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tv   British House of Commons Debate on Brexit Bill  CSPAN  December 30, 2019 4:21pm-5:12pm EST

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commons as advanced boris johnson's amended brexit deal. the vote came a weekend after the conservative party cured a majority government in the general election. the vote paves the way for the uk to leave the european union january 31. here's a look at some ofthe debate leading up to the final vote . >> i move that the bill be read a second time and that we come together as a new parliament to break the deadlock and finally to get brexit is done. now is the moment we reunite our country and allow the warmth and natural affection that we all share for our european neighbors to find renewed expression in one great new national project while building at the democratically accountable partnership with those nations we are proud to call ourclosest friends . but in this bill at this
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juncture in our national story mister speaker must not be seen as a victory for one party over another or one faction over another. this is the time when we move on and discard the old labels of leave and remain. the verywords seem tired to me , as defunct as big and poor little and and or montague's and x atthe end of the play . now is the time to act together as one reinvigorating nation, one united kingdom filled with renewed confidence in our t. national destiny and determined that last to take advantage of the opportunities that now lie before us. and our withdrawal agreement is to set this in motion and avoid any further delay and in the hopes of the underworld honorablegentlemen does not have any further
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delay i give way to him . >> the bill continues not to extend the transition phase or phase 2 of brexit does not endanger pending the heart of the europeanunion . it boxes us into a corner. >> on contrary misterspeaker, i think most people would agree that it strengthens our negotiations . if we've learned anything from the appearance of our last three years is it is the draft before acrimony and anguish and there could be nothing more dangerous than the new future that we want to build then allowing the permanent possibility, i think i'm coming to the point of the honorable members wish to discuss area extending the period in a torture, we all remember the change to remember lucy snatching away charlie brown's football or prometheus change, his lever
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picked up by an eagle and as all will recall, then going back only to be picked out again in the cycle repeated forever. this bill learns the emphatic lesson of the last parliament unlike numbers up to do and rejects any further delay. in ensuring that we depart from the eu on 31 january and l at that point brexit will be done, it will be over. the story of the last 3 and a half years will be at an end and we will be able to move forward mister speaker together. the bill ensures the implementation period must end with no possibility of an extension and it paves the way for a new agreement on our future relationship with our european neighbors based an on an ambitious free-trade agreement no alignment. no alignments on eu rules but
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instead control of our own laws and friendly relations, mister speaker. this vision of the united kingdom's independence, a vision that inspires so many is now if this new parliament allows only hours from our grass. the oven is on so to speak. it is set at gas mark four, we can have it done by lunchtime. and the new deal, the new deal that i negotiate with our friends will restore our great institutions to their rightful place as the supreme instruments of british self-governance. once again this house will be the only assembly able to legislate this united kingdom. british courts will be the sole arbiter of those lawsand above all , the sovereign british people must be masters of their own fate, controlling their own borders, laws, money and trade and throughout our new
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immigration system we will not only welcome those with talent but go out of our way to attract people of ability regardless of nationality or background and we are only able to do this by the freedom offered by our european union partners, by leaving the eu allow us once again to control over all numbers and bear down on unskilled immigration with our new points based system and if the honorable lady against control of immigration, i'd like to hear her explain why. >> the senator has spoken about welcoming people, release the governments existing obligation to with regard to unaccompanied children, who wants to join theirfamily members in the united kingdom , lloyd dobson described this removal of our rights as mean-spirited and nasty.
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can the government tell me or can the prime minister tell me why is making this mean-spirited and nasty move? >> i'm afraid the honorable lady has misrepresented the purpose of what we are doing. we remain proud of our work in receiving our company and the children will support fully the purpose and spirit of the amendment this is what remains in this bill to do so. the governor remains committed to doing so and among so many other advantages of this bill is of course that we will be able to sign free-trade deals with the booming markets of the keworld and power below british government that has enjoyed for the last 46 years, we will cast off the common agricultural policy that is too often frustrated and overburdened our farmers, release our fisherman on the tangled net of arcane photo systems and to my right honorable friend on the point
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of fishing. >> i hover my congratulations, there willmube no communities more keen to get control back in the fishing communities . will he guarantee we will not makethe mistake of the 1970s ? we will not allow allocation of fishing resources to go to negotiations, we will become like a normal independent maritime nation and conduct negotiations on an annual basis for a typical mutual advantage? >> my right honorable friend vertically understands what we need to do to restore to this country the advantages of its spectacular marine wealth and that is what we will do once we become an independent state and i remind numbers opposite that there is one party in this house, not just reversing the will of people but the handing back control of our standing marine wealth. that's what they would do and i look forward to hearing
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then explain why they continue to support this abject policy and abject surrender. this house also under this bill, this house also regains the authority to set the highest possible standards and we will take advantage of these new freedoms on the environment, onworkers and consumers rights . hoi reject the inexplicable fear and i don't give way to the last time, the honorable lady be able to talk about thisinexplicable fear. i'll give way in the second . >> he is right he has not gotten exit done but he has not heard is the right to shoehorn into this legislation measures that are either direct attack on some of the most vulnerable children in the world.
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if he thinks that people in town like mine who believe that we deliver brexit want to see us turn our back on andecency and tolerance and kindness and warmth and empathy, he is wrong. will he take thesemeasures about child refugees out of this bill ? >> i understand where the honorable lady is coming from but i think, she's wrong on this point, we remain committed to ensuring that we continue in this country to receive unaccompanied children as we have done coand we've received thousands already. this country as a proud record and we will continue to do so. and i thought she was going to say that this house would be unable to legislate or regulate on the environment in a way superior to the european union but that is
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what we will now be able to do and i reject the idea that our proceedings must be somehow overseen as indicated by the eu and measured against their benchmarks. the very essence of the opportunity of brexit is that we will no longer outsource these decisions, with renewed national self-confidence we will take them ourselves answer to those who sent us t here. it was this parliament, this country that led the whole of europe and the world in passing the clean air act of the 19th century to improve industrial working conditions by law and this house should never doubt its ability to pioneer standards for the fourth industrial revolution just as we did the first and that epoque making transformation, that the pot making transpiration as with all the difficult achievements of british history affected the combined national genius of every
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corner of this united kingdom . in this new era, are set once again will be achieved as one nation. this new deal and the still ensures that the united kingdom will leave the eu whole and entire with an unwavering dedication to northern ireland's place in our union and on that point i of course happily way to the right honorable gentle lady. >> .grateful mister speaker to the prime minister reedit it almost thoughts we had fallen out but i am happy he took the intervention. he has the strength and the selection to deliver brexit and he also knows that we want to deliver brexit but we want to deliver brexit as one nation and i'm glad of that terminology and the phraseology has been reinjected into this debate but he needs to understand the concerns about the customs arrangements for northern ireland, terrace differentiation and he needs
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to understand the concerns we share because we want to ensure we lead as one nation and we're not going to resolve these issues today but will the prime minister: two proper and thorough and detailed reconsideration using the strength he had to deliver for the entirety of this contract ? >> of course mister speaker i understand the point the honorable gentleman raises let me remind you the deal commits to unfettered access in all parts of the uk to respect the territorial integrity of the uk to ensure the northern ireland is part of the uk and would therefore benefit immediately from any of our new free-trade deals as soon as they are enforced and let me just remind the house mister speaker of the special provisions applying to northern ireland which ensure after all an important figure that there is no hard border across northern ireland are subject to the consent of the northern ireland assembly and unless
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the assembly specifically withhold its consent, unless the assembly insists on continuing with its approach, and those arrangements automatically lacks into faux alignment with the rest of the uk and i believe that these arrangements serve the interests of northern ireland and the uk as a whole and it is a great deal for our whole bucountry and we must now begin building our future relationship with the eu. our aim is to provide a close friendship between sovereign equals, to promote our common interests, inspired by pride in our european heritage and civilization and the declaration invokes that spirit establishing the parameters of an ambitious, broad, deep and flexible partnership, routine in our shared history and ideals.
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and standing together against threats to rights and values from without rolling in. i have determined that this great project will not be the project of one government or one party of the british nation as a whole. so parliament as i have said hewill be kept fully informed about the progress of the negotiations . and we should be fortified by e a renewed sense of confidence that while our democratic -- [inaudible] >> the policy of the liberal democrats is to have another referendum. i think when they've worked their policy out i'll give way. we should be fortified by a renewed -- fortified by a renewed sense of confidence
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that while our democratic institutions have been tested as never before, if this house comes together to support this bill as i hope it will, history will record that the first act of this new policy was to break the ice flows and find a new way through a new passageway to unsuspected oceans of opportunity so now is the moment to come together and write a new and exciting chapter in our national story to urforge a new partnership withour european friends , to begin the healing with the whole people of this country and it is in that spirit of unity that i recommend this bill to the house. the question is the bill now be read a second time. the oppositions right honorable jeremy corbyn.
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>> over the last 3 and a half years the government's mishandling of brexit as seen nothing but political gridlock, chaos and economic insecurity. it's paralyzed our political system, divided communities and nations and become a national embarrassment on an unprecedented scale. we recognize the clear message from the british public that however they voted in the referendum of 2016, and understand their determination to end a never-ending cycle of the brexit debate and get back to solving the day-to-day issues that challenge them in their daily lives so we must listen and understand that we cannot go whon forever debating what happened in 2016 and we have to respect that decision and move on ishowever mister speaker , understanding all this doesn't mean we as a party and the movement should abandon our basic principles or ever give up the demand
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for a fairer and more just society. we ward before the general election that the prime minister's brexit was a terrible deal for our country and we still believe it's a terrible deal excuse me, it will not protect art or strengthen our rights or support our manufacturing industry or are vital trading relationships or protect our natural world at a time of unprecedented climate crisis. neither will it address the inequality in our system or secure the interests of every nation and region in the united kingdom . instead under the conservatives, this deal will be used as a battering ram to drive usdown the path of yet more deregulation . and towards a toxic deal with donald trump that will sell
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out our national health service and push us to benefit us drug corporations. it will take us away from the essential principles we believe in of a country that looks after everybody and protects those communities left behind by the excesses of the freemarket . this deal does not bring certainty to communities or for business or the workforce. in fact mister speaker, it does the opposite and hard wires the risk of a no deal brexit next year. i'm sure that will delight many members on the benches opposite . but not those who suffer the consequences and communities and workplaces all across the country. that is why labor will not support this bill . as we remain certain there is
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a better and fairer way for this country to leave the european union. one which would not risk ripping our community apart, selling out our public services or sacrificing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process . this deal is a roadmap for the reckless direction in which the government and our prime minister are determined to take our country. they have done their most to hide the likely impact and continue to use gimmicks and slogans to turn attention away from their real intentions. >> the people have voted in the general election and supported the prime minister's deal. as a democrat, surely he can eat the people. >> i'm disappointed in the honorable member.
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but an expensive christmas, i wish him well. mister speaker, on the question and nothing exposes, nothing exposes this government's intentions more clearly than the steps already taken on workers rights area for all the promises over the past few weeks that they are a party to protect rights at work, and the very first opportunity, they removed the basic provisions they said would be part of this bill. that does not bode well for a separate bill the prime minister is now saying he will bring forward on workers rights. if he wants to assure people that their rights are safe in his hands , if he wants to assure people that their rights are safe in his hands, he should commit to legislate
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, to ensure workers rights in britain will never fall behind the european union standards in the future and supports amendments to enshrine this commitment within this bill. i packed the leader of the opposition forgiving way . we are all concerned in this house with workers rights. and indeed on the rights of those who are approaching retirement area he puts his policy to the british people in as much as anyone could discern it in a general election. he was slaughtered. what better that message does not understand mark the prime minister, your leader , if i may say so mister speaker
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said the workers rights were going to be protected. they are not in this bill. so mister speaker, >> thank you my right honorable fred forgiving way. his withdrawal agreement seems to be diminishing every time, the right honorable member said this is worse than that. theone that we had before the election, the thing that is the advantage is not only workers rights , it's parliamentarians rights because the ability of the legislature to be scrutinizing the executive has been taken away. >> thanks my friend for the intervention, she's absolutely correct on whatshe says and then mister speaker , mister speaker, i now move on to what i think is one of the most appallingsections of this bill and what the prime minister has presented to us this morning . i want to make it clear that
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i see the governments removal of the protections of this bill for our company children seeking asylum is nothing short of an absolute disgrace and a piece of dishonesty towards those people who the moment are clearly very concerned . so after theaslast parliament , i was talking to him last night, my good friend lord dobbs has worked tirelessly to ensure children affected by the worst aspects of global injustice can be given sanctuary in this country . this government in its first week in office as ripped up those very hard one commitments . this is a move that directed a charity safe package to describe and i quote as truly shocking saying shit could happen and i quote again potentially tragic consequences. i simply say this after speaker, coming up to christmas shame on this government for abandoning children in this way you. >> mister speaker, on the
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environment and food safety standards, this deal points to a complete realignment towards the far weaker protections and standards that operate in the united states. if this government is set on pursuing a great deal with the unitedstates , with president, with precious few bargaining chips to hand, the brutal reality is that written will have to lower its standards. that is a brutal reality of it. the european union has made it clear that future trade deal with the european union will depend on maintaining a level playing field on standards and protections so that the choice we is between keeping the highest environmental and food standards in order to get a future trade deal with the european union or slashing food standards to match those of the united states where there are so-called acceptable levels of rat
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hairs and paprika, maggots in orange juice. it's true. if members this is a piece of imagination on my part, what i was first told this i also thought that cannot be the case. i checked out and it absolutelyis . we are about to strike a new race to the bottom with the unitedstates and everyone should be aware and warned of that mister speaker , turning to the arrangements with northern ireland, the prime minister has emphatically claimed on a quote his own words, there will be no check between northern ireland and gp and that again i quote, we had a deal that keeps the whole of the uk together as we come out of the eu. these claims are simply not true. we know from the analogies carried out by his own
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treasury , under his deal there will be in fact an abundance of checks and customs declarations in the rhc. not only will this have a huge impact on northern ireland's society, it will also have implications of the rest of britain's economy and manufacturing industry. the treasury's own analysis tells it out. the more the government diverges from the eu trading regulations in the future , the more checks and disruptions will be put in place between britain and our biggest trading partner. lymore checks, more disruption is deeply damaging to our trade and for our manufacturing sector, cretins taking a wrecking ball to our vital supply chain on hundreds of thousands of jobs that rely on them. car manufacturers, chemical industry, all those just in time to the supply chain will feel a devastating impact from all this. this makes it even more incredible that since agreeing it deal the
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government has yet to produce one single bit of evidence for analysis to show it will have a positive impact on the economy or our community in any way. i say to all members new and old, that it is our job in parliament to question, to scrutinize and to hold the government to account -dday-to-day. if we believe the government is taking the wrong approach, we should never be afraid to oppose riyadh and when it comes to our future relationship with the european union, and the rest of the world, we cannot let this government act in an undemocratic and secretiveway . trade deals for the eu and united states or anybody else for that matter must be done transparently. this country is about to embark on a major change of direction. as we leave a forty-year economic partnership for an unknown future under the terms of a small deal, we need mister speaker an
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approach that puts jobs and living standards first and builds the strongest cooperation with our european neighbors. based on openness, solidarity and internationalism and that mister speaker is the approach that will bring an end to the brexit crisis and bring our country together. >> thank you mister speaker. this debate is the beginning of a promise fulfilled, not simply a promise filled by this party although it is certainly that area it's a promise fulfilled by this parliament to the people of this country area when we embarked on the brexit process, we offered parliament a decision to the british people. we said we cannot or willnot make a decision about our future relationship with the european union . the people of the country
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will take this decision and parliament will respect that decision. lou had three years of the betrayal of that pact made with the british people and the previous parliament simply would not honor the commitments on which 80 percent of the last parliament had been elected . those who willfully signed up to a manifesto saying it would honor the referendum and then came to this house and retrieved that did not enjoy their democratic contact with their voters. and i'm proud that so many of my new colleagues are taking the place of those. it is also an opportunity i have to say mister speaker, a historic opportunity or you to repair some of the damage done to the reputation to the chair of this house and we wish you well in that great deal.
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he's absolutely right not to enter. >> there is nothing that siwould give the eu less incentive to come to a final agreement then embarking on such a process and having had the torture of the last few years where we saw competing, we need not to do that again. >> does my right honorable friend agreed that given australia negotiated trade deals with japan , south korea and china , all within 18 months, there is no reason that we cannot negotiate a good trade deal with that eu by the end of next year given that we had 47 years of integration, as long as there is goodwill on their side . >> my honorable friend puts his finger on the most important point.
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it's not a technical issue we will face, the political issue that we will face and a political declaration thought that we will have no fees and no quarters in the economic relationship ahead read that's what normally picks up the time in tradingagreements . but the debate mister speaker is that we will be embarking on is not one about tariffs and fees, it's about regulatory alignment. that will be the central debate in the negotiations we have with the european union and d the wto meeting in buenos aires, became clear that in the global trading system there are two ways forward one is the concept of harmonization.i highly legalistic regulatory meanings of doing business, that said this is the way we do it today, therefore this is the way we will do it in the future . this debate that we are embarking upon is a clear choice. there was never at any point in the our own future or we were tied to an economic and
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political model of the european union that utterly dependent on ever closer we unions. >> there are those in the forthcoming negotiations will say that for access to the britain must , accept dramatic alignment. in other words we must change our rule aligned with the eu. can i say to the prime minister, he will have 100 percent support on the conservative party by ruling out any concept of dynamic alignment which would lead britain in terms of taking back control and we had at november of the european union. mister speaker, this debate that we are embarking upon is a clear choice. there was never at any point in theeuropean debate the option of maintaining the state cool. because we either had to embark on our own clothes , controlling our own future or
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we were times when economic and political model of the european union that was ioutterly dependent on ever closer unions. i never have believed that ever closer union was in britain's national interest and it did not destroy the wrong destination and the best thing to do is to get off the box and decided on the plan. >> does not recall that the leader of the opposition since his time igsneering at the standards in the united states. a democratic and advanced economy where one of the points that he was making is correct. if you look at their standards, when it comes to bacterial infections and also en salmonella, they have fewer deaths per capita than the uk oreuropean union . they get there by different methods and they get there better than we do so we should stop sneering. >> my right honorable friend will forgive me if i don't take too much notice of an anti-wealth, anti-american,
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anti-trade tired old messy rhetoric that we are soon to be forgotten member of the opposition. the debate that we have mister speaker is a very clear one. the prime minister will produce and confident outward looking european union. to many of us leaving the european union wasn't because europe was foreign, it's in an era of globalization europe spent too much time gazing at his own navel. we and our embarked upon a historic plot for our nation and before i begin on the whsection of trust and i do it in the spirit of the season that i hope that even you grant to watch our seasonal offering this yearis democracy , actually. >> thank you mister speaker and it's a pleasure to
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forward the right honorable gentlemen. i was listening to him and you can already see the red lines that are causing problems from the previous prime minister that are coming back to do a trade deal at the end of 20 but at the same time there not to have any degree of alignment .with the european union but when we hear talk of writing to o this bill that it's be a method of legislation that there will be no extension, that is a method of politics and if the government can legislate for that, it can legislate to the move that bonded before the end of 2020 and i predict after speaker that that would end the position because half the reality is that by placing the deadline that that risk of a no deal brexit that we all fear is very much back on the tableagain . mister speaker, scotlandcould
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not have been clearer last week . we did not vote for brexit and a greater mandate shows scotland still totally and utterly rejects brexit. yet the prime minister is finally heading towards the cliff with this deeply damaging brexit plan that will leave us over. this legislation will cost thousands of jobs in scotland, and harm people's livelihood.mister speaker, the scottish national proxy will not vote for this flawed and deeply damaging legislation. we reject this brexit legislation and make the case clear that this uk government cannot drive scotland out of the european union before getting a letters of consent of the scottish parliament.
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the questions the prime minister will he accept the default administration, have that right to withhold the letters of consent. it will be no enter into constructive dialogue with those that seek to defend our rights, our parliament in edinburgh and are prime minister because we know the reality is that this prime minister will ignore scotland. he will create prior ahead. despite the fact that scotland went into the european union and that last week's general election, scotland decisively to escape brexit and put someone's future and scotland hands. a prime minister with no mandate to drive scotland out of the european union is clearer than ever that the people of scotland must unhave their say over their future rather than the broken brexit ra britain he wishes to impose upon us.
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>> our economy will be smaller,weaker and poorer as a result of leaving the european union . why? cause of the ideology of the brexit fan boys in the de campaign that they run this government. >> despite the prime minister's advances, brexit is already having an impact on our economy. analysis in someone's chief economist stated the economy report shows that continuing uncertainty is resulting in a half-billion pound shortfall to business investment in scotland. that mister speaker is the price of brexit. and mister speaker, it doesn't matter whether it's this brexit or another. the analysis shows that all forms of brexit will harm scotland's economy and result in lower householdincome . >> he would be where that
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before the referendum, we were told that if the country voted to leave there would be economic armageddon. that there would be rising unemployment, rising rates and so on. actually materialize. why does he in scaremongering when it hasn't materialized in the past and it's about time that he has confidence in the united kingdom. >> ..
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>> lost in london and why is the prime minister -- [inaudible] they laughed about the hot of these -- the loss of these institutions, the loss of influence that we have over the importance of new med suns -- medicines coming tog the united kingdom, because that's what brexit is going to do. scotland's place in europe providing detailed analysis on the macroeconomic implications of brexit for the scottish economy. outlining the membership of the european central markets and customs union is the least worst option for jobs and investment. finish we sought to compromise with the u.k. government, yet this government is here ripping us out of these markets, risking great instability and economic chaos. the members on the opposite benches are quite prepared to reduce jobs and opportunities
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simply on the basis of ideology. mr. speaker, membership is vital for trade, and in 2017, scotland -- [inaudible] closing down membership of the single markets in the customs union is closing down opportunities for scottish businesses. and it's not just goods, but people that this government is looking to lock down opportunities for. mr. speaker, approximately 209,000 e.u. citizens live in scotland, bringing in new skills and expertise. itills and expertise absolutely vital to our industries and to the local economy. now, mr. m speaker, let me -- [inaudible] an intervention from my honorable friend, the issue of unaccompanied minors was raised. and i have to say that on the basis of the response of the prime minister, he clearly
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hasn't read his own bill -- [inaudible] because let me just read what it said. [inaudible conversations] 37 amend subsection 1 of section 17 to the move, mr. speaker, the obligation to seek to negotiate an agreement and -- [inaudible] requirement to make a statement to parliament. that is the harsh reality x. i say to right honorable members opposite, think very carefully. think very carefully as to what you're about to do. because you're just about to bring up the drawbridge. bring up the drawbridge and stop that right for unaccompanied minors coming to the united kingdom. [inaudible conversations] who are the real separatists, who are the real -- [inaudible conversations]
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afraid of this conservative government. mr. speaker, the prime minister is simply not interested in scotland's economy. he has made clear -- that it's all about -- [inaudible] getting the prime minister's brexit done -- manaudible] the european union. that's according to a study by the national institute of economics and social research. and we know, mr. speaker, that the tories couldn't care less -- torreys couldn't care less about scotland. [inaudible conversations] for unfair treatment. only -- [inaudible] the european union against our will and with no say, mr. speaker, no say whatsoever as to our future. england and wales --
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[inaudible] northern ireland is getting a special deal and the right to decide their own future. the prime minister offers scotland nothing, nothing. diddley squat. from this government so-called get nothing but self-respect for our government and our rights. [inaudible conversations] >> he mentions england and wales, but in the last election 16.5 million people voted for remain parties and 14.5 million for leave. doesn't he agree that the at least this government can do is to provide democratic scrutiny -- [inaudible] environment and scrutiny on a trade deal with the united states --
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[inaudible] >> well, of course there has to be scrutiny, but on that specific issue, the legislation offers no guarantees on -- [inaudible] environmental standards or, mr. speaker, protection for a free trade deal with the u.s. of course we know it will -- [inaudible] it will leave scottish businesses possibly facing a competitive disadvantage with businesses in northern ireland. and the prime minister can talk about trade deals all he wants. but the harsh reality is that the basic trade agreement that he wants to negotiate will lead to gdp being lower by the equivalent of 1600 pounds per person. you know, people are going to be worse off, and people can watch and listen to this debate, and our right honorable opposite members laughing.
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[inaudible] mr. speaker, is it any wonder that the people of scotland armed with the facts, aware of the deceit from the vote leave campaign -- [inaudible] came out in huge numbers last week and backed the scottish national party -- [inaudible conversations] escaping brexit is not the only option. we tried time and time again to compromise, but the torreys simply are not listening to scotland. that is why yesterday scotland's first minister wrote to the prime minister to transfer power for the united kingdom government to hold the referendum of independence for the scottish parliament. the scottish government has a clear democratic mandate from methe 2016 election to offer the people of scotland a choice over scotland's future within the terms of this parliament. there iss a significant and
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material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014. and let me just settle once and for all this issue about once in a generation. because it was madeon clear, and the declaration that was signed between the two governments that it did not obstruct a future -- [inaudible conversations] >> mr. speaker, last week we won that mandate again. scotland must a attend to its own future. [inaudible] has treateded scotland with contempt for too long. it would simply be undemocratic to ignore the voice of the scottish people. if the torreys -- [inaudible] what is to be feared by more democracy? everything has changed. and that's why, mr. speaker,
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that the scottish national party believes -- [inaudible] give scotland its choice, its right to choose its own future. we have a way out of this brexit mess, and i appeal to those in scotland who have supported other parties, come with us. complete the powers of our parliament. we can escape brexit. we can't escape our own responsibilities, but it's a better way out that will secure our economy, allow us to tackle inequality and deal with climate diversity. we can save ourselves from that. mr. speaker are, it is time for scottish independence. [cheers and applause] >> order! [cheers and applause]is
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>> order, order. the ayes to the right, 358. the nos to the left, 234. [cheers and applause] >> the ayes to the right were 358. the nos to the left were 234, so the ayes have it, the ayes have it. [cheers and applause] >> [inaudible] >> so in dubai you compare it to being on the jetsons. >> well, it's not there yet, but that's the vision. the vision is to have, to have flying airships early in this coming decade. and not just a few of them
5:11 pm
carrying around rich people to golf courses and luxury hotels. they want to have these flying airships carrying all kinds of people, and they want to have a flying network. it's like a metro system with little stops all over dubai, with little -- with flying machines carrying people back and forth. >> stephen baker, whose latest book looks at how technology is changing transportation, watch "the communicators" tonight at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> tonight we take a look at books on business. we'll begin with charles schwab and his book, "charles schwab invested: changing forever the way americans invest." then it's tyler cowen's big business and ed stack on it's how we play the game. enjoy booktv in prime time this week and all day every weekend on c-span2. ♪
5:12 pm
>> hi, everyone. my name is adam cook, and and i'm a 2018 c-span student cam winner. and i'm here to encourage you to continue to wrap up this competition as the deadline's getting pretty close. don't worry, you still have time. this is actually about the time i started filming my documentary the first year i entered this. i'm in the d.c. offices, and it was an incredible opportunity for me to express my thoughts and my views about the political climate in the current day as well as connect with some local and state leaders in political office. i'm extremely excited that you all are interested in this and are pursuing this because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and i'm so excited you're partaking in it. >> there's still time to enter the student cam video competition. you have until january 20th to create a 5-6 minute documentary that explores an issue you want the presidential candidates to address during campaign 2020.


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