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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Speaks in Claremont NH  CSPAN  January 24, 2020 12:18pm-12:35pm EST

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joe biden over 65 times since september. and president trump told you himself. he admitted on october 2 quote we have been investigating on a personal basis through rudy and others lawyers corruption in the 2016 election. president trump is the personal agent for ukraine. he's made this clear to u.s. officials and to the ukrainians. the evidence shows president trump and rudy giuliani were in constant contact during this period. president trump directed him to pursue investigations. he told the u.s. officials to work with rudy. he told ukrainians to work with rudy he told ukrainians to work with rudy. rudy and hisis associates press ukraine -- >> we will leave this portion of yesterdays presidential impeachment trial to take you
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live to clermont new hampshire former vice president of democratic presidential candidate joe biden who was holding a camping event there. we will show you as much of this as we can't until our live coverage of the senate impeachment trial gets underway at one p.m. eastern. live coverage here on c-span2. >> hello. my name is bethany and i'm so thrilled to be your today with all of you as welcome vice president joe biden back to sullivan county. i'm sure he will feel right at home here with all of us here clermont is a blue-collar city and i am the daughter of a former president of the steelworkers union. joe should feel right in his element. we know he's truly one of us. first off, i want to highlight one of his highest achievements while he was serving as vice
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president. and telling how it affected my family. vice president biden worked hand-in-hand with president obama on getting the affordable care act, also known as obamacare signed into law. my brother, jeff, lives here in town, was diagnosed soon after obamacare was signed into law. his life-saving medical treatment group almost $1 million. this expense could have caused financial ruin for his family, but because of obamacare he was spared that hardship. obamacare did not allow the insurance companies to impose lifetime or annual limits to the coverage. and they cannot deny my brother coverage for a pre-existing
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condition when you changed jobs later. jeff is one of millions who has benefited from obamacare. so thank you, vice president biden, for your work on this issue. it's easy -- [applause] it easy for some to forget the impact of this important legislation. however, my family has not forgotten, and we are grateful. and i know that as the next president, joe biden has a plan for significant increases to who gets covered in america. you know, this primary season has been really exciting. with so many candidates to choose from, lots of ideas, talking points, sometimes too many to remember. we new hampshire voters take our
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responsibility of choosing whom we support that seriously. candidates have to work hard to win us over. we like to meet each candidate at least three times in person and kick the tires on their campaign. [laughing] to see if they're going to hold up and have the fortitude and the integrity to win. what we do here though in this primary really matters. who we nominate to run against president trump really matters. donald trump has proven to be the most uniquely unqualified and least disciplined president in our history. [applause] it is downright scary watching
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him stumble around the foreign policy arena and sure if he's going to trip us into a war or a nuclear confrontation. every day when i wake up here in claremont, the first thing i do is check to see if america has been dragged into a conflict that we can't get out of. we live in an atmosphere of an ending chaos and uncertainty. since donald trump was elected, our nation has become an recognizably ugly and divided. these are dark days. so what can we in new hampshire do? what can we in sullivan county do? how can we work to get our country out of this mess? we need to nominate the best candidate to defeat donald trump, and that doesn't just mean supporting a candidate who
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could win more votes than donald trump. we know that in national polls that are a few democratic candidates who look like they could garner more votes than trump. but we learned with our last presidential election giving more of the popular vote did not win us the white house. we have to be strategic in our choice and support the best candidate to win back some of our former democratic strongholds like pennsylvania and wisconsin and michigan in order to win the electoral vote. and that is where joe biden will deliver. like i said, there are many great candidates in our primary with far-reaching ideas, but the plain fact is that there are many democrats and independents in other states across our nation who will not support what they see as pie-in-the-sky candidates when it comes to the
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general election. these big ideas could cost us the white house. the democratic party needs to be able to win the general election for all is lost. i'm going to say that again. the democratic nominee needs to be able to win the general election, or all is lost. and that's why we need to nominate joe biden here he's a leader who can unite the democratic party. he's a leader who can unite the entire nation. joe biden can walk onto the job on day one and begin to heal our shattered homeland and restore our nations standing in the world. we need joe biden. i wholeheartedly support him and i ask that you do as well. and now i am honored to introduce to you the next president of united states, joe biden.
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[cheers and applause] >> hello, claremont. i could be, in the history of claremont i could be in scranton or i could be in claremont delaware where i grew up. we used to have viable viable industries. up in scranton it was coal and steel, and down in claremont delaware it was steel and everything has changed. but we have changed enough. it's great to be back at a want to thank all of you for coming out. want to thank you, bethany and mr. speaker, thank you for not only your service as as a spear but for your service in vietnam. you knew bo.
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both to me the most moving, the most moving thing that happened after chemo after year -- is this one on? i will pull this one out then. this one. first of all, excuse my back, i apologize. but he said one of the most moving things after being in a a year and iraqi came home and the landed in maine. his division, his unit. and he said there were, i forget the exact number, don't wholly to have something like 30 vietnam vets standing there in line going up and splitting them. when you guys came home, that didn't happen. you deserve every bit of respect that everybody else has. and by the way, your notion about what the president said about traumatic brain injury is i will speak to into second but
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thank you for everything you have done. i really mean it. [applause] and thank you for both of you for supporting me. the main reason i'm so happy about you supporting me -- where did she go? as a want to go back to loon lake, talk about heaven on earth. it's a beautiful, beautiful place. i'm going to break because i want to get a chance to light up your talk to you all as we go around this rope line but folks, you know, you all do have a big responsibility. there's a lot of states in both primaries that india's that you get to be the first primary, but you always take it really seriously. deciding on not only it was best for your state but whether or not that person can go on and win the general election. as i've been saying since i got
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involved in this race, the character of this country is on the ballot. the character, the candidates, the character of our leaders. and donald trump i don't think is an exaggeration to suggest has diminished the character of the united states in the eyes of the world as well as many at home. and his impact on how we argued worldwide is danger. allies once look to us for leadership and more leadership as well as physical leadership around the world. they are now talking about moving on without us. our adversaries who once feared to process now see president that they can bamboozle or quite frankly simply ignore. ordinary people in every nation around the world once saw america as a citadel of liberty, a moral beacon, we have let not just by the example of her car but by the power of our examples where we are able to lead the world. that's why the rest the world has filed us so much. what's happened is the ordinary
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people they look and say what's happening here? we used to stand for universal rights or human rights, freedom of all people. now we see the president writing as he refers to the love letters to kim jong-un who is a thug and a dictator, backslapping of the dictators and autocrats around the world. at the same time poking his finger in the eyes of our allies and our friends. we -- the u.s. used to welcome all. donald trump has sought to bar the gates against the silent -- asylum-seekers. my wife reserves in brownsville, texas, with the congressman from texas to provide christmas meals for these kids and most women and children living in squalor on the other side seeking asylum. first time i'm aware of any president we've ever required asylum-seekers to not seek it from u.s. soil. and seek it from abroad. in this case, it's in literally
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rainsoaked banks along the river in mexico. and refugees and entire religious groups, the so-called muslim ban, a ban is a betrayal of all foundations of our american history and american freedom. religious freedom. it goes against everything we stand for and out after a three-year assault on our american values, donald trump says he wants to expand that religious man to more countries -- religious man. make no mistake as anti-muslim bias is not only morally wrong, it's like putting up a great big recruiting banner for terrorist say we told you, they don't care about us, they want it gives us, and organizing tool being used and that's when one of those camps shut down. that, in fact, is happening around the world. he doesn't see that there are no
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people advising unconfident of people advising him know it but he doesn't seem to listen to anybody of consequence. and it comes out, look make no mistake, but it comes out of -- how can i sit? you saw the report that would indirectly reference. happened a while ago where down with the call the tank with the super secret place were flag officers and generals meet with the president and vice president and national security advisers. and he referred to these incredible generals and flag officers many of whom have left and publicly criticized him, he referred to the these flag offs we now learn as quote losers, dopes and babies, to their face. in front of their folks. and then this week he brushed off sustained by those brave troops were on the other side of the iranian bombardment missile attack in iraq from iran.
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and he said that while they're being evaluated for traumatic brain injury, he said no, they just have headaches. basically, my words, not his. basically what allegis group of? they're just headaches. i carry with me and apologized to the press because always bring this out, my schedule. the bottom of my schedule every single day i list what -- troops killed. i want to know exactly how many fallen heroes have died. and iraq and afghanistan and so far, 6904. a week ago it was 6901. 6901. troops wounded, 53,119. every single solitary one like my son left behind, left behind a family, community, and entire group of people. but what's not on your is that there are 300,000, 300,000
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estimated people coming home from these wars with, suffering from posttraumatic stress as a consequence of being exposed to traumatic brain injuries and other problems. and the idea it's taken so lightly i find it quite frankly disgusting. and last year a gallup poll released a study showing that the world now rates china, china's leadership in the world higher than they do america's leadership in the world. as my wife, professor would say, you can google it, and we're just right above only just barely above russia. our moral authority has been zapped. our credibility has been shot. and, quite frankly, our stand in a world has been diminished the last three years. folks will come the next president will inherit to make things, especially after this impeachment trial no matter how it goes. one, they are going to inherit a
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country divided and two, a world in disarray. there will be no time for on-the-job training, none we will need a president who is ready on day one to command the world stage can lead our armed forces, be the commander-in-chief, , rally our allies and once more make the united states not only the physical leader but the moral leader of the free world. they have to be able to do it from the beginning. you need a president who knows this country -- >> we will leave this event with joe biden for just a minute and try to come back to it taking you like to do a briefing with house impeachment managers who arrived for the trial. >> the facts that apply to that law when it concerns article one the president abuse of power,, abuse of his office to coerce ukraine into helping them cheap the next election. we are going to conclude that section on article one so we will conclude early


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