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tv   Sen. Schumer Reacts to Senate Impeachment Trial  CSPAN  January 29, 2020 1:11am-1:20am EST

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today's trial senate republicans discuss what's next following that meeting we heard from senator cruise of texas and lindsey graham judiciary committee chair. >> okay. hi everybody. i sought summation by the president's lawyer showed how weak their case was. he said we don't have eyewitness accounts all we have is a newspaper article. was well mr. jay sekulow we want to get witnesses you can bring bolton right into this chamber he can swear under oath and be cross-examined by you. he also kept saying this was a policy choice and points when
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three words never come out off his mouth hunter bided and crowd strike. they just cannot address the issues. the whole argument is diversion. you don't believe the newspaper report cracks call the witnesses if you don't believe the people around who said what trump did was wrong and they heard it secondhand or first-hand, call mulvaney or bolton or duffy. the bottom line is very simple. we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. that is what witnesses and documents mean the president's lawyers have spent three days avoiding the truth pointing
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fingers here and there and everywhere even one gave up political speech on the floor like a campaignan rally because they don't want the facts or the truth. their case has been extremely weak in one of the most serious things you could accuse a p president which is organizing foreign interference in the american a election when i was in high school i read in my textbook one of the things the founding fathers feared most was foreign interference in elections and this is in the sixties i said what are they talking about? that doesn't happen but once again they were a lot smarter than all of usma forgot us just what they worried about and that is just what trump was doing and let me make another point. if he is allowed to completely
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stonewall to do absolute obstruction on everything and not be held accountable, he will do it again and again a future presidents will do it again and again in this grand experiment we call a democracy would be fatally eroded because when americans lose faith americans are determining who elects the president rather than a foreign wn power we've got trouble. >> i hope we just have four republicans really need for to say we need to find out the truth and i would remind my republican friends these witnesses we have asked for are not democrat, they are his
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own people we don't know if what they say will be exculpatory or further incriminating but let the chips fall where they may. get the truth. we want these four witnesses in these four sets of documents we want a true trail. let them call who they want where they talking about? they don't have 51 votes today i don't believe they have the votes a good number of republicans know two things that hunter bided is a diversion it makes the trial into a circus like the president's lawyers did yesterday andonpr now one of the
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most sacred things that he was so focused on hunter bided and was way out of left field yesterday. >> first of all the classified version of the manuscript it is a manuscript it will be public what the heck are they hiding? you don't need it classified it's not good enough there is no substitute for a witness speaking under oath to the senators so a classified version of the transcript is another excuse to hide things. they are afraid of the truth. >> what questions do you want answered? >> what we are doing is we have lots of questions. i am not censoring anybody
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each member will ask his or her questions that we are organizing things. we don't want the same question ten times and we want them in some degree of order. i am sure a good number of questions will give the house t managers time to rebut all the holes in the president's lawyers arguments. >> comment on the legal argument made by the house that everything from bolton was true that president trump could not be removed from office. >> they talk about quid pro quo in policy choice they don't talk about interfering in elections that is one of the most serious things that a president can be charged with. against the whole basis and core and root of america if
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you have a 41 - - foreign power interfere with that us splitting of democracy. i could not think of a more serious charge than thatt or one of the founding fathers were more fearful of that. thank you. >> i will begin this afternoon with conversations on the rather abrupt end to the ndndpresident's case i feel they
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are still reeling from the revelation of john bolton and what he has to say the very relevant probative quality of the testimony as i'm sure you have seen the president's own former chief of staff general kelly says he believes john bolton and more j importantly that is extraordinary of itself the chief of staff believes john bolton in that implication does not believe the president of the united d states that he worked closely with for such a long time but he also recognizes the importance of calling john bolton as a witness to swear him in and that senators hear from him themselvesst that very relevant testimony. the president's lawyers today and in prior presentations cannot defend the president on


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