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Charles Schumer
  House Speaker Pelosi Senate Minority Leader Schumer Remarks on...  CSPAN  July 28, 2020 12:59pm-1:13pm EDT

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an ability to use funds to cover revenue shortfall. [phone ringing] and if somebody doesn't want me to get on television, i know that. [laughing] >> it is you. >> you've got to be kidding? why didn't you tell me that? [laughing] [phone ringing] >> i'm embarrassed. i'm sorry. lastly, i hope the democrats will come to the table and we worked out a agreement. thank you very much. >> senate democratic leader chuck schumer joined house speaker nancy pelosi after a monday evening meeting with treasury secretary steven mnuchin and white house chief of staff mark meadows on additional coronavirus relief legislation. >> well, we are somewhat
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frustrated. we had hoped that there would be a bill, and it's dead in the senate they put together little pieces here and there and everywhere. it's pretty clear they don't have 51 votes in the city among the republicans for our proposal. and it's frustrating because they have dithered for three months. ..
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it's pretty clear they don't have 51 votes in the senate among republicans for a proposal and frustrating because they dithered for three months. now it's these various >> that hurts lots of people. unemployment, rental, state and local and they're still trying to get their act together which is very frustrating because of the needs of people. we also have to read the bills carefully and that's what we told them to do overnight . they managed to have enough money for $2 billion for the fbi headquarters that benefits trump hotel and they say they have no money for food assistance. what the heck is going on so got to read the bill very carefully . we hope they can get their act together. we very much want to get something done for the needs of the people and the needs
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of the country but sometimes it's hard to negotiate when you're negotiating with a ghost because one person says one thing and another says a third. the problems in the republican senate are legion. >> close to ending, the day metlife approved stamps but they had money for an fbi bill and said they could diminish competition for the presidents hotel and in any event i don't even think mitch mcconnell knew that was in the bill but in any event who knows his right. in any event they have something in there like a tax credit for expensive dinners and lunches but no money for food stamps or nutrition assistance initiatives. here's the thing. right now we're at the time when children are food insecure inour country . people are hungry who never thought they would go to a food bank . people are on the verge of eviction as they can't pay the rent.
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they've lost their jobs through no fault of their own and again, families can't pay the rent and they are resenting the fact that people are getting $600 which was helping tokeep them out of poverty and make ends meet . with all of that happening, people in our country, these are the american people. they just waited 10 weeks, almost 2 and half months. they put it all on pause as if hunger could be paused and rent could be pause and needing money in their pockets so that people could make ends meet would be paused but it wasn't. now they come back piecemeal. pause and piecemeal. thepiecemeal isn't where this has to be . it really is pathetic. it isn't serious whateverit is . however we will continue to see as we go forward but the
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fact is this is wrong. we have to do what's rightfor the american people . you know the stock market is being bolstered by big dollars making sure that the market doesn't go down and maybe that's a good idea why can't we spend trillions of dollars to bolster the middle class in our country? all we did we had this bill, we had that bill. we think we have to support our heroes, healthcare workers, teachers transit, sanitation supply, people who meet the needs of the american people. they risk their lives to save other lives and yet they may lose their jobs and when they lose their jobs they go on unemployment so what are we saving i'm not helping state and local government? secondly we want to open our economy, open our schools. testing, testing, testing. tracing tracking, treating.
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separation and it takes money and it takes equipment which we don't have and they have not made a commitment to reedit denial, delay, distortion. that's their game up until now we have to still and we have to put again on our heroes, open our economy by tracing. testing, tracing, treating and put money in the pockets of the american people . we have other priorities that we want to see in the bill but if they're not even getting to the fundamentals of food and rent and economic survival, they're not really ready to have a serious negotiation. however we will continue and read what they put forth but i'm going to read all that tonight and have my staff read some of it to. the staff of the committees have jurisdiction to make a judgment about it but it doesn't address what we just
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talked about. it addresses other things but it doesn't address this are there any things in the bill that might be acceptable -mark i don't know, we haven't seen it. >> there's a couple things left out. rental assistance, the clip expired thursday. not only do they have no rental assistance for people who need help but they didn't even put it evidently a moratorium. so hundreds of thousands of people could be kicked out of their houses next week because they didn't want a moratorium on unemployment insurance their proposal is fraught with all kinds of problems. first you don't tell someone who's lost his or her job through no fault of theirown that you're getting a 30 percent pay cut . that is just not fair and not right. there are so many people unemployed, they need the help. this program which we extend until january 31 ãeuros bill has done more to remove
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millions of people from poverty or prevent millionsof people from going into poverty than any other. we are always looking for anti-poverty programs andthis does it . they want to cut that . third it's been done more to bolster the economy than anything else. the one bright spot inthis economy since the depths of april and may is consumer spending is actually up . one of the reasons is the generous pandemic unemployment insurance the fourth reason maybe theworst of all . you call up state governments and unemployment offices and they say they can't implement their plans for weeks or months. are you going to leave people without money for weeks and months? are they going to pay the rent or the mortgage? my office called up about 10 or 11 states and not one of them could implement the program immediately. most said months. old unemployment has problems. they don't have enough money to open up the schools safely
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. you need a lot of money to open up the school safely because the schools have huge expenses. i have one district, 4000 students, 500 teachers and staff. and it cost them about $350,000 for masks for a year because they have to have a new mask every year. they have to change their bus routes. you can't have the kids on the busesnext to each other . double the bus routes over time for drivers, more gasoline. lots of school want to change their gymnasiums and cafeterias into classrooms and it costsmoney and their proposal is totally inadequate in these areas . in fact we think there's a punitive provision in there that says you only get money if you open up your school almost as if whether it's safe or not. so there's loads of problems in their proposals plus all the things they left out which nancy mentioned some of them. >> suffice to say that we
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hope that we would be able to reach an agreement. we clearly do not have shared values. having said that we just want to see if we can find some common ground to go forward but we're not at that place yet. i have nine grandchildren as you may have heard me say again and again. how long does it take me to start talking about my grandchildren. he has one, noah and he talks about him all the time almost 2 years old but mine are older and they are from grade school to college and one of them is in publicschool in san francisco . and that's the disparity if you want to go remote learning, do kids have the equipmentto do so and the rest ? it takes money to do that. i have another son-in-law in another state who is a public school teacher. children with disabilities and the rest and that takes
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another special kind of money to get it done if they want to open up the schools they have to do it safely if they want to open schools they have to do it fairly to so it reaches all the children. all this takes money. they don't like to spend money except to give tax cuts to their rich friends, 83 percent of their taxes go to the top one percent , have i said that lately ? almost every day but nothing, remember this area nothing brings more money to the treasury than investing in education. and now at this time and it is a health issue as well as a distinguished leader has indicated it'sabout space . it's about personnel. it's about sanitation. it's about ventilation and it's about so many things so you need money to do it. i don't know if they have the one votes much less 60 votes to do any of that in the senate. but i do know that we haven't
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heard anything yet that is even close to what meets the needs ofthe american people . they are a trickle-down group . money up here, trickle-down area if it does trickle-down, that would be good if it doesn't so be it. we're a bubble of crowd. let's invest and understand this that we are a consumer economy and putting money into the pockets of the american people so that they can spend and inject demand into the economy, create jobs. that's what makes an economy strong not just bolstering the stock market. >> one other, two other things quickly. the republican mantra is let the private sector do it. this is a moment when everyone knows the private sector can't do it and they have to overcome some of their resistance to letting the government do it as it's only the government that can help us with the greatest
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health crisis in 100 years and the greatest economic but i want to repeat. were going to keep talking, we're going to roll up our sleeves. we want to get things done but they have to come always to solve the real problems of this country. >>. >> reaction to the $1 trillion senate republican coronavirus response plan continued on the senate floor this morning with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling on democrats to startnegotiating with them . >> yesterday senate republicans put forward the heels act. our framework for another round of historic relief for american workers