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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell Calls for Democratic Support on GOP Covid-19...  CSPAN  July 30, 2020 5:44pm-5:54pm EDT

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mr. mcconnell: on monday senate republicans released a senate republicans released a >> as the republicans do a disturbing if the proposal for the pandemic rescue package. here's what we want to do. continuous federal supplement to unemployment benefits that is otherwise about to expire. send thousands of dollars more in cash to american families.
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keep funding the payroll protection program to prevent more layoffs. subsidized rehiring too late -- give laid-off workers are jobs back and create new incentives for workplace safety. give k-12 schools, colleges and universities funding to reopen safely more money when the house democrats have proposed. support health care providers and the latest hotspots and keep supporting the race for vaccines. provide commonsense legal protections so that s schools hospitals and other employers caneo reopen without nefarious lawsuits. thus we put forward. a trillion dollars for kids, jobs and health care the framework that has more jobs in key areas than the democratic proposal of framework that could have kept the additional federal
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payments to unemployed workerss deployed instead of expiring this week. it takes 60 votes to legislate so the american people cannot get any of the additional relief that republicans want to r give them unless democrats at least come to the table. their democratic colleagues come to the table or the american people won't get the help they need. that's why i said this week we have comeme down to one key question will the country get the democrats who showed up back in march to pass a bipartisan cares act or will t the country get the democrats who showed up in june to block really for forming keep the issue alive through november? unfortunatelyli three days and t hasn'tl. been a close call. the speaker of the house and the democratic leader refused to let anyone else speak on their site but understand the democratic
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leaders prevented his own democratic ranking members from talking and negotiating with their republican counterparts who are spearheading the different components. you see madam president via partisan discussions might actually generate some promise and promise does not appear to be something the leaders on the other side want. on monday the speaker of the house claim she could not wait to start negotiations but then on tuesday she said her discussion with the administration quote isn't a negotiation and then the speaker said the appropriate thing for the senate to do is pass a bill and then we can negotiate with them. rameanwhile the democratic leadr is over here make ensure that cannot happen. this is quite a partnership madam president the house speaker moves the goalposts while the democratic leader hikes the football. they want to gauge when the position tries to discuss her
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conference to plan and they want to gauge when the administration narrows the proposal. they simply one engage period. the speaker in the democratic leader playing rope-a-dope with the health welfare and livelihoods of american families. with benefits expiring with a paycheck protection program winding down and billions unemployed the democrats have a socialist which lists the instant they introduce it produces reporters had to say about speaker pelosi's proposal back in may p quote more than 10 page bill makes a long wish list for democrats quote neither this film there anything resembling it will ever become law. even the speakers on democratic members knew it was a joke. privately several house democrats concede the bill
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phil --st feels more like an the members ofse the caucus unquote. yet this is what they are calling out for her. let's recall some of the specific items. these are the things over which democrats have held up negotiations and forcing extra unemployment benefits. tax increase on small businesses, taxpayer-funded checks for illegal immigrants, taxpayer-funded diversity studies of the legal pot industry and their ongoing suggestion was something called the state and local tax which revealed massive giveaway for higher earners and blue states. in other words a tax cut for blue let me say that again. democrats are holding up help for struggling people over special tax breaks that rich people in blue states and idea
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that's been criticized by economists from all sides. republicans want to get her help to families right now but speaker pelosi says let them eat maxalt. let them need maxalt. they also want to spend another trillion dollars bailing out state and local governments that have spent listen to this 25% of theck money we sent them back in march. state and local governments 25% of the money we sent them back in march and the state are in the democraticth leader offer a trillion dollars. none of it should be part of negotiations and none of it would be if our democratic colleagues actually wanted to get an outcome. let's talk about unemployment insurance. both republicans and democrats agree that in these extraordinary times it makes sense for the federal government to provide help on top of normal
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unemployment. republicans don't want this to expire but our plans continues but the democratic leaders want mgree to anything unless the program pays people more to stay home than to work. prominent democrats have publicly said they agreeee with our position. the democratic governor of connecticut has said he wants to continue the benefit of the more targeted level. local members of the senate in speaker pelosi's own house democratic majority leader have all said in last few days they are open to negotiating this but the speaker in the democratic leader have cut all of their colleagues out. they are standing alone saying gr way or the highway so people are going to suffer. i understand the democratic leader said some people are suggesting the democrats strange behavior explained by politics. some people think democrats are behaving like national -- would
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only hurt a president trump. now the democratic leader pointed that exact regulation of various republicans during the obama presidency on multiple occasions. i know memories can be sure around here when it's convenient but actions speak louder than words. democrats spent weeks shouting that the senate should act on police reform but when senator tim scott gave them a chance they blocked action. they blocked the senate from even taking up the subject. now so far the sequel. democrats talk a big game about wanting to provide more assistance but now it's go time they show zero appetite for any bipartisan outcome at all. this is personal for me madam president. kentucky is not finished fighting with the coronavirus and the federal government isn't
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helping in techie and spray laid-off kentuckians need more help. kentucky schools need more help. another proposal kentucky alone would receive $193 million for o fight the spread of the disease. this should be just as personal for every single senator. one of our states deserve the democrats rope-a-dope an all-american families deserve it. don't my colleagues wish they could be involved and robust bipartisan discussions from our chairman like back in march and not watching from the sidelines as their leader s shuts down tas on tv? do you think the democratic leaders tactics are serving the common good of their stay? republicans have put forward a framework that wld


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