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tv   Washington Journal Doug Wead Inside Trumps White House  CSPAN  December 29, 2019 10:00pm-10:55pm EST

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>> author of the new book inside trumps white house you had then described as the only authorized biographer president trump what does that mean to be the authorized biographer quick. >> i don't think that's accurate. i hear it over and over a biography talks about his whole life and it doesn't do that is just about the white house and his election and ndcampaign and history. >> what does it mean to be authorized quick. >> they saygu okay the president
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says who do want to talk to? initially with sarah huckabee sanders and the president i said i want everybody everybody in the cabinet and they said have themy. all so i started to interview the family members i could not get out of the family was too rich and interesting. >> how did you get in the room in the first place? >> it was a long time it was a one-year debate i had a meeting with teeten i said in 200 years when you are gone and your children are gone they will write books about the trump family and so whether your family is viewed celebrated or how they are viewed depends on primary sources not third-party it is
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what you say and what your father said that history will be written and i would like to write that book so they debated it for a year i tape-recorded george bush the general kelly says no you cannot let the guy in there. >> why did they decide to trust you? >> it's the president i said over and over if somebody really enjoys doing something whether building a skyscraper or his daughters in charge of the north carolina in the campaign she wanted to do it she - - he saw the desire his daughter wanted to do it and said michael came to right after i was in the election now he's on tv attacking me but i feel chemistry with you. [laughter]
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>> so does the president get to read what you write before it's published quick. >> he probably didn't have time but they cannot dictate anything i write or say that they can say this was off the record are on the record they can also say this is national security issue you can't say this so they do have that option. i want it to be accurate that's the whole point of the book i want to write something that really is what they said so i encouraged all of them to look at the manuscript or something was wrong to find the mistakes that they did not dictate. >> when were you in the white house and when with the family quick. >> over the period of the whole two years in and out i
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had three meetings with the president beginning 2015 and lots of questions from the kids and staff one - - and staff in t3 multiple times in the white house in jared in his office which is quite a trip right between the chief of staff and oval office and went to their home in georgetown around the fireplace and to trump tower to interview eric and laura and got the tour of trump tower and talk on the phone with theas family multiple times in the only interview with tiffany since her father was elected president. >> who defied your expectations quick. >> i was surprised by a lot of things about all of them. one of the things that surprised me the most families there is a smart ended dumb and are rich and the poor and
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the lazy all these different characters that emerge that everyone is dynamic and they all have a positive streak when i quizzed if got she says i refuse to be bitter i will not be bitter i choose to be happy. and with that russian collusion they would bring up a silver lighting including thee presiden president. >> inside trumps whitee house in your book that's the topic of our discussion on "washington journal". you already brought up jared kushner he comes a very early you in the book with him there's a lot of references to
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him it seems like he particularly interested you. >> yes because nobody gets to interview him so i want to know everything what you watch on netflix and how you sleep on these international voyages in the trips that you take so of time.nd a lott >> he is very enigmatic and mysterious. >> at first he would not let me record the interviews but his stories were the biggest of all told from a couch in his home with a lawgiver in the fireplace squeeze between the oval office and the chief of staff in the south hallway of the west wing every story was patiently waiting and said now you are interviewing spiderman ff. >> he said to me i told my
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father-in-law russian collusion is the perfect scandal for you because it's so far-fetched and you are so provably innocent they created aif scandal of casinos in atlantic city or buildings in new york city with building permits the public could have been confused and it could have worked but they chose russian collusion. he also said russian collusion was a great diversion because he felt they could not turn economy if they were focused on deregulation they would have stories out of that so that is typical thinking. >> the unexpected advantages of the russia witchhunt how it plays into what is happening now with ukraine. >> by saying he is a russian
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agent think about that the russians have elected him against all odds to be president of the united states he is a russian spy think about that that is like landing a man on the moon like the assassination of julius caesar and one of the greatest events of world history if they could actuallyst achieve that so when it turns out to be untrue and they can't prove that it isy far-fetched that now they say no but this is really it it inoculates the president and a lot of people's minds to at least over russian collusion you can't keep this up so in that sense it worked. >> author is here to talk to
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with us about the stories you learned about his time in the white house and the trump campaign. >> now out of greenbelt maryland could morning. >> good morning i am a democrat i worked on this departmenta at one time and with george h.w. bush and ronald reagan we must be bent on the fact did not the fake news more than half of the country is not familiar with the facts and the mueller investigation is for real climate changes for real i also
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and of course that happens all over the world it is very real and our nation they are very young. this is the united states of america is not north korea or russia or china. i feel very distraught when they get on air force one that is the pride of united states of america i don't thank you should be allowed to do that congress should park it and not allow this man to get on. >> i agree with everything you had to say except for limiting the president from air force one i alsosi worked for
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president reagan and also george w. bush but when 63 million people vote someone president of the united states i don't thank you should deny that person free speech o or say they can't use air force one epor cannot represent us that is what elections are all about we have the right to vote for who we want to vote for. >> how many presidents have you voted for - - interviewed quick. >> six. >> what defines a legacy. >> there's about 120 different things but primarily the economy and war and peace in the economy dominates like intelligence with jimmy carter the most intelligence president higher than john kennedy but george w. bush is ranked as a great warrior president but he is ranked lately as a very poor president because of the economy with a 20 percent approval rating so the economy
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dominates and that works in donald trump's favor. >> with the house vote likely at this point what does that mean for this presidents legacy quick. >> it should be bad by russian uscollusion is haunting but if after the election they said then they went after reasons to get rid of him instead of saying now he one now we will impeach him it undercuts the case for impeachment. an interesting story that jared kushner told me the trump kids travel all over the world and from time to time right from the beginning in 2017 they would be pulled aside by heads of state and they wouldhe say please tell your father how sorry we are he is going through this russian collusion when i heard
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that story is like a light switch going off because i wrote the book all the presidents children looking at it through the eyes of the children now i see thisid version one - - russian collusion and i think of course if you're the president of france or uk you are not to wait two years for a mueller investigation you will pick up the phone and call the façade - - mossad and sat want an answer by 6:00 o'clock p.m. tonight there are 120 intelligence agencies down to the lowly asis. they had to know. >> they did their own investigation. >> they had to know the security of their country is at stake the economy of their country dealing with a russian spy quex i have to know the answer to that they know theus
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answer. >> good morning good to talk to you. first and i to correct you i know that nepotism the problem for the trump family but how they justify their own nepotism and profiting off the presidenc presidency. >> thank you. you can call it nepotism but right from the beginning of the republic presidents often pick their children to serve in government the first president of biological children was john adams his son john quincy serve served. no less than george washington
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and said please don't withhold the appointment simply because he is your son. when i sat down i with ivanka the newspaper said this is unprecedented but she was the 1h son or daughter of an american president to be appointed to work in the white house with the father and roosevelt ran the white house fdr in fact she ran the multi- conference her mothere s the first lady eleanor roosevelt comes to her daughter and banks to be put on the manifest to go to yalta and her daughter says i'm sorry i can't do it. this has been going on for a long time. but if you become president of the united states you will want people you can trust that are loyal to you and you will pick people that are closest to you and normally it is your family and all througheny histy and modern history to change the law and with the payroll
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with the rnc payroll like gerald ford did like a white house photographer. there's a few things a child will do with the president is be loyal and offer continuity. if you're in the white house working in your boss is reince priebus that he is out all of your projects collapse is no continuity. asked general kelly now he's going then nick mulvaney. but the children remain and will always be at the dinner table. what you say to the relatives that is important. >> how they deal with those nasty falsehoods they've never seen the tellers of the
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falsehoods to suffer any consequences. the notion that donald trump is a racist president trump says things like the unemployment rate is at an all-time low. is an increase among prosperity among african-americans but yet to say that donald trump is a racist but there's never anybody in the media how do you say that? and the other is the russia hopes. but we haven't that because senator blumenthal keeps saying we publicly and reap peter lee they personally have evidence of this crime occurring although they don't ever point the evidence out they are never pressed on it. so how does the trump family
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deal with these nasty allegations quick. >> very interesting i write a whole chapter about the women on the bus the tramp women campaigned all over the south. and the closest personal assistant almost all of his life when i finish with the book i went to get a picture of the trump women on the bus but guess what there are six and five of them are african-american. the only white person on the buses lauraa trump. it was never in the news and you never heard about itve because the only one who got frame what you got same was reince priebus and then turned on him but then wanted to do
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that than 6 million people have gone off of food stamps. and with subsidized housing to see if there is a man in the apartment they could lose their welfare if they claim to be a single mom so the father had to be chased out with a whole generation of young people in an increase of crime and very proud of what has happened and doesn't matter if he doesn't get credit for it one night jared kushner came home and his daughter greeted him at the door and she said to her computer siri how many
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people did jared kushner get out of prison today quex of course the computer didn't know she said i will tell you. 20000 today he got out to but after today 20000. not bad daddy. most of them have to be african-american than non- - - nonviolent. >> inside the trump white house a taking your phone calls. before the pardoning of the turkey and also about living in the white house this is what he had to say. >> this thanksgiving we bow our heads for the newfound
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prosperity that is taking place all across america the military has been rebuilt and to kill the number one terrorist in the world aku bakr al-baghdadi thanks to our military because there's nothing like our military. [applause] and to thank almighty god for the shedding of his grace on our nation. nation is special and we send our love to the united states armed forces and to be thankful for those in the families thatio support them and will never be the same without those great families just a
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very special country a very special place, the rose garden at the white house some of you have not been here before but every time you walk on the grounds of the white house we realize how special. >> yes that's very funny in christmas 2018 he stayed at the white house rather than go to mar-a-lago because they have all these traditions for christmas that they love and they said dad join us all the grandkids are there they look forward to seeing him. he said i have all this business i have to work for
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the country and i have to stay there. finally they call him and say we are coming back to the white house we will not let you be alone on christmas. he said no no no. stay there and then jared and ivanka call and say you cannot be alone for christmas. he opens up to jared and says i own all these properties and homes i live in them this is a rental i'm going to enjoy this for a while. so he called the white house a rental but he was making the point this will not last forever so i will enjoy it. also he was setting up a private moment him in the first lady were planning to fool the family and go to iraq to see the troops on christmas day and they could not let anybody know they were doing that. >> democratic line good morning. >>caller: thanks for taking my call.
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your guest almost made me throw up thiss morning. hillary clinton got 66 million and going against this clown we have sitting there disgracing the white house every day the guy that bragged he wouldn't have time to go golfing but spent 24 percent of his time on the golf course have a nice day. thank you. >> i don't know i remember richard nixon after he lost to kennedy he said i will never criticize to go to florida or hyannisport or to take time off because i know what the presidency is like it's not a nine to five job when you come
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into office its decision-making and those they are on you no matter where you go i don't see it as a big crisis. >> is twitter handle is not far from him your thoughts on his twitter habits quick. >> mind don't matter because otherwise he never would have been elected president so what do i know? communication is transformational he is going somewhere you cannot go back from that will always be a tool for future presidents like directt communication although it is crude with rough edges it is comforting it away. i worked for multiple presidents they are careful about what they say to be presidential and george w bush
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a wonderful guy but if you talk to him and ask a question he would grunt and moan and roll his eyes and had to figure out what to do if you are wrong you are in trouble if you are right you can be rewarded but he will not tell you because nothing he ever said was brought before the impeachment inquiry so i just smiled so you're going to impeach me for smiling? it is refreshing and scary and a high wire act but he has rough edges and he tells us hwhat he thinks. >> dominic out of new york good morning. >> good morning first of all i like to know your guest opinion on the economy 93 -year-old man who says the image he will never forget is trump crossing over to the dmz into north korea and now that
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the mias are coming home he went where no one else would go. i think the economy is doing great i would like to hear your opinion have a great day and happy thanksgiving. >> to you to. you cannot knock the numbers the numbers don't lie it is pretty miraculous what has happened we have 7 million unfilled jobs that is the population of the state of indiana that's pretty amazing the comedian says that wish we had a recession but you get use to peace and prosperity that when you don't have peace and prosperity herbert hoover i think the american media would love herbertic hoover he's brilliant and very careful with what he said very
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presidential he was an engineer or two sons were scientists he was compassionate to europe after world war i when they were starving he led us to the great depression hoover ville sprang up near the major cities of america on the garbage dumps people who could not keep their housing so they went to the garbage dumps looking for scraps to build their own huts and where they look for food for thee children no sewage or running water there were thousands of these hoover fills all across the country that's how people suffer when the economy goes bad i guess it's fun if you're famous and rich and a comedian to say we need a recession because you want your team to win but actually prosperity is a wonderful thing 6 million people have gone off food stamps that's a good thing not a bad thing.
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>> did you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement. >> no. i didn't that's why they d debated it for years. so people were opposed to the idea but they said come on and you can have whatever. >> no standing ground rules quick. >> no ground rules except they would say off the record are on the record but as it turned out hardly anything was off the recordhi i said if they are opening the door i'm going through it. >> inside the trump white house he's with us for the next 25 minutes san jose republican mind. >>caller: good morning. thank you for making your appearance i thank younk are pretty levelheaded and fair in your opinion i have two quick statements i would like your reaction.
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with the ease that president trump turned the economy around it appears to me that the answers of how to do it were there all along for everybody republican and democrat for many years however the democrats choose not to do it it appears the democrats measure their success with the amount of people they can put on welfare and government assistance while the republicans measure theirs with the amount of people they can put to m work. the last thing i want to say also applicable to our school system it's not in the best interest of the democrats to educate herst children to where they can all get great jobs as doctors and lawyers and engineers fire science and police officers because if they can get good
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jobs they will not need the assistance that the government has to offer to buy their votes what is your opinion on my statement quick. >> i agree with your statement. and more. i spent years in the republican establishment the democratic establishment of republican they are both owned by great multinational companies with links to china in more recent years it when i say owned there is mutual advantage and it's all about money. for example when i worked in the white house we were passing regulation and almost all regulation drives out the competition of the big monopolies big companies can afford regulation they make the changes it's worth it to them because the small company if you want to start your own business you can't do it because of the amount of regulation once they pass they get their monopoly then there
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is a recession whether democrat orth republican they pass a stimulus bill like under barack obama which is pass by republicans and democrats is more than 1000 pages long what that means is nobody ever read it they read their 12 page part that they wrote and said here this will help the idea of the stimulus bill is to help during a recession but it stops the regulations so first they get it passed that you have to keep in you cannot even start a business because there's s' many but then when there is a recession they don't have to keep them either so the name of the game as many and in the last few years we have seen the largest transfer of wealth in worldns history from the
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united states middle-class to china and donald trump is taking thatt on many multinational companies don't like him many are owned by the media they own the companies that provide the money for the think tanks for those pundits to go on the shows like me right now they're usually paid from these very companies donald trump has come in breaking the dishes turning thee tables shattering the glass and they are outraged but it has turn around the american economy. >> what is your view why the president won't reveal his taxes i think it's only fair we can see them. >> i have nogu idea. i remember in the campaign in 1988 i know there were certain tricks but there was a big
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push to get the medical records of kitty dukakis medical records so the gop's red horrible rumors because they for whatever reason cannot release the medicalr records so there's probably a story behind the story my guess is we will eventually find out it could be a red hearing it could be something he's keeping close to the chest democratic line good morning. >> yes. >>caller: you tell me about the blacks on the bus then why you don't see them in the public do you understand what i'm saying quex you kind of make me want to throw up right
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now. >> another question about the african-american community. >> i don't know what to tell you they didn't hide who was on the bus they went all over the country holding rallies trying to get attention but they were not given the attention for what they said or what they were doing all i can tellou you the members although as small as they may be they are actually up among african-american supporting the president so some have increased their support he is very proud of the fact that unemployment is down to record lows he is happy about that. he is thrilled by it and he is thrilled by the young men with nonviolent crimes that were held in prison and he's happy about that.
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>> writing an entire book on each one of the president's children talk about those that are not in the public eye as much. >> baron went into the white house young man ten years old will come out as a grown man the stories about him are cute for example the second night after the inauguration they are in the state dining room the adults are having quiet time the nightmare is over theyme think everything is done and meanwhile the grandkids are racing through and screaming and laughing and playing a game of hide and gogo seek and baron uncle baron is supervising he's their favorite he's trying to find them in the state dining room
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there is a big exclamation going on so he comes rushing in huffing and puffing and sweating and says what and he said laura just told us he's pregnant and he says okay and then he races off because he has things to do to find the kids hiding in the east room and then tiffany goes to the white house she loves to see him play soccer she's close to baron now they are close buddies and it so interesting to see them as children. >> what does tiffany do quick. >> she is going to georgetown law of course all of this has changed her life completely she grew up in california one of the most interesting to interview because she has not lived in new york so to have
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that perspective of the new york trump after she gave her speech at the rnc she was instantly a celebrity before that she can walk all over the streets of new york now she can no longer do that she can't take the subway after she gave her speech at the rncys now she goes for the weekend but she had great stories the night they all went to buckingham palace there was no carriage of six white horses there was no motorcade they had toto get there themselves so the whole family with their gowns and tuxedos to rent a van bus the kind that takes you to your avis rental car and they pile in with their dresses and tuxedos to say take us to buckingham palace so there are great stories to tell. >> out of new york good morning. >>caller: good morning. if you have 7 million job
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listings that is not real job growth it's temporary it's only doing good now because like in 2006 and 2007 all over again history will show only reason is doing better than the obama presidency because of the sequestration forcing the american people to build that slow economy the omnibus bill which was bipartisan had a lot of energy removal partsof to it even governor norquist he stated the parties focused on the deficit focusing
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sequestration. >> very good points and it is very complex sometimes these arguments cancel each other out and say there is no economic recovery and barack obama who caused the economic so we still have our favorites but i see it after 40 years in government one company it is interest-free money from the federal reserve. one company gets federal money another doesn't one has to keep the environmental regulations. and is based on lobbying and
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now donald trump isoi missing that. you can't credit all these jobs to barack obama for example he did not approve the xl pipeline. so there are good things to say about both of them. >> what is your experience compared to other books about what's happened in the white house to say if you saw the chaos described in bob woodward's book fire and fury. >> yes. i saw the chaos but i have a different take on it. and then from george h.w. bush.
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and they could not believe what they did they were calculated it was spy versus spy versus spy. there is a politician who has manipulated. is not exactly what it appears to be it is the understatement thinking almost everything is calculated. so donald trump blew up nato they were furious this is the greatest treaty. the oldest treaty look what he's doing. and talking to theea american mediaa but the generals came in and they said sir, these are our friends they are nato. and trump would say if they are our friends than why are
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they not keeping their word quex why do they sign a document to say this percent of gdp will go to defense and our middle class has to pay for it quex why should we build high-speed rail raised in germany. why should they pay for new airports all across europe when they are descending into poverty. that's not a friend.os yes they are our friends sir. so he blew up nato so i got back to business they agreed once again to meet their obligations and raised $100 billion from nato remember his wall from mexico would be one.6 million he raised $100 billion from nato it is stronger than it has everng been. nato loves trump that is the end result of the chaos. if you blow it up and rebuild it. and we could say the same thing about nafta. with the outlandish things.
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>> i am wondering what you think of all the corruption in the white house. calling it the russian hoax it isn't a hoax. william barr and mike pompeo have been implicated. and then he's been getting russian money for over a decade and doesn't want the american people to know that he is working with russia. >> you are calling in on the republican line did you vote for donald trump in 2016? >> i did and i'm terribly sorry america that i did because this is the most corrupt there are so many things you have said you just let them keep on going to spew
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out lies. it is not a russian hoax. he is the most current president we have ever had. >> if you think he is a russian spy more power to you but it gets complicated bernie sanders has defended venezuela a socialist government they have russian troops on the ground in their country defending and protecting with the bodyguards maduro. russian jets capable of delivering nuclear weapons to the united states talking about russian collusion the hillary clinton foundation received $145 million from russian oligarchs. author american history these accusations and said john
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adams is a british spy. but i'm sorry. if it happens for a russian spy is one of the most incredible history greater than columbus crossing the atlantic but history will blow away all the anonymous they will look for primary sources and what the president said and a russian spy who recruited him why why did they increase military defense budget to block and stop the socialist takeover of venezuela and then to receive sanctions in russia and then
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to do a pretty bad job. >> inside the trump white house the newest book that is out we will try to get to as many of your calls as we can good morning. >>caller. >> i ate too much and i drink too much i'm sorry. you had 40 years of the christian conservative movement and i'm very interested in the christian side of all of this. i think they both said the kgreatest generals know how they will win the war before the first soldier puts his foot on the ground.
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your experience with the christian right and all that the tier one - - maturity that's come do you see that being a much more powerful tipping point coming of a mature christian church around the world that i call the new, new world order based on christian biblical ethics. >> i don't know if i am capable to answer that. and those to the white house interview one was paul white who is a pastor in florida his father loved norman vincent
10:49 pm
peel the preacher in manhattan as a little boy he would take donald trump to that torch so he grew up loving norman vincent peel and was upset when he died and got a lot of inspiration. >>. >> first of all donald trump appointed 90 percent white others were one african-american one hispanic it's illegal for his daughter and son-in-law to be in the white house in the first place because they could not get security and third you speak about the republican party the tax
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giveaway to the top 1 percent and you brag that they took 6 million people off of and then to say they gave black food stamps that is a racist statement in itself. the problem with the republican party with the last 50 years black home ownership is at the lowest in over 50 years you as a part of that? steve nguyen you talk about black people being on the bus what about in his cabinet? it is the wealthiest and widest cabinet in america. and 98 of those judges were white one african-american and one hispanic.
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>> that is food for thought. i will have to research that and see how right you are on that. i can justw say that you can google billionaires and their support to see in the last election billionaires supported the democratic party 20 / one they all voted for the democratic party the establishment was overwhelmingly democrat. 419 newspaper endorsements 19 george w. bush. and when donald trump became president to announce he would have a gdp of three he was scorned by every economist in onthe world 100 percent there was one broken set i think he can do it 100 percent against him but it worked and he did it. the growth of the economy works for all of us regardless ofof our race. the supreme court nominees
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it's not an easy task people feel he has done good the republicans would get one the democrats would get one and sometimes the republicans would give the democrats another. my president didne he appointed a liberal because a lot of the liberal ideas were not willing - - winning at the ballot so they needed help in the judiciary but this president didn't he was elected by conservative so he are appointing them to the supreme court. >> good morning. >> the gentleman here seems like a nice guy but then i don't know most historians but one of the overriding things of the trump presidency is the
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constant overwhelming amount of lies about things big and small and between. so starting before the presidency began but i know the first thing the trump apologist is as if you like them you can keep them a george washington lie they all lied with a historian would know of course mathematically speaking the volume of lies that is far superior probably in the history of the whole
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country if this gentleman as a historian loves the mystery to have a relative idea that president trump is on a pace that far outstrips any other one that i can think of. >> i don't have all the answers but you mentioned several the lies the past presidents have told you to go back to eisenhower it's true and they are all famous but you couldn't mention one you said there are hundreds ofse thousands that trump has told that you cannot mention one i can mention a lot of lies are verys clear that have been told about him like he is a russian agent one of the largest newspapers in the world that
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said his wife is a prostitute and his son was autistic a comedian on tv to have the #. i think they did pretty good with their kindness to people and their thankfulness to thanksgiving weekend we have peace and prosperity if you think it is luck or trump did it thenos fine but thank god we have peace and prosperity. >> we appreciate your time author of inside trumps white house. come back again.


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