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tv   Campaign 2020 Milo Iowa Democratic Caucus  CSPAN  February 3, 2020 7:59pm-9:31pm EST

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followed by the democratic response with michigan governor and texas representative veronica escobar. live coverage on c-span. or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> and this is the scene and the milo iowa for c-span campaign 2020 coverage follows democratic caucus goers as they will choose a candidate for the 2020 presidential nomination. this caucus just getting underway. our live coverage from iowa now on cspan2.
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[background noises] [background noises] >> welcome everybody. i hereby call the caucus to order. my name is jim kohler, temporary chair of this precinct. i like to welcome you all and thank you for supporting our local and state democrats. the primary purpose of this evening is to elect delegates, alternates and convention committee members we will adopt resolutions for the plank. for the platform. we will elect precincts or central committee members. we will have a short presentation on the behalf of
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the iowa democratic party and are there any elected officials in the house who would like to speak tonight? okay. barring that we will have short presentations from representatives of each of the campaigns that would like to speak and then we will hand out the preference cards, get account and do the math and figure out what viability is and break into our preference groups. after that we will count again and determine who is viable and then move on to realignment for those not viable and that should be it. we will do platform resolutions to select our delegates and get on out of here. first order of business is in the temporary precinct captain and automatically nominated to be the permanent precinct chair
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and automatically nominated to be the precinct chair. is there anyone else here who would like to take over this honor? no, all right, all in favor of making made the permanent precinct chair, please say i. all right. we have a precinct chair. scott is a temporary precinct secretary and anybody want to do some caucus math? no, all right, making him the permanent secretary please say aya. scott is the permanent recent secretary. i will read you a letter from troy price, chairman of the iowa democratic party. dear iowa democrats, welcome and thank you for attending our 2020 precinct caucus.
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tonight you are joining fellow iowa democrats gathered all across the state to do what we do best, organize and mobilize. but as you gather tonight i hope you also take time to celebrate with each other the growing sense of our party and continue to come together to make our party even better but there is no doubt we have our work cut out for us this year. that is where the work you are doing tonight is so important. this is the first step in building a strong grassroots organization to take our state and our country in a new direction. but to do that you must be united and you may have entered tonight as a supporter of outstanding presidential candidate and i hope you are all successful but regardless of the outcome when you leave tonight we must all be united as an iowa democrat ready to fight for our values. because together we can take back the iowa legislator and
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when important seats in the courthouse. together we can sweep all four congressional districts. together we can put a democrat back in the u.s. senate. together we can turn iowa blue and take back the white house. the iowa democratic party stands shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight in together i know what we will celebrate november, a writer, progressive future that stands ahead of us. thank you so much for being here on this historic night and for being a member of the iowa democratic party paid signed the democratic chair. i've got to get back to my script. [applause] all right, as troy reminded us in his letter this will be a big year for democrats. we have a lot of work to do. and we are up against
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well-funded opponents. we will pass the hat. we will pass into envelopes in the first is for the iowa democratic party, cash for that go straight to the party to help fund our combined campaign offices and things like that. the second one is the warren county office with warren county only has three fundraisers a year we do the soup supper in the spring, in the summer and they found an office in indianola, every campaign and extra money does not pile up because it's donated back to local candidates. i'm urging you to give as generously as you can to both of those. you can write a check, make it to iowa mechanic party, if you want you can also donate by text. text iowa 2243725. anybody texting? you want me to repeat that?
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okay. text iowa 243725. there are ways to stay informed. iowa democratic party is a twitter account that is iowa democrats and if you want to add that right now you can. go at iowa democrat and you will be following them on facebook, facebook page is iowa democrats. they also have a website, iowa democrats .org grid anytime you e-mail them e-mail them at info@iowa democrats .org. stay party has worked hard over the past year too strict in our organization and support the local county parties. i hope you connect with them and stay engaged in the months to come. all right. we do not have any local officials that want to speak, right? we will have brief remarks when
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i open it up for representatives from the campaign. before we start is there anybody here from yang's campaign mac? patrick? michael bennett? michael bloomberg? anyone who does not see a group where presented you is there anyone here from those groups that want to be recognized? klobuchar is back in that corner by or by the camera, okay? anybody else okay. i think we will just start at this corner does someone want tn come over here. >> my name is doctor patty duffey and tonight i'm volunteering for bernie sanders because i know when he is in the white house he will fight for us
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because he always has. four years ago i will all made america believe that real change is possible. real change like making healthcare affordable for everyone, lowering prescription drug prices with medicare for all. real change like making big corporations and wealthy people like donald trump pay their fair share so we can raise wages, expand social security, guarantee equal pay for equal work and confront climate change but it is not just the issue. bernie sanders is the best candidate to defeat donald trump because bernie has raised more money than any other candidate without any billionaire donors. bernie defeats trump in every poll especially swing states. bernie's campaign motto is not me, us. that means bernie believes the future of america should be decided right here in this room by us, not the wealthy and the
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powerful. tonight we ask you, all of you, to join our movement and when the iowa caucus and defeat donald trump and transform this country. thank you very much. [applause] >> all right. time to have words for elizabeth warren. >> first, i would like to say thank you for coming out. this is a great thing to do and appreciate you taking the time to do that. scott and jim these guys are running the show and it takes a lot to step up and do that. thank you to c-span for coming. it's impressive to be on c-span. i like to invite c-span back to the milo fourth of july parade in the summer and we have the best small-town celebration in iowa. come back for that. so, i'm here to advocate for
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senator warren with my wife and i caucus for bernie last time around and we love bernie, you guys are awesome. >> so are you. [laughter] >> we share a lot of values of bernie but my thinking is why we have switched over to warren's because i think bernie got us to this point and opened the door and advocated for the things we should be thinking about but i believe senator warren can take it to the next stop. i think she's that consumer protection bureau and has done so many good things in the senate and she is the one that can get things done. that is why i'm advocate for warren. i also -- all of you guys who will vote for other candidates we have a slew of great candidates. there are some really good candidates so give a round of applause for the democratic candidates. [applause] just a couple of thoughts. mayor pete to me is intriguing
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but my hesitation with mayor pete is for me he doesn't have a long track record. i'm not quite sure what he will do if he becomes president whereas i know what bernie, bernie has a great track record. he voted against the war and we know what he will do. so does senator warren. for me when i look at pete i like what he says but i don't have enough evidence to know what he will do in office. some of the other ones too, for me, vice president biden what a great person throughout the years but when they say that vice president biden is the only one that can beat president trump, i think the opposite but i think he's probably the only one that could lose to president trump. the reason for that is i think he does not have a vision and a pulse of where he wants to go. as you decide who you want to vote for my challenge to you is imagine we want to see in his country and vote for that candidate. we think warren is that candidate but would support
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whatever you guys want to dude. thank you for being here and vote for whoever you think is best. [applause] >> justin will have some remarks for pete buttigieg. >> hello, i'm justin muller, born and raised in look, and now lives south of indianola and i think something that a round of applause for these guys giving of their time to organize this and all of us have known one. [applause] thank you all for giving up an evening to stand and participate in this quirky little part of our republic grid it's extremely important to remember that after tonight and after the election in november most of us in this room are still friends and neighbors and we will continue to be. [applause] i think our country needs more
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people that may disagree in their thinking to still live in play and go to school together and remember that. i hope we remember that and that is one reason i'm supporting mayor pete because i think he's a candidate that reflects that and brings the country back together. ultimately very little prepares you for a presidency. i think that's important to understand. i think mayor pete has the experience that can lead what i would say to you is it's difficult from one being a senator or being a governor or being a mayor to all of a sudden leading a country with a billion-dollar budget. what you hope for is the person you support has the skills necessary and the experience necessary. the thing i lead on with him is its executive leadership rather than legislative leadership and
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running a budget and secondly he's one of the few candidates outside of representative tulsi gabbard has the military experience to go around the world and clean up some of the masses we have made. he has midwest values the reflect what i want to believe is different about here in iowa and his intellect is second to none so much so that they know when to rely on other people. those are the reasons for those of you that aren't or have not been around mayor pete buttigieg one of the most import things we have is a set of rules for the road where we try to talk about the positive aspects of our campaign rather than trying to downgrade others. we hope you give us a chance. please come ask questions. thank you very much. [applause] [inaudible]
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>> thank you very much great i'm justin, volunteer firefighter and came out to support vice president biden for president. first, i want to thank all of you [inaudible] thank you for coming out. john kerry just said the other day with an awesome quote that i thought was impact will about right after the constitutional convention in philadelphia benjamin pregnant came out the door and a reporter tried to flag him down and said doctor franken, do we have a republic or democracy and he said a democracy if you can keep it. i think that is so important that we do not lose sight and [inaudible] thank you for doing that and that is awesome. for vice president biden is three things, primarily, he is absolutely positively in the best position to beat donald trump and i could talk about the poles and swing states and how
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he does the best of all the candidates they are and how he did best of all the candidates consistently nationally in those poles but most importantly you need look no further than your cell phone to his president trump's twitter feed. donald trump is petrified of joe biden paid he's not one to run against joe biden. he's [inaudible] if we want to beat donald trump come november we need joe biden. number two, he will be the soul of america. donald trump did everything we teach my little daughters not to be, a bully, a liar, disrespecting women, you name it. he's everything we don't want to be. [inaudible] day one, number two, he will restore a place across the world and have relationships and pick up the phone on day one having personal relationships with all foreign leaders, day one, having more important
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relationships than the respect but he will restore our place in the world and build our relationships with key allies that will protect our families moving forward because if we think we will not have ramifications for what president trump is doing wait a few years. there will be. lastly he will continue to do what he has done for 40 plus years, working for firefighters and teachers and working for labor keeping america's farming community strong and he will continue to work for [inaudible] he has proved he has vision over 40 years but remember this, you cannot build a vision for the future without a foundation now. we need to restore the foundation before we can build that vision and he will do that. thank you. [applause] >> someone for amy klobuchar?
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>> hello, i'm spencer debate coach at simpson college and a couple month ago i challenged my team to convince me who is the best person in the field to take out donald trump. i really and the last few days have decided i would come here tonight and caucus for amy klobuchar and so i will give you i think what i believe are the two most compelling reasons why i landed in the klobuchar camp. first of all, in at the end of the 100 14th congress she was named the most -- a senator who passed the most legislation and i thought about that and thought anyone can racket up a high [inaudible] but in order to do that she had to work across party lines to become the most effective senator that year. that's pretty impressive. that was one of the reasons behind voting for amy klobuchar. as i talk to debaters on the
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team and who was the most articulate and who would be the best person to challenge him on the state many of those students believe she would beat the best person to take him on and as i'm thinking about electability and the person who i think is the best shot of winning against donald trump and that is why i'm here tonight and why i'm caucusing for amy klobuchar but i think she is a candidate that has not gotten a second look for many democrats but i think she might surprise people tonight. thank you for coming out tonight and i will help pass the microphone off is there anybody else that would like to speak before we get started? in just a moment scott will hand out the presidential preference card and if you caucus before this is completely different and
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you never done this before and to introduce an element of traceability and trans parity to the caucus before we do that i will read a really long and lengthy thing from the state democrats that basically says everybody needs everybody. all caucuses convention committees and democratic party officials sell take such practical steps as may beat within their religion met power to ensure caucuses conventions and committees shall include men, women, various age groups, racial minority groups or economic groups, representatives of identical of identifiable, sorry, geographically defined populations all in reasonable relationships to the proportions to which those groups are found in the population of the respective constituencies. in the spirit of the above, all caucuses, conventions and committees will also endeavor to include citizens of all national origin, ethnic identities,
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religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and disabilities. as i said, everybody really means everybody. scott is going to start and will give you a presidential caucus card and start the account. once everyone has a card and we have a count then we will do the math and figure out how many we have and what viability is, we will announce that people can break into their preference groups. yes. once you get the car do not write on the card until you are told to. okay? we will get to that part and it will be clear about when to write on it but just not when you are told to or not until you are told to. sorry, this is hard. just getting through that thing from the democrats was the worst. so, we are electing four delegates. that means viability is 15% of the total number here in the
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room. that means a total of four campaigns at most can be viable. we can have, by the numbers in the room, we probably can reach five, six viable and then there will be a delegate and the lowest of those will end up having to realign. the thing under viability will have to realign. when we do the first reference group if your group is viable you are locked in. you don't -- you do not get to realign. you are set and you're done. the only people left to realign are those that are not in the nonviable groups or viable group that is so small it has to be realigned. including and this is the important thing because it never happened before if we work to have enough people to identify as uncommitted they want to
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stick to the side and that reached viability you would be locked in as undecided. and not get to make a choice and your delegate would be to undecided. i urge you to first go around and go with your heart and if you don't know who you want just pick the one that speaks to you best. okay? we will have a chance to realign early in the day and anyone of these candidates on their worst day is absolutely more qualified than the president on his best day. [applause] and now i don't have anything else.
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>> don't fill out anything yet. once we do the first alignment then you'll fill out the first side and then fill out who your first choice was. if your group is viable group captain will collect your cards, essentially you're part of that is done. [inaudible question] >> we can stress that again because we would hate to have people and up stock in an undecided group. if you can absolutely choose, undecided but if it becomes viable that is where you are locked in acts. like i said, if you can find it who you want and choose your and make a real person your first choice. if, at the end, after the first alignment if your candidate is not viable and you are like i don't have a second choice i
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don't want to participate anymore that it was my candidate or bust you can absolutely, at that point leave. you can sign the back saying you choose not to realign and you will turn the card in and you can go. but obviously, i hope you will take part in this. it's a point of the caucuses but we don't always get our first choice and is a collaborative effort to try to find the best person or people for our community. [background noises] >> is there anybody who is not gotten a card? everybody has counted? room total is 55 and we are calculating the number that would be viable.
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technology is great when it works. [background noises] [inaudible question] >> the viability threshold is nine. you need nine people for your candidate to be viable and we
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have four delegates. yep. okay. at this point we will move on to joining your preference groups. bernie is over here and we have worn in over, biden is in the corner. amy klobuchar is meeting just inside the camera. tom stier is leaving and undecided is also over by amy klobuchar. you will not stick it out? [inaudible] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> you can fill out your name and address at the top of the card. we have about two minutes left unless someone has strong feelings they need more time. anybody? about two minutes left.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> we will ask everyone to go to your preference group if you are not already in your preference group it if you are an observer and not actually signing a card come to the middle and have a seat. you will be able to go back once we get that count. okay? everyone go to their area. we will get your account here in just a moment. at this time you can sign the bottom or front of the card with your first presidential preference. if your campaign is not giving you stickers, put a sticker on there instead. in the interest of transparency both scott and i are known what [inaudible].
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[inaudible conversations] >> preference chairs start collecting your candidates or your peoples cards. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> okay. calculating but it looks like -- [background noises] >> nine was the number to be
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viable. bernie had ten. ernie is viable. warren had nine. warren is viable. biden had ten. also viable. sixteen for pete, viable. klobuchar ten -- nine. klobuchar is viable. let mac which leads us to the part where in the training there like this will be so easy because there is only one realignment. unless there is two. the first realignment is our one undecided who is for stier and i would say go ahead and make your second choice. he is joining klobuchar. [cheering and applause] on the backside of your card there will be a spot to show
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that you realigned with klobuchar. fill that part out. klobuchar is now at 11. which means warren is the low count, correct? you are at ten and out. okay. ten, 16, ten, nine, ten. which makes warren is the low count, we only have four delegates. we cannot have more viable candidates then we have delegates. the lowest count candidate needs to realign. at this time we will open it up for about however long you feel you need to make your choice of realignment. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> you have the option to realign.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> there is more to the program but if you to go like you have kids or something at home, as long as you have filled out your card and handed it into your precinct chair or the captain you can leave but we would like you to stay and pick your delegates and stuff like that. it will be the floor. it will be -- it will basicall basically -- each group will pick a delegate and alternate because there will be four viable groups and four
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delegates. you can choose to, yeah, i mean usually someone wants to be a delegate. [inaudible conversations] >> you can do that. make sure he has got -- and the. [inaudible conversations] ... ...
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] now until -- if you've got any of the warren people, you would be getting their cards. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] do you feel like you had enough time to choose to realign or not? now we are going to do the count again. bernie, how many of you have added? that puts the count of 12. >> one is not going to realign. perfect. you are absolutely free to go. thank you for turning out. i appreciate it.
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good sign, but. warrebiden picked up nobody. pete picked up three. i've got to get these back to you because people to realign the on this one are going to sign on the back bottom right hand corner where it says i it y not succeed situation so you are going to sign your new choice and then the initial, so three people will have to put their new choice right here and then initial it.
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>> put it right there and then initial it. it's not a second preference. it's the third realignment. we will fix it later. i'm going to let you have those back for a second. i'm keeping them. sorry. so, the warren people? >> we did not. picked up one?
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okay, amy klobuchar right hand corner and then initial it. that was the second realignment. the one who went from steyer to klobuchar, so that was the second realignment. that made it ten. they did pick up one more, so
9:10 pm
actually 11. urs 11 now, right? who is your warren person that you picked up? they didn't pick up the warren at all. so they stayed. last couple things we have is for the county convention in indianola county administration building a. i am finding it.
9:11 pm
there it is. county convention in indianola at the county administration building saturday, march 21. from there, they will rival to work on the platform and move on to the district to pick delegates to the district committee which is in atlantic iowa, april 25 and they will go down to delegates for the state convention which is saturday june 13 in des moines.
9:12 pm
each of the four viable candidates gets one delegate and one alternate. you can elect among yourselves and let them know who your alternative is a. as soon as you have that, come see scott and the last thing will be the central committee and ratifying the caucuses, and we are done. bernie picked up three.
9:13 pm
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] you are going to do the same thing you did tonight. you are going to vote for bernie
9:14 pm
to start with. for two or three hours, meet a lot of people and if you are really into it, the county delegate. [inaudible conversations] this year i got a whole bunch of other stuff. [inaudible conversations]
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let's hope so. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] just to ratify the caucus so that we all agree. [inaudible conversations] >> we are just getting the delegates. [inaudible conversations] after we get the delegates sorted, we are going to do a quick check with central committee members and ratify the caucus. anybody that's available, that would be great if you could
9:19 pm
start stacking chairs, breaking down tables taking signs off the wall. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] i think we are good.
9:23 pm
everybody is going to go and we will have all of these chairs. you said the committee on committees. the first meeting is february 8, 9 a.m. county supervisor board room, that is the second floor of the warren county. 8 a.m., 9 a.m.. from there, they will explain everything. but it's going to be about setting up the actual county
9:24 pm
convention. so the platform committee is the committee that looks at all the things that people have said. this is what i think democrats stands for and things like statehood, women's rights, women's reproductive rights, things like that. but we want to make this a plank in our party. this is something we stand behind, and then everybody -- we get all these ideas together, like i think we need to do this and then you guys organize it and say at the convention and goes to a vote and people like me, no, that is a little extreme i don't want to do that, it gets radicalized. but it's organizing that and brainstorming and idea you want to have, so it's really to influence the direction of the party saying what we believe in.
9:25 pm
[inaudible conversations] march 21 is the actual county convention. they will let you know when the next meetings are. it is basically the overall committee to set up the whole convention and from there it breaks down to work on getting security in the building and somebody will work on all the different things. like it breaks down into a bunch of committees. it's like they overarching
9:26 pm
structure that then breaks down and i want to work on this and i want to work on that. it's basically everything about the convention except for the platform. >> [inaudible] >> yes, that' that kind of stuf. >> we are losing people rapidly. while i still have anybody left to vote, last two orders of business is central committee representative. we would be happy to remain. is there anybody that would like to be on the central committee,, any other nominees for central committee? all in favor of scott, say the aye. last is ratifying the caucus. does everyone feel it has been
9:27 pm
run fairly and well, do you have problems or feelings you have been mistreated? if everybody is in favor, aye. the caucus is adjourned. [inaudible conversations] resulting speeches from the candidates continue tonight on c-span and you can follow along with the candidates and watch other events in all the campaign coverage on the website, 2020.
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c-span campaign 2020 victory is
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planning for our country. [applause]
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the trial is coming to a close. today we urge you in the face of overwhelming evidence of the president's guilt, and knowing if left in office he will continue to speak foreign interference in the next election, devoted to convict articles of impeachment command to remove from office donald trump the 45th president of the united states protect the office of the president and stand firm and protect the constitution,frm a stand firm today to protect the will and american people into votes and i ask that this partisan impeachment come to an end.
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monday the senate impeachment trial of president trump continues with house managers and presidents attorneys delivering closing arguments and final deliberations on the articles of impeachment. the date opens with the house managers. >> the senate will convene as a court of impeachment and the in prayer.ll lead us >> let us pray. the rise of the lord as we enter the final arguments of this impeachment trial. we continue to keep our eyes


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