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tv   Author Political Consultant Frank Luntz on the 2020 Election  CSPAN  February 8, 2020 1:29pm-2:17pm EST

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and everybody knows what the economic numbers. most of the people benefit from trump's economy live in urban areas and the democrat but this is part if it's smart will win the senate back. we are ahead in four senate seats and probably going to -- real in gain in to seats in georgia. we have a golden opportunity. this is the stuff that you wait all of your life to see. going into a general election. and i'm just scared to death we'll throw it over. the fence. >> karl is shaking his head no but we have to end on this. >> they did it before and they can -- >> i don't think trump can get reelected bet the democrats can lose. >> if can't talk his way into office, we can talk our way out. >> james, jeff, karl, and bret, thank you very much. we could go on twice as long. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] >> turn me up has a different meaning than when bill clinton says turn me up. >> politics. >> that's the whole thing but the told me i'm not allowed to tell political jokes so everything i tell you is truism really did attend the white house christmas party back in december. ...
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but you know i am a pollster and we will find out whether the camera people will catch me or not. i want to have them catch me a little bit higher up. can you raise the camera rather than lowering it. i ask a thousand women would you have relations with bill clinton if you could 21% said never again. i wanted to do something that was very important to me and i can't actually believe that you are here. i'm grateful to have been invited. this is an honor and privilege
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for me. it's been a very difficult couple of weeks but the fact that the greatest living historian is in my audience i was raised to be like you. i learned so much from you. as much as the stories are really powerful it is how you carry yourself. it is a love that the love that you show this country. you are like that petri patriot and chief of america. [applause]. i will be on my best behavior i will try really hard. by applause if the election was held today how many of you if it was between trump and an unnamed democrat who in this
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room votes for donald trump. a plot. who votes for the unnamed democrat. [applause]. do you notice something. the gold seats are the trump seats and all of the democrats are sitting back there. i'm here to liberate you. i'm not supposed to do this. but in about two minutes if people are here by that point. we will have an interaction in the session i will take questions a lot of it. i will ask you questions i will give them two more minutes to come. i'm getting by you guys to come up so that we are closer i like this group much better than this group appear. >> i have always related to the group but doesn't
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necessarily shower in the morning but you should not be behind ropes. but get people to marmots, it is much easier for us to do it that way. second, this includes republicans. anyone can vote on this. would you rather had mike bloomberg or bernie sanders. a plot of its bernie sanders there are 300 people in this room and not one person applauded. this is like bernie sanders thanksgiving day table. bernie sanders is so old he takes an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.
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this favorite painting as a last supper. bernie sanders is so old the only time he doesn't have to be as is when he has been. joe biden said he was a constitutional expert. we cannot laugh at ourselves anymore. we are so divided and so angry. i remember i used to tell people that bernie sanders knocked on 50 doors in a single day trying to find the last undecided voters in iowa hillary clinton knocked on the same 50 doors and she was just trying to find a bell. [applause]. i want you to queue up the
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video. i will play it for you in four minutes. if there are still empty seats i think there will be. q it up. pause these are the outtakes. i've been doing focus groups for hbo cbs and fox. these are the outtakes. i will just let it run. these are people like you you will see people who look just like you. you sound just like you. and they treat each other so horribly. they won't put them on television because it is an embarrassment and they don't think it makes these networks look good. i want you to see the word that has driven me now for the last five years. we have to be willing to speak truth to power is not saying
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the other side is wrong. that is the easy part we have to tell our people the people that we supposedly support that they are wrong. and shouldn't speak that way. i know there is some trump people. i will start with the statement you still can't justify how he speaks you can't justify how he treats how many of you had kids, raise your hand. how many of you have grandchildren raise razor hands. how are there more people with grandchildren than kids. >> i thought biologically that was impossible. i need to go to one of the scientists sessions. it's a husband and wife is that brother sister is not cousin it is grandparent grand
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child. they both had the same enemy. laugh back you want to fix the things that you got wrong. we don't. we would not allow our children to talk the way these politicians talk to each other. you would shut them in their room if you're a trade daughter have a coach for the soccer team and spoke the way that some of the leaders speak he would have that coach fired what you. i don't understand it. you can agree with the policy i will only show you about four minutes of it.
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a number to talk about it. now let's roll the video. should we lock the doors. why did you lock the door at night. if you can lock your door at night. it took four minutes for this to degenerate. and the group just came apart. is this america? how many of you think this is america. >> say right now.
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it's happening right now. this is what i think. it doesn't matter where embassy is. if it is a playground. do you think it's the embassy? how do you make these possible. the reality. [indiscernible]
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[yelling] the reality is. [yelling] >> do you think the children to watch watch this can be proud. are they can say this is constructive. why are you doing it. why are you yelling. >> this is the way america has become broken down. i don't hear that. raising our voices and talking over each other. even that. i'm still talking.
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both of you are doing this. you want to pick a fight with her. there is a difference between intelligent conversation and simply yelling. your attitude is the problem. why would god choose the color of our skin. who do you think is making the choices. you tried to force it on everybody else. you're making a lot of gross assumptions. with the anti- lgbt in indiana. so what.
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>> it all comes down to what the other person has to say. open up your ears and not your mouth. then way what's going on. everybody tries to be aggressive and brittle and all this stuff. i couldn't stand out watch that guy. trump will get down in the dirt and work with you. >> you have a president who takes on women, minorities everything but white americans. you can't handle that. he won by the electoral vote square. enough. the first one was in orlando florida the second was in cleveland and the third one
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was right near by and phoenix arizona. it they are telling me not to do it. so do this. if you can come fill in the seats back here but not to disrupt it. i'm going to get chewed out now but you promised you move back for the other ones. i do want you closer and this is one of the reasons why i come out here. i want to be as close to you guys as possible. my first question for you how
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many of you think and i'm going to invite three of you to speak how many of you think the president should be a role model to the country for the nation, raise your hands. i want you to stand up she said of course and she's telling him to get up. this is why there are so many divorces in america. now you have to suffer through it. i don't care who you support how should the president of the united states present himself or herself. >> in the image of the country. they should be at the highest level to not degrade our image both at home and around the world. >> part of the focus group is i ask the questions. you're still up. i can't get away. this is your wife's fault that this is happened.
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that divorces can be very expensive. i do the jokes here. do we choose a president or do we choose a president for how the world sees us i know you can say both. but what would be a higher priority. >> i think has to be what americans want. the american president and not the rural president. does your wife say that you can set? you need to have a talk with her when we get out of here. i've never seen that happen
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before. i'm lucky i'm not married to you then. so what we do. what do we do in this situation do you want to participate. i'm in a stand back here so they can hear you. how do we seek leadership that is just and right inappropriate in a time of great pressure at a time of great disagreement and division in this country how should the president be president be responding to that. i think you should go about his duties. we have a mic. we are to fix this.
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i think the president should ignore what is said about him. a president has brought enough shoulders that they can do that. and i think they ought to be respectful and i think they ought to be someone that everyone in the country can look up to regardless of their party. i think we had head that before. there is an argument against that. this is the greatest group of snitches i have ever seen. what happen if the president is not given a fair shake by those who report him. you can say a lot of things about donald trump but you cannot say the press has been fair to him. they did not give him a break from early on. he brought it on himself.
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but they don't report it accurately. they had attacked him in white house press conferences. is that appropriate. and then you can kick your friend after it's done. >> what do we teach our children. when they are growing up. we teach them not to lie to be kind to be loving if there is someone in the playground that doesn't have somebody you call them over. it is for me. but i'm 70 years old and getting towards the end of my life if this next generation that was a joke.
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it's more for the next generation and what they are hearing and seeing. and what they're they are doing for the country. i want to give someone who is pro- trump. you know everyone is can a seo because the camera will be on you. there has to be a better shot of me than my. >> you have to stand. i'm brave. i feel like i don't always like what he says i like what he does. more people are working, he is helping the economy i am doing better than ever. i like that he is keeping a lot of his promises. i'm not afraid to say but it but i want you to know every time i tell someone i like trump a use -- lose a friend. i don't think that is a right either.
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and maybe there is a president who speaks beautifully and promises things and doesn't follow through. or does something behind people's backs. >> we will do a little bit of this today. i want to remind you of how bad it was when i say to you the things that that president has not been treated fairly can you switch videos please. we put together a videotape of what the pundits and the media set about the president just before he got elected even up to election night. even before day one he was not treated fairly and i will show you about it. >> he will not be president. take it to the bank.
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i think that man will be president of the united states the spaceships come down. i continue to believe he will not be present. i will make a prediction for you and i don't get into predictions much but i will go way out on the limb. donald trump well never ever be president of the united states. let's be clear. donald trump well not be president of the united states. it is surprising. he is he's running as a joke. on behalf of this country.
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we don't want to be president but we sadly want you to run. i want you to see this. this is when he was. this conversation is in dangerous one to have your to walk out of here and you will be energized on one side or the other but i will have the conversation anyway because it has to happen. if you teach your kids to be humble and civil and he said to each other can you do the same with other people who disagree with you politically even if it is something as broad as this. you have to be able to have these conversations and if we can't have it in january of election year what happens when it gets to october of election year when every word spoken is going to matter. i will continue the video and one second. i want to see the coverage he was getting from people even before a boat have been cast.
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i think we all need to step back and take a breath. i think we need to look at ourselves. i do things differently. i do open these presentations with jokes because i have to lighten the mood. if i don't i will be miserable. because all of the anger that you feel is directed at me. and it is a problem. we teach our kids and grandchildren to work out conflicts even with bullies and yet we want too. you saw that there. let me roll you the other half of that tape. keep going. the beginning of the end for trump. it's probably the beginning of the end for donald trump.
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we head over 323 electoral votes. all of these other states are in worse shape. and it's the soft underbelly of the traditional republican states. it is to be hillary clinton. you think it will be clinton 322 electoral votes. why can't you see this an area the scenario where trump wins north carolina, ohio and flips pennsylvania which would do it for him or michigan plus one other. >> i can see it. it's pretty plain. i don't think it's likely. right now looking at it. i'd hillary clinton at 280. 332.
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i did a little bit of flipping. i did not look at the numbers ahead of time. posit. there were 19 guests on the sunday show before the tuesday election. of the reporters who were there. they have a very simple question to people of your 20 closest friends i say this now. of the 20 closest friends how many of them were supporting donald trump. i ask the reporters of the new york times and washington post of the average was 1.5. how are you support what happens to someone when you don't even know anyone who is voting for them.
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and the way the reporters are doing it at a new york and washington as they always took trains to philadelphia. they would get off the train and they would call huber and it would take them 45 minutes at the train station right into hillary clinton territory. she was winning all of the suburbs. but they have gone 15 minutes further out they would've seen the trump signs everywhere. and that is the problem that we only seek to affirm what we think rather than to inform it. 97 percent of you would've voted for donald trump if you watch ms nbc. i told that joke of life. they fired me the next day.
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my father was so proud of me he bought me a car. 96% voted for hillary clinton. i am showing you to takes. i want to tell you something about clinton. i'm ask this a lot and i wanted it to be something i've never told audiences before. so here is the third thing for you. i have a conversation with her one of her senior staff people and they said hypothetically what would you do in this situation. do you see her at the convention. some of you may have been there. she looked amazing she gave a really good speech and people thought she was on her way. she could've been truly amazing. is there any question that she could not answer anything that
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have ever been spoken to her that she could not handle so her daughter delivers a very good nominating speech here. hillary comes out she goes to the center of the stage the podium comes up and she delivers a speech which what i would've done. you always had to play both sides. you have to. never ever drink a diet coke within ten minutes of going on and speaking to 500 people. it can get even worse than it is right now. i will do in this roast it in this roast so you will be protected. she is a podium right in front of her. she should've done this and put her hand up the podium would've gone down slowly and if she has her hand up. that's the photograph above
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the fold. the podium disappears into the floor and then she tells everyone look behind you and there is a huge it's a teleprompter is built into the side of the wall behind her. everyone in the audience at this point realizes she's fine without a net and she can do it. she could do it. and then they would hand her a microphone you have it right here. i will do this for one of you guys. who is going to be my volunteer. someone who can stand up and asked me a question. .. ..
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so, she comes down the stairs. now, every democratic convention, please back away. you're scaring me. you can grab a seat back there. there's a chair right there i'm going to come to you. she comes down the stairs. this is how democratic conventions are designed. you feel like you can walk up the stairs and talk to the person. i know for a fact. step on the stairs they point the gun at you, put your second foot own the stair chaise shoot you, but it looks accessible. so she comes down the stairs, holding a microphone and she says, i don't need some wall street speech writers telling me what to think. you and i have known each other for four decades. ' what do you say you and i have a conversation but the challenges facing america and the solutions that we need?
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and the whole place then erupts in applause. she comes down the stairs, fines someone from a delegation, i don't know where you're from. hand them the microphone and i say what's your name. >> randy. >> where are you from. >> indian wells. >> what made you come two minutes -- let's pretend you're here in philadelphia. >> philadelphia, yes. >> what made you come good-get on a plane and fly here? what's the issue that matters most to you and your family? >> i would say -- >> doesn't matter what she says. >> pro choice. >> pro choice. >> guns. >> why does prochoice matter to you? >> because aim a woman and i think it's my right to choose whale want to do with my body. >> let me be clear. [applause] >> too it. do it. >> come on. feeling it. >> what is this meant to be is a
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authentic. i make no promises. but i will only appoint pro choice judges to the united states supreme court. you can bank on it. >> thank you. >> i was supposed to -- [applause] >> she could have in that moment broken all of the negative stereotypes but her being distant, not connecting, but you have to be close and you have to connect. you can't change someone's image if you are standing 30 feet away from them on a podium. you can only change that image by getting close to them some interacting with them. and thanking them and the best thing of all is someone at that point would cry within that 60 minutes i have with them. you know somebody will say i want my daughter to know that a woman can be elected president and i will hug her, and in that
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hug i will change decades of an image of being distant. in that hug i will be hugging all the women watching across america. know what some she wouldn't do it. did not have the guts to do it. so don't yell at me or yell at anyone for what happened because if you're not willing to be authentic, lay it on the line, how can you expect the american people to embrace you? she could have had this election. conversely. donald trump said something during that convention speech that changed the -- dynamicking a we know it when he said, hillary clinton is all about her. her slogan, i'm with you. very smart for trump to point this out. i'm the opposite.
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i'm with you. i will be your voice in washington. and when he said that, the connected to millions of people who had been ignored or forgotten. i realize that most of you in this room don't like him. but most of you in this room still feel that washington is distant, that it doesn't always listen, and doesn't seem to care, and when he said, i will be your voice, there were millions of people who said that's what i want. i don't like him. but i want to be heard in washington. and they were prepared to give him a chance. he should not have won that race. he was behind the whole time. i will tell you that after the second debate, this is the most offensive moment of the campaign for so many of you in this room, but it was what elected donald
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trump. they had been arguing over ethics and having this battle with each other. and she said to him, you're a disgrace. and he looked at her and said, you belong in jail. to many of you in this room you were offended by that. we were doing a focus group that night. the cbs news. my group burst out in applause. they could never afford -- not only would they not be in these gold seats or these silver seats or those seats back there my group account afford to operate the cameras. they would not even be let into this building. when the heard him say those words, i would throw you in jail, to. the it meant he will hold washington accountable, all of washington. and again, i know you're offended, many of you were feignedded. but to the swing voters in america the idea that someone
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might actually hold washington accountable makes a difference. and i went on the air with a khari rose which is ironic considering what happened to him , and i said that donald trump is back in this race, and he killed me on live television. and i went back to the group are because it's not my opinion. it's 25 average americans, which we don't spend enough time with, and they told charlie, finally someone speaks my language. finally someone is willing to hold her accountable. and we know that he was behind by ten points that day. ten points. and that debate changed everything. i want to be responsive to you. i've got seven minutes to go. and then they'll cut my microphone. please don't leave. was it something i said? i by the way i want to thank the woman for waving at me.
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the guy going out, he's determined to get the hell another of this room but at least he says hello. what can answer for you? yes, sir, but you have to speak up. stand up and speak up. [inaudible question] -- >> will sit it out. >> ifber enough is not in the nominee how many 18 to 35-year-old voter wells sit it out. very smart question. you want to know who voted for trump? who turn that eplex in two 2016? me. 55 to 6. pane of them vote for bernie in the primary. not the kid. the kid stayed home. their parents, the 55 to 65-year-old white guy, union member, had voted democrat all their lives, switched to vote trump because they war angry at
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the democratic party for not keeping their promises. trump won a significant percentage of that bernie vote. i don't think they'll stay home and here's why. they hate trump so much and they're so well-organized this time. we'll have the highest turnout we have ever had. by the way -- don't vote often but vote early it if you're from chicago, a lot of dead people are coming back this time. but it's really -- we'll have the longest voting lines we have had in years because everybody wants to participate. everybody is engaged. and i think we'll have the highest turnout than we have had in maybe 50 years. i'll give you the microphone. can you explain something? why do people tie their sweaters like that. >> i don't want to lose it. i'm old. >> can you turn union. >> i tie my sweater because i'm so old, i'll lose the damn thing somewhere.
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okay. i have a question. we listen to the group talk but the politics of the next election. i listen to you, the impeachment has never come up. does it make any difference? >> no. the reason why it doesn't matter is -- a good question -- very few senators that are actually moved by this. i can think of two democrats who might change their vote depending on what they hear. the senator from west virginia and the senator from alabama. that's it. i can think of four republicans that might change the votedful senators from maine, tennessee, alaska, and utah. and that's it. i do believe that they're going to vote for bolton to testify and that's going to change the dynamic. that that's will become ore interesting because it's not going to be staged anymore. i think it's a tragedy.
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i think our historian knows more pout this than i will ever, ever learn, but it is tragedy that they're playing for political theater rather than playing for the decency and the respect and the honesty of this country. [applause] on both sides. [inaudible question] >> the impeachment opportunity -- donald trump dropped one point and raised $40 million. out of impeachment. i have time for a couple more. anyone get -- okay, over there. good,'ll do you and i can get the microphone to you. you sound like my mom. what could defeat donald trump? not anger. not the ugliness that you often hear that is coming from some of the candidates, particularly some of these special interest groups.
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what defeats him is sadness. is a sense of regret for what we have lost. we are -- give him credit, we are a great country. except that the economy is better today. and why aren't people still anxious and afraid? we have more jobs today. but why are people feeling less secure but where they work? you acknowledge the positive and then you ask the question. in subtlety. and it's an appeal to one thing that grandparents cannot ignore and parents talk about every day. what is the american dream? and by the way, i do -- to me the greatest thing that will happen is the next couple of years when the open up a museum and a center that appreciates,
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respects and of and celebrates the american dream in washington, dc. cannot wait. please tell him that we are all very excited. and i want to be guest number one. i get to do a plug. guest number one when they good to the museum so i'm going to give you my wallet and buy dish want to buy a gold seat so i can be the first one in. if you acknowledge where we are and you tell the truth, then people would be willing to listen to the back part of your statement, and the number one definition of the american dream isn't freedom, it's the idea that our children well have a letter -- better life than us. it's not unplaces line, it's what it is. and -- it's not an applause line. the question is, are our kids better off with all that's happened over the last three years? my wallet may be a little bigger. and i may be 50 years old and aim collecting a little bit more
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money but nobody thinks with off the gun violence, hosch things in our schools, nobody thinks the next generation is better off, therefore, that would be how i would present myself. have in expectation whatsoever that the democrats will do that because they're too angry. one more. you got it. then they'll cut me off. thank you. i think you have spoken as have others to the issue of how in this country we defend the indefensible. i'm wondering a political issue and an important one for that, why are candidates, all of them, aren't talking more about the huge national debt that we have under the current administration, and why we're informant addressing climate change as a truly serious, important issue? >> so the man who has done more in the u.s. senate to address the debt than anyone else in the
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six years he served there is sitting right behind you, jeff flake, who spoke before and will be speaking tomorrow. and i don't in the understand it. that was always a deficit hawk and i will tell you something as a way to end this, 20 years ago i worked on the phrase, climate change, because i questioned science. 20 years ago. last year i went before a committee of six senate democrats to tell them point blank, the earth is warming, we are doing damage, and we need to make a change. if i can change my point of view, publicly, after being the guy who did this, then why can't washington face up to the fact that if you look at the fires in kaz their floods on the east coast, what is happening in miami, and florida, climate change is an issue and it's with is right now and we need to deal with it. i agree with you on both points. let me end with this the
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civility and decency of this country are at stake in this election and you have to be involved in it. you cannot walk away from it. you're as responsible as anybody else, and the way you'll fix this is with your kids, and your grandkids. do me a favor tonight, please call home. get your grandkids on the phone and tell them you expect more from them. i just just want a's and win your softball matches. want you to be good people and i want you to treat not just your friend with respect. i want you try treat your enemies as well, shake hands, listen to those who disagree with you and learn. if you will reach out to your children and grandchildren there are 400 people in this room, you can make a difference yourselves. thank you for listening. hope you get to learn something from it. have a good election year. [applause] [inaudible conversations


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