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tv   Campaign 2020 Georgia U.S. Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 14, 2020 1:26am-2:24am EDT

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>> 35 senate seats up for election incumbent david purdue is seeking a second term his challengers in georgia has been considered a safe republican seat according to the cook political report that this race is rated as a tossup. >> welcome. you are watching the debate series this is the general election debate for t candidates to fill the seat currently held by senator purdue in
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order to ensure everyone safety the candidates and panelist are participating from their homes the press club gives a special thank you to georgia public broadcasting to help organize the online debate. it's me the candidates. now medical order, libertarianel hazel, a marine corps veteran and cohost of the rebellion podcast analyzing politics from a local school global level. serving as ceo media production company to investigate corruption and organized crime for international newsn. organizations republican david purdue serving in the senate since 2015 before being elected to the senate he sat on the board of five major corporations dallas meet the
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panel. and tom baxter and a reporter with the news now let's get started. candidates will have 60 seconds to answer their questions and 32nd to respond to h rebuttals i will hold up a piece of paper so they know when there are ten secondsem remaining please go to the atlanta press club website. each candidate will be asked to questions you get the first question mr. hazel you support very strict limits on the size of government and minimal interference in people's lives so take just briefly held a
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libertarian government and what steps they would limit theto spread. >> we have strictst constitutionalist we mean anti- federalist we believe level in the ninth amendment which secures all the rights not enumerated specified to the people that reserves all powers delegated to the federal governmentnt specifically but we don't call people unnecessary. everybody in the economy is the central like myne opponent has said they put out nonessential people have an economy based on production and service the last thing we need to do is how the government stepped in with a one-size-fits-all answer forme everybody that this is what they've have their blood sweat and tears their own equity and
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risk it is killed more than 1 million jobs in georgia j but it's unconstitutional to begin with. the way we solve problems like this and allow people to go out there and exercise to trade and travel to the right of assembly we don't think of the people. host: thank you very much. spirit just appointed madman we cannot see the ten seconds. host: senator during the summer senators went to the trump administration asking for standardized test in delays because the ongoing challenges resulting state budget reductions. last month secretary of
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education responded to say you should not because for the last school year but not the school year but do you agree with that decision and second is there a war for congress especially in hancock county it is a very special time and representative democracy. and those made by local parents and school teachers and principals and administrators. i believe in school choice the child's education should not be limited to those economic circumstances of their community.
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he will say anything to hide as radical socialist agenda was to defund the please send borders and green new deal and keep sanctuary cities and close military bases and socializedia medicine. he will t do anything for his dangerous first families in georgia. >> do i get a rebuttal?
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>> we can see that you are reading from your notes that your staff has prepared you and the questions about the pandemic carol one - - killing more than 20000 americans assuring us that the risk to the health is low and compared to the common flu. with his personal partisan attacks want to answer the question how you will help schools during this outbreak. >> should you win this election you don't have any experience holding political office why should voters trust you from day number one? ossoff: senator purdue has failed us in the choices veryas clear in the selection i was investigating an organized crime and political corruption and war crimes and to have bribery in multiple continents and senator purdue sells
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lavish retreats on the private island where he lives corporate pack many that is the descriptor on - - what is destroying the political system why they also of interest of people that are donorse ivt senator purdue even the midst of this pandemic is pushing a lawsuit to allow insurance companies to deny health coverage to people with existing conditions like asthma and cancer and diabetes because he works for the donors and not we the people. >>. >> i would like him to explain where his money comes from early in his business? his biggest client is al jazeera the mouthpiece for terrorism and for the last two years the chinese communist government tried to hide it by not disclosing that in his judiciary report it's pretty clear he certainly does not want to know and continues to
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be supported after 2017 and then continue to be supported by the communist party of the usa. [inaudible] >> is this the role that we hav have? >> i believe he accuses me of those kinds of things that a rebuttal is appropriate. >> we were told you get one rebuttal. >> accusing me of ridiculous things to avoid answering a question about healthcare calling the attacks outrageously false the associatedth press calls them flatly false and with those investigations of war crimes and political corruption seen around the world and in every region of the world.
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>> you got money from the chinese government and not disclose it. host: we have to move on gentleman at this point we go back to ask a question. >> so you and i had a recent conversation with a broadband deployment initiative with internet access like sinclair 33 percent to even get access to broadband during our
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conversation state and local levels should look at private contracts can you more into that because at that momentheomt doesn't have access only one provider? should broadband be considered a utility? so what are the solutions? >> is definitely not a function of the federal government it has zero power to do anything in terms of state and infrastructure it's a look at georgia and not what we should be looking atul right now we have orders and every nation with 120 nations around the worl world, collapsing economy right now with $27 trillion in debt. we have no money we are absently broke and an entire bureaucracy taking the middleman put him in between the taxpayer probably start
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with less surveillance on the roadways to put the fiber-optic to work if you really wanted the seller surveilling men and women on georgia highways this is not a federal issue whatsoever. >> you said recently that you don't support packing the supreme court. but i believe you have said yet whether you would support the constitutional amendment that would limit the court to know more than nine justices. is that amendment a good idea? why or why not? >> judicial reform is a prerogative of congress and what i support is adding a seat because we don't like the policy position of the justice
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confirmed. but remember four years ago the senator gave him passion floor speeches on the floor that no confirmation of a supreme court justice should proceed in the presidential election year now he throws those principles asidenc because the supreme court will hear oral arguments on the repeal of the affordable care act and protections of georgians words existing conditions days after the election and he works for the insurance industry wants to rush through the confirmation to repeal the affordable care act and my insurance companies deny coverage to georgians with existing conditions like diabetes and heart disease and asthma. >> i would like to respond. perdue: here is the example he will say anything to hide his radical socialist agenda. nothing but a rubberstamp to
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pack the court trust me on that.te but that is totally different. we have a different party in the senate and today in the white house and some of the same party. even justice can bruise on - - ginsburg said of course you should go ahead and confirmon. >> the final question in this round to the senator. >> senator during the trump administration new line yourself and that 50 percent of the voters disapprove. you will need some of those voters to win this election and what is your message to them?re ossoff: i travel all over the state and how they tried to do with the federal government and in the pandemics reaching
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out to million georgians to get through the crisis. what i talk t about after eight years of the lowest economic output we turn this around now with the greatest turnaround in history was seven.5 million new jobs, the highest middle-class income ever measured in the lowest african-american asian and hispanic ever measured. but after 55 years of failure from the great society with a did i move that poverty rate atat all with six.5 million people that contrast under the obama biden administration had 800,000 people falling into poverty were regulation and taxes.
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>> includes a first portion of the debate now the candidates will ask a question to each opponent candidates will have 15 seconds to ask and 60 seconds to respond and 30 seconds for a rebuttal. you the first question. hazel: y john, you come out and support biden and kamala harris harris, office of the 94 crime bill put forth and then also the civil asset forfeiture one they have lost more black men in cages in another state in history so how is it you can support themm and also say you support black lives matter? ossoff: thank you for the question mr. hazel and i learned about public service about the age of john lewis who spent his entire life and career fighting for civil rights.
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that's why i will be a champion for criminal justice reform in the united states senate. we have to recognize racial profiling and brutality are not isolated incidents it is a systemic problem and why we need a new civil rights act and national standards and a new voting rights act two and roche on - - racialct profiling when a young black man is shot to death in the street in broad daylight here in georgia and prosecutors look the other way that makes ath mockery of the amendment senator and i get this done he didn't even show up when he was invited to address the naacp to reform the system. >> thank you very much. >> i would like to have a rebuttal.
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>> i think he answer the question i think we have the expediency move we're playing party politics instead of supporting joe biden or kamala harris there is a presidential nominee that is fighting for the end of with police militarization and no knock raids so for your being honest and consistent you supporting. >> you have a tough job tonight. [laughter] this is what i'm talking about the 94 law that shane
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mentioned i agree hundred percent it was written by joe biden locking up more black men than the last 25 years what we did is because criminal justice reform for those who werete low-level nonviolent offenders with minimal sentencing they had 26 years to doin something about criminal justice reform and they did zero. >> thank you y very much. >> i want to thank you for your military service in a minute from my heart we just had the paycheck protection program if you are been in the senate would you support paycheck protection program? >> noyc. we don't believe in going outside of the constitutional boundaries they are very stricttr and specific our powers of the war and peace and negotiationn we're supposed to be the external part of the government without any real
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influence. so i would have done is made sure the governor understood he does not have the right to block us from assembly with the inclusion to make sure we're not assembly. fisher said evaluate the risk on your own and go out there to do you need to do to make your family essentially have food and clothing and leave everybody alone. good ideas don't require force. thank you for your question john, please ask your question. >> i have a rebuttal? perdue: first of all shane i agree 100 percent of limited government. in the situation there was the
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unprecedented pandemic to require people to survive group of $47 billion to the state with hospitals and schools and communities and small businesses we say will be 5 million jobs. >> your heart is in the right place senator, the powers are very specific if we love one person to do it then everybody doesry it going forward. we should have done is that people choose their own liberties and then not shut down the economy which is cost over 1 million jobs. >> please ask your questions of the senator. >> 220,000 parents , grandparents and friends and neighbors
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that you insisted was no more deadly than the flu when you unless the risk was low and donald trump downplayed the threat of the crisis do believe that president trump has done everything in his powerry to keep the people of georgia safe and healthy during this pandemic? >> thank you for the question but the quote today you are giving is misleading. and we also said you need to take us and we do. we have a relief package bring in those ppe program you opposed to save a million and a half jobs that is what i'm fighting for and in the meantime all you will do is a rubberstamp for chuck schumer walking the country down for the second phase the small businesses in the state of
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georgia all the way have done maybe for nothing it just seems he will say anything tied to your radical socialist agenda. ossoff: senator, look up from your notes and answer the question. do you believe president trump has done everything in his power to protect the people of georgia during this pandemic? perdue: i do john, if democrats get involved we would have a like portland in chicago and south california trying to divide the country right now. what we have right now is a way forward. we are doing everything we can to break through the regulations and have a vaccineul quicker. in the meantime we are broken through that.
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and that never wouldom have happened. >> the president of the united states stood in the briefing room to suggest people inject chemical disinfectant and you said that the disease was no more deadly than the flu you change the subject left, right, and center answer some of the president has done everything in his power to protect us? or have you been too busy sending off one - - fending off insider-trading investigations? perdue: first of all you can talk about that almighty but it's ready been refuted. thing is it so easy to be a monday morning quarterback m f. he was quoted the president what you said just is not true. so you are saving today for
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the truth how radical your socialist agenda really is. teeseventeen we need to move on. now it is time for shane to ask your questions. >> senator, the 160th congress is a doing to our constitutional voting in the school to date for the freedom index is 25 percent. differentiates you? >> i believe in free enterprise system and economic opportunity for everybody but also john believes that is obvious he wants this to be a socialist state. the extreme left at the root of the radical left movement. i believe this is the greatest
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country i love america. including my opponent to talk negatively and on the one hand they say we support the police with then he walks into another am backed by bloomberg and of course i will support the second amendment he also talks about not taking anyny corporate money but it's only been documented by a respected newspaper is only taking tens of thousands of dollars. he is radical in trying to hide the radical socialist agenda t. >> this isn't about liberals versus conservatives or the people of the united states against? like you inn washington too busy )-right-parenthesis office to protect us from the most significant threat to happen prosperity and then to
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systematically downplay and fail to address the response. perdue: he can say it all night long authority been refuted and it confirms i have been saying he will say anything to hide the radical agenda. host: senator turned to ask a question. perdue: john, do you support defunding the police backing your campaign 75 percent of your money comes from outside of the state that once you to defend the police the fraternal order of police including treacherous from your state have endorsed me and not you. why is that?
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hazel: i support defunding the police that's every time the newspapers report on the allegations a call it falls you lie about my record because you don't want to address your own. you do nothing, nothing to address the demands of millions of people on multiracial intergenerational that is peacefully demanding criminal justice reform and the reform of police. i was marching peacefully with the naacp late spring and they said they invited you to come and address the people to describe how we can heal the wounds and rebuild trust with law enforcement in the community and not only did you not show up you did not even respond to the invitation so instead of trying to politicize thisnd with the need for reform of criminal justice into a political wedge, step forward a proposal to rebuild trust between communities and law enforcement.
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perdue: we actually passed a law john. we did something and that something you could of done 26 years with your party did not do a thing d. your billionaire buddies want you to defend the police and you have been to rallies where the signs they abolish the police and you said he will beat them down to where they cannot raise their hand. so what i'm talking about these fraternal order policeman know you will not have their back that's what they endorsed me. host: moving on john you have final question in this segment for mr. hazel. ossoff: grateful for your presence here and in the race in your consistent principles. senator produce several years ago said he thought the department of education should be abolished and also
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abolishing the epa. i don't know if he still holds those views but what are your thoughts based on your libertarian principles on those agencies and the role they play in government and society? hazel: that's the first time you ati mentioned my name ever what you think is an active suppression. but with the department of education and the epa alphabet soup that has been delegated to the federal government those powers belong to the states. what weow see now in terms of indoctrination nobody understands the rights, nobody is going out there to defend with the constitution is we have like a 15 percent voting record in purdue has less is only one senator that has the a average that is rand paul
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and to decentralize these powers to let them reach out to theta representatives right now we have more government that we have ever had in history. >> thank you mr. hazel. >> i appreciate the consistency of the principles to express abolition of the department of education with affordability with the abolition of the epa with clean air andur clean water i he purchases with the same consistency spend my mom and dad were school teachers and we believe the best decision is made between the parents and the administrators of the local community.
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you have to look at results the unmitigated disaster since created 1976 when they led the world we are pretty down the list. so we need to hold them accountable just like the post office. >> do you still support abolishing the department of education? >> no answer. >> we will move on. >> that will conclude the hesecond round this is a debate between candidates for u.s. senate now will come back to the panel until we run outue of time i will determine when the
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rebuttal is appropriate candidates may raise their hand if they feel they should get a rebuttal.te >> we have to go back to the first round asking about education specifically o or to waive the federal requirements for standardized testing allowed the states to make those decisions but they mean to waive the requirements to actually i would support that until we get out of this crisis summer virtuoso martin person in a puts a lot of pressure p on the school administrators that's my answer to the question it's a reasonable thing to consider this make sense to me as a child of two teachers.
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>> the constitutional amendment we were talking about a minute ago that you cosponsored, the us supreme court consisting of nine members and says nothing whether or how long the court may operate with less than nine members and then by reducing its size just as easily to increase it and then to have some provision and then to avoid those situations with justice scalia? >> i would support that put the primaryt notion is obstruction.
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>> deleted to the states in the conservationists and the guys into the outdoorsman's and women who understand your local environment and habitat. they know more about local population for fish and wildlife out there than anybody else. those people can reach out and touch their city council, the county commissioners, the sheriffs and people like that. they can come up with better practices for those areas. especially when we're talking my going into things like the records where we are going to be strapped with more and more debt and we are going to have to live up to regulations 12 china and india and the rest of the world does not. my first and foremost, you can
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downsize the government. the government is the largest polluter in the united states in a few scale back the mba in the deity cummings go back whole bunch of the alphabet soup. now you've got a cleaner world almost automatically. >> george's farmers and fishermen are already feeling the effects of climate change as our coastal communities which will continue to see storm surge events and high wind events. we can unite this country right now it is a moment with so any are out of work and struggling economically. with unprecedented investments in clean energy to make georgia the leading producer of renewable energy in the american southeast. to invest in public health clinics, research and development. world broadband in transit and . >> senator purdue in the senate for six years in the senate majority no major infrastructure
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plan because this is the man that a vision party then lacks vision be on interest of donors. senator don't even accept the scientific consensus and greenhouse gas pollution is with climate change do you. donna: rebuttal senator purdue. mr. purdue: let's talk about infrastructure. democrats are 20 or tried to do career politicians failed the course of that of 20 years. with washington to get results that we do that. boone that's the highest return was available to us in the united states . will be completed by the internet you. next thing i can tell you the nobody understands better than the do about how to take care of air, land the water. it is not big bureaucracy that will solve this . think about infrastructure all you want to.
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donna: thank you . senator purdue. we now answer the question. about climate change. mr. purdue: thank you for the question . think we can all agree the climate is changing. as the said microphone the farm. my ancestors in mind relatives although he is the one handed down to the next generation. we gotta do something different than what the democrats are talking about. no matter what he says. and without he says oh no, no supported net what he does . much to do away without oil and gas production as soon as possible he talks about renewals but he never talks about baseload freedom have to have a baseload. right now we don't have that in terms of power generation. it would cost millions of jobs. the green and cost $9 trillion per year. that is the greatest threat and medicare and social security that we have in america today. it's outrageous that spending plan that democrats of trying to perpetrate in the. donna: it's your turn to ask a
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question . smug on the follow-up on this conversation . when you and i talked about your infrastructure plan. i asked you how to pay for it. your answer was the united states treasury. i'm looking for a specific. raising taxes or fees like on cell phones broadband. specific kinds of the federal budget are taking on more debt or more national debt rated how will you pave the plane . >> small we should be cutting taxes. her working families and small businesses. should be cutting taxes for working families and small businesses. as for how we finance an ambitious infrastructure agenda. when it comes time to embark upon wars of choice . based often on false pretenses. when it comes time to shovel trillions of dollars and investment banks on wall street, to build the mets. when senator purdue and mitch mcconnell in the spend trillions
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of dollars on giveaways for their political donors . senator purdue never asked when we will find those resources. his when it comes time to invest in our infrastructure than senator purdue suddenly please that the country and countries bankrupt friday remember when he was in the senate six years ago saying that getting the federal debt under control was a top priority. even before covid-19, $5 trillion of growth in the federal debt but has not going to investments in infrastructure. has gone to investing in small businesses and working people. a huge amount of it is god to give away to send your produce donors who paid him for lavish on his private island. speech of thank you for much. [inaudible]. >> he still has not answered the question of how he would pay for it in for him to tell people georgia and he believes in cutting taxes parties that is a joke. no democrat is ever said that sprayed it and right now joe biden is going to rise the taxes are . list nobody just said last week.
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and john will be a rubber stamp for that policy. ablated public-private partnerships. we've already proven that. it but this idea just like under president obama where he went forward with a great trillion dollar infrastructure package, gives no economic return. for john to talk about creating jobs is a joke. donna: thank you very much. >> well while were on the subject of infrastructure and climate change. just like you have not answered the question whether you still support abolishing the department of education and we know you're not going to as the question because you're afraid to answer the question. you not answered the question whether you accept the scientific consensus that human greenhouse gas pollution is driving climate change. >> while talking about an answer questions from you never complain on the chinese communist government even when
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people talked about that. you still say you don't take corporate money even though there is a documented press article about that. so when you stop talking about creating jobs and economic problems. it's really hard in the ironing that you've never created . >> he won't answer the question always pivoting and reflecting. you support abolishing the department of education. >> look into the camera tell us. >> he has not answered that . john will you answer that. people georgia right now . [inaudible]. donna: we are going to have to move on. were going to have to move on. >> this is a question i would like to ask all three candidates in this timeless start. and then senator purdue and then to mr. hazel. any of those who have warned
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that global pandemic was coming, now believe this will be the last one. within this country due to its work in a reaction to the next pandemic incomes, and it will become politicized and uncoordinated. please try to answer without taking credit and recasting plaintiff the current in the middle. >> michaemy wife alicia is an on doctor here in atlanta. and she and all of the heroic healthcare workers have put themselves at risk to keep people healthy during this crisis. she had held the hands of mothers with covid-19 delivering babies who cannot be surrounded by loved ones. the healthcare workers have done their jobs. it is politicians like senator purdue who have not partied and everybody knows it. the answer to your question tom is to empower interest medical experts. senator purdue who voted to cut billion dollars from george's
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own centers for disease control and prevention who compared covid-19 to the flu prayed who enabled with this president in a pandemic response than everybody from all parties no has been a disaster. nearly a quarter of a million americans have died. we need government that is honest and competent. and then empowers public health experts. in a public health emergency. speech of ten seconds. it. >> all right senator purdue. mr. purdue: they can adjusting to me again, idle chatter here. but we really did is we brought health to the people of georgia both in the hospitals and schools and communities . in workplace. while john oppose the ppe, his father took out a ppe loan. a million and a half jobs to say. but he won't answer that honestly to the people georgia. why he opposed ppe loan. we gotta do is build a strategic reserve, develop a quicker way to develop vaccines by the way we had a knockout a lot of
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democratic elite originated regulations in order to begin to do that . is no way were going to be able to set up to the next virus however, we don't get up our financial house in order. conduct $2.9 trillion of this in the cares becky and taken into package. may not be able to do that later. >> i am astounded. it is not idle tenders that interpreted is 2,120,000 americans killed by a virus. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. >> i will wait for my time to be restored. [inaudible]. 20000 american americans have died. not a shred of personal responsibility. the departments you told us pose
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a low risk to our health of the virus you compared to the ordinary flu, and administration response was obviously totally incompetent. if you enabled and praise is compounded this human tragedy in the economic damage. you should be ashamed. donna: ten seconds . >> you took money from the chinese government that originated this fire is the first place. donna: gentlemen, we are going to have to move on. were going to have to get shane hazel a chance to answer this question. shane hazel: thank you. you're sick of the 70 what principles consistency. on the policy here in the united states and overseas. you're not going to get it with these type of politicians. they spent about $40 million in terms of getting their voices out to you. this is about you. this about the american people.
2:14 am
this about freedom and liberty. none about one-size-fits-all government solution. this is about empowering you. it is a rain combat veteran then went through nuclear biological chemical training. i can tell you to see politicians making gross accusations about the flopping day in and day out about what is going on in the current political environment. this is absolutely gross and neglectful. of the american and their lives. donna: ten seconds. >> 's the better decisions you can make without force and coercion . c to me to move on. >> senator purdue. you can often criticize for town hall while in office . understand you hold calls multiple times per week and i think specifically about the open on help format. why haven't you held any. mr. purdue: this are quite true. that's like that the democrats
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have perpetrated for six years because i would want to create something that they could come in and disrupt so what we have done is by of taking care of the people who have legitimate questions and meeting and talk to people from all 159 counties. and just during this pendant we reach out to over million people. and we help them try to reach out and help them through this. john talks about empathy. if i've lost some very) to this. it's outrageous to say this is not personal to me. what we have to do now is move forward and beat this virus and get ready for the next one. we gotta get our economy back . we trust morning at the economy baxley was actually . tens of thousands of jobs or somebody just talks this idle chatter about this democratic mantra. donna: thank you . now to raul for any your questions. >> they are . all want to talk about something else that we talk about in our recent conversation. focus on mandatory federal expenses like social security
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medicare. i'm looking for specifics. would you raise a social security tax coming out of paychex, raise the age that somebody gets full benefits. then looking for specifics on how you said this is something you want to focus on his second second term. what would you do specifically. mr. purdue: first of all i would absolutely protect the beneficiaries annotating the greatest threat is ms anything about john. is he put his finger down. valente the greatest threat to it is all the democratic spending they want to do with medicare and social security great jeopardy. i know i believe you can solve social security by working on several different things that you gotta protect the beneficiaries make sure that nothing to that . gotta grow your economy and keep career politicians from running the trust funds in the meantime what they want to do is basically more talk, more entitlements. and so there's no real solution can be operated the democratic
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spending that they are talking about between socialized medicine and pre- new deal. i definitely in jeopardize medicare beneficiaries and social security beneficiaries . >> what would your focus be in getting more money into social security or curtailing the benefits. amassing specifically . raise your focus going to be on that . mr. purdue: as a business guy coming work on revenue and expenses. career politicians have buried their heads since 1983. for the democrats and republicans is time to get serious about this not believe in his second term of a president trump, i believe we can get to that . but i think you have to have compromising here . i believe you have to work on testing potential at 40 after work on the revenue side of the same . but the first thing. donna: ten seconds. mr. purdue: to protect social security and medicare. donna: henneman, that is all the time we have a questions. each candidate will now have 60
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seconds for closing statement. senator purdue you get the first closing statement. mr. purdue: thank you donna. i think the viewers concede tonight that what i'm saying is exactly right. these desperate and say anything to hide his radical socialist agenda. he wants a renewed deal party was to defund the police . close military bases in georgia party was to force socialized medicine . in my for your business career, but on how to create tens of thousands of jobs. to make a difference and get results for georgia. we . the greatest economic turnaround in u.s. history after eight years of total disaster under barack obama and joe biden. we are building a military back we are confirming judges that will not make law. we are now achieved energy independence waited so right now, and i think that georgia is very clear. just seems to me that he is standing together briefly standing and we can solve the be
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this thing. we can absolutely get our economy back in insula the american dream is the reality for every child in america. god bless you and thank you . speech of thank you. john it is your turn. john: thank you done anything into our house. my mother came to this country as an immigrant when she was 23 years old . because she believed in america. it doesn't mean she had got some fantasy about our history . before that she didn't know how much for that we had to go but she believed and admired it. she admired another founding documents and tried the principles of the universal human rights. she became a citizen because you know that our democracy is how we move this country forward and prayed about what is happened in these last four years has broken my mother's heart. like it is broken so any parts. we are more divided than in any time in modern american history we have a president is obviously not up to the job and he works
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every day to divide us further. a quarter of a million americans will soon have died from a virus that our own government, president trump and senator purdue lied to us and solicit pros low risk to our health. this is a matter of life and death for it is time to go to make a change in this country. donna: thank you. shane hazel you the final closing statement. shane hazel: thank you everybody for having me. if you're tired of what you are saying here between politicians. you have a choice. and with georgia voting laws, with 50 plus one time you get a do over if there's rock. my mission is to bring people together. while preserving the freedom of every individual regardless of skin color, age, faith, gender, love, and every other nuances makes us unique. we come together and we remove the government corporate cabals from our lives. a peaceful people, here in the u.s. and around the world. i believe in peace through
2:21 am
liberty. believe it is time to end the wars including the drug war. i believe it is time to restore sale the money in the federal reserve . not believe it is time to end the empire which is the bureaucratic nightmare which we all face in our daily lives from the time we get out of our federal matches to the time get back into it at the very end of the day. and shane hazel i hope to earn your vote. donna: thank you and that concludes our debate and we would like to remind voters that election day is tuesday novembet forget to turn in your absentee ballot if you requested one. an early voting in person again today and will run through october 30th. thank you to the candidates and thanked to the member of our panel for participating. i would also like to thank the atlanta press club. and georgia public broadcast for arranging today's debate. for more information on the full schedule of debates, please
2:22 am
visit they atlanta press club .org. in this debate will be available for viewers to watch on-demand, on atlanta press club, facebook page, and on georgia public broadcasting website. thank you for joining us for the
2:23 am
>> please welcome congresswoman debbie wasserman


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