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tv   Rep. Cathy Mc Morris Rodgers Matthew Whitaker Others On China AI  CSPAN  February 28, 2020 5:56pm-6:26pm EST

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going to serve this country for 20, 30, 40 years. those are the legacies. >> ladies and gentlemen our time is up. aren't you happy and are you thrilled that this man is donald trump's right arm? let's give this guy a standing ovation. [applause] >> thank you. ♪
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♪ ♪ in the united states and china are involved in a cold tech war and the winner dominates the 21st century. a decade ago beijing was not considered a contender but now it is a leader. the united states is behind in critical areas. today we will talk about big data, ai, 5g and china's challenge to the world. congressman cathy mcmorris rodgers many people say there needs to be a whole of society mobilization on tax. the question is, isn't that serious? do we need to do this? >> we absolutely need to win the future and winning the future means winning this race, this
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race with china right now. i would submit that we need to approach it the same way ronald reagan did when we seize the ussr and that is what with free markets and a strong national defense. it is all related. in order for us to be a diplomatic power we have to be a military power and the military power you have to be an economic power so winning this race is critical to our future and to american leadership and freedom loving people all over the world. >> the people talk about a whole of society mobilization the question is government is going to be involved of course so what is the proper role of government versus the private-sector? we are talking about socialism. we don't want a socialist response to this but where do we draw the line between the private-sector and government? >> right now we have the left obviously promoting an entire takeover of our economy. if you look at the proposals coming out of the left agree new
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deal and medicare for all. that's the approach that the left always turn what we need is the approach that donald trump is taking right now. it's an american approach laying out the principles that are around freedom and individual rights and individual liberties laying out these principles that encourage the innovation in the technology in the private sector. it is free-market in the private sector and freedom loving people using their creativity that is going to be the way that we win the future. >> matthew whitaker we talk about winning the future what you see as the things that should be done from the government level? >> well i think some of the things that a lardy been done are they trade dispute with china involved to some extent -- if you wanted to sell your products in china you had to
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have the plans for that toality prince being asked would that the chinese. their intellectual property lets be clear that's what the chinese are using technology for to impress their people. it's to use facial recognition software and it is to use data analytics against their people to consolidate their power especially in the federal government. .. >> sofa the rules that we have typically used, in a free society and i see two different systems developing long-term. technology, there is a chinese system and then there is a freight world system that plays by the rules and protects
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intellectual property. it. >> this whole notion after the cold war, women have something that was going to be put together. >> i don't see that happening and i hope i'm wrong. it would be an amazing development. if china actually started being a first world power for their authoritarian state. they use the tools of technology against their people to consolidate their own governmental power. you can have hope. but based on the way that i see this developing. matthew whitaker: i see them, and the chinese, really just continuing their behavior stealing our technology to pursue their own credit. >> i have finally help and that american ingenuity and technology, and so we got to make sure that we continue to allow for the startups and small businesses in the next
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innovators in america but china is using that technology right now. it's the press minorities and in opposition but there also, selling the technology and sharing their technology with other regimes, around the world. so it is a very real race that we are in. matthew whitaker: remember that everywhere chinese have developed technology, the government sits on the technology whether it is new chat, or these other technologies we have seen developing. the government is in those programs and surveilling essentially the transactions on the interactions of the people looking for any kind of messaging activity that is contrary to the government. >> we have talked about china stealing the world data. in the congresswoman just talked about it. this is really the risk for us. if we about ai, and big data, it is china stealing our
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intellectuals property and the property of others. matthew whitaker: just give me a moment this is crazy. this is like being in a howdy buddy rally. could just give me two seconds. i want to show you a photo. so for 20 years, americans literally downplayed the media. we call them the panda huggers in the panda painters. so the panda hugger said, don't worry, will build starbucks and disneyland . in the panda haters said no china rises they will become more destabilizing they will be trouble. so today, likely in america because of our president, the only people that the panda that they are hugging on the panda haters. and this guy a voice for decades about. [applause]. yes. thank you.
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absolutely. so we just say, let's get to the real crunch of the problem and there is a law in china, which basically says, if your chinese company, any data that you own we have free access to. there is no rules, there is nothing in his power data that is why, the attorneys companies are global. james: and you say that's okay, because i'm going to encrypt my data. and does not matter. the chinese are literally going to back him up all the information in the world and they're going to put it right next to the ark of the covenant until the use ai and computing in a figure out how to crack that data and they will use that data to control the world. it is a new nuclear weapon in turn will not be satisfied until
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the world's lone superpower. that is the power you are talking about. and the problem. come back. >> when we talk about artificial intelligence, then make a good argument that the united states is ahead of china and the ai pitch of god to remember, as jim has talked about, ai runs on data. the more data you have, the better your eight i have forms are. this is what we have all been talking about. the three of us for the three of you. congressman rogers, what are we going to do to prevent the chinese from stealing america data. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: we have to win. we have to win this future. but to make sure from a government perspective and from a private perspective, the legislation that we are working on right now around privacy, this is setting the standard for the rest of the world. we have your up doing nothing thing, china has no privacy standards for example. i think it is important that we
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do this in an american way. that is what i was talking about. president trump has laid out principles. he released them at the end of 2019. principles around eight i and they are an american approach. we need to be leading the world. there is huge potential around it so we need to be an american approach that respects human rights and dignity and inclusive privacy protections that we cherish as americans. but ai around solving some of the cancers of current diseases, our future includes driverless cars. china is testing their technology for driverless cars. bangmac one of the things we should be doing is getting attorneys out of these tech corporation partnerships with american companies because although. [applause]. all day though don't develop this on their own, it doesn't really matter because it is what they are taking through illegal means and through these legal
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partnerships. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: and wai way for example, were not going to be using them in a hardware in the united states of america. [applause]. and in pressing upon other countries around the world, but the risk is, as you are saying, they are using any means they can to collect the data and it really is about china's desire to collect more and more data. >> any to us your question because congresswoman talks about something that is really important and that is yes we have competition with china. but we cannot adopt china's ways because we have our own and this is the issue of freedom which i have heard you talk about so many different times and 70 different conference . rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: is fun about it a little bit last night. gordon: we need to remember what ronald reagan has told us is true as the sun is rising, and that is that government expands a
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liberty contract. you see that play out in the contrast of the socialist system. but china and the government pulp of people's lives, and the united states, and is freedom, and we have to remember been reminded time and again it takes one generation to lose all of this. to lose all of it and that is when groups like cpac and turning point in all of the most working out there every day to make sure the next generation, is learning these fundamental principles of liebert liberty and freedom. i think one of the things that we need to help from congress will be protecting especially personal identifiable information. because the data that in, if it is not protected in companies are made to protect it so that they're not packed by the chinese and that data being exploited, we will be in real
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trouble. this is where congress instead of regulating for 20 years ago, need to regulate for the next 20 years. and it needs to be precise, but it needs to just put guardrails on that identifiable information that is ultimately going to protect us from our governments. we talk about the second amendment of the time and how much we love it and how important it is. so one of the reasons is to protect us from tyranny. i see a new second amendment for digital information. it protects us from the tyranny of government as well. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: i agree. [applause]. we absolutely need to be taking our own steps we are leading in congress right now and i would urge people here to impress upon members of congress, their representatives and senators, the importance of taking action been doing it in a white that respects human rights. the american way. we absolutely are in a battle right now.
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we have individuals, on the house for, openly promoting socialism. when you see it play out, and every argument right now, it has been free markets, free enterprise, people expecting individual rights. it seems to be a part of privacy, need to be part of data collection, respecting individual rights that is lifted more people out of poverty and raise the standard of living and allowed creative ideals to arrest and like the world. that is going to be how we continue to ensure global dominance by the american way. gordon: we have a lot of chinese entities doing business in the u.s. they have partnerships with our academic institutions. they have public penetrated our society. you talked about chinese law. here's another little attention and that is china's 2017, national intelligence law which requires every chinese
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individual and every chinese company to spy if demanded by beijing. so here we have in the u.s., and the congresswoman talk about wai way but there are so many others. what are we going to do. this is terrible decisions we have to make. we do have an open society. we allow everyone into the u.s. that is why we are so strong but we do have potential spies interest and they are under a compulsion, and government compulsion to survey us to steal our information. james: that is a big issue and it is a global issue and even if we win the fight here, and we have to when it among friends and allies, that is really to me, the crucial thing, and luckily i think we have the leader of the free world is the president of the united states. this man,. [applause]. 100,000 people showed up, hundred thousand people. no credit, they'll be like five
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guys in coffee shop in dc but you know what, if they can sell that many people, it is really important. one very quick issue. we have to be honest about what we are facing here. it's a lesson for us, on how we're doing with the united kingdom right now. as you may know, they made an announcement, you're going to let while weight commit and build a five-year infrastructure. james: that was a terrible decision. they lied to boris johnson, is that we talk to the americans and they said there were things to do to mitigate this. we talk to american industry they said there things we can do to mitigate this. they lucked out which, we cannot mitigate against the threat. and if you let these people in your system, you will lose. and that is what they did not tell them. i think the decision will be
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reversed i think this president and this administers will do that. but truth to power. james: on this conversation, we have to put before the market people with the real problem is and i'm confident that leaders like this will do the right thing to protect our freedom and prosperity and, pushback. gordon: congresswoman rogers, when we talk about these entities like wai way, we need to get the equipment out of their rural areas. but these other partnerships and silicon valley, this presents a very difficult challenge to an open society like ours. what are your thoughts on that. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: i would sit down at the white house with larry kudlow. they are in top of this. they thought that we had president donald trump and the administration right now, that believes in american leadership.
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collect and is taking head on pretty larry kudlow and the trump and ministration is working right now i'm bringing these leaders together, american industry together so that we can be smart, we can be strategic we can be putting forward a plan that will be american-led with american principles and american values. james: we should've started here, what is 5g. it's not just one more letter and number. 5g's to telecom infrastructure and what a pen and pencil is to a computer. this is the transformative technology that people my age, have seen this incredible transformation. more power here, then putting the space shuttle in orbit. that is the transformation that is coming. and when you take that capacity which will be across all of your infrastructures throughout your entire country, all of your friends and allies, and he went
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to it, the computing power of quantum computing, and the analytical capability of artificial intelligence, this is the next generation world. this is a world that you not recognize in the decades. that is why 5g is just the tip of the spear and if we get this wrong, we are all going to wake up, well mostly good speaking try meet chinese. i won't burn because it's too hard. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: but the hope of all of this is that american has been leaning, it's been american in our free market free enterprise is been american technology and innovation that has been leading the world and transmit ceiling that we have been leaning. that is my hope, european union and the laws that they are putting in place, give you further damper. you'll see them losing in technology and innovation. because i don't have the
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approach. james: the one concern i have gordon is the writing of the five jeep standards, we allow the chinese to be at the table and help them write those standards help five g essentially works. it is very important, standards are very important. so that all of our phones can connect to networks. i think this again where i believe that if china is not going to advocate first world country and play by the rules, we should not allow them to be involved in the standard of writing for future technology. [applause]. at some point in time, and this is the good news for everyone in this room. because donald j trump, as president we will be able to have those conversations and hold the chinese by account and if they want to play by the rules, they have to. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: that is a very important point. we set the standards and they need to, and donald trump and
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his administration needs to hold the rest of the world accountable to those standards. we might have to go into a different direction. matthew whitaker: quite prickly, that would be better. if they're not willing to protect the data problem privacy and not surveilled out the agreement that they produce in the country, and all the kinds of things that we would agree and a no-brainer, we need to not allow them to participate in the system. james: artificial intelligence and five g, the standards will be critical because with a high, ai, one of the homes that i hive, and this goes to congresswoman's rogers point, is that probably china will not be able to honor agreements on the properties of a eye o ai. on genetic research in humans,
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they have violated all of the standards and we've got to be very worried what comes out of china. it seems to me that in terms of the world, they will look to the united states because we advocate those things which the world wants. matthew whitaker: they are concerned about china. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: it will be the combination of the trump administration, president donald trump along with working with american industry to put that pressure on the rest of the world to live up to the standards because the american technology companies, they are doing business in every country around the world and they can help be a part of ensuring we have the right standards in place. american standards that will hold our principles and values. gordon: just mentioned american tech companies especially in china. microsoft and google, with these
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tech partnerships. ai partnerships in china. do we allow that to continue going forward. james: there are really complex issues on both sides. i think this companies are going through very learning big learning curve. we see chinese behavior across the board. and i would say, it would be a mistake if we just dictated on what is going on with facebook. and they ignored what was going on with medium and small businesses across the spectrum. technology, money laundering another's technology laundering. let's set up a joint venture venture. the school was going to together. bring your second-best technology and then what they do is a set up a joint venture, they get the technology, the duplicate it and they set up a duplicate chinese company in the understudy with you. my favorite one is they get a minority. they don't have to own them,
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they just on and started a business. we have to do to diligence. you have to show us all of your wiring diagrams. in all of your business and technology. and then we take it back to china and we still it. and you said it right in the beginning when you said, this is a whole society competition. the one thing that i would hate to leave this with his thinking that if we would've five g fight, we are done here . is like saying if we get the guys on the beaches of normandy, we are done. it is not . winning a tech battle is one battle. as a security competition. there's a battle for the human identity. there is a fit fight for human rights. there is an economic battle. we have to went across the board. and it's and when we have crossed the finish line. when china has stopped trying to take over the world. and they will try to do by every means possible, so it is not just up to us to that fight. matthew whitaker:
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the congress recently expanded a review. this part of the justice. it is exactly on this idea of joint ventures minority stakeholder ownership and the like, is that we really need in this work government can uniquely help and that is not approved these technology transactions for the joint ventures or the like. when they are not in our country's best interest. that is fundamentally. [applause]. i get if you think about that, the process, in his hands of the various departments, whether it is state, justice, that going to be at the table in the zero presidential appointees. and it's going to matter who the executive is because who reviews those transactions and of a socialist for example, is the executive and avoiding those people on that board, you can
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imagine, an entirely different outcome for those technology outcomes the new light other wise be under the donald j trump administration. gordon: forgot to ask this panel one question. president trump wins this reelection in november, what is the first thing you want him to do it in the tech competition in the reelection. start with matt . matthew whitaker: i want to continue eliminating chinese technology or the technology backbone like five g. [applause]. gordon: what is your number two thing. matthew whitaker: whenever two thing is to try to impress upon the chinese how important is to be first world country and play by the rules. and to continue to exert pressures he has been because again, the next five years, to really step up its own and establish the next generation of all of these technologies.
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gordon: when the republicans take over the house in november. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: that's right. [applause]. gordon: okay. what do you want to see congress to when it reconvenes. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: it would be very important that congress is working with the trump administration with a republican majority in the house in the senate, to set the standards that reflect american values and one that encourages innovation. in entrepreneurship, we want to make sure that we continue to have startups, and competitors this big tech companies in america and not just rely on a few though we had the competitors in this marketplace also. i completely agree with what others have said. i think that we need to lead on five g. we need to lean on ai. we need to be working strategically to make sure it is
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american, that is leading in this wedding the future and working with our allies around the world to come and follow our leadership rather than china and their aggression right now to be the one that is leading the world. and it's going to take the leadership of donald trump in a very committed republican majority to ensure that its american leadership that is winning this future for us. important to our economy, to individual rights to national security, national defense, it's all related. [applause]. gordon: jim, you and your mom have 58 seconds, to close us out. james: first of stability of tiktok on your phone, delete it right now. one of the hundred 20 million americans who are spying from the chinese. wave to mom. thank you. love, this is the most important
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thing. were all in this together. we have a great president. america can win this fight. but you are a part of that. you can win this. [applause]. you are a part of this and thank you. [applause]. gordon: america must win this fight, america will win this fight with their help. please join me in thanking the panel. [applause]. rep. cathy mcmorris rodgers: good to be with you and thank you. ♪ more now from the political action conference, coming up we will go from investigative reporter, joshua and


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