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tv   Campaign 2020 Interview with Democratic Convention Planner Stephanie Cutter  CSPAN  August 5, 2020 12:08am-12:18am EDT

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>> the achieve programming executive for the dnc and what during this pandemic did you realize you were going from a more normal convention to one that is more virtual? >> as the pandemic was unfolding in the early months of this year we were hopeful by moving the dates back by one month we could still hold a physical convention were delegates could come to milwaukee and to produce a traditional convention. pretty soon after that as a lockdown continued it was clear that wasn't going to happen. so we started to plan for a convention that is fairly unconventional compared to
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years past, pretty early. it took a while to figure out what it would be and how we handle so all americans feel they can participate. because the benefit, there are a lot of downsides now more americans can participate you don't need credentials to participate. >>host: clearly these are unchartered waters know parties ever gone through something like that. >> no. never. that we have been looking at a lot of other programming over the past months where people cannot typically travel to do interviews or the global citizens concert or the nfl draft graduation ceremonies.
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we been looking at how people have been producing these and studying the content in a program like this because basically it's a tv show how do we pull people in and communicate with people wherever they are on the platforms they use. i feel like we're in a good place. >> you did not say work in progress but two weeks before the convention gets underway how does each night unfold? >> it is a work in progress. a lot of the details are still coming together. but 9:00 p.m. through 11:00 o'clock p.m. each night. we have some surprises in
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store and i will say since the format is unconventional there are no rules of how conventions are programmed. so without revealing too much i encourage everybody to tune in. barack obama and michelle obama. obviously vice president biden and doctor biden and other familiar faces. we are looking forward to it and the diversity of america and how we can pull this country together to move it forward. >> we are all accustomed to zoom and google hang out but how do you prepare for this type of convention and what type of backup to make sure it goes smoothly? >> it is a mix of lives and
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pre- recorded segments a video production we want to make sure they are lies and unedited. our production team is working hard. when we say a virtual convention it's not technically all virtual because there is live programming but we have backup plans in place in case something should happen. a program that moves quickly and very engaging. >>host: what is your biggest challenge personally? >> [laughter] to make that transition to a non- typical convention. completely online and on air. and how to keep people engaged
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in it. i think we figured it out there will be elements people who don't normally participate in conventions can engage. there will be activities all over the country happening at the same time it is a mix of organizing and virtual content and creativity. my biggest challenge getting everybody to make that transition but it has been a great process. >> what was your first national party convention? do you remember the moment? >> i don't want to date myself. 1988 i was an intern for michael dukakis. >> i ask you because i want it will change conventions moving
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forward? >> i think everybody would agree that convention needed to be updated and modernized in history is about delegates coming to vote on the nominee and then trading votes and are nominees is largely a foregone conclusion there was a little dissent in 2016. but there were things that need to be fixed. i think it would be wise for conventions to rethink their purpose. how you communicate with the american people is important and in a room full of people that is one way but another way is to go where people are.
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that conventions are really expensive. there might be a better way. >>host: c-span will have live gavel to gavel coverage. the final night when vice president biden accepts the nomination from your standpoint, what would that look like? >> for the vice president will accept the nomination in milwaukee and that is where the anchor of the program will be. and it will be a great night. the one thing that is clear people want to know more about joe biden and his story and his record and who he is they will come away from this convention knowing that. >>host: she programming executive for the dnc joining
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us from washington thank you for your time. >> thank you


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