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Charles Schumer
  Sen. Schumer Speaker Pelosi on COVID-19 Economic Aid Negotiations  CSPAN  August 4, 2020 7:28pm-7:36pm EDT

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faith. and we are coming closer together pretty we are doing a lot more negotiating democrats in the senate than republicans in the senate present nick will mcconnell says that you ought to question it. reporter: mr. schumer if mcconnell's in the room negotiating. [inaudible] >> the bottom line is both a meadows and maneuver and have told us mcconnell does not want to be in the room. i can't force him to get in the room. the bottom line on the other is meadows into the president sent and that's who we have to negotiate with. thank you everybody. reporter: can you respond on the issues with the moratorium on. [inaudible] reporter: could talk about mail-in voting? [inaudible] [background noises] >> house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer gave an update to reporters after their most
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recent meeting with white house chief of staff marc meadows. and treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> we alternate who goes first each day. there's no diabolical or anything. >> alright so we spent an hour and a half. it really went out issue by issue by issue slogging through them. they made concessions we appreciated. we made some concessions which they appreciated. we are still far away on a lot of the important issues. we are continuing to go at it. my get fundamental disagreement as to scope and depth of the problem and solution for this is the greatest crisis america has faced in 75 years. economically. and 100 years healthwise. we believe it needs a big bold solution. they are still wrapped in this idea that the government should not do much and leave it to the private sector. it just does not work. they are also not unified. they admit there's a large number of republicans in the
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senate will not vote for anything. we don't exactly know her donald trump is he does a different thing every day. we are still slogging through step-by-step by step. and we are making progress. it is not easy but we are going to keep added us with the people demand and need which is a bold and strong. >> too that end we agree that we want to have an agreement. in that case acacia let's engineer back from their deceit what we have to do. now we are legislators in writing legislation. we know the devil is in the details, so are the angels. it is very important that we have complete understanding of each other, of what we are agreeing to. it is not a conversation, it
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is a legislative interaction. so this takes time. it takes specificity. we call each other back with you bring more information tomorrow will bring ours with a clear understanding of what is going to be in the bill on what big consequences are. what are the ramifications of that? this is a different legislative negotiation than any we have been engaged in. there are people out there dying because we have not had an effective strategic plan. the administration has resisted that, we are insisting on that in terms of a strategic plan of testing, tracing, treatment, isolation, masks, sanitation, all that it takes to hold this in check and god willing a vaccine soon. this is hard in some cases
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were inching along and others we are making more progress. but it takes time and it will take more time tomorrow. june is a thing about tomorrow? so were meeting tomorrow into meetings. first we have demanded that we talk to the postmaster general. because we've seen the late mail and we are worried about that. he is going come meet with us tomorrow and explain to us why there are so many delays and how that might affect the election. in sacrament going to meet together ourselves. one sign of progress is we are now exchanging far more details with each other they sent us a bunch of paper we sent them a bunch of paper. we each comment on it. so is it easy question no. are we persisting? yes. do we believe you get the bold strong bill that america needs? we do. >> fica just add one thing to that. we wrote that the heroes act is a document that addresses
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the needs of the american people. our staff are very familiar with the particulars of the legislation why it's needed, the justification for it is, why the amounts of money are needed on the rest. so i have to say about our staff, yours and mine they are just greats. they are dazzling in terms of seeing that pretty also went to pay tribute to the chairman of the committee. both on our sites are ranking members on your side because as an intellectual resource they and their committee have been very helpful. we don't come with the notion comes the well developed strategic plan on how to stop the growth of the virus and honor our heroes with state and local and put money in the pockets of the american people. >> they have little pieces that are supported by republicans in that is part of the difficulty but we are making progress.
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[background noises] stomach c-span washington journal every day we are taking calls live on the air on the news of the day we'll discuss policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning former acting seth will talk about job loss and the health of the overall economy of the coronavirus pandemic. also freda mitchell of the public interest about voting by mail in this year's election. what c-span washington journal wednesday morning be sure to join the discussion with your phone call, facebook, text message or tweet. >> this week, two hearings before these 10:00 a.m. eastern, southgate smith former attorney general testifies on the russian investigation before the
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judiciary committed that on thursday at 10:00 a.m. eastern, chad wolf acting secretary for the u.s. department of homeland security will testify on the deployment of personnel protested unrest across the country. watch live on c-span online or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> at the white house of a president trump signed a bill to discuss the maintenance backlog for national parks and public lands. this is 35 minutes. [background noises] [background noises]