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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  July 23, 2020 2:31am-3:06am EDT

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british house of commons. >> can i started by congratulating the prime minister on his one year anniversary? as we look at long-term economic recovery can he assure me they required the funding to boost digital connectivity for all the people. >> the capable broadband to a cross the country regarding hardest to reach areas regarding 34 million pound package for superfast broadband helping 135,000 households. >> the right honorable --
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>> can i start by welcoming reports of significant progress in vaccine trials in oxford. i want to thank everyone involved in this effort. national security is a top priority for labor. a serious report by the intelligence security committee. it concludes russia poses an immediate urgent threat to national security in a range of activities that include espionage, interfering in democratic processes and serious crime. the primus to receive the report 10 months ago given the threat he described his immediate and urgent why does the primus do not sit on the record for so long? >> when i was foreign secretary we were taking the strongest
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action against russian wrongdoing orchestrating the function of 130 russian diplomats around the world, the right honorable gentleman offered it and said nothing while the labour party parroted the lines of the kremlin. >> i stood up and condemned what happened in salisbury, the prime minister, i supported then prime minister on record to withdraw that. >> the report was very clear that the government underestimated the russian threat and the response it required. the government wasn't even on the pitch. after the government was in power for 10 years, how does
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the prime minister explained that? >> i don't think the questions are absurd. there is no country in the western world that is more vigilant in protecting the interests of this country or the international community from russian interference and we are going further to introduce new legislation for national infrastructure and protect our intellectual property. if he goes to any international gathering around the world, the uk leads the world about caution to russian interference. the leader of the opposition parroted the line of the kremlin that the u-shaped should supply - he criticized the leader of the opposition, now is the time for him to set the record straight.
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>> i was absolutely clear about what happened in salisbury. i was involved in bringing proceedings against russia, that is why i was so strong about it. i spent 5 years as director of public prosecution working on live operations for security intelligence services so i won't take lectures from the prime minister about national security. >> mister speaker the prime minister says he will bring forward new legislation. i want to make clear we will support the legislation for work with the government. 18 months ago the home secretary says we don't have the power to tackle the russian threat. other legislation passed in
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that 18 month period, this is about national security. why has the government delayed in bringing forward this legislation? >> we are bringing forward a new espionage act and new laws to protect against theft of intellectual property but also an act to counter individuals in russia or elsewhere who transgress human rights. that is what this is about, pressure from those who seized on this report to give the impression that russian interference was responsible for brexit, the people didn't vote to leave the eu because of pressure from russia or russian interference was they wanted to take back control of our money and trade policy and after
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campaigning or wanting to overturn the peoples referendum, those on the labor front, he simply can't bring himself to accept that. >> you may build perspectives this way but not that way. >> i see the prime minister is on his preprepared lines. this is a serious question of national security. the prime minister sat on this report for ten months and failed to plug a gap in our national security for a year and a half. >> one of the starkest conclusions is the uk is a target for russian disinformation campaigns. the report highlights that this has been met with a fragmented response across the government. the report refers to this as a hot potato with no one organization recognizing itself
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as having an overall lead. it is not about power but responsibility. how will the prime minister address that gap and make sure the uk meets its threat with robust response it deserves? >> there is no other government that takes a more robust attitude to protect our democracy and national infrastructure and intellectual property as i said from interference by russia or anyone else and frankly i think everybody understands these are motivated by a desire to undermine the referendum on the european union that took place last -- in 2016 as a result of which he cannot bring himself to accept. >> going back 18 months that is all the prime minister has to
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say about it. one way the government can seek to clampdown is to prevent the spread of disinformation. social media companies have a big role to play but the report also highlights serious distortions in coverage provided by state owned international broadcasters like russia today. the high court ruled russia today broadcasts potential harm. does the prime minister agree that it is time to look at the licensing of russia today to operate in the uk? >> this would come more credibly from the leader of the opposition had he called out the informer, the former leader of the opposition when he took money for appearing on russia today. he protested neither against the leaders of the opposition stand nor against his willingness to take money from russia today. he flip-flops from day today. one day he is in favor of staying in the eu and the next
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he would accept brexit. the leader of the opposition has more flip-flops than the beach. >> thank you, mister speaker. last week the party opposite of stained on a vote on the eu indefinitely highlighting the increased detachment of labor in the valley. can my honorable friend confirm that we on this side of the house are fully committed to delivering promises to the british people and restoring full economic independence on the first of january, a brexit bonanza that we deserve. >> i certainly - i give my assurance that is what the people voted for and that is what we will deliver. >> stand by for one more question.
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>> this is a former columnist who were two versions -- [laughter] >> mister speaker, mister speaker, in case the primers are have lotus the labour party is under new management. no venture of this party has appeared on russia today since i have been leading this party. i want to talk about the muslims in china. we have all seen the footage, the heartbreaking stories of forced sterilization, murder, and imprisonment. we support the foreign secretary, the prime minister and the government, strong and clear condemnation of china for this in recent weeks. what further steps will prime minister take and will he consider targeted sanctions
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against those responsible? will he lead a concerted diplomatic action with international partners to make clear this cannot be allowed to stand in the 21st century? >> that is why the foreign secretary condemned the treatment of the leaders and that is why this government for the first time has brought in targeted sanctions about those who consider human rights, i'm glad he supports the government but last week he didn't support the government. i'm glad he is with us, don't know how many more questions he has gotten, in this session. we have been getting on consistently, delivering on our agenda. this is a leader of the opposition condoning a labor government that wanted to repeal brexit. i represent a government that was getting on with delivering the people's priorities.
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20,000 more police, 50,000 more -- we already recruited 12,000 more nurses and 6000 more doctors and 4000 more police. we are delivering on the peoples priority. we are the people's government. the government that supports the workers of this country with the biggest ever-increasing living wage. >> in blackburn. >> thank you. yesterday the tory party held a political candidate with the prime minister in a panic about the increase in support for scottish independence. apparently the strategy amounts to more uk cabinet ministers coming to scotland. can i tell the prime minister, the more scotland sees of the uk government the more convinced they are for the need of scotland independence,
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better plan for the tories would be to listen to the will of the scottish people. before his visit tomorrow will the prime minister call a halt to his government's frontal attack on demolition? >> mister speaker, don't know what the right honorable gentlemen is talking about. the leaving i can think of is coming before the house, i know he enjoys across party support, the uk, a massive build which gives huge power from brussels to scotland. its principal purpose is to protect jobs and growth throughout the entire united kingdom with berries of trade between parts of our country and anybody sensible would support it. >> ian blackburn.
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>> you must realize from that answer the prime minister simply does not get scotland. in 2014 the people of scotland were promised demolition, the most powerful parliament in the world and state. we gotta tory trade bill and immigration bill that will devastate our economy. a power grab that will dismantle, scotland's powers grabbed by westminster, the rate clause, nhs, overwhelming majority in scotland's parliament and its people oppose all these measures. how can the prime minister claim this is a union of equal partners when he is damaging poverty for what is forced on scotland against his will. >> i hesitate to accuse the right honorable friend with my answer but it is clear the uk internal market is evolutionary
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but that is not -- that is passed from brussels to scotland and its purpose is very sensible which is to protect jobs and growth throughout the entire uk but on the political level it seems bizarre that scottish nationalist party wants to reverse that process and those powers to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in brussels. is that really the policy? i don't think it is sensible. >> bringing a review to the reporting of her rotavirus deaths -- the select committee, the members themselves would not change the policy but to improve confidence in the policy, the difference between
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dying of an with covid-19 is key to understanding this disease. >> my honorable friend makes an extremely important point. as i have said repeatedly, it is important that we wait until the conclusion of this epidemic and have a proper statistical assessment of where we are and that is the course i would recommend. >> i was the first member of this house to raise concerns about russian interference in our democracy four years ago. by blocking publication of the russell report before the election on the grounds the ifc committee said was furious and then trying to fix the committee isn't it abundantly clear this prime minister has knowingly and repeatedly put his own personal and party interest before the national security of our country? >> know, mister speaker and that is a lamentable way of looking at it.
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if he thought there was genuinely something in the report that showed the brexit referendum had been undermined by russia -- that doesn't appear and what you have here is the rage and fury of the remaining elite finding there's nothing in this report, no smoking gun after all that froth and fury and suddenly all those that want to remain in the eu find they have no argument to stand on and they should simply move on. >> i visited 9 schools in recent weeks. teachers and support staff are doing brilliant work looking after vulnerable families but a
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huge effort is no substitute for fast food learning. the prime minister agree with me that it is vital we get children back where they belong in the classroom from september? >> i agree with that and it will be a fantastic thing to hear the labour party stand up to their friends in the union and issue the same instruction. it would be a wonderful thing. >> the market foundation identified the area facing the worst economic hit and slowest recovery to covid-19, called on the government to support the manufacturing, young entrepreneurs and received an inaccurate response for the gravity of the situation but what the priming is to needs is
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to recognize you cannot level up by shutting down, right here. >> dealing with the pressures of coronavirus, with caravan manufacturers with the furlough scheme, not only the kick starter but helps young people into work but also to job retention to retain people as part of a massive package. to get the country moving again. make sure we bounce back stronger than ever before. >> schools in buckingham sure have done a great job in recent months, with key workers. will my right honorable friend
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join me in that? it is right to have increased funding for schools providing more money for all people. >> we have fulfilled our promise, manifesto promise leveling up funding. and received 4000 pounds. and paid tribute to them and their constituency. >> face coverings -- next sunday. >> in the first of may, to nonmedical face coverings. members of the public especially -- they are not financially penalized.
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>> the honorable gentlemen knows and i think him for his questions, from all ppe including facemasks, can't protect from infection and that removed the burden for key workers. those who meet the guidance will be covered and continue to be covered by the 0 rate. to clarify the entire position. >> friday is the first anniversary of my right honorable friend becoming prime minister in the next 12 months. and and has enable us to, the recently qualities on this country.
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leveling up remains central -- >> i think my honorable friend and give my guarantee. in current circumstances but time to double down. and the colossal investment infrastructure. with fantastic new technology. and they realize the potential. >> >> during that session, the significant ramifications about moms and parents who missed out
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on childcare support with health visitor access, building bonds for the community. i asked the prime minister about that petition and with recess fast approaching and give an indication where the government will respond to necessary requests to get the precious time back for mothers and families. >> i remember bethany and how difficult this is and i can certainly commit to him in detail and write back to him. >> my right honorable friend knows better than most that covid-19 has an unequal impact on the elderly and on the overweight.
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steps being taken across government. away from fact shaming and overreliance on bmi which was in inaccurate measure. they take back control of their own well-being. >> and there's significant comorbidities associated with covid-19, considerably fatter than most european nations. we are announcing a strategy to help, which i hope will conform with my right honorable friend's strictures.
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>> to read my report commissioned by the ministry of housing, the standard of homes under committed development. they didn't meet national space standard, 16 square meters were found in a number of different pdts. to put it in context, 16 square meters is the size of the ministerial limousine which he gets driven around in each day. will prime minister change the rules. on the future we never allow problems where people live in a space which is as small as his ministerial style.
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>> to ensure that we went past 10 for our space standards and ensure that we not only build better, and billback more beautifully but give people the space they need to live and grow in the homes that were built. >> as the prime minister takes a staycation, how innovation works, new ideas how we recover from covid-19. the happiness of people, stories of immigration and the fragility of belonging and finally it is never too early to read winnie the pooh to wilfred. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you see men smarter than you think.
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>> that is wonderful advice, i join her for a -- wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if the party opposite abandon the spirit of eeyore that follows them? >> i will be supporting the championship. with targeted financial support where local people can adhere to guidance. >> i thank the local authorities who are working hard to ensure they contain the epidemic as they are doing
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around the country with 3.7 billion pounds of investment as well as 600 million pounds into the infection fund, to support local track and trade, we take steps to support them as well. >> to build, build, build, issues that surely would, it is important we build local homes. this cannot come in the expense of my countryside. to build housing under those plans with protection. >> of course, mister speaker. i think my honorable friend. allows me to deck out there is
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massive duty to build back better and that is what we should prioritize and that is what we will tell local authorities. >> the s&p leader -- kirsten are as well. >> parliament will return after the summer recess for manufacturing described as a jobs bloodbath because they are ending the furlough scheme. you see jobs on the horizon because of that. will the prime minister do to support strategic sectors, with unemployment reaching 1918 levels. >> what we are doing already, she knows about the job retention scheme, she knows about the 2 billion pounds kick
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starter fund that we instituted, many things we have done on top of the 160 billion pounds we invested in incomes and jobs throughout this crisis but we will continue to do more as the economic ramifications of covid-19 unfold. we can't protect every job, we can't protect every job but no one will be left without hope. no one will be left without opportunity in this country will bounce back stronger than ever before. >> my constituency was placed first in which a survey of the
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best coastal destinations in the uk, constantly doing very little. can my right honorable friend confirmed the government looking further at financial measures that help coastal towns that were harder hit in my time of need. >> i can tell we are funding 158 projects through 180 million pound coastal community funds and will receive 500,000 pounds from the pounds fund this year for local communities. >> as chair of the parliamentary group on coronavirus we have an inquiry to make sure we have learned lessons from the uk government handling this pandemic before a second wave. we are dealing with bereaved families, and professional bodies like the vma and the nhs confederation. we are releasing recommendations. i simply ask will the prime minister take these recommendations seriously with
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a view to acting on the men we come back in september. >> i will be happy to look at that. >> i have a short statement to make about select committees on the 20 fourth of march, with virtual participants in committee meetings. i was given the order to extend it if necessary. in september, i could notify the house about extending the order until friday the thirteenth of october. to allow
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