the democrats vote for it. is i said, i am not going to comment on the merits of what is going forward. we are watching what is happening in the house. and we will see weather they actually open whose impeachment inquiry and apparently they're going to vote on it later whose week.
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[inaudible conversation] [background sounds] okay good effort and everybody. i'm proud to be joined by senators, now and sunday, our country and monday others, welcome the news that out that dottie, was no longer a threat. and our forces were saved of an end bold and successful mission. and whose is the