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tv   Senate Impeachment Trial Reaction  CSPAN  January 28, 2020 12:55pm-1:04pm EST

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what they agree on and both areas, both communities is you need a fair trial and that meant you had to have witnesses and documents. >> c-span, your unfiltered view of government. created by cable in 1979 and brought to you today by your television provider. >> it is day eight of the senate impeachment trial against president trump and the proceedings are expected to get underway any minute now. one p.m. eastern time. this is what we are expecting from today's proceedings. the president's defense team is wrapping up the opening argument. they have 15 hours and 33 minutes remaining. however however, we are learning that there expected to only go about two to three hours this afternoon. then it is possible that senators would start the 16 hours of questioning time.
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however, we are learning also from capitol hill reporters that are roaming the senate hallways of their, it is unclear if they were actually start that question type or so when the proceedings get underway on c-span2 we will bring you inside the chamber for our gavel to gavel unfiltered coverage. and when they break later today, we will come back up and get your reaction to what you have heard and even update on how the rest of the date and the week is expected to go. npr is reporting president trump's defense team is expected to use only two to three hours on a singapore today to finish up laying out the case against impeachment. that is a source close to legal thinking team. also from capitol hill, political reporting senate republicans are expected to meet today after the president's lawyers finish their presentations, that according to gop sources. "politico", after a short
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presentation from presidents defense today the senate seems likely to begin question and answer period tomorrow. olivia beavers saying senator braun says he does not feel the need to see the bolton manuscript because as he notes, of all of you may have heard last night when you listen to alan dershowitz on the floor, argue yesterday, even if the claims made in the book are true, they don't rise to the level of an impeachable offense. the hill reporting this morning, they have a quote from the former chief of staff to the president that john kelly, that he believes what john bolton has to say. this is bloomberg actually. i believe john bolton, kelly says. now, if they go to question time, the hill is reporting this. the headline, senators ready for question time in impeachment trial. they say this is how they expect it to work, according to senators.
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they compare to 1999 clinton impeachment trial. senators filed more than one at 50 questions questions drink impeachment trial using two days to work through the pile. only one question in that trial came from a bipartisan pair of senators. senator manchin open the door so submitted a bipartisan question this week noting quote if those going to be bipartisan question i more than open to that. there are guidelines for the question and answers. and in impeachment rules resolution passed last week. upon the conclusion of the president's presentation senators may question for for a period of time not to exceed 16 hours. the resolution reads the only sentence a lace at how the will work. senators in both parties expect the questions to be filtered through leadership who will be responsible for condensing and weeding out repetitive questions. the questions will be sent by leadership to chief justice john roberts who would read the question which senators the question it is from. senate minute of your chuck
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schumer added democrats will be able to ask questions on both sides and signal he will take a hands off approach for how he narrows down the incoming suggestions from his caucus. it also says that we are considering on the republican side of the aisle gop senators say they expect to send their requests through the majority leader. you can see on your screen senators are getting ready to walk into the chamber. the proceedings are supposed to start at one p.m. eastern time. they must wait for the chief justice of the united states, supreme court john roberts to make his way into the chamber. as you've seen over the past week or so, they rise when the chief justice enters the chamber and a rise when he exits as well. so again, we are expecting the senate lawyers to talk for two to three hours. they have more than 15 hours remaining. if they only speak for two, two and half hours that means he will use up 12 of their 24 hours
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that they were allotted to spend on their opening remarks. we've got a shot of inside the senate chamber. we will take you in there now as we await for the proceedings to begin. [inaudible conversations] .. >>.
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majority leader mitch mcconnell in his chair the leaders take position getting ready for the proceedings to begin any minute now . live coverage here on c-span2. [inaudible conversations]
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>>. [inaudible conversations] we can see a lot of senators have made their way into the chamber. the chief justice has not arrived inside the chamber yet and when he does, that is when the proceedings will begin. it's day eightof the impeachment trial and third day for the presidents white house lawyers to wrapup their remarks. they will go from 2 to 3


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