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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Roberts Hoeven on Impeachment  CSPAN  February 5, 2020 1:42am-1:56am EST

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work eachnd day and then sent to congress to deliver results and renew their faith in the institutions and to make life better.en it is truly an honor we need to roll up the sleeves stop the bickering and deliver in the hall of the senate that is where the future lies. i'm am the eternal optimist to find the solutions that move the country forward yes there would be a difference of opinion but americans and the
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young people bridge the gap. but i'm up for the challenge and i hope you will join me. i yelled back. b mac i yield back. >> tomorrow the senate will reconvene again. after performing due diligence along with many others, and considering all assertions by the house and senate managers i believe the president should be acquitted for both charges i do not believe especially during the election year i like everyone listen to 12 days of debate and testimony
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covering nearly 90 hours to reach a conclusion of the constitutional mandates and to serve the nation. i did not state that responsibility but i try to carry it out to the best of my eability as a senate juror i was asked if the house articles of impeachment charging the present with obstruction of abuse of power had merit and if they rose to the level that requires the president to be removed during the election year. and like many of us i am troubled by multiple factors
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quite frankly i have trouble with the house managers demand that we in the senate fill in the gaps the job of the senate. >> and the house managers statements it is clear the role they insist that we do. i believe that house managers were both incorrect and demanding constantly stating that senators had no choice but to agree with that line of reasoning and if we do not
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then we deal with the consequences that was yet to be defined. i served in the house, 16 year years, 12 years before that i know the house. i truly enjoyed my service there. but you don't come to the senate and point fingers at senate members and have the insinuation that we go on trial if we do not do the right thing as they have concluded. enough of that. additionally my top concern is the expectations of conversation. not to mention the future with
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regard to the situation once again our nation finding itself in the world of partisan impeachment. i have been most trouble the house managers have not put cause before personal animus. i would think i know we have access - - access but it is flowing over with personal animus and then to get rid of it whether it's get back home. i did deeply regret that. as our son stated in line - - alexander hamilton said the
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charges and add to the parties are antithetical to the accused so in many cases it will be the pre-existing factions to list all animosity impartiality to influence and interest one side or the other and in such cases always be the greatest danger to the nation that more by the competitive strength of parties of the strength of s,r guilt i don't know how many senators with a professor from harvard. and with alexander hamilton it
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is harming our ability to function as the united states tenant and is already getting threadbare. and with those bills to the american people you have done in a bipartisan fashion despite the witnesses and animus in the senate. and highlighting the farm bill and on the ag committee to work together to accomplish great things along with senators stevan on and the least partisan committee this is what we do in the senate
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and for ranchers and everybody throughout small-town america and the charge was certainty and we had to get it done. and then to get it done so i ask then to rise to a level and then the constitution requires e for each senator and all of us in the senate have concerns the direction this country is headed and coming to time and time again these are not the worst of times when i first arrived here in the senate within weeks we had
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a horrible tragedy of martin tluther king. washington was burning sandbags and live ammunition. vietnam tour the country apart so did watergate and iran-contra and impeachment of clinton just to name a few. today a charge of impeachment against the president places the nation in jeopardy again. house manager assertions are the situation the framers were trying to avoid and the remarks by alexander hamilton as they devise that impeachment mechanism whose actions and danger that republic b so as we did back then we will once again come together. these are not the worst of
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times we are a strong nation because it is in our nature to work together even as we disagree among ourselves. so, i have made my choice very clearre and my plea is let us restore the threads of comity in this distinguished body to work together. we must and we will emerge strong because we will. i yield the floor. >> mr. president i rise to speak regarding the president donald trump. for more than two weeks the senate has listened as house managers and the presidents
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council presented their cases nearly 20000 pages of documents including testimony from 17 witnesses gathered as part of the house investigation on the part of the senate c record. asking 180 questions of the house managers and white house counsel it takes the constitutional duty very seriously and carefully listening to the house managers with the documents and testimony to ask questions the house should not have impeached and the senate should vote to acquit the president. the house n process did not provide the president with important to process ways. and using past precedent at the start of the senate trial the evidence would be admitted
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and then to make the arguments that senators have substantial time to ask their questions. asking 180 questions over two full days to receive lengthy answers from both presidents counsel and house managers. the american publicet has seen the transcript of the call for go president zelensky has said on several occasions that he did not feel pressure to do anything in return for security assistance. rather than military aid was provided to ukraine without any investigations given to those conductedl and do not rise to the impeachable offense. the founding fathers believed
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impeachment should not be used as a partisan weapon. if the president serves at the will of the people with the election to be held in the coming months it should be up to the american people to decide who will lead the country. we need to put the impeachment behind us and get back to work to help improve the lives of americans. these legislative parties for the house and senate to focus the tension and with the nation's infrastructure and to provide middle-class tax relief and to support the military investments and the tribal communities and to secure our borders and continue to fight. these should all be areas to work together on a bipartisan basis i for the american people and keeping these in mind


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