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tv   Washington Journal Mike Lillis  CSPAN  July 27, 2020 3:49pm-4:00pm EDT

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[background sounds] >> joining us on the phone is mike lillis reports for the hill. here on capitol hill. mike lillis, what do we know about the timing of the republicans proposal, and can you tell us what they would like to do in this legislation? >> guest: good morning. thanks ravi. the negotiation has been a bit of a mess and we think there's probably still a a long way to. the republicans are expected to introduce their proposal today at some point not, probably this afternoon. the democrats have passed their bill back in may.
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so it's been two months and even waiting around for the republicans to offer a counterproposal. that's expected today but it hasn't been without a lot of work, without a lot of disagreement. what you read most recently was over the weekend a last-ditch negotiations with steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary, mark meadows, white house chief of staff. they are up on capitol hill saturday inside a meeting with gop staff and is been disagreements both between the white house and the senate republicans and within the senate republican conference itself. there's a couple different camps. you have some moderate kind of centrist republicans who are facing tough reelections and they wanted to put their foot on the gas and get this money out the door. then there's conservative camp that says wait a minute, deficits are through the roof, we've already offered $3 trillion. it's unprecedented and we can't just throw trillions out the door.
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i will saddle future generations with the debt. that's the hurdle that mitch mcconnell and republican leaders have tried to get over. they are straddling that divide between camps. president trump for the white house has made some demands that were not palatable even to senate republicans so that to jump those girls as well. we are expecting to see their counterproposal to date in the range of about $1 trillion. >> host: and what will happen next? >> guest: again there's no indication that mcconnell can pass this even through the senate. in fact, he almost certainly can't. not only does have those conservatives who don't want to pass a trillion dollars and they would probably vote against this package but then of course the democrats to a filibuster power think it is woefully inadequate. the house bill that nancy pelosi bill that passed in may is
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$3.4 trillion. so this enormous divide just in the size of what is needed here and that doesn't even get into all the details of the different provisions that the two sides want. you were just talking to callers about the unemployment benefit and that is going to be one of the real major sticking points in the house bill, the democrats bill, , they had extended the $0 weekly total stipend. that's on top of the state benefit. the idea was whoever lost their job they would get 100% of the lost salary. dates, big patchwork so states are doing this, they administer the unemployment benefit by different methods in some states are more generous than others and the idea was we want 100% of lost salary. because of the urgency and of the antiquated computer system out of the federal government they decided on across the board
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$600 bump up, federal component to that. in many cases people are making more than they had at the job that they lost. the republicans arguing that's a disincentive to getting people back to work. that's going to slow the economic recovery. that's the fight there having and the republican bill is expected to have much less than that, about a $200 federal stipend federal stipend which is designed to bring the wage up to about 70%, 70% wage replacement when you combine the state and federal. by keeping it below what people had made in the past at their jobs, that's designed to get people wanted to go back to work to get the extra 30%. that's a a real fight they are going to have once the talks begin with the democrats. but again those haven't even started. the democrats are not even involved in this. they have been on the fringe. pelosi and chuck schumer did meet with mnuchin and meadows
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there were no details that the republicans have offered because they had not i had out the differences in their own ranks. they have been on the sidelines just saying where is your bill? once you propose something then we can begin peace talks in earnest. all eyes on mitch mcconnell and senate republicans today to see exactly what's in this think of how big it is and whether they can pass it through the senate. >> host: what's the timeline then for the two sides, together and agreeing on one bill? >> guest: that's a great question. that's the million-dollar question. the house the silsby out at the end of this week. house leader steny hoyer, the majority leader, has said we are ready to stay. we probably have to stay the extra week. the thing is supposed to be in the first week of august so given the differences, the level of differences and how much has to be ironed out here, the expectation is that the republicans will probably fight it out between themselves this week and then begin the talks
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probably by the end of the week with the democrats and then they will have to bounce into next week in order to get whatever agreement they reach through both chambers into the president desk. there is urgency here of course because the unemployment benefits expire at the end of this week. they expired july 31 and that's kind of lit a fire under both sides. what you had yesterday, usada steven mnuchin and mark meadows on the sunday shows and they were proposing that's just you a temporary extension of the unemployment benefits since that is the most urgent piece of this. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have both been very clear, very adamant they're not going to piecemeal this thing. they are not going to do a temporary unemployment benefit extension. it was seen kind of as a negotiating tactic, because without the democrats are not going to go for that.
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i think that is all the table even before it's on the table, but you're right, there is urgency here because if they don't pass something quickly, then millions of people are going to lose that check, $600, $200, whatever hundred dollars, whatever the number they agree to, it's going to be zero if they don't pass something soon. >> host: beyond these negotiations there is other things happen up on capitol hill. they have a second minibus on appropriations bills. spending for the federal government. what is that stand? >> guest: right. the federal government is funded through september, so they have some time to play with but house democrats hence they took the gavel last year have made a point to pass all their appropriation bills sort of as a messaging tactic. they can get whatever they want in there because i have the majority in the house. they can use as a campaign tool and they can say hey look, we have done our job. one of the main responsibilities
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of congress is funding the government, and after years of republicans not passing the appropriation bills are in more responsible alternative. a lot of that is messaging but nothing is expected to reach president trump's desk until september when the real deadline shows up. the house will be working, passing some bills. john lewis is lying in state. there are other things going on but the real big, big game in town right now is what the going to do on coronavirus relief try but you also the attorney general william barr testifying on tuesday. remind our viewers why he is up there. what is the topic? >> guest: william barr has come under fire from the democrats because they think that he is abusing the office. they think he is just protecting the president. he dropped the charges against michael flynn.
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there's back commutation of -- blanking on his inane. >> host: roger stone. >> guest: yes, thank you very much. i'm having a moment. yes, roger stone. there are all these instances in which they think what you are, the attorney general is abusing the office, that he is politicizing the du j. use on geoffrey berman, the new york prosecutor in new york who is investigating, i don't have the investigate michael cohen but also investigating rudy giuliani, who were still trump's personal lawyer. a lot of questions the democrats are going to have for what you are about how fair he is, just the question of the politicization of the doj, which is at least in theory is supposed to be sort of an autonomous branch of government and the democrats feel that has eroded under william barr. he will get a curling up on
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capitol hill and will be a big event, but it will be fireworks but nothing real is expected to come out of that. there are investigations at the democrats are conducting but nothing really is expected to come out of it from a practical standpoint. william barrs job is not in jeopardy. there was talk of impeaching bar but democratic leaders, blows come has shot that gun. it's just too close to the election. they don't want to get back into the russian interference and the sorts of things. they don't want to return to impeachment is close to the elections just because it was so alienating. i have the own centrist vulnerable candidates that they want to send washington and they don't want to put them in in a place of having to talk about the sorts of things, especially during the pandemic and during the recession, you can follow mike lillis if you go to the, also on twitter. we thank you, thank you, thank you. anytime.


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