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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Blumenthal on Impeachment  CSPAN  February 5, 2020 12:19am-12:38am EST

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they are cautioned to be careful to avoid rashio decision decisions, to resist the urges of partisanship for the constitution to work i put my colleagues would hear those. i yield. >> as we think back over the last week sitting together on the floor considering evidence sitting as jurors and judges, i have to remember what i remember these past few days and a personal level a very historical event but the human element strikes me i will
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remember vividly the dedicated public servants who had everything to lose and nothing to gain by telling the american people about donald trump. and his scheme for corruption of personal benefit. their courage great under onpressure and unshakable honesty to be a model i will remember lt. colonel vindman and a man who was brought to united states at the age of three and grew to love the country so t much that he put his life at risk in combat and
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then his career at risk before coming to congress. i remember fiona hill and as i'm quoting my russian security services that fell that the supposed ukrainian effort to metal in elections i will remember vividly the west point graduate and then to
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have a political campaign"book i will remember the whistleblower who came forward to express shock and long and with that democracy to help him cheat in the next election for an exchange more foreign military aid that they so desperately needed to fight their adversary, russia. russia. and then attacking and killing their young men and women i've met some who came to connecticut at bridgeport hospital so badly injured they
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could barely talk and the stories of their suffering and hardship came back to me. if i sat on the floor their courage and bravery and strength will also stay with me. although the moment we raised our hands and took an oath to be impartial all 100 of us, 99 at the same time and a historicalen moment when the weight of that responsibility shook me like a rock. i a will remember to witness evidence and documents firsthand knowledge.
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here on the black and white documents don't lie these were necessary to understand the complete story and the american people deserve the complete truth. that moment unfortunately a moment of disappointment will stay with me as well after responding so well to be a part of this body that i respected and revered. so utterly failing the american people at this moment of crisis and i will remember the audible gasp raised eyebrows in this chamber when professor dershowitz made the
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incredible argument that he can do anything he wants. 's actions are not impeach arguing thee legality. but i am not here to rehash the legal arguments because here it seems pretty clear to me. the president when he sought a personal benefit the investigation of his political
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opponent but with the military funding and in return for that personal benefit those actions are a violation of section two oh one of the united states code violation of criminal law at the time and that's why they put in the constitution but also those that were that convicted and impeached and many of the members of this chamber voted to impeach him although bribery was never mentioned in the articles
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charging him with abuse of power. the idea that bribery or any crime has to be mentioned for there to be abuse of power is preposterous. the only element of bribery that has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt and there is no excuse for that criminal conduct i will submit a detailed statement for the record but clearly bribery has been committed by this president. >> the fact that the president kept his reasons for withholding aid secret, unlike
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other suspension of aid to other countries like the northern triangle in central egypt and then congress was notified. because in secret not to the state department or department of justice we never went to the department of justice or they do but instead but that you seek of a political rifle to target a us citizen, his refusal to provide a single document to congress or allow
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kea single witness to testify keeping testimony and that evidence secret and concealing his defiance of every subpoena in court effectively neutering congresses oversight authority to check any of these abuses. all of it and executive privilege was the reason for keeping that evidence secret but he never really invoked executive privilege. bad it cannot be invoked to conceal criminal conduct but
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instead of resorting to the remedy of impeachment, then they had the audacity to simultaneously exit at the tsame time congress will take a judicial enemy because it has the enemy of that is to evidence necessary for impeachment because you could go to court. so as prosecutor it's a dead giveaway. he is that in this great
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democracy the truth will come out. it always does. is just a question of when. . . . . about what john bolton has written in his book indicates the truth is going toom come out in mid-march with john bolton spoke, assuming the president doesn't try to censor it and tie him up in court or exercise some prior restraint. it will come out in the investigation because there are
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courageous men and women like ambassador taylor and fiona hill and colonel vindman and others who are willing to put country ahead of their personal careers. when my children are all grown up, and they are pretty well grown, i hope they will be more like them then like the president. and they never, ever thought i would say that in the senate of the united states, let alone anywhere. because this president has shown that he will take advantage of every opportunity for self-enrichment and self-aggrandizement whether it is violating the emoluments
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clause, and i have sued him along with colleagues making money from the presidency profiting putting profit ahead of his official duty or seeking to smear a political rival and soliciting a bribe even if the aid went through and of the the investigation was never announced, it's still a crime putting the sauce benefit -- self benefit about the welfare nnd fight an ally at the tip of the spear against a common adversary seeking to destroy western democracy. he is someone who has said show me the boundaries of the law and i will push them and if i can
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successfully cross them, i will do it again and he will. everyone in the chamber knows it. so, as we make this momentous decision, i implore each of my colleagues to think about the gravity of what we will do if we fail to convict this president. the message we send to the country is struggling to overcome corruption because america is more than just the country. a country. america is an idea and ideal. when we implore them to fight corruption, our credibility is shredded when we condone it at home. the framers and their wisdom knew that elections every four
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years were an inadequate check against any president who abuse this power for personal gain and this situation and this president is exactly what they fear when our country was struggling to avoid foreign interference. it was their worst nightmare, foreign interference, the threat of e foreign meddling, exactly what this president has invited. it was the delegate of north carolina that said, quote, if he be not impeachable while in hifice, he will spare no efforts or means whatsoever to get
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himself reelected. it is precisely cheating in a future election, foreign interference in our domestic affairs that the framers established in impeachment. that's why the remedies exist. history will haunt those that fail to meet this challenge should. the truth will come out. the heroes will be the
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independent judiciary and free press. they will continue uncovering the truth and providing freedom of information material under the law and continue to protect civil rights and civil liberties. they will continue their vigilance even if we fail, but we have this task now. history will sit in judgment of us and the future of our republic will be in jeopardy if we fail tomorrow to do the right thing. thank you, madam president, i yield the floor. >> it is the constitutional duty of each senator to weigh the evidence before us and render a na


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