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tv   Campaign 2020 Harts Location Midnight Voting  CSPAN  February 10, 2020 11:55pm-12:16am EST

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well. >> correct. and what's interesting is that two positions have kind of flip-flopped when we first came to hart's location there were about 40 some voters and they have a think about 15 or 20. now it's turned the other direction and i'm not so sure i think mills field is somewhere in the middle. and i think they are an unincorporated town and dicksville is a precinct. >> host: let's show the administrator at the hart's location in thanks for allowing the c-span cameras to cover the event tonight. >> everybody get out and vote tomorrow in new hampshire. >> any questions on a?
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you will be given one of these and we hope that you wear it tomorrow. any questions? tom is doing for timing for us again. if anyone is moving up to vote letbut try to rotate to keep mog between the table. this will be over in less time than ithen it told me to tell yu about it. >> just so you know, the ballots are not in alphabetical order. take a minute. right now they are hanging up so see your candidate on the list. >> they are both loaded with candidates this year, so take a look. and for those of you -- not only
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not in alphabetical order but they are in different places around the state so they wouldn't necessarily be in the same order as a ballot in claremont. the other thing, as soon as we are given a notice to go to open the polls, you need to stick around long enough for everyone to vote because we need the motion to close the poll. you will vote and we will do the tally. we will do a preliminary total, and that is because they have to state to certify the vote and that they take quite a while, but we have a 99% chance of getting it right. if you are undeclared voters and you are voting to a party when you come in, what do we call this election party affiliation
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change form. you can fill this in after the election tonight or return it tomorrow. this puts you back if you want. if you want to keep that party affiliation through the national election in november, you don't have to do anything because you will be registered under the party if you don't change back. any other questions or observations? okay. we are taking down. they are coming behind you.
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[inaudible conversations] okay. on your mark, we will do the countdown. ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, go!
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[inaudible conversations] all of the pencils are here. and your name is? [inaudible conversations] troy degallo.
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nancy holmes. [inaudible conversations] .. >> [inaudible conversations] >> maria.
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john mckennan. [laughter] go around the other way. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] attention please. has everyone voted that intends to vote? then we will close the poll. all in favor quick supposed? closed. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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now we are about to count the ballots. once we have the flow and announce the total you can come in. >> those are republican and these are democrats.
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>> [inaudible conversations]
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>> do you have the tallies over there? and of the tally sheet. okay. and as we counted them in. separate them.
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separate them into absentees so we can total them out faster. >> you do republican and i will do democrat. you lead off. these are more of the democrats. we just need the account right now.
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donald trump. and separate them for the recount you can do that right away. donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. mary maxwell. donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. donald trump. peter wells. donald trump. donald trump. donald trump.
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donald trump. bill wells. donald trump. donald trump. [inaudible conversations] thirteen, 14, 15.
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[inaudible conversations] >> 13, 14, 15. and one mary maxwell.
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one biden. >> all rate - - all right on the republican ticket bill well for. mary maxwell, one. and donald trump 15.
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and on the democratic ticket tickets, klobuchar six. sanders two. tom stier, one. elizabeth warren, for. andrew yang, three. joe biden, one. tulsi gabbard, one.
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klobuchar, lauren, and yang. does anybody have questions? [laughter] >> we appreciate that. >> there you have it the results from t3 by the canada border the first to cast their ballots in the first of the nation primary follow all
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results as they come in tuesday night on c-span beginning with the simulcast from manchester at 7:30 p.m. eastern followed with speeches from the candidates and your phone calls >> the issue most important to me in 2020 is taking care of our veterans and making sure we don't go to war and then to secure the united states. >> and being able to stand up to wealthy investors. >> whether police brutality
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and issues like reparations. >> i am concerned about social programs and maintaining social programs like social security. everybody swears on the bible they will not touch it but that will be the next thing they try to dismantle. >> and to ensure that kids and adults for those federal programs that are suffering that they can get funded the best they can to have children culturally aware. >> voices on the road from c-span. >> from university of new


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