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tv   Coronavirus Impact on Politics and Prose Bookstores  CSPAN  April 5, 2020 11:53pm-12:00am EDT

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trump and conservatives truly beyond the pale. >> host: from the 2018 book why we fight, russia doesn't share america's interest. if they face its own threat especially from chechnya but that doesn't mean it is or can be. >> host: that is a look at some of the authors. to watch any of these programs in their entirety or the episodes from the past 20 years, go to >> host: joining us now is bradley graham, the co-owner of politics and prose bookstore is here and washington, d.c. along with his wife. what has been the effect of the coronavirus crisis on your business? >> guest: it has been pretty severe on many retailers around the country.
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bookstores are a place where people come to browse and shop in the community gathering centers. we've been able to carry on activity largely through the order is. at least until today the curbside deliveries, curbside deliveries have been killed by the dc government. >> host: you have shoved down your stores in dc. >> guest: we finally last week closed the doors of all three
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locations to the customers of traffic and we are still doing online processing orders and shipping them as well as taking the phone orders and giving curbside deliveries but we have the order that was issued by the dc mayor last night in the curbside deliveries. >> host: what about the author events. how many would you hold? >> guest: we were up to about 15 or 20 a week and about a thousand a week. we have been building our events steadily over the last decade.
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we tried for the very short while to hold some of them and we separated the seating and spaced them out. they began and finally we just decided to stop these events altogether in the interest of public health. >> host: politics and prose has been holding virtual events is that true? >> guest: just this past week we started to try to reconstruct some of our event programming by moving it online using a platform that allows the authors to sit in their houses and the viewers to tune in from wherever it also offers a buy button at
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the bottom of the screen for people to buy the book that the author is talking about. so those have been good viewing numbers up to one case we had i think over 200 viewers. >> host: if people were interested around the country and watching those, where would they go? >> guest: the website, politics and and click on the event button and you will see the schedule of the author talks and follow the instructions and to sign on to crowded cast. it's very simple. >> host: are you finding enthusiasm by the authors and publishing houses events? >> guest: we have a lot of interest. they are also kind of experimenting in this format.
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we are looking for some of the possible authors charging a small fee to watch in the event the book is bought. they are excited about the various features of the approach. >> host: do you see this as potentially in the future when we are out of this crisis? >> guest: it could remain an alternative. there is nothing getting the book signed in person and we expect it to return in the tried and true format. >> host: you can finally
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expect to see these on book tv schedule as well as we are looking for the author events while we are in the midst of this crisis. so, thank you for spending a few minutes with us on book tv. >> guest: happy to talk with you. thank you.
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