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tv   Senate Minority Leader Schumer Others on COVID-19 Economic Aid  CSPAN  August 4, 2020 7:08pm-7:28pm EDT

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so senate minority leader chuck schumer also spoke to reporters not passing another economic aid bill in the state of negotiations. this is 20 minutes. >> okay, good afternoon. hope everyone is healthy. i am joined as you can see by two of our most are to kill it outstanding senators. >> asked them doing? bowl. i say nice things about everybody. this is one of chosen here. senator klobuchar and murphy. now, as you know we passed the heroes act 81 days ago. speaker pelosi and i called on leader mcconnell to start negotiations a month ago.
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but the senate republicans are so divided entire up in knots all leader mcconnell can do is go to the floor and make partisan speeches. he's not in the room negotiatin negotiating, cannot even articulate a coherent position. democrats on the other hand are negotiate with the white house because they wanted to reach an agreement were finally moving in the right direction a deal has to be made for the needs of the american people not to strike a deal for the sake of it, but we believe what he bold strong vigorous response to the crisis. let me understand why there is a difference. we believe, the american people believe that this is the greatest price affecting america 75 years economically 100 years healthwise. we believe it needs a big bold response, and skinny bill that
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just touches on one or two of the problems a bill that says if we have a million start kids who are getting fed we should compromise and feed half of them. that does not work. and yet the republicans are so tied up, so many of them and their ideological not that they do not want to spend money. they don't want to spend resources to help solve this problem. the bottom line is, if we don't spend the money that is needed now, to help feed economically and healthwise will cost us a lot more later because things will get worse. so that's the fundamental difference. they have this ideology that the private sector should do it all. but we all know the private sector can't do it now. they don't -- republicans don't seem to understand, republicans don't seem to
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understand the scale and scope of the crisis. the disease has wash over our country like a flood. and republicans are acting like we need to just fix a leaky faucet. now i am hopeful that negotiations are moving forward bit by bit. we are moving closer together on certain issues. we take each issue and we explain to secretary mnuchin enter chief of staff meadows why this is the amount we need. and we are -- we have moved closer together on five or six issues. there are many more to go. we are not even in agreement on these five or six but with their understanding the needs here. the bottom line is very simple. we need real help. for people losing their jobs,
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for small businesses going out of business, for renters being kicked out of their houses. for treatment were covid is still raging. we need real help in so many different areas. and we cannot turn our backs on this as republicans are doing because they're in an ideological straitjacket. i am hopeful, why you say? because in the last three negotiations, republicans first said no were doing the minimum we said no we have to do more and they came in our direction. i'm very hopeful that will happen again. that is not yet 100 vote for what he's going to pass rates are reminded the republican leader and the negotiators at this bill is passed with all democrats in the house and the majority of democrats in the senate has to be something the democrats like in support.
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and that is what we are working to get to happen. let me see there's anything i left out. yep. we are going to keep fighting until we get there. we're not going to give up, we are not going to walk away. but were not to let them pick out one or two issues and say let's go home. we have a huge crisis it requires a huge response. let's hope our republican friend see the light and do not make a historic mistake. so okay very good thank you for that fine introduction. there are many ways to pronounce my name. i was sad don't care house on a people vote for me. [inaudible] on that note, i want to thank senator murphy for his great work. you'll be from him next. and also senator schumer
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working hours after hours after hours to work out for the american people. we know this is an easier there are major major priorities to health in the testing or education on helping our local governments up against it. but there is something else here that we cannot neglect for that is our very democracy. we have, from the beginning, saw state-by-state in the primaries, and both democratic and primaries we saw a major shift in how our voters are voting. so today i'm going to make a low but different player democratic event here. that is to our republican colleagues. when you look at what you see across the country versus start the voters themselves. no matter what donald trump writes on his twitter feed, they are voting by mail they are trying to vote early. look at some of these numbers i what would seen across the
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country. in maryland 96% of voters in the republican primary voted by mail. in kentucky, mail voting is an ma il not malt, went from 2% to 85% just this year. this is happening regardless of what president trump think spray people are going to vote this way. the second thing we see is the numbers, the polls, and swing states that sediment congress to do something about this and keep election sacred 75% of voters see this. then you go to the elected officials the people on the frontline. in politico recently for elected officials and the voting area just wrote together and said they were worried. mitch romney's and very forthright about saying in a red state that has a vast majority of voters voting by mail that it is safe for you have republican governors and places like ohio, and places
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like new hampshire and in maryland who are expanding the ability of voters to vote in a different way. you have governors in states like west virginia and other places that are waiving requirements to make it easier. that's what's happening. we can't stop it we have to decide are we going to be part of the solution and keep the country safer be part of the problem. wisconsin, how can we forget the images of those citizens standing in line, so many of them african-american in their homemade masks and garbage bags in the rain just exercise their right to vote. and when that got done, 70 of them got coronavirus including some poll workers. what do you see on the other side of our split screen? the president of the united states voting in the lecture of 1600 pennsylvania avenue with this mail and ballot he got from palm beach florida,
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in his slippers but i don't know if he had slippers but it's a good image. so anyway, that is what's going on. but the people of this country are demanding more from that. that is why would seen senators like senator blunt to i work with and have so much respect for has been stepping up and working with me and working with the administration to figure out how we can do this. by the way, this funny is not just for the envelopes and the postage something we can do immediately in the state, it's also for equipment for the poll workers on the day of the election. we have to train a new cadre of poll workers, young people to work in the election but that are going to be safer, that are not going to be as vulnerable to covid. we can do that in the last few months. and republicans and secretary of state's just like democrats are calling for that, keeping the polling places open for people who don't vote by mail so that people won't congregate at the same time.
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two there is a very strong argument even if the president doesn't like vote by mail including his own party. even if he doesn't like it, a significant portion of this funding will go to keep the polls open early and to keep our poll workers safe. and that keep our citizens safe. so that is this peace that i am hopeful with senator blunt's leadership and others that are quietly working behind the scenes and are making the case on election security, safety for our citizens, we are going to be able to do some thing sensible here get some funding. thank you. so senator murphy. so think of a much leader schumer and they can't wishes crisis away. they can't pretend the situation is getting better when it is getting worse. unemployment claims have arisen two weeks in a row and 14 days he went from 3 million cases to 4 million cases. so we are at a moment where a band-aid is totally
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insufficient to treat the wound. senator schumer said there are many and the republican caucus that no one vote for anything. there are others that want to vote for something wholly sufficient. i want to talk for a minute about an upcoming investment that we cannot postpone. not more than one single day. i am a parent of two school aged kids. i have an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old in the public school system. i think my perspective is representative of most parents but i want my kids go back to school but i want my schools make make all the investment necessary to keep them safe. what we know is safety for kids is not magically fall from a tree. you have to pay for. masks, gloves, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, they cost money. adjustment to school building to create enough social distance to comply with the regulations, that cost money. hiring additional teachers and support staff to keep school safe that cost money. in the state and local budgets hemorrhaging and no revenue coming in, there is no money
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to make those investments. it is only congress that can come to the rescue of millions of parents and kids who what schools to reopen but wanted to be done safely here is one example. amy is a fifth-grade teacher in daytona florida. her classroom is so small that normally, normally her kids don't even have enough room to put their backpacks on the backs of their chairs. and she is getting no help, no additional space, they are not hiring any additional teachers in daytona to space out the learning day she's going to cram 22 kids into a small classroom in violation of cdc regulations. why? because her school district art has a 14 million-dollar deficit. so without federal funding, those kids and those teachers
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are going to be in jeopardy. and this is happening all over the country. now the slapdash proposal that was unveiled last week by republicans has no flexible money in its four states and cities to help reopen schools. on the money they have in their is loaded with all sorts of bells and whistles and mandates. requirements that make it impossible for schools to adequately reopen about removing federal mandates for local education. now all the sudden they're telling schools you can't get money to reopen unless you do it our way. so i am grateful to senator schumer for understanding what parents like me are dealing with right now. for demanding more from that we allocate every dime necessary to reopen our school safely now. because schools are opening in a matter of weeks. if we do not make these investments, we do not give one 100% of the money necessary to reopen schools and lives are going to be at risk.
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with a comprehensive upload to school funding. so thank you just too quick points. election and postal are very essential to us. the election that amy so articulately, covid is made it much harder to vote. that is the wellspring of our democracy and perhaps the most important election in a long time we must keep it strong, vibrant, fair. chris said, a lot of president trump and some of the republican safe i'll let them just go back to school it will be fine. let them remember the lesson when president trump pushed the governors of florida and arizona and texas to push people -- to get people back on the streets without social distancing and then covid came back with a vengeance. if you open up a school that
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is not safe, inevitably teachers, kids will get covid you have to close them right back down. reporter: telling the members are not going to negotiate with republicans you are the leader of these negotiations to have a response to that? so yesterday first of all have to have an overall agreement and mcconnell's not even there. you cannot tell the appropriations committee to negotiate if they don't know what the numbers. you can't tell amy to negotiate on elections if you don't know what the election. i can then have people negotiate. but just going to be mcconnell 's always wanted to be just the senators going to the house and senate together. yes. reporter: encourage. [inaudible] so we are both on the rules committee. we have talked but i think we've talked three times last 24 hours there's things about money and provisions and a
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packet we are discussing that as well as. limited discussions on money. we can't do if we don't know the big numbers. mcconnell always looks for an excuse. come to an agreement and people from four quarters, five quarters in each area will negotiate. select some of the recent. [inaudible] >> can you give a reassurance that the election will be decided on november 3? so we hope so that's were fighting for my for the postal service and for elections. if the american people lose faith, donald trump a try to get them to lose faith, i think he's worried about the future. he has no respect for rule of law. no respect for democracy. no respect for any but himself or if we lose faith in this democracy, something that america has had for 200 and
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some 20 odd years, will be gone. we have to do everything we can so the election results can come out as quickly as possible. so if donald trump wants us to work it is claiming all these problems he can't turn your back on the fine print that is when will you help the state whether they are his allies are not to run these election so that's a first for the second as we know we are getting no that night. the media's going to have to be patient. there will be some bright resources. spheric or understand were pushing for repeal suspects not just on pushing it is a two-year appeal very important to the state, is done unfairly throughout america long island westchester, suburbs of
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buffalo and every other state. >> democrats redline this negotiation is there any room for you so we don't redline anything. this is why we believe the $600 is so important. one, we don't think people who lost their jobs for no fault of their own they should get a 30 or 33% pay cut. can't millions out of poverty that's probably the number one reason people stayed out of poverty. three, seven more to get the economy going the just about anything else by the number-one positive bright spot in this very difficult economy, as i get so excited to take off my mask. the number one best thing in the economy, the number-one thing the the economy has going for consumer spending. that is because of covid and forth few did the republican plan, the vast majority of states say it will take weeks if not months to implement. give a whole long. without it.
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that's all he believed in the $600. next, next, next, as we reviewed negotiate anything lower? so i said we believe in the $600 i am not negotiating front of you. reporter: republicans contend that democrats are willing to negotiate at all. they're saying it's our way, our bill be or not toward dodo odd. >> mcconnell this even know that because he's not sitting in the room. reporter: sub go to the white house bring it to the set and they said will take it up so no no no i said today's going to do a whole lot of democratic votes to do it. root white at negotiate a deal at the white house? so who do you think, who do you think. reporter: your saying we're not negotiating you said it's our built so know their real dramatic needs for it we are not going to one fifth of the needed record the need or a third of the need. but we are negotiating good
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faith. and we are coming closer together pretty we are doing a lot more negotiating democrats in the senate than republicans in the senate present nick will mcconnell says that you ought to question it. reporter: mr. schumer if mcconnell's in the room negotiating. [inaudible] >> the bottom line is both a meadows and maneuver and have told us mcconnell does not want to be in the room. i can't force him to get in the room. the bottom line on the other is meadows into the president sent and that's who we have to negotiate with. thank you everybody. reporter: can you respond on the issues with the moratorium on. [inaudible] reporter: could talk about mail-in voting? [inaudible] [background noises] >> house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer gave an update to reporters after their


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