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tv   Speaker Pelosi and Ways Means Chair Rep. Neal on Trade Agreement  CSPAN  December 11, 2019 4:27am-5:00am EST

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>> [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] good morning everyone. this is the day we have all been working to and working for on hr on the path to yes. i'm told we can cross a certain threshold of enforcement for the workers rights and for the prescription drug issue as you
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know they were three of the areas that we had put out there. i want to thank the chairman and other ways and means committee, the eight members of the task force and thanking them for their leadership into negotiating on different segments of the legislation. i also want to thank the president of the afl-cio. he was knowledgeable and got us to a place that was a far distance from where we started in the proposal that was given to us. there was no question of course it's much better than nafta. it is better than what was initially proposed by the administration and i credit the
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chairman for helping us navigate all of these places. the unity of the caucus for one specific priority in order to get the job done, and again the brilliance and the knowledge as to the ramifications of every provision that was in the legislation. we will be handing out a memo from the ways and means committee which means we are so proud of the distance we have come from where we started with the administration on this legislation. it's a victory for america's workers and it's one that we take great pride in advancing. with the workers rights in the
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appropriations you'll be hearing from mike thompson of californ california, johnny gomes of california, john larson of connecticut he was indeed a maestro to make this happen. >> thanks madam speaker. [applause] every once in a while you get to participate in a never had a moment and we are witnessing that today.
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after a round of intense conversations over the weekend they started on saturday morning with the speaker, myself and robert white houser we went ba back. we talked about we are near. they were about to take it in and all of a sudden i looked at my phone and the wisdom tells me take the call. it is a template tha the templai believe for the future agreements and/or constant emphasis was on the enforceability and the idea and the notion would be supportive of this initiative i think tells
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the story but this is more than a triumph in terms of the working group members i want to say they strengthen the labor standards and with the unflinching leadership to secure the changes in the u.s. mca for the high prescription drug prices for negotiations i the ne administration i repeatedly emphasized because it's an agreement that democrats shaped i don't think anybody would have said two months ago we would be able to get as far as we did in the negotiation. it was based upon good while and
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determination. on the day of the break in august with the working group i said to the tradecraft nothing has fostered more disagreement than a lack of enforceability. he said there've been people in the state department, the defense department who said don't get this one upset or that one upset because we might need them on future geographic issues. our position is that we are supporteseparated with what yous to do here. the offering we have in front of us today is indicative of the goodwill that some of the members including the chairman of the subcommittee, what a job awith thejob of the data. these were argumentative, angry
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negotiations. it got ho caught on a number of occasions. i think we set a world record. i traveled to meet the president of mexico and after that i traveled to canada to meet with the pre- minister and the minister for defense and trade. they were partners in this because enforceability. with that i will turn it back over to you. it has been an honor to serve
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with the working group. the shrub administration sen ses a deeply small trade that would have raised the price of pharmaceuticals across north america by walking in high drug prices and expanding the monopoly. over the past six months my democratic colleagues and i am the working group worked for a deal that helps america's patients, workers and consumers. we now have a new and improved pre- negotiated nafta for the prescription drugs across the united states, mexico and canada and we have the provisions that undermine the ability to change domestic policies.
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there are corporate gifts to the big pharma inc. u.s. mca in tene ten years of market exclusivity for biologics. though we currently have in the united states 12 years of exclusivity in the united states, this trade bill would have tied it congress's hands and prevented us from enacting legislation. from canada and mexico to get the lower-cost drugs this would have raised the cost across the
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hemisphere. on the first day of the negotiation i told the u.s. trade representative that the biological exclusivity provisions needed to be removed and now they are gone. the trump administration also tried to gift them with increased protection for secondary patterns and changing a little bit in order to get a new and extended pattern and that those provisions are gone. finally, the trump administration also tried to prioritized brand-name drugs. we've now revised provisions to ensure generic competition and to improve access and affordability to medicine for
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people across north america. on the committee and offices i want to thank congressman blumenauer. he and i were working on the pharmaceutical piece of this. on the enforcement mechanisms. >> this issue is very important.
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i have learned and understood the seriousness of any trade agreement. when it comes to this one, we were asked to work on the labor and enforcement parts of the agreement. the labor roles within the when it comes to the rules if you have this language then it's hard to understand if there is any violation of the agreement was a wee type of language to make it stronger and more forceful. we created some arbitrary mechanisms to assess mexico's progress on implementing its labor reforms into complying with the rules we laid out in writing if there is no consequence that we discover through the monitoring of the rules, then the agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on.
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it would ensure the violation of the standard would have real world consequences. these provisions go to the objecobjective that the speakerd out at the beginning of the negotiating process. i want to make it very clear this is no longer. this is a new trade agreement that the working group and democrats have achieved with consultation of course with the partners. it's never been included in any trade agreement ever in the history of the country that means we will have more confidence that this is going to benefit the american workers and a more level playing field between the united states, canada and mexico. i think this is a big win.
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it's no longer nafta like. the master legislator and i think that chairman neil and chairman blumenauer we wouldn't be here today. thank you very much. >> susan who managed the environmental side. four years ago today president obama signed the act to replace no child left behind with better policy something a lot of people said would never get done. it's because of strong leadership and when we fight
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hard for the american people, we can't get something done. i can say unequivocally. importantly the trade agreement siting standards that are significantly better than the u.s. mca that came to us in the work group. we have better rules on the environment. we know when violations happen and we have strong enforcement and the strong funding to make sure the provisions are being enforced.
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it's because of the hard work of chairman neil and all of the stakeholders that fought hard. thank you for being here today on this critical day and i look forward to continuing until we get this over the finish line. thank you very much for your hard work. what will happen now when there is a signing of the new revised trade agreement which has come a long way from the original agreement. if we all the difference in the world. the workers in canada, mexico it makes all the difference in the world in terms of environmental
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issues and it makes all the difference in the world for the congresswoman talked about in terms of not putting in a trade agreement. to give more leverage to the consumers rather than to big pharma. people will have an opportunity to review part of the agreement. in mexico now with the trade rep we hope that they will come fast at the issue and i want to say something at best.
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[applause] to get this to the floor there is no reason for the delay but at the same time we want to make sure there's a chance for people to death but we have put together. a bar i announcing a bipartisan deal -- >> as we get to the end of a
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session there have to be tough decisions made. the timetable for impeachment came to an end of the hearing yesterday. but for us we didn't know what day it was the we share the value and understood why we couldn't accept the administration product the idea of timing the notification was offered that we might get there.
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the ambassado ambassador and thr cautioned him with a conversation on the phone he was very anxious and she said we need another confirmation phone call if you engineer back from what would be december 20 if you engineer back to get something accomplished which we hope to do before the end of the session how can you say that he's an accidental threat to democracy but also worked so closely with the administration to get something like this done.
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we are declaring victory for the american worker a whiff of a collateral benefit that might have proven to any one of us. >> we've had to take everybody to a different place and we would've nevewould never to havd [inaudible]
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while they have the ability to go in if they are verified facts >> yes and we also believe as we proceed into the final stages that we will be able to confirm what i just said optimists point that we can turn our backs and denied the reality of trade. 95% live outside the united states coupled with the other reality if you talk to your children and grandchildren, do you talk about the internet? the idea for us i think is to shape these agreements so that the american worker is covered as well. the day is young. [laughter] first of all, all you talk about when we come together is when are we getting out here, are we going to be outside and now you are saying with flash all of a
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sudden. >> that said, i i took a lot of democrats that are interested in getting those and are skeptical about the impeachment. they say whether or not the legislative success from other issues when they are more common. do you expect this to prevail [inaudible] >> it has a life of its own. as the chairman said, it is a reality that has not gone away and when we are shaping a bill that blends trade with the environment with workers rights and the rest, this is its own reason for being and nothing to do with the rest of whatever you were talking about.
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but i will say about it is in terms of globalization, environment, and then talking about not using a trade agreementto hurt our ability to make our own laws in the united states and those countries to do so. i was too late coming in. >> here's the thing. they had to t-tango 30 i 2:30 i. there are some members who wanted to but i guess. he didn't name names but he had 230 in the agreement which is in my view the wrong way to go. but i had said and we know this, i had said to the trade representatives we are not adding any more issues to this stuff. environment, pharmaceuticals, workers rights and enforcement,
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but came to my attention after i made that commitment, and by the way, it was a letter from dutch arthechairman of the committee d the ranking republican member asking but unfortunately -- how come it took so long to get this done fa >> we were not going to accept the original deal. >> it is an indication of why we are celebrating today for the american worker under the leadership of the chairman and the hard work of our eta members of the working group and in addition to that, the trade committee and the input it was getting from all of the members of the caucus about what the impact was in their areas and we share that with the rest.
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it takes a while especially when you are starting with something that is not and that is what the trump administration gave us his name on start. so if you want to talk about the time, just understand the change that was necessary in math and hanthat andhad to be made in th, the treaty, not just what we would do in our legislation, which is our own discussion, but what we have to have with the canadians and i found it to be relatively short. we had major battles on trade. ...
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>>. [inaudible conversations]
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>> good morning and welcome to the editorial director for what it is sure to be a powerful conversation. i have the opportunity to speak to the industries with varying perspectives with different viewpoints to be


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