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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Thune Brown Inhofe Blackburn Leahy on Pandemic...  CSPAN  June 3, 2020 7:10pm-8:02pm EDT

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does and failed to do". these remarks elicited a warning from the presiding officer, nebraska republican ben under rule 19 not to impugn another senator or senator was in debate. this is about an hour. >> madam president i went to issue of internet traffic and how that has been impacted by the coronavirus how it has impacted our lives during the coronavirus. before i do that i want to respond to a few things the democrat leader just mentioned because again he pointed out that the republican senate is not doing work here. hard to fathom how he can possibly come to that conclusion. the democrat run house of representatives is out of session for the entire month. the entire month of june. they are not even here for the
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democrat house of representatives is not even in town. the senate is here doing work. and important work i might add. deceptive passing legislation heard well the week before memorial break we passed the foreign intelligence surveillance act reauthorization, a critical piece of national security and intelligence legislation that all our intelligence experts tell us is critical to fighting the war against terrorists. pretty important legislation i and he pointed out the agenda for the month of june does not atinclude much. that's only if you don't think the national defense authorization act is not important, funding the military, authorizing the weapon system, paying personnel, the technology, the intelligence, although things are going to protecting the country seem to me very important. to the national defense act as a peach ofio demonstration will process in the upcoming weeks
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in june. i'll probably take a good week to move across the floor of the senate, typically does and we have to do it on an annual basis is nothing more important or critical to the national security for authorization act. will pass a major parksville this next week will help fund the backlog in the national park something is been a priority for many democrats in this chamber for a long time it's a great bipartisan bill. i think out of the democratic caucus, there are somewhere on the order of 43 of the 47 democrats who are cosponsoring the piece ofll legislation. that will be called up this week it on the floor most of next week i'll be a major legislative accomplishment will be a bipartisan accomplishment when it passes. and so come up madam president, i would just say the fact that the democrat leader we are not doing the things he wants to do, does not mean the senate is not
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very busy. the thing he wants to do, the things he talks about wanting d fewer things we are doing. we are dealing with the coronavirus on a daily basis around here. i am a member of the senate finance committee. yesterday the senate finance committee had a hearing in which officials from the fda for examples, critical agencies when it comes to particularly pharmaceuticals in the country and the purpose of the subject of the hearing was pharmaceutical supply chain. what we need to do to assure that up and make sure in future pandemics, lessons learned from this one, we are not dependent upon unreliable supply chains and places around the world that frankly, it may not be dependable. that is a pretty important issue when it comes to dealing nwith the effects and impact of the coronavirus. today, the senate commerce committee another committee which i serve, will be examining the impact of the coronavirus on our transportation infrastructure
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and how important transportation has been throughout the course of the coronavirus and ensuring we keep commerce going, we keep people, food in the grocery stores were going to be looking at the highway a aspect, the rail aspect, all of those and how they are impacted by the coronavirus and what we might need to do to ensure they continue to be able to provide the services that they do going forward. and so, madam president, we are consistently looking at on a daily basis the coronavirus impacted is having on the economy, the impact on the health of this country, health of people in this country, the health emergency putting measures in place that would deal not only with that health emergency but with the economicre crisis created by it. in the meantime we are seeing the economy start to open up 'magain. which i think is a very good thing. i am hopeful we see the economy opens up people will get out, consumers will spend, investors will o invest.
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we will see that economy start to grow again, jobs to come back obviously we have very high unemployment right now which is a major concern. we have a major unemployment insurance piece of legislation thatpl was moved by this congress earlier to provide assistance and help for those, through no fault of their own, have had to go on unemployment. but madam president, to suggest, for a moment that we are not focused on the coronavirus completely misses the point.dy to suggest also we have not done a lot already, we passed four major pieces of legislation totaling almost $3 trillion. that is $3 trillion if you do not include the amount of leverage that we gave to the federal reserve and the treasury to extend credit to create liquidity out there. with the power of that leverage it somewhere on the order of more like $6 trillion in assistance we have put out there through different legislative vehicles to the
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american people. you've seen that translated into the paycheck protections program which is keeping people employed, keeping jobs in this country, keeping businesses functioning andyo successful program. you see it direct existence with state and local government, $150 billion has been put out there, much of was not has been spent. that's on top of the leather other assistance with state and local government which totals somewhere on the order of 500 billion, half a trillion dollars so far, the sum total, has gone out to state and local governments. much of that asn i've said is in the pipeline and has not been spent yet. it can be used as a treasury is pointed out given the state inflexibility for emergency personnel, first responders, police, all of thele things a senator from the air talked about. that flexibility that the states goave now to be able to meet the needs that they have and work with their local governments to meet the needs of local governments. there is a lot of money in the
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pipeline not to mention of course first and foremost the money we put out there for investments and therapeutics, and vaccines, and diagnostic testing, all the money that is gone out to hospitals and nursing home providers, long-term care facilities to help them get through this crisis. that's in the form of direct assistance a lot of money in the pipeline, madam president about 2.9 million or 2.9 trillion that is already been authorized. i think about 40% maybe has been spent? there's d still a lot of assistance going out there. my friend, democratic leader, would want to put a whole bunch more money out there without knowingi what the need is. i think at a time when we are already running a 21 trillion now 25 trillion-dollar debt that we ought to be very circumspect and pay attention to what is happening in our economy, with the needs are,
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weha need to keep the economy opening up and responded what we need to continue to do who rte helping people who are unemployed. we can need to continue to do to help families are struggling through this crisis. but we ought to do that based on the need, not just somebody saying let's just throw a bunch more money out there and hope it has an impact. we have done that. we flooded with dollars for this are tremendous amount of resources out there right now some of which, a lot of which has yet to be spent strikes me at least as the eyes, most americans they would view it as pretty important that before we spend more tax money, all of which i might add is borrowed money that we see what we have done is working if is been effective and if it is having the desired impact. so, there is so much more going on around here deal with the coronavirus it is completely defies any sort of
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logic to what the democratic leader suggested is happening here in the senate. he made one other comment which i think you have to respond to. he said that the senate is in the process -- the republican senate is processing right wing judges to have antipathy for the various civil rights issues that we are dealing with right now. i don't know how you can make a statement like that. i don't know how you can ascribe motive or intent to judges. you don't know who these judges w are. we got a judge who will be processing here for the d.c. circuit it's a pretty important circuit in this country but he is a district badge from kentucky. he has been rated as very well-qualified by the american rbar association. the american bar association is not a right ring group at all. many on our side think they drift the other direction. t
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yet they have said this judges a well-qualified judge trade you think they'll be saying something like that about a judge you had antipathy? that is what is is a reckless and irresponsible statements unless you have something to back that up and support it. so madam president, i thought it would be important to respond to some the things the democratic leader just said in respect to the agenda here in the senate which i pointed out earlier is a very full one. if you compare it to the agenda of our colleagues and a democrat-controlled house, which is zilch because they are not here for the entire month it seems to me the senate is getting a lot of work done. some madam president when i came here to talk about, i came on the floor couple weeks ago to talk about how the coronavirus is highlighted how the internet works. despite the surge we've seen internet traffic, the coronavirus has produced with americans using internet from
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work, school, family dinners, u.s. networks have held up well. they've enjoyed the same speed ntd streaming quality they typically enjoy, something that is not happened and a lot of other countries prayed that is rude direct result of the united states light touch results which has encouraged american companies to invest in infrastructure and technologies to make more use of spectrum. our nation is currently preparing for the widespread adoption of the next generation of internet technology which is otis 5g. we need to make sure that our 5g networks will be strong, i should say as strong as our current networks but we still have some work to do to get to that point. i come down here frequently to the floor to discuss that work which includes paving the way for the widespread installation of small cells needed for 5g which is a handsome ability for the mid
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spectrum for deployment and investing in a 5g workforce. there's also another aspect we need to think about when it comes to 5g, which are sometimes not talked about as much. it is network security. with this incredible speed and connectivity, 5g will usher in a new era of innovation, advances in medical care, large-scale deployment of agriculture, safer transportation technology, 5g will bring all of these things, madam president, and more. w but like any new technology 5g will have new risk and vulnerabilities. because that will mean a greater number of connected devices the risk is greater. that is white essential part of deploying as how to mitigate security risk. we need to ensure that our component parts of our devices and the critical parts of telecommunication networks like cell towers in small cells that will be required for 5g are secure. primary work to do that is to ensure 5g clement comes from trusted vendors.
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currently, one of the biggestne suppliers of 5g equipment worldwide is a chinese company which is supported by the chinese government. china's 2017 national intelligence law requires chinese companies to support the chinese government intelligence activities. american security officials have raised concerns that much of their equipment is built with backdoors they give the chinese government access to global communication networks. we should not have to tell only one that we should be wary of their motives prayed their handling of the coronavirus is a current example of the chinese government prioritizing its own interest while pride over the public good the chinese government's initial handling of the epidemic allowed the virus to have a tenacious hold at critical moments critical they had secrecy and to avoid
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the growing crisis to avoid political alarm and political embarrassment. it is driven where the hubris of the communist party the communist state has for the well-being of its own citizens, china was not9. transparent about the grave danger of covid-19. it failed to release accurate information about the virus and check active steps to make sure the truth did not get out in other ways whistleblowersel were punished journalists were expelled. despite the fact that its negligence undoubtedly had with the global pandemic china still is less than forthcoming about the virus but unfortunately this is run-of-the-mill governing in w china which we south art sars outbreak in the early 2000 and we have seen in many other instances. not content with its role and aggravating the spread of the coronavirus the chinese comet's parties taken
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advantage of the pandemic just trip hong kong of its tawny and freedom. china's help is our nation is too preoccupied with this pandemic to notice its efforts to undermine what should be hong kong's autonomy under one state to systems constructs. mr. pride is that, we have noticed. many of my colleagues that i have stressed we stand with hong kong. we must carefully consider it a response one that will rebuke the commonest economy of china without affecting well-being and their democratic aspirations. we did not need covid-19 or china's recent actions in hong kong to know that giving the chinese government a backdoor into american communication networks is a bad idea. but it certainly underscores the need to make sure 5g infrastructure is not made by companies beholding to the chinese government. the united states has taken a number of steps to prevent equipment from from other suspect chinese company from being used in u.s. commit
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occasion networks for these companies still pose a risk to the united states. for starters, some u.s. broadband providers often a rural area still have a limit in their networks. a number of our alleys and trade partners entity with with we spread information including sensitive national security information have used or are using technology from that and z tep what we do were replacing suspect components m with trusted companies. the president signed the trusted communication networks act to help speed up this process. this legislation is geico sponsor will help small telecommunication providers with the cost of replacing network components that pose a security risk. also in large i introduce legislation to address the other part of the problem that's theer use of that technology by our alleys and
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trading partners. we regularly exchange information including sensitive national security, information with our allies and trading partners in this information can only be secure, can only be secure if networks on both ends are secure. that is why the u.s. has called for other countries to reject telecommunication technologies they've trusted other companies to build out their telecommunications but other countries are planning to make use of their technology. by trade acts would make telecommunication security a key objective whene negotiating future trade fields. we should be using trade agreements to push for enhanced network security globally which would benefit not only our country, but every country with which we do business. we recently opened negotiations on a new tradein deal with the united kingdom which has been using this technology to build his 5g u networks. i am pleased that it now looks
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like the uk is reconsidering its use of those components. i hope they decide to reject the suspect technology i hope trade negotiations to use trusted companies to buildel out those imitations networks for the security of our communications with trading partners and alliesri particular those like britain need to be a priority. mr. president has we move forward into the 5g future when each make sure our technological advancements are matched with those in network security. that starts with keeping suspect technologies out of our networks and if i do possible out of networks with the allied can do everything that i can to ensure that we have not only the infrastructure but the security needed to keep american networks at the forefront of the telecommunications revolution. mr. president, let me say one more word about china. as i said earlier china's
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coronavirus deception is undoubtedly partly responsible for the fact this virus has now spread to every corner of the world. china's recent actions of the guard to hong kong underscore the hostility of the chinese government to the values that freedom loving countries hold dear. china, has a lot of work to do if it ever hopes to rebuild trust with other nations. at a bare minimum, we expect china to uphold its recent trade commitments which are critical to america's hard-hit farmers and ranchers. i will be looking at and our entire government will be looking to see if china's words on trade agreements can be relied upon. i hope, mr. president, that the chinese government will live up to its commitments. i yield the floor. >> senator from ohio. >> president i ask unanimous consent that following my herds a senior center from oklahoma's recognize. so is their objection? without objection. two thank you, mr. president. i met with some interest that
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one of my republican colleague after another comes to the floor, they are there to protect the president at all cost colleagues to matter what he says no matter what he does, no matter how he acts certain a matter how c incompetent, no matter how divisive and continue to point their finger at the chinese for the coronavirus. god knows china deserves heaps of blame for the outbreak in the early spread of coronavirus no question, they deserve a lot of blame for the outbreak in the early spread. and they're lying about it. but keep in mind we are 5% of the worlds population 30% of the deaths frome the coronavirus have been american sprayedin this president continues to make excuses and points fingers and the compliance always obedient sheep like members of the republican caucus in the
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senate continue to stay quiet, continued to do nothing about this president's behavior and the 105,000 deaths from coronavirus in his country mr. present, the protest around our state, throughout our country are an expression of fear and grief and frustration and of anger. black communities led the nation in mourning the killings of george floyd, breanna taylor over the last week. they are now leading cause for justice and long-term changes to dismantle the system of oppression that hold them but instead of listening to those calls from the people who built this country, instead of offering leadership and rising to meet this moment is every one of his fopredecessors of both parties did in times of trouble for eaour country, president trump fails yet again. instead of uniting, he divides. instead of comforting he stokes fear. he points fingers, he places blame instead of fueling heat rub salt in the open wound of
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black americans. on monday night the president of the united states turn the arm of the state on peaceful protesters. we saw the video. tear gassing the citizens he is supposed to serve also he could walk across the street and stage a photooptical church he does not attend and hold up a bible that he does not read. you choose the adjective, timid, cowardly, spineless, republican colleagues in this tenant just remained silent. how offended they would have bid of a democratic president had done with this president does and fails to do. the tear gassing of citizens uhe supposed to serve, the photo operative church, the holding up of the bible he does not read, the excuses, the divisiveness, all of that. people are tired people are angry, more black sons and
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daughters, mothers and fathers killed by police officers the very people who are supposed to detect all americans. more death when all are already grieving. l someone in the black community already grieving the loss of family members and friends grappling with economic stress this epidemic is because they have been a great revealer we know black and brown communities have been hurt by this virus they're less access to healthcare it they make up the communities hurt by jim crow laws, redlining and now the locking it of those rules and regulations by the trump administration disproportionately, black and brownes communities is not because they don't work as hard it's not because of individual choices, mr. president roll tide is on the productive for our families and communis we all want to build a better country for our daughters and her sons. it's because of it racist
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system it's making it harder for the work to pay off putting at risk their lives for generations long before this virus appeared. grocery store worker in cincinnati said to me, they tell me i am essential, but i feel expendable. i don't feel safe at work they don't pay me very much. i feel expendable long before the pandemic millions of americans knew we had a system that treats them like they are expendable. select the system is broken for black and brown workers it never worked to begin with. millions of those same americans day after day week after week and grocery stores, delivery people, drugstores, bus drivers, the people that do the linens, change the beds in hospitals the food service workers the custodians the security people, the first responders in the midst of the
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trauma and grieving those same americans, millions of them still go to the work day after day week after week. our job is to show that systemic racism at the hands of their own government the government can and will protect them from thisll pandemic. we hear them, we see them, we fight for them. their lives matter. our response to the crisis must be to stand behind all of the people who make this country work. all workers for the swipe with that or punch a clock, earn a salary or make tip where they are raising parents or merging -- whether it's paying off now it's never paid off the way it should doctor king said one day our society will respect the sanitation worker prayed for the person it picks up your garbage in the final analysis is as significant as a r physician. if he doesn't do his job, disease is rampant. all labor has dignity. it's a black and brown workers who too often, far too long, far too often have been robbed
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of their dignity of their job. boone to be c a country for all people have dignity, we need to start by recognizing that all labor has dignity. not the response of the the senate, this president can always find trillions of dollars for corporations for tax cuts for bailouts when hard-working families need help tos with rent president trump and later mikado say we cannot afford it. the president and the administration have already made racial inequality work and undone civil rights h protections. they haven't been to reopen stockyards or reduce the stock market. president trump and his administration believe millions of americans are expendable, it's not a coincidence are black and brown workers since the irpresidents unwilling to
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protect people whether that's protecting their lives or their financial future, we in the senate must fill the leadership void as we do that we work for change we need to be clear part of the leading is listening. the best ideas do not come out of washington the solutions we need need wealth and equality to reverse disparities in healthcare to help communities that have been hurt by redlining with jim crow and so much more. whenever we talk about this whenever we bring up the ways the systems have failed so many americans on the senate floor or to protest march there are always naysayers. almost always white, usually men, often pretty well off. they say how can you be so negative? why do you want to dwell on all the worst parts of our history don't you love our country? my response, mr. president and naysayers in sunshine patriots as this. how can you be so pessimistic to believe this is the best our country can do?
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you really think the american people whether ingenuity and optimism and tenacity do youai think the american people can't create a fair economy in a more just government? do you truly believe we can't have a society that works for everyone, black and white and and men no matter who you are in matter what kind of work you do? protesting working for change, organizing, demanding more from our country do better, those are some of the most patriotic things any of us can do. i love f my country if you lovet and this country fight for the people who make it work, all of them. i yield the floor. >> the chair would remind senators under rule 19 it is provided that no senator and debate shall directly oran indirectly, by any form of words impute another senate tour or set of chores i'm becoming a bit senator," the senator from oklahoma is recognized. >> thank you, mr. president.
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i want to respond to the accusations that were made and i word that carefully to not violate any rules. i'm going to do that. i think in active desperation that is creeping in, things are said about other people, right now we are experiencing some things that actually are being a success. i want to respond to some of the accusations that were made. but first said something else to do that's kind of awkward then to be doing at this time i'm going to go back and talk about something that happened not yesterday or thisha week, but back in 1983. it's important but every ten years i do this was
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a huge issue in the past in 1983 nothing was known about arming the radical proxies and to kill americans and kill our partners people though f now and a few years earlier, ayatollah called amy led a violent radical revolution and iran. his regime introduced himself to the world by taking american diplomats hostage for 444 days. 444 days. we all remember when that happened. that is something unprecedented was all tied into him and he used other people nothing is changed since that time. then for the next decade it last until 1989, he was the ruthless phase ofpl a regime
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that applied religious law, murdered ethnic minorities and islam. he hated western values, he hated the freedoms that we enjoy. for years into the supreme leader, on october 23, 1983, 241 americans u.s. marines they were attacked at their barracks by a truck that was carrying 2000 pounds of explosives by terrorists who were armed and trained by iran. that was in 1983. 241 died. now these later became to be known. the first time they are
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identified as they are today is an arm of iran. so hezbollah struck in 2003, 20 years after the attack on our marines the united states district court, for the district of columbia ruled in a civic suit brought by the victims, the families of the killed, that iran had used in marine parents in brute on that october day? not much change in iran there worse than terrorists that became even more apparent back as we had as llamas tear organization. how they use them with no true
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allegiance. on behalf of a twisted interpretation of islamic t religious text to murder then sneak back into the shadows that is the way they operated that's where they operate today. it happened under ayatollah and it happens under the current supreme leader as well. so nothing has really changed, a lot of years have gone by. a lot of people have died. speaker the floor iran is providing weapons and cover for the rebels who were having an speakable atrocities in yemen they continue to support terrorist groups that threaten our personnel in iraq, they repeatedly attacked partners across the region now it's even worse is they sneak -- they seek a nuclear weapon capability and president obama iran deal would have ultimately let them have exactly what they wanted. fortunately we now have a
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president who takes a strong stance against iran imposing sanctions and pulling out the flawed iran nuclear deal with the previous administration put us in. and by the way conversation yesterday with half an hour. he was reminding me that i was in israel and he is the prime minister i was in his office at the very moment that our president trump pulled out of the iran deal. i have never seen him -- he talked about that b yesterday. now, we go back to october 23, 198-3241 americans killed by a suicide bomber it was a terrible day in the u.s. history as responsible as a u.s. court ruled in 2003, 2003 that suit but by thehe victims family and of the 241 who had
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died.ud in 2007 the district court judge awarded just over two and a half billion dollars to the families of the ones who were murdered in that atrocity. but our work is not done is 1.7 billion in iran in assets in a luxembourg bank we need to make sure they stay there and don't get bad pre-the ninth feeling that when things are in luxembourg and places l like that and you wake up and you find out iran has $1.7 billion they are not entitled to, just spread out terrorism throughout the world. this is the largest bill we do each year i chair theau defense
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authorization we pass it every year we included language that made those advocates available to families and the president ussigned it sought one obstacle we have to get by and that is some activity by the second circuit works now being played out. spinning in the aggressive iran will continue president troops maximum pressure against current iranian regime for they would surely be used but the proxy organizations. i trust our department of justice to play with this and i'm glad we have a president who is made that a top priority to make sure the families of those 241 victims
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that were killed in beirut are going to be receiving this money as opposed to money going back. now responding to a couple of things that were said a few minutes ago, we all know this is a really trying time for our nation. to begin with the obvious that is what happened to george floyd was a crime, it was a horrible crime. it has caused a groundswell, people joining together to stand against injustice. not just for george floyd, but for so many others. these protests are meaningful and positive events with dignity and respect for all people. this is a cherished part of our democratic society enshrines the first amendment an the rights peaceful protest should be celebrated. we understand that.
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but those protests are not the same as a dangerous, destructive activity we have seen in many of our cities, just in the last couple of days. emotions are high tensions are high that is understandable. we need law and order if we are going to move forward and every reasonable person agrees with that. we are trying to have a tough conversation with the need we have about inequality. we are facing a lot of misinformation especially when it comes to our military. if we let this information spread, it is just going to make things worse. all of the people out there i am trying but the hate from people who are using this to try to lie to the american people. i would like to correct the record and i hope every american here understands and believe these words but it's very important. here's what's happening right now. right now the national guard has not been federalized.
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right now the active-duty troops have not been sent into any city including dci was here last night i was visibly looking around and making sure that was the case there are no active-duty troops in spite of things you've heard to the contrary. only when they are requested by their states. the department of defense believes that and by and large they're doing a fine job and i agree with that. our military is prepared to step in. if the situation deteriorates only if the president defines of a has to step in and to be crystal clear, the president has not done that yet. i asked my fellow americans to slow down and will happen if and only if the president does so. it does not mean the streets
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will immediately be flooded with uniform and armed a troops. it's a process it's got to be followed. just as it was in 1992 in the l.a. riots. 1998 and hurricane hugo and every other time beforefi that. this is a process that what has to happen. they have to be a proclamation ordering any insurgents to disperse in a set period of time for that is really important. s that's the warning shot. this says this is going to happen you only you can keep this from happening. so here's the president's got issue proclamation ordering any insurgents to disperse means that military leaders including the commander-in-chief, the president, so determine the situation is deteriorating can't manage on their own hope
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we don't get to this a be an actual if we do i'm confident this decision will be made with the advice of the top military officials who are all confirmed with bipartisan support and margins. i like to say a little something about civil military relations. at something i care a lot about as chairman of the senate armed services committee. in particular want to speak about general millie. he is the chairman of the joint sheet chief of staff. he is a president's top forget he does not have any command authority over the military forces. this is important is not what you hear people talk about when they're misrepresented the situation. it's very important. he is there as their advisor
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it the president of the united states. he does not have any command authority. his belt a lot of criticism about him wearing his battle dress uniform, on monday on the president spoke so here is another area i want to set the record straight on. general millie with troops around d.c. i talked to him that day the troops who were also in their bd you t that's the address uniform for what they use at that time. then he was called to the was called to the white house for it he is the advisor to the president. i think everyone can agree we went that voice at the table in situations like this providing the best military advice as is statutory authority and responsibility. on monday, after general millie walked outside with the president he set the situation immediately removed himself. this is not just me talking i know he did because i was with
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him shortly before that and after that. that was a fact pretty also told me he intends to honor his oath and hold the delicate balance of civilians in the military absolutely believe them is always to set in the so the accusations against him are especially troubling to me because i know from working with him, his commitment to the nation, the constitution, and the american people to keep them safe and give his best military advice. it is striking below the belt, try to scare the american people. it is my duty as a chairman of the armed services committee to make strong oversight over this issue. what they're saying is true we still have the oversight. and i assure you, we are watching right now, the military is doing what they've always done. that is the duty within the law of the constitutional
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limits that is exactly what general millie has done sing a lot of finger-pointing and blame going around we owe it to ourselves and neighbors to believe the best in each other and not assume the worst. we need to recognize everyone's inherent value and dignity and treat each other with respect and dignity as christ calls us to do. only then can we listen to both of our ears in our hearts. that is what i'm asking the american people to do. now, the protest, many of them you wonder who they are and where they came from. some of them are in a group that has been referred to and certainly george floyd death was a tragedy unthinkable to mention but did any of them know who was? i would suggest know they onally didn't. i would only say this paired i think an answer to the
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accusations that were made, that i would only quote two sentences out of his speech that our president made two days ago in the rose garden. and this is very self-explanatory that does f explain the situation response to the accusations that it made possiblyll about him. he said quote, we cannot allow the righteous pride and peaceful protest to be drowned out by an angry mob. the biggest victims of the rioting are peace loving citizens in our poorest communities and as the president, i will fight to keep them safe. i will fight to protect you, i am your president of law and order and an illini of all peaceful. protesters. with that i yield the floor. >> mr. president. >> at senator from tennessee. >> thank you, mr. president i first want to thank my friends, for allowing me to it
7:56 pm
speak. we are all dealing with judiciary committee and i asked that he be recognized as i finish my brief remarks pre- >> without objection. >> thank you, mr. president. i want to say just a couple of things to tennesseans and to americans. everyone is expressing their rage and grief over the murder of george floyd in minnesota. i will tell you, these events of may 25 cannot be written off as something that was a use of force are unfortunate or regrettable. we all know that on that day, george floyd was killed by a police officer while other officers looked on, they heard his begging for life and his cries for help in the officers responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. i do offer my prayers and condolences to the floyd
7:57 pm
family just as so many other members of the chambers have done and support the president's call for the justice department to investigate this death. our country was built on the promise of dissent. and we have seen the power that peaceful protests and their ability to bring change at every level of government. unfortunately, over the past week we've also seen what happens when criminals and shadowy professionals, exploit these public expressions of frustration and pain. every single day americans are waking up to find out their neighborhoods have been destroyed and they watch news reports that are dominated byla lawlessness. and many activists and members of the mainstream media to force us to choosing solidarity and maintaining law
7:58 pm
and order on this one we ought to reject instead we should fight for accountability, compassionate understanding. and at the same time, we must condemn racism, hatred, and the violence that has torn apart so many neighborhoods this very week. we should also celebrate and defend our right to peaceful disagreements in the streetsus and classroom and online. just as well as in this very chamber.el unfortunately, too often, this right is not celebrated. over the years we have documented big tech history of censorship. and particularly, censorship of conservative voices during the 2018 election cycle is a series of pro-life ads that i sponsored onn social media taken down for taking content
7:59 pm
platforms conservatives have been fighting a losing war against content moderation policies that act as a dragnet for dissenting opinions. last week, twitter rolled out a fact checking feature and t almost immediately, they botched a fact check on one of president trump's tweets. prd unfortunately for twitter, the president was not afraid to point out how easy it is for private companies to make mistakes that turn moderation into speech policing. we know that social media companies have subjectively manipulated their algorithms to capture conservative opinions and, conservative elected officials. they've been doing this too long for it just to be a mere
8:00 pm
mistake. these are not unintended consequences, lessig president trump signed an executive order to bring some much-needed attention to the issues and we thank him for that. : >> coming up on c-span2,minnesoh ellison announces additional charges in the death of george boyd. former president obama takes part in a town hall on racial justice and george floyd. later the house judiciary looks at predicting voting rights during the coronavirus pandemic. >> minnesota attorney general keith ellison end announced
8:01 pm
additional charges against the police officers accused in george boyd's death. he also upgraded the charges against dere tran11 to second-de murder. he was the first officer arrested for his death. >> first of all, thank you ladies and gentlemen in the press on myself and my friend mike freeman want to share some information with you. i want to begin with a reminder, that is we are here today because george floyd is not here. he shouldd be here, he should be alive but he is not. about nine days ago, the world watched floyd under his very last words, i cannot breathe as he played for his life. the world heard floyd call for his mama and don't kill o me.


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