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tv   Author Discussion on the 2020 Presidential Campaign  CSPAN  February 8, 2020 12:44pm-1:30pm EST

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thee ♪ how great thou art ♪ how great thou art [applause] >> thank you very much. >> that was wonderful. >> that was really fun. thank you. i don't know if we have time to spare. [inaudible conversations] >> please welcome james carville, senator jeff flick, karl rove, and bret stephens.
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>> blocks are blog whether welcome again. all the way at the other end. far to my right which he isn't, is james carville. who led in the -- [applause] >> let the 1992 clinton campaign and the ragin camein was a powerful force. next is senator jeff flake, who -- [applause] -- who i feel i'm becoming best friends with, was the author of the conscience of a conservative, a rare that republican who dared to disaggrieve we trump then karl rove a strategy grim from the 2000 and 2004 bush campaign and a powerful voice in the republican gm and finally bret stephens, the "new york times"
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columnist who wrote an op-ed titled can anyone save the g.o.p. now, james has asked me if he can start this off by presenting a gift to karl. go ahead. >> so, karl writes a year-end column "wall street journal" making predictions for 2020 and his first prediction is james carville would be happy because lsu would win a national championship. so karl you won one on the year and i bought you a gift. you know who that is? >> job sherman. >> the first president of lsu and it says, kicking ass from the get-go. he will ask you what it is. and you'll now know. he torched georgia in january of 155 years ago and the torched south carolina in -- january.
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and joe burrow and sherman grew up 32 miles from each other. >> we'll talk but the rest of karl's predictions and whatever other predictions people have and i'll start with jamesment from an analytical point of view, with what you want but what do you think is happening in the democratic base right now? >> suppose possessed mack all your debts feel good and republicans feel nervous. i can't do. that i'm nervous. if i play it out, it's really -- you have to have some assumptions that we get to the fall eww nighted and i this the divisions going to map fest enemies. hopefully somebody will emerge with the skill to unite the party but that's a high chance -- there's a chance that
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we fracture. it really is. the process how it goes on, biden -- the best scenario, just want to do democratic -- is biden win iowa and new hampshire. doesn't seem to be likely to happen and there's a real good chance this thing comes down to bloomberg and bernie, neither one have been traditional democrats which is really odd but the kind of bloomberg scenario that bernie would emerge and he would be the last one standing, is -- i can't tell you 50-50 it's going to happen bus that's not a long way out there kind of prediction. i could see that happening easily. and then when that happens, who knows what. but you will have some pretty serious riffs but it's funny because the nonrepublican pretty much did in the republican party
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and the democrat at their hour of great need might be faced with two people are about really democratics diguess belowberg is now but bernie is not a democratic north even a member of the party. >> bloomberg switched parties as often is a winston churchill did. let me follow up on that. do you -- did the rest of you agree if a sanders or warren emerges from the early primaries and biden falters that bloomberg with his enormous throwway, his bills and advertising, cannot only become the moderate alternative or the center left alternative that actually prevail? karl? >> i'm a little dubious about it. if have great respect for michael bloomberg did an extraordinary job as mayor but as james said, not really a democrat in the traditional sense, and i just think that the idea of the billionaire is going
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to -- itself is the billionaire versus bernie, people will -- a lot of democrats we say i want the true democrat but i don't think -- i think bloomberg is overrated. his spire strategy is based on biden imploding before march 3rd and on march 3rd where over 40% of the delegates will be elected, that he has spent probably a bill dollars by that day and already two weeks ago he was at 217 million on television alone but i bet you he is close to billion dollars by the 3rd 3rd of march and the idea is somehow or another biden will collapse bit they that day, going inherit biden and inherit the center of the democratic dec party and become the guy, and i just don't see it's going to be that easy. i'm with james. think the democrats have a real problem with fracturing because bernie has momentum, enthusiasm, excitement and leading in both
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iowa and new hampshire. i don't think he does as well in nevada and south carolinaen and the thing guess on to be a contest but he got 48-46% of the vote last time against hilary and can't be easily dispatched by billed from belowberg. >> you thick bernie sanders or elizabeth warren is electable? >> yes. >> go ahead. >> sure. i don't know about warren but sanders certainly. first of all, nip who is the nominee is electable. period. i think of you're in the nominee of a major party, there's at least a 40% chance you'll win the election. >> have 'being the speech writer in 19 2 i'm not sure i entire live agree with that. >> except for mcgovern. my whole experience comes from trying to think seriously about my serial mistakes when it came to thinking but the 2016
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election where we not just i but i think also my colleagues at the time at the "wall street journal" were convinced that while trump had a great deal of enthusiasm behind him, it was a kind of a fringe movement. there was a hard ceiling to his support, the fact he was likely quote-unquote up electable would make mainstream republicans see rope at some point during the primary season, that he would inevitably say something or some revelation from his past would come to light that would sink his candidate candidacy. it's improbable he won the nomination and no chance in hell he would win the election. wrong of appear count. so behooves to us think through those errors and the reason that trump was able to win is he spoke in his way -- i don't agree with much of what he has
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to say -- but spoke a deep truth to a large section of the republican base, and he seemed to be willing to say things that other competitors weren't willing to say. the fact he was able to draw those enormous crowds with a very telling indicator that people should have been looking at, the evidence of the sense as opposed to pundit triand polling data suggesting he couldn't do go. sanders has all of those strengths and then some. there's another aspect of sanders which is if he becomes the nominee i don't see democrats moving away from him because the desire to unseat trump is so powerful among democrats that i think most of the democratic party will swallow hard and vote for bernie and hope he'll be contained by congress, wheres a great many republicans, waiverring rubbles or mod rots who didn't vote for hillary clinton. one more thing with respect to bloomberg. don't think he has much of a chance but if in the happy event
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he did become the nominee, his slogan should be vote for me i'm a real billionaire. and actually he was asked in texas the other night, do you think the american people would accept other presidential race between two texas billionaires, and he replied, who is the other one? >> i don't think -- well issue don't think it's wise to easily dismiss joe biden. those who have dismissed him or prone to smith him, dismissed him by now and he's still leading most of the country and i do -- recent polling does suggest that democrats -- i think this has led to elizabeth warren sinking in the polls us because they do value beating donald trump more than they value having somebody that they agree with on most every issue.
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and so i recognize my own predictive failures in the last election in all of us but i think that might lead us to say, well, that michael bloomberg can't be counted out if joe falters. think that theif you look the mid-term elect faces kind of proxy, there were 15 million more democratic votes cast around the country than republican votes. a lot of those of will be so call wasted in california 0 others given the elector to college but there's more enthusiasm and i do think that will be toward someone that they believe can beat donald trump. so i think that joe biden is still the likely candidate and in that case i still think it's the democrats to lose but i do think that either bernie or elizabeth would lose to donald trump. >> i want to turn to -- unless
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you had something to say, karl if want to turn to other thing but the democratic race before i turn to the other side. kamala harris, for example, entered the race, thought her hole card was south carolina because the electorate there is heavily african-american. and it turned out that african-americans didn't rally to her. in fact she wasn't doing very well with them and the same thing happened to cory bookerrer and the same thing happened with hispanics to julien castro. what happened james to the idea that identity politics was somehow or other going to take over this race? >> it's a baseball prospect. a californian, attorney general, good looking, got pedigree. she had nothing to say.
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she stepped up to the plate, took three pitches and went back to the dugout. cooperate figure out our position on health care which is kind of a big issue in the democratic party. she took -- that was it. got to swing the bat, have to try. everybody was kind of excited. i don't -- the best scenario is biden but there's a saying in the marine corps if you wish in one hand and do something necessary the other hand, the ehand will fill up faster than the hand you wish in. and i just have -- i fear that the democratic party becomes the labor party in the uk. when it ran against a guy who is unpopular, couldn't even comb his hair, thank you. got into something has no idea
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how to get into and he got crushed because it was an election they should have won hands down. and they didn't. and so when you good and say, gas, if they're going -- you're right. the republicans -- i don't buy this myth -- we got 46.1 in 2016. they get 44.8 in 2018. they polling at 42.5. there's convergence. like 57% of the country wants a change. if we put somebody up that off evers some rome change we have -- people want to say, we need change, get these crazy people. not going to change their mind. you have to pull for 57. that's a good number. that's a really good number. and the other thing that's happened in american politics, sorry but it came fast.
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but those voters are not democrats like i am. most of them voted republican are kind of moderate. became democrats because of trump. you can lose these people and that's what i worry about. and i -- and i also -- the bernie people, anybody not with him is a sellout, a traitor, a corporate whore, you've name it. the story, the people on facebook, once you go down that path it's very hard to pull back. it's very hard. and i want to make one thing -- the difference between sanders and warren. elizabeth warren is a democrat and she's a capitalist at the end of the day. she is. she may not like it but she wants higher tacks or anything but at the end of the day, she is.
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they get lumped together, any open permanent view she did too much to try to chase his left tail around. and if she is able to scratch out a third and she can come back in the redemptive way and talk about the things she learn, i do not equate her and sanders in the same thing. i really don't. >> karl. >> i'm with james on the view that sanders is dangerous for the democrats. the democrats could be for him but this election ill decided by eight to 10 or 11 or 12% of the ethree-at that says i'm open to voting -- i'd like to vote against trump but i'm not going volt for a lunatic. and if you want some evidence of this, take a look at house district 28 in texas last night. this is a district that was won by trump by ten points but going away from the republican. a republican state legislator
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got 28%. 10 cruz won the district by 3.1% which is pretty dam close in texas. the democrats came in bid. spent 1.3. biden indoorsed her, bloomberg went door to door, warren indoorsed issue holder endorsed, obama endorsed, 500,000 from their national super pac on state legislative races, $1.3 million, 9 % of thunder contributions from outside of. the district. 71% from outside of texas. the republican is sort of goofy, he's got -- adopted 11 children. triathlons and is sort of goofy, crushed her in the largest turn identify in the history of any texas special house election by -- a third large are -- >> 58-46. what's going on with the vote in texas.
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>> 58-42. so he gets twice the margin that is popular predecessor, who resigned in order to become the chancellor -- vice chancellor of the university of texas, in charge of their -- so, what happened? the brand the national democrat colorado you had elizabeth warren in favor of an immediate ban on fracking this is a houston energy suburb. you biden in favor of an immediate into drilling in the gulf of mexico, which is a huge driver, the biggest single driver in the houston economy. you hall julian castro who is in favor of health care for illegals and beto o'rourke who is going to take your guns and they nationalize this race and what happened is those suburbanites who were willing to vote for joe biden or a reasonable democrat said the republicans talking about
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property tax relief, public school support, school safety programs, emergency preparedness because it's a hurricane area, and he's talking about things care about and here's all these national drops talking about things that offend me as a sub-under anite. one thing that wig bring the suburbanites back. they're loose lie linked for the mid-term with at the from but what will bring them fong temperature the republican is if the democrats nominate somebody that scares the shit out of them and bern enough does that. >> cough said that, i didn't. >> you've agree with it. >> i am facinated with this identity politics question i ask. we're going to do more horse race stuff. but it's very interesting to me that african-americans didn't go to the african-american candidates, hispanics didn't go to castro and "the los angeles times" poll will have some very interesting data on who women
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are supporting on friday. and buttigieg doesn't get the youth vote. so, what is happening? >> i think polls are overrated. often -- identity is overrated. what seems as identity fit doesn't seem like an identity for an insider. i'm jew wish. the idea of me voting for bernie sanders is insane. >> would you vote for trump if he was the nominee. >> i'd vote for whoever the libertarian is. but so i think we tend to exaggerate just how those identity affinities do-you'll vote for. the candidate up maltly that you fall in love with. and that sense of passion is i think the great driver of politics which is why i disagree with james and karl but bernie's
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chances if he becomes the nominee. i appreciate and i understand the power of the argument but its hard to argue with the crowds and i have to tell you if you're under the age of -- i was -- i'm 46. meaning the soviet union collapse when i was 18, i just turn 18 years old. anyone younger than i am -- the word socialism, the fact that bernie sack terse wars hanging out with ortega. all the stuff that matters to someone my age or elder means zero or next to zero to any of your kids or grandchildren, and when sanders says social jim, what are you talking but no i'm talking but copenhagen and great medical care. it's actually fairly credible. the fact it that he has a quality -- has qualities of sincerity and a certain kind of mono mania that has an appeal
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for the same reason that if you had told me that january 2016 when i first was coming to this festival, it's going to be donald trump, i would say you're crazy, he's not even a republican. he's obviously out of his mind. and any given moment he's going to start quoting mussolini which at one point he did. and it didn't stop anything because he was able to reach deep into the heart and soul of a certain corner of the republican base and persuade the remaining republican that whatever his flaws, he was preferrable to the alternative on the other side. that's why trump won then and i think that's why sanders has a very good chance to win now. >> jeff? >> i think for the same reason. talk but trump winning. a lot because of economic anxiety that he played on, particularly in the key states, pennsylvania, michigan,
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wisconsin, and i think that bernie will, if he is the nominee, get most of the democratic votes, but there arlet of independents out there and it's that 8% to 10% that karl mentioned that simply won't go for him. that i think spells a trump re-election if he is the nominee. i think there are lot of millenials who don't understand what socialism is, and aren't as concern but those who are going to the ballot box with some economic anxiety or concerns aren't going to go for bernie. they will go for trump. >> david rothman called me this morning. you know what joe biden's number is in iowa quinn -- win -- quinnipiac, 3%. i didn't double-check it but he has a reputation of being pretty
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accurate guy. and to the point -- i taught at tulane for a long time in '08, and if you had outcome -- you are 20 years old your experience with capitalism hasn't been positive. your parent its went throw thank you hosing bust, the cost of occasion skyrocketing. they don't have -- don't have any particular reason to be enarmorred with the free market system. really don't. and if you read two pieces, john chain shape who i agree with more than nip and read wrong brownsteen, a very savvy political analyst, very smart guy, on just the cost of the stuff that bernie is proproposing empeople saying going to bust this argues. if you saw it.
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they'll save $40 trillion. and they they're going to he brookings institute or something like that, it's in range and people have to -- want to make an informed choice. the other thing is bernie sanders has never been vetted. has never been vetted. and i'm just going to tell you why because he ran against hillary so the press is definitely not get to to vet him and now everybody is scared. to you reed jonathan achieve and ron brownsteen. the other side tries and people say you need to run this play. they are trying to tackle you. that's the way the game works. and i just hope that whoever the nominee is, be informed and i hope the democrats make an informed choice. because right now, they don't have all the information.
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that's my central -- >> you don't even need to read -- just watch the interview in the last 36 hours and bernie says what is the price tag, he says i don't know. i don't care. >> he doesn't pretend that it's not going to cost -- the one thing that bernie -- the most destructive bias in the democratic party is cultural arrogance. bernie is not cultural arrogant. doesn't have the aura he is better than you. he says of cures it's going to cost more but why don't you just add -- i like -- i'm scared to death-nobody scared -- however you really want to get red of nuclear energy? ought to be building more nuclear plants, for goo sakes, man, we figured the engineering out. you can extract every carbon out of the air and -- you have
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inside you bad this is. people don't. but if you got to treat it seriously and if anybody comes to you, yeah, you have to tax the living crap out of carbon, have to have nuclear, engineering, diplomacy, i mean, treat it like it's a serious problem. going to have a federal job gap. deal if it on its own without -- knowledge -- this is a drs there's no doubt this is the biggest crisis the world -- the biggest crisis we ever failed but you have to be serious about it. and the frackers ran the coal company out. not the environmentalists. you can't ban it right now. not going to go. but you have to f-not taking this issue seriously i don't think. >> okay. i want to move on to trump and the general election but before that i want to come down and
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james you can start. what is your take on iowa? what's your prediction? we're five days out. >> my take is that the turnout is going to be so enormous and it's going to be so difficult and the 15% threshold. we're going to be surprised mom it be surprised at bernie sanders wins by 11 points, but the idea that this is going to end up like 27 -- i don't think that's going to happen. i think the whole system is -- a long interview -- the whole system will be taxed and we didn't have to it in '92 because harken was running against us because you -- 15% good to the other place, watch the turnout. mike mcdonald told me, 135 million people voted in
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2016. when you interject that kind of engagement in the political process, i don't know -- something is going to give. 2018 had the highest turnout in an off-year election since woman got the right to vote. that's not a little tidbit to pass around in a bar at night. that's a staggering story. that's staggering. and the levels of engagement are just going up. this is not a good time for the prediction industry. >> jeff, you want to go to work in the prediction industry? tell me what you think will happen in iowa. >> bernie wins iowa but doesn't matter much because it doesn't last. rick santorum won iowa for at the republicans in 2012. by the time the next day happened, everybody moved on to -- because they thought mitt romney won, actually santorum
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but doesn't matter you move so quickly to new hampshire afterwards, it's almost an afterthought. i think biden -- i'm sorry -- bernie will win but biden's challenge is not to come in third or fourth or down the list a ways and as long as he is competitive he is set up well for not necessarily new hampshire but north carolina later. -- or south carolina. >> karl. >> i'm with james that this is going to overwhelm the democratic apparatus and this requirement you sew up to 1,681 precincts and i your candidate doesn't have 15% you get to go home or change your mind and go with somebody else. that's going to cause this night to be very long. i do disagree with james. i'm more with jeff on this. the senator is right. i think it's going to be relatively close. going to be at least three, probably four and could even be five candidates who get delegates, 41 delegates. not be surprised to see the
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top -- between number one and number three for the difference that delegates to be the difference between 16 and 13. so i think they're going to be crammed up there i think that bernie is will have in momentum coming out of iowa and new hampshire because i think he's going to win both but then he goes screaming into nevada and nevada, he's got a big group of sander sanderristias but the big name is culinaryin union who hate medicare for all. they say to member is you're slinging hash in a diner or waiting tables or cleaning rooms and in a hotel, join the culinary union and we'll give you gold-plated health insurance and that's how they recruit members so they ain't going for bernie so between south carolina, where again they're not going to go for that guy from the weird state where they drink coffee with maple syrup in. they're going to biden and will
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re find ourselves on march 3rd d three or four candidates having blocks of delegates they can be a player. >> bret. >> i love making predictions where you might remember my mistake, but here we are. i suspect that bernie wins narrowly in iowa, handily in new hampshire and then moves on with a considerable amount of momentum. the case for joe biden is entirely on paper. you actually see the candidate and it's another story. and that form over retail politics really still does matter. he just seems to me -- and i have great respect for him as a man and so on, but a kind of -- i'm going to say this -- the jeb bush of the 2020 cycle.
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appears to be terrific in theory and then done connect, doesn't communicate, feels how should i put i -- low energy, and i -- >> even you're quoting trump for god sake, man. >> and that will have an effect. i know that -- i think by the way, the primary process, the caucus and primary process works differently between republicans and democrats, which is that republicans really i think a light on the obvious candidate at an earlier stage and then there's a sort of process of tribulation and then it happens. whereas democrats, instrikes me, have a lab of falling in love and when love strikes it's like lightning and thunderstorm in the sense when obama won in 2008, everybody thought that hillary clinton what a shoe-in but there was no love for her and there was love for him.
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>> you mentioned senator santorum. senator kerry had the funnest line in american politics. he said that santorum is the latin word for asshole. >> all right. a couple of comments. >> you don't have to comment on that. i'll probably get in trouble for my language here. but it's a pretty good line. >> a couple comments on iowa. we realize that there are going to be three metrics in iowa. report for in the first time. the initial total vote, including the people who don't make threshold of 15%, then report the vote of people who do make 15%, leaving out the ones who didn't and then they'll report what they call the delegate equivalents the number of delegates going to regional convention. we could end up with three winners but i'll go out on a win.
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the iowa democrats are pragmatic. and i think that as the minds concentrated over the five day that joe biden whose numbers have held up remarkably well nationally after everybody predicted he would fall apart are there's a good chance he will win the caucuses. say that remembering that on showtime, on the circus, the sunday before the 2016 election, i said, no how no way, not in this universe or any other universe can donald j. trump be elected presidents of the united states. enough i want to turn to the republicans and start with karl. i want to turn to trump actually. the trump strategy so far seems to be to double-down on a campaign directed to his base. last time he drew to an inside straight. narrowly caring wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan, changed 38,000 votes and hillary clinton is president. if you were in charge of the
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trump campaign, what strategy would you have trump pursue and do you think he'll do it? >> well, first of all, left me slightly disagree with you. think they talk like they are spending all of their time focuses on the 46%, but in reality they're not. and people are starting to pick up that they are not. they -- if you talk to them they are going to make a legitimate effort to give themselves 8% of the african-american vote to 14 or 13 which may sound anemic but if you win michigan by 11,000 votes and you got 8% of the african-american vote and now suddenly you get 11 or 12 and add another 10 or 20 town totes. same with latinos, the question is whether they have a strategy for the suburbanite who they got in 2016 in sufficient numbers because it was hillary clinton they were running against and then lost in 2018.
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so, i think that the strategy is reason my simple. duplicate what barack obama did in 201. his re-election numbers in 2011 were similar to where the president's re-elect numbers were in 2019. and obama did three things. one of is he said i have a second act. used the state of the union address and other things throughout the summer, the dreamers in the summer of 2012 to say i got a second act in me. the second thing he did was he erayated mitt romney at a moment of vulnerability. a prewitt tocrat who doesn't have any -- plutocrat who dent have any concern for americans. a innovator in the garage inle la jolla and they did that let string, early summer when romney would be the nominee but was out of money and thirdly, they had a
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meticulous effort to get out the vote and on the third thing, that the trump campaign is doing. that whether they're going to do the other two i think are very up up for grabs. >> we only have seven and a half minutes but james you're taking notes. >> the dominant feeling among democrats around the country, fear. that's what every democrat feels deep down inside. we can't blow this. that is -- and that permeates everything. and this is going to be a downy. it's not going to be defended monday night or in a short period of time. given the level of engagement, where people are. look at the democratic fun raising numbers -- fundraising number, the senate democrats and
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republicans. there's so much -- money powering in on the democratic side, just can't stop it. in of everybody is scared. and people going to focus, refocus and going to focus. these are not normal times. they're not. not a predictable thing. just too much engage. , too much fear, too much turmoil. i don't know what wail help but like a lot of democrats i'm scared. >> idd a advice the trump administration to work on those areas. use some pharmaceuticals and go into suburban u.s.a. and say here's what i've done working with the democrats, remind them of this. the problem is those tunnels quickly vanishing in an election year, opportunities to work with the other side, and when he gets in campaign mode, can't look at any of the campaign stops look the one last night in new jersey and try to argue he is appealing
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to a broader electorate. he knows nothing i think on a campaign trail but to double-down, and the time to work with congress and actually getting something you can point to, to say i really doing these things, is quickly vanishing. >> wait a minute. is not any favorite and i'm not his favorite but give. the guy the due. strong economy, good jobs numbers, usmca, china and we can talk whether or not it's a big deal but looks like a big deal and he has a similar ability in the balance of the year to say we're working on china, second round, and we're doing -- making great progress with the uk on a free trade deal with britain which they want to have and we want to have. so he doesn't necessarily need to have anything in congress but i want to say i agree tote live with james on then point that there are so many variables and so much at stake in this election that it's going to be
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hard to predict this. more than anyone election since maybe 1980 the outcome is going to depend on how the individual campaign candidates and parties handle themselves from the time of the democratic convention in july in milwaukee, and the republican convention in august in charlotte, through to the election day because they're going to be a lot of people who sit there regardless of who the nominee is, the dynamic is different if it's biden or sanders but a lot people saying, i know what i got. is the other thing going to be in the bitter for me for the next four years and hough the two otherwises trump and whoever the democrats choose, handle. thes during the roughly 90 to 110 days is going to be really critical and a way we haven't seen since those final moments of october and november of 1980 when the country said we're sort of most of us predisposed to vote for carter but enough off up for grabs we're open to vote for thief guy reagan if the
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convinces us he's up to the john and what happened. he convinced. the. hough that it will play out, damned if i know. it's going to be one hell of a thing to watch and how they happen. thes will have a huge impact. >> bret and then james. >> i agree with karl. i look for a countervailing thought which i'm not sure i agree with. the art of disagreement extends to myself. other than sanders, warren, i'd vote for any democrat just because i think this president is so atrocious, but this republic will survive a second trump term, number one, just as we are all living and breathing right enough four years after -- three and a half years into the trump's first term, and. the second thing is, if trump is re-elected it won't be the worst thing for democrats because
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james said something earlier on which i think is very true, the democratic party today is deeply kell tourly out of touch with where the rest of america and is you see it with people for whom the fact that we have 3.5% unemployment in this country, which is a miraculous' and fax figure, seems to cut no ice,s itself itself doesn't matter that people at the very margins of the labor market are sufferedly finding opportunities to be employed. that really does matter. and when a democratic party that historically has purport it to represent marking class americans or americans at the margin of sew size ceases to care about it because nobody they know is out of work, nobody they know has the kind of struggles that a lot of working class americans do then that party is in trouble. and i don't think because of the
1:28 pm
democrats spent some much time convincing themselves that trump hood winked his way into power, they haven't come to terms in a deep sense with the meaning of his presidency. and something lick that ought to happen and will help the democratic democratic party in the long-term. i desperatery hope that the democrats nominate by some fluke mike bloomberg and i'll happily vote. >> under judgment -- >> have a minute let. >> democrats in trouble. the biggest off year in history. every off -- other than the one in texas, 85% of the special elections we profoundly outperformed democratic performance. we won the governorship in kentucky and louisiana. repeat, kentucky and louisiana. this is not -- this party has 57% of the electorate to craw from. if it is smart, we should win in a landslide.
1:29 pm
and everybody knows what the economic numbers. most of the people benefit from trump's economy live in urban areas and the democrat but this is part if it's smart will win the senate back. we are ahead in four senate seats and probably going to -- real in gain in to seats in georgia. we have a golden opportunity. this is the stuff that you wait all of your life to see. going into a general election. and i'm just scared to death we'll throw it over. the fence. >> karl is shaking his head no but we have to end on this. >> they did it before and they can -- >> i don't think trump can get reelected bet the democrats can lose. >> if can't talk his way into office, we can talk our way out. >> james, jeff, karl, and bret, thank you very much. we could go on twice as long. [applause]


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