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tv   Brian Kilmeade Sam Houston the Alamo Avengers  CSPAN  December 29, 2019 6:30am-6:59am EST

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"c-span2". >> okay here we go excellent. all right, okay thank you guys so much for coming tonight. i name is christian. we want to welcome you to our new home. we are so honored and think you guys are here. but we are not here for us. all of you probably know ryan from his job, fox and friends,. [applause]. it is the most popular morning cable news show on the planet. for 213 months, and two weeks and four days is the right ryan.
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okay. you might also know ryan from his vastly syndicated radio show which the right tomato which is on of the hundred and 50 radio stations across the country. and doctors magazine named him one of the most ten most important talk show radio host in america. in between get this, everybody, between tv and radio, ryan is unaware airways, six hours a day five days a week. and yet, he is valentine to write a stream of new york times best-selling books, george washington, thomas jefferson and tripoli pirates, andrew jackson and the miracle of new orleans, all of his books have reached over 200 mean 2.5 million
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readers around the world. that is fairly impressive. [applause]. these are history books. that's impressive. his latest book which we are celebrating tonight, sam houston and the alamo of interest. it is yet another bestseller and it debuted at last week, as number three on the new york times bestseller list. [applause]. unfortunately, this just came out, he has brought at three anymore, is it is it too. [applause]. congratulations, that is pretty awesome. if you haven't read it, you are in for a treat. the good news is for you tonight. you are taking home a signed he of his new book. we are so honored to have him tonight. and he is going to speak to us for a minute. a couple of minutes. he told me he might take a few questions. if your kind to him.
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and so welcome back to the bestseller list. thank you so much for being here come back i think you all thank you for coming out tonight. i really don't know anybody. [laughter]. see all seem very nice and well-dressed general wearing basically the same dive boat we'll have which is somewhat scary. but dylan, now martinez, he is in such an incredible job anyway the publicity. you have the best book, and you can have the best message and you have the best story, but you gotta tell people it is out there and there to make great books out right now. the think is you have to have the rock right plan to launch. so far, i have never in this misys book overall, my fourth one was sentinel and i've never had things hit on all gears like this. for this long so we have been out for about three weeks. we're just doing this weekend to get the word out. so it is great christian, thank you for hosting this for me. i was really reluctant to do it
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because to coming to washington in the middle of the weekend coming, he said you will be worth and you come out. to see this professionalism, and know you guys are drinking and eating for free makes me feel better. [laughter]. because let's be honest, we don't want to eating in washington dc and the jack up rates. not much happening out there. it is also great to have a history book we have a historic impeachment trial happening. [laughter]. where every single minute is some say more compelling. united for major stories. so don't go. a void to rush through speech if you know what i'm staying. so my goal has always been to tell her to get away from politics with this. there's enough drop and bush and clinton and obama out there then nothing that i can renew, to the city if they don't know intimately. my goal is to tell an american story and a talent in the way in which states with colic john
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flinchum douglas brinkley, they do a conference away. i read those books i close them and i go, i know one think for sure. i can do that. so what i wanted to do, is get major figures in history that you know who's on the cover we do open it up and you understand more about the people that made them great. because like many people in this room, you do great things on a daily basis that went out fame and claim. americans made up of so-called average people doing extraordinary things that went out ever getting up out of the back. in some join these people who we're known in their time but not in our time. so if you open up george washington secrets. we do close it, you think about long austin rosa park tenor, you think about abraham was a farmer. when he opened up thomas jefferson, harris, you might see i love jefferson, his guy is the genius. true but you know about edward and william and michael is this. we do leave here today if you are the watercolor of the sports
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bar, hanging out of the tailgate, and people challenge you and see, an american sister. but he is proud of their history. every country is part of the proud of their past. we are an exceptional nation and wanting to be more proof and go to that with. and to sit there and look around and see, join i was born in america, i hit lotto in everyday we have a chance to go play in the super bowl. an end up in canton for it all we a chance to be successful. we don't want this think guaranteed. we know what the outcome two-sided, we don't want baby fox. we do want guaranteed a thousand dollars. we just lost the landscape and an equal chance to be in successful flow by the neck until a series of stories, the movie can take that away. and while we are doing this, we try to find another story of andrew jackson in new orleans. i keep on going back to texas. in many here from texas. you guys are so prideful of your past, and did not know there was
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such a blend between texas history and american history. i thought for nine years they had their own think going. lone star state. that was fine. but it didn't really look at in the 18 hundreds texas was just wide open. and i was up to moses to cut a deal and he wasn't able to fulfill the deal but stephen austin was and he brings 300 american families because believe it or not america come to the new world people wanted new shot every shot and all they wanted was maybe a chance to be successful and see what texas had to offer so they got a gun, rake, and about and they went ahead and mayday leaving. what they were able to do is grind out and how they were able to stay on up and fight for freedom and liberty i thought it was a story important to tell if i can introduce you to sam houston, we know that the president, this guy should've been president. he's not a perfect person, it was mentioned by this guy andrew jackson i was able to do something i've always wanted to do. because i love the rocky movies. it is based on a true story. [laughter].
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how great is that in the rocky movie movies we do open up the flesh back to the previous rocky movie. it's great. now i remember why i'm in this theater. so is able to open up with andrew jackson miracle of new orleans and retell the story of what happened in the battle in the battle that had to be fought because it told us that it didn't come to the british if they had join they are going to keep new orleans and turn it over to louisiana purchase and stop us from going past the mississippi. live open it up at the battle of course you been. sam houston is putting into this other man named anna jackson start there. in 1914, sam houston wanted talk about courage, he was impervious. he got shot three times in should've died. his courage should be calculated but what it was time to get a commission goes to washington for close to here according to the map, i have a ways up about able to see everything. low to the ground. what is your print is country news fragile as can be calculated. how does the payoff, 1835 or 36,
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he faces some of the toughest men in america at the time. they wanted do something that they don't to do. that's runaway. we have got to win this battle. right now we are not prepared and as they were running late, he is training them and gathering them, he's getting more shaken the battlefield, until he finally sets it up in the end at the battle of chance sanchez. i thought if we could tell the story and i can harmonize with another story about escape great country. even though we seem as though we are pulling each other apart, if i tell you how bad it was, and how close we came to toll destruction you will not overreact about rudy giuliani in the ukraine. [laughter]. off of it's hard. [laughter]. so join we take those short timeout and the other new vigil portion and not only do you get free food, get a movie, four minutes. let's watch sam houston the alleman adventures, this is how it aired on fox news. she sam sue 1776, the united
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states was born. almost six decades later, another fighting freedom independence americans, the odds of success, just as long. the stake just as high. this time, it was mexico and the battle for texas. and the early 1830s, texas was happened to be an independent state of mexico but that all changed join general antonio antenna, to power and he immediately shared liberty which is at the company to break away. you guys we're ready to fight. sue had retook control it into part of texas. once we started having col. travis, and at the alamo, volunteers. [inaudible conversation] >> to be surprised many, you we're outnumbered and unorganized to take over the island nation. that news was coming, general
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was wanted to stop the resolution before it could take root. he was ordered to evacuate. he decided to stay along with travis and also factor in one of the famous minutes time is on his command. [inaudible conversation] is freedom of death. courage is something given to every person, but most people are not courageous alone. you get courage from the people you are around. people around you show optimism. for 13 days travis news men fought furiously and fearlessly. some see over a thousand tragedies in santa anna's army. number six, was breached, texan killed from early to travis to crockett. this was to intimidate sam houston's. it didn't. 1836, weeks after the alamo
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massacre, the battle ledger to goliad, what's behind me to 400 men. led by jim pennant, the new they were about to be engaged. it never wanted to see this happen. once again, they were not cheated. he hesitate and he it's been the middle of an open field. they were fighting and in exchange, then trusted mexican general. to hold his work. he didn't. women we're marched out and executed. he knew he had to give or to one of the most unpopular orders in his career. take as many as yet left, and retreat. and today, - >> he wanted to president himself in texas. also formation and strategy. sam houston and his texas army,
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because that went out them, i can get more fruits - you make this decision, front follow that way and go to san francisco and santa ana and mexican army would be waiting. after much celebration, sam houston decided to finally fight in the first and only time santa ana and sam houston was for offering who better to take you through this battle than seymour. the author of 18 hearts. sue might seem out of it takes for the texas to overwhelm and completely surprised the mexican army. in 18 minutes of time. that's all it took to achieve toll victory. it >> but as i get, the group got annihilated takes 18 minutes to defeat right here. they achieve the ultimate surprise. is the most awesome victory and probably american history. >> sam houston, led the fight to freedom. changing country, and soon
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changed the world. >> something is pretty clear, we have to get in reenactors to do get in better shape. [laughter]. these we're lean and muscular john wayne like characters. i give them credit for showing up that day. the guy says, you have to suspend logic. but they said that he would be captured instead, we've been taking from the highest tree, they decide to tell him to sign for texas. and also pull up your reinforcements. so again courage has to be calculated revenge has to be calculated in the end pulling up to santana and bring them to andrew jackson in washington and jackson would ultimately oversee the fact that he went back to mexico. don't haunt us for 20 more years but that was a story. that is sam houston alamo of engine of interest. i believe it's in texas victory change in american history because then we moved south must because of that. also understand this.
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jefferson and jackson thoroughly believed in texas came to the louisiana purchase. normally the president monroe secretary of state, john quincy adams funded over a change for florida. we don't really talk about that but that back then, i was one of the hottest issues in the country. i just thought like going back and reclaiming it, and understanding it and explaining it, people would start being tapping into the patriotism again. i studied that for 20 years. i just hope people will be interested. in the thomist of jefferson and the aaa pirates are first war and terror, a people people can relate to it. andrew jackson 13 -year-old who loses his entire family and is raised by his town in his county in his country. think people can relate to it. by this time this report comes out. if you like i was on a mini mission to push back on those who don't understand how great this country is. i have no problem staying that. we are not perfect. but i think what is great about
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us as we are trying to be. the reason we argue and we fight, is because we do something a parent but is tired parents told us not to do. we argue environment to strangers but join it's all said and done, we have single we just have different ways of getting there to make the country a better place. i would like to also take some questions from you guys if you have any. i would also like to tell you and you have to be at 230 and be in the air tomorrow so it's going to be fun in new york. and also encourage you if you are ever around orlando jacksonville, mcaleenan virginia, and a few more stops, we're going to be going for the next few months and see if we could tackle donald trump jr. he's got a head start. his famous dad, was on twitter now. [laughter]. and intends to push the book a little bit. but he is the great guy and great book. it's called triggered. so with that, does anybody have any questions for yes.
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[inaudible conversation] >> saw me explain something to you. i'm a vet fan. met fan. i'm not a yankee hater. now you are a national guy right. so obviously the nationals team is fantastic. on a serious note, as you sports radio in navan in 217 with the yankees up three games and is the 43 and out with red revelation about what the answers are doing in 2017, 20 be an interesting time. i don't know how baseballs going to get on top of this. in the from the doctors, not is it too happy with them the yankees and is happy. they beat let me begin with a sold sign stealing think. so baseball can't get out of their own way it seems.
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it's a first. [inaudible conversation] >> i don't know what is next. i am wide open sir. i had to find something in the next four or five weeks to do more join the book. and then i will retire. and i'll have my retirement party right here. [laughter]. i'll give you a slice history that you know the headline. you probably don't know the detail. so i will look for something on the inside. a really special thanks to fox. they let me do in our special on the alamo. they may be some of the other channels or doings of the on impeachment. i was able to go stay in houston at the alamo adventure so that was people. also something to.out that fox nation let me to the series called what made america great. so get a chance to travel the company the country and into 45 documentaries. and all the things you don't know or that we're forgotten and that is been a great experience. [inaudible conversation]
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>> i started as a sports guy. i thought that was my quickest way to get on the air and probably was. but join i wanted to take a break, if i don't golf have very few friends, i would always open at the history book. and that's what i was special for me to bond us, i didn't think i would be writing whenever. and join bill o'reilly started writing history book and when he encourage me so much, and we're from the same neighborhood, emma hasn't come in from palm island, join i told him i had this story that i've been studying for 20 years and i started giving him detail, he said to me, but write that. instead of staying i do history of fox, he said no you better at that. i was handing him chapters and he was handing them back to me and join the first one was done, i wanted to do you should get out of the hive so if you are doing standup and you have is it too close, and get a loud laugh in the close, leave. because you are never going to
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match it. so i sit for 20 years i tell you the story little did they know i don't have a backup. join it did so well and was so successful they said what you are interested in. we're knee-deep in and been lauded and anytime anyone writes in perspective, they state will jefferson dealt with the first verse. find out how he dealt with it. that's what led me to the jefferson library and the university of virginia we're they were able to give me so original documents and i said well i tried that. the next think you know, i am doing jackson, and i am standing in pinks and talking about the alamo. [laughter]. so i'm an accidental historical is passionate about it. [inaudible conversation] >> here's what it is. i know they were shooting into the back and print i it. there we're tools. they were just as angry. but there was a sense of service and more of a sense of service. it's gonna be more about the service in the country.
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and sam houston is the best example we just decided to do this in the paperback. samuelson told texas news governor, we're not going to civil war. we're not doing the confederacy. he got out bloody then he quit. even chef time and i'll provide you trips her name if you would take texas back. because we don't want texas in the confederacy. because jackson and in the south and east all about people of the country together first. jackson was outraged at the northern state did not want to join the war of 1812. using is all about the country first. he was outraged that south carolina wanted to succeed, i just think our politicians today, have to send themselves, what is better for the country the party and. i believe the compromise will be in tune. you going to need some cover i get it. but join it whether trump winds someone on the democratic side that is somewhat moderate winds,
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they're going to sit down and do immigration and they petted you healthcare. because join we know. we note that no matter how brilliant you think you healthcare plan is our immigration plan is as soon as the other party news power the going to turn up and then they're going to tear peers. their affairs. nothing to get done. so we are going to have to do this think called compromise. and i think it will become - >> you don't think i'm right. [inaudible conversation] >> i'll see this. i wanted to go beyond the alamo. it was my second future fox speaker. how i do this to a broader audience and the other 49 states prayed join i got there, i felt as though if i told it, comprehensively what led to it would happen then and what happened after, her name market for it. but i love the fact that guys like phil collins, the number
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one alamo fan in the world print from genesis. and a knife like sano crystal, joined me on at the alamo, joined us in the special because his military college is still studying at hundred 80 guys good old half 3000 plus for 13 days. and i think just got a couple hundred more, the might of even one. and jim bowie set and missed it was him, alleging that he is, if he didn't have something like tuberculosis or squarely, knowing what he was surfing from, i have a feeling he would still be alive. [laughter]. that's how they wrote about this guy. he would have away. >> sparring. [inaudible conversation] >> a kick me in the thigh really hard. he did. [laughter]. is that this think where you go to his house, and what you do is you go to his house in a ring
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together and you swallow that little bit but as you know sir, i think what they are alluding to, i did the four ufc so i didn't fight him i called them. i watched. they were weight classes or divisions, or if you one you go back to the locker room for a ticket championship. to see a sumo guy, weighing 150 pounds, or maybe 600 pounds, go against a hundred and 80-pound guy karate guy in the netherlands, and have the first shot knocked out his two teeth in london jim brown notes, was an interesting experience. [laughter]. as one of the first guys and acting on any designed it. and fact that they wanted me to do interviews and see you mind telling the press someone could die tonight. >> i go no, i am not staying that. somebody could've died that night. and it was crazy. nobody ever predicted it would be the successful prayed one think about them, get a hotel
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room. he will fight you all night. [inaudible conversation] >> overall, first off, pregnant with twins in the book tour with me she is producer. the radio show back and she does everything. so we have been to the most interesting tour ever. it is outside major cities we are in omaha, lincoln, dayton, we went to wichita falls texas and waco texas, went to san antonio, am i forgetting anything. oh south bend, indiana. so what i'm finding is this. we do go to texas, i can't believe how many people related directly to sam houston with the paperwork. or related to somebody who fought in the battle. and we go to orlando, or
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washington, we do go to the cities i mentioned, they see i've been here 40 years or 50 years, my family for the revolution, they have such pride in these areas and to be honest, it's not aruba. this is some rough terrain. he looked at in nebraska, you don't even see the mountain. udc flat. but the bind these ties in these towns have with each other in their history, that is what i am taking away. join people come up to me and said the related to the story and they thank you for keeping their families story live, that's what i walk away with. thank you for that question. kristen thank you for throwing this party. and thank so much for representing the book. thank you all for coming out. thank you. [applause]. [applause]. >> thank you so much ryan. as a native texan, this is the best night of my live. so got a couple of or four or five pieces good news for you. best news is, ryan is going to
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be in our big conference room for a little bit taking photos so if you would like a photo with him, there is a way to get one. we are trying to get them out of here quickly because we understand his schedule but if you want to have a photo with him you can make weight that way in a second. the piece of good news is as you lead tonight and we hope you'll leave for a while because there's so much food and drink left that we are hoping you will help. but as you leave, they will begin thanks & copies of the book, my friend eric from, gave us a dvd for everybody with. [applause]. - so grab one of those. also there is dessert and champagne that direction. [inaudible conversation]
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