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  Campaign 2020 President Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Des Moines IA  CSPAN  October 14, 2020 7:30pm-9:06pm EDT

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so russia's amplify that messaging as we have seen. he questions a mental health of his opponent, russia's amplifying that. he's asked russia openly to involve itself in our election four years ago for he asked privately ukraine and china to involve themselves or take action for the 2020 election. so i agree that none of those actions are in service of american sovereignty are not only of the history i mentioned around past american presidential candidate for leading politicians. and i think that moving forward, that is a practice that hopefully our country can move away from and get back at the idea that our electoral sovereignty is paramount. and the political future of individuals do not overwhelm or should not rank above that idea of election independence. and so that is where i fall in that view. in my book i detailed the 13th chapter help various advisors
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in the trump administration, to be clear. ♪ ♪ gladly stand up next to you ♪ ♪ there's no doubt i love this man ♪ ♪ god bless the usa. ♪ ♪ ♪ detroit down to houston, and new york till l.a., ♪
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♪ scientists say i'm proud to be an american ♪ ♪ and at least i know i'm free. and i won't forget the men who died and gave their life for me. i will gladly stand up ♪ ♪ next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt ♪ ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you ♪ ♪ and defend her still today
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♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt ♪ ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ [cheering] [cheering] [cheering] [cheering] thank you. thank you very much. thank you everybody. [cheering] >> usa. usa. usa. >> thank you very much
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everybody. hello des moines. it's great to be here in des moines. they said sir it is so windy out there. i said well, my hair is very powerful, it is very strong. it can handle it. [laughter] gimmick they said it could get bad it's very windy. thank you all very much. i'm thrilled to be back in the american heartland with thousands of loyal, hard-working american patriots. [cheering] and 20 days from now we are going to win this state. we are going to win four more years in the white house. [cheering] and i must tell you. look the poll just came out, we are up six. big deal. [cheering] didn't we win by 11 or somethin something? if i'm up six, nobody has ever done for iowa and the farm belt and the farmers and all, no more estate taxes.
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no more anything, i saved ethanol. ethanol is saved. for me to it only be up six i'm a little concerned i will tell you that. because nobody's going to do for iowa what i did for iowa. we just learn through explosive documents published by a very fine newspaper, the "new york post" that joe biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement in his son's corrupted business dealings. [booing] this is a big smoking gun. the newly uncovered e-mails revealed a top executive from the highly questionable ukrainian company, it is an energy company which paid hunter at least $50000 a month. a snout looking like it could be $183,000 a month. that is a lot of money. would anybody in this audience take it? i would take it. we will take it. despite the fact that he's absolutely no experience, knew nothing about energy.
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wrote to hunter, arranging for a meeting to meet with vice president joe biden. i've been saying this for a long time with his family prayed the same ukrainian energy executives sent hunter an e-mail saying quote we urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence. in other words hunter was being paid for access to his vice president father, who was specifically put in charge of ukraine and russia. [booing] how about the russia hoax? it turns out they were the one that did the russia hoax. it was them. no collusion, no collusion. these e-mails showed that biden's repeated claim that he has never spoken to hunter about his business dealings were a complete lie. it was a total lie.
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try to cover up a massive pay for play scandal at the heart of his vice president separate everybody knows it. everyone in washington knows it. we have known it for a long tim time. the fact is there's never, never an administration more corrupt than the obama/biden administration. there is never, never. just weeks ago joe stood before the american people at a presidential debate and told you that these claims had been totally discredited. and that his son did nothing wrong. but now that turns out to be a total lie. now we can see clearly that biden is a corrupt politician who should not even be allowed to run for the presidency. i was pressing joe biden to tell the truth because the corrupt media, all those cameras back there. [booing] they are corrupt.
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and they refused to write the story. there's not one time in almost four years during my presidency, during the greatest political scandal in u.s. history, eight witchhunts a horrible, horrible disgusting witchhunt that should never ever happened to another presidency again. and people should pay for the crimes they committed. [cheering] turned out to be a total illegal hoax that false and libelous stories every day, false and libelous stories. and they knew they were false too. they knew they were false. they were never taken down by twitter or facebook, or the mainstream media, never once. yet, with biden today they take a negative posted down almost before they even go up. they are trying to protect
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him. they are trying to protect the biden. they take them down for it i was just getting off that magnificent plane behind us, air force one,. [cheering] and i had heard and i just don't know this for a fact, but they say kaylee mcelnea, you know kaylee. good kaylee she is so great. she is incredible they close down her account. she is the white house press secretary because she is reporting the truth. they close down her account. so let's see what is going to happen. and did you hear the news, bruce orr is finally out of the department of justice. [cheering] he and his wonderful wife molly she wrote all of this stuff and he goes and works at the department of justice and he took it didn't bring it to the fbi? the wife gets paid a lot of money. resource finally out of the department of justice, that is
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good. a couple of years too late that's all he should be not only in the department of justice outbox he should be someplace else, okay? eight months after his alleged meeting with the executives, of for me she they pronounce it for misha, a real beautiful company. vice president joe biden went to ukraine and threaten to withhold $1 billion in aid they did not fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son as the company that his son worked for. [booing] the documents also showed that before one of joe's trips to ukraine, hunter e-mailed his business partner saying his lucrative contract should begin now. take of that, should begin now.
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right now scott to begin. the whole thing is so incredible. here's a guy, let's put it in simple language pretty got thrown out of the military. that is unfortunate. he did not have a job for a long time. his father becomes vice president. and he is making millions and millions and millions of dollars a year. [background noises] >> think of it. think of it. it's like that kirk and it's the crooked joe. you know when a democrat voter here in iowa asked a joke last, you remember the sun raked in muddy and exchange providing access, job called batman a damn liar. you are a damn liar. his kid is making millions of dollars he had nothing. he did not have a job, thrown out of the military, sadly but thrown out of the military. and hear nothing about energy. heater nothing about investment investments.
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he knew nothing about china. how buddy walked away a billion and a half dollars to manage for china? they don't do that with the most brilliant people on wall street. vice president biden, you owe the people of america an apology because it turns out, you are a corrupt politician. okay? [cheering] [cheering] joe biden must immediately release all e-mails, meetings, phone calls, transcription records related to his involvement and his family's business dealings, influence around the world. including china and including russia. including russia. hunter rakes in a fortune from china while joe biden was giving china all of our jobs, you know where they came from, iowa. and plenty of other places.
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but they came from iowa. he was giving them, they were taking our jobs. they were taking our factories, they were taking everything they're taking our wealth. and i gave you $28 billion and say thank you very much president xi it came right out of china paired because of that everybody is happy in iowa. just hope you remember that on november 3. [cheering] i hope you remember, nobody else would've done that. nobody else would've done it. the biden family treated the vice presidency as a for-profit corporation flying around the globe, collecting millions of dollars from china and ukraine and russia and other countries. in fact, the wife of the mayor of moscow gave hunter biden a check for $3.5 million in cash while his father gave away the store to russia. including crimea.
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remember crimea the biden's got rich while america got robbed. by contrast, this is so true in it so easily true and i'm so proud of it in so many ways. i'd given up billions of dollars to serve as your president. and it is my greatest honor of a lifetime. so true. [cheering] ♪ ♪ former years spurred four more years. for more years. so back iran for president because i cannot sit back any longer watch the terrible injustices being done to the american people. and it is true. and by the way, for the china plague came in, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world.
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now it is going right back there. our stock market is very close to a number that was even higher. this everyone have your 401(k) ready? it's going through the roof. when have the best year we have ever had. we are going to have tax cuts not tax increases. they would to increase your taxes. they want to increase your taxes so they can spend it on the green new deal. [booing] you know that don't you? i did not sit idly by and watch career politicians like joe biden continue bleeding this country dry. that is what it is. you can say whatever you want. you can say whatever you want. but when you have a kid that follows his father prayed to go it look up look at his brother printed brother is building a big housing development in iraq. have you ever built a housing development before? no i have it. take a look at the whole family it's a corrupt family.
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joe biden personifies the corrupt globalist got rich and powerful at your expense. take a look at the people funding his campaign. people assume they will be funding my campaign. i don't want them. we don't want them. we never needed them, we don't want them. but they betrayed american workers, disparage american values and crushed our middle class. for decades, biden's and his cronies left with a ship to millions of your jobs to their friends in foreign countries britain countries that you've never even heard of. they live behind gated walls and they flooded your communities with illegal immigration. deadly drugs, ms 13 savages that rape and murder innocent americans. they forced our fellow citizens to live in crumbling inter- cities they spent trillions of dollars on a never ending foreign wars.
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they just never ended. but you know, we are bringing all of her soldiers back home. you know that. [cheering] and it is not easy. not easy. the military-industrial complex it is not the easiest thing but we are bringing them back home. were almost finished in afghanistan. we are dealing, we are down to a small number coming home by the end of the year. hopefully the end of the year or shortly thereafter. in syria we are totally out. by the way we crushed one 100% of the isis. [cheering] one 100%. we crushed one 100% for the greatest military in the world and by the way we have built the greatest military in the world. [cheering] so i just tell you from iowa, you are a very powerful state
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politically. you are a big state to me. big in your hearts. you have a tremendous influence in a tremendous power. you have never let me down. you just came in and we won by so much. they say a republican wins by one point i think i won by 11, right? eleven. [cheering] that was early in the night, remember that? they said donald trump has won the state of iowa. and they said man he won by 11 points, what's going on? that was just the beginning. and we went ohio. we went ohio by eight points. they said what's going on? it's one thing we knew when a state but you win by a lot that was the beginning of something. i will tell you what, we have more enthusiasm now than we ever did four years ago. [cheering] we have great poll numbers part of the uc a lot a fake poll numbers they will do
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anything they can they are called suppression poles. [booing] gather they go. look look at the red light start to go off. one way they want the ratings in other they don't want to have the ratings when you're telling cnn they are a fraud as they are broadcasting. [cheering] that was one of the greatest -- is one of the greatest evenings ever. there are those that say it was the most exciting evening in the history of television. highest rated evening and the history of television for it you know what? the election we have coming up on november 3 is actually more important. [cheering] actually more important. in 2016 devoted to fire the failed and decrepit political class. and you elected an outsider as your president. and i finally put america first. it's called make america great
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again. [cheering] >> four more years. four more years. >> it's windy out here. if you can wear the hat i can wear the hat. [cheering] should i take off the tire not? what you think? i don't know. maybe yes? [cheering] [background noises] [cheering] [cheering] oh that feels so much better. [cheering] that feels better, that feels good.
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now we can all relax and have a good time. it's great to be with you. seriously we have had a great history here together. what we have done for you and what we've done for the farmers and what we have done for everything. you know two weeks ago you had the largest order of corn and history of our country, right? two weeks ago you had the largest order of soybeans and history of our country. and the largest order order of beef. you know why? because china wants to keep me happy. that is why. it was from china because they know what they have done to us should never have been allowed. they could have stopped it. they did not stop it. they should've stopped it. the only reason i'm your president is because the previous administration did a poor job. so poured back but he said i'm going to run for president. [cheering] and you know what?
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if they did a good job i would not have run. if they did a good job i guess i would not have one, what you think? i would not have run and i would not have one. they are so bad and they're so totally corrupt we did not come this far to overcome this much and fight this hard. only to surrender our country back to the depraved washington. you know when i would say, is to say drain the swamp and people like to print a hated the expression i hated it. i hated i said this is a hokey expression and i put it in one and the place went crazy. i put an another speech and they went crazy but i said you know i really like it. i really like it. when i say drain the swamp i had no idea this swamp was not dirty that discussing and that
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deep. it's true. i don't sound like a typical washington i don't consult great politicians we have great ones with us tonight. i don't always play by the rules of washington and washington establishment it is because i was elected to fight for you, harder than ever. i tell you what, i fight for you harder than any president has ever fought for anyone. it's not easy. but i love it. we are making tremendous progress. we are making tremendous progress. the fact is no administration in the first three and a half years has ever done as much as this administration has done. you take a look.
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[cheering] right now i am fighting to eradicate the virus, rebuild the economy and save our country from the radical left. and that is exactly what we are doug. [cheering] as a candidate, joe biden is made yet another corrupt exchange for his party's nomination. he has handed control to the socialists and marxists. and the lunatic left wing fringe that are really running that party. he is not running it. let's face it, joe is shot. where you like it or not. we can all be nice, it's going to be my turn someday. it's even going to be your turn someday to my friends. someday. but when it is your turn you cannot be president. one thing i learned president
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she of china's one hunter percent. putin of russia is one 100%. kim john own, by the way what happened to that war are supposed to be in? these people are sharp as they are smart. joe has lost it. he's not a smart man everyone knows it. joe is gone if he rings the radical left they will be running the country for they are addicted to power. and god help us if they get it. we'll never be the same country will never be able to recover. and we are -- the country was coming together. i was telling a very, very good reporter today that our country was coming together because we were having such success. i was being called by people that normally i would not be speaking to, too much. they don't want me i don't want them.
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but with the best employment numbers and history. african-american, hispanic american women asian, everything. [cheering] high school diploma without high school diploma. colleges, with the best numbers in every category. 160million jobs, we were never close to that. 160million jobs. and it was all coming together. let's get together let's talk. it is like splitting up the riches. and in a positive way. splitting up the riches rate what happened has got hit with the plague. now it's back to the drawing board. but we are going to have a strong third-quarter's going to be incredible. we see the numbers, not that i know anything because i do not want to give you insight information because i do not have it. the going to say he is giving away insight information. they are sick. but wait to see the third-quarter numbers. it's going to be right before the election. before november 3 print although a lot of people will
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have voted by that time. get out and votes. you got to get out and vote. we were really coming together. everyone come together print i were really coming together the bit hit by this horrible situation. could have been stopped. china stopped it from going into the rest of china. but they did not stop it from coming out and going to europe and the united states and the rest of the world. 188 countries. so we are now putting it together. we had it done and now we are doug it again. and next year we will be even stronger than last year. lester was the esther we've ever had. and this coming year will be even better than last year. [cheering] unless somebody comes along and says let's quadruple your taxes which is what they want to do. they want to raise your taxes.
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which by the way their original price 100 trillion you cannot do it for that. if we did great every year for 100 years. everything was perfect, right? no nothing no recessions no anything. you could not make $100 trillion. these people are crazy. and they actually mean it. they actually mean it. so we are going to get it going to a level i tell the story for years but the economies i love watching it i love doug it. and i love seeing the results because the results are so incredible. it as a student i used here for years, ten years, 2019 china. 1.4billion people. not including illegal immigrants that are in the country. i said how many do we have? they said we have no idea surveyed i have an idea. by their southern border is
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now stronger than it has ever been. [cheering] weird 3925, three and 30 million people. but for years china will to overtake us as a largest economy and the year 2019 i think you've all heard it i think yes? there's a very smart looking guy, you are loaded with money i bet. that's why he is in the front row. he's in the front row when he did not have to stand here for three days to get here i can tell. right? 2019 china was going to overtake his pride when you go back six months, seven months, not only weren't they overtaken, we were beating them by leaps and bounds and getting bigger and bigger and growing and growing. and taxing them, and taxing them and taken billions and billions in tariffs. when they targeted iowa and the farmers of this country and ranchers and others, i said no, no you can't do that. no no you can't sum up at 25% tariff on everything.
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: : we took care of our farmers. know what the president did that and that's why china got away with all the stuff for years and we are plenty of money left over after the $20 million that went into the u.s. treasury.
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they got away with it because a president like obama, we are going to target your farmers and target the middle of our country and obama said we had better not get involved. i said if you do it, what we are going to do is we are going to give a lot of that money to the people they are targeting. the thing that most impresses me about iowa and nebraska and a lot of our state if you look and by the way minnesota was so great. everyone of them wisconsin was incredible but they never came to me and said sir they are not ordering from us. he never said it. you know what they said? the president is right at some point we have to put up -- and i didn't hear one from fake "cnn." they put people on television that said i know it's not good but the president is right. [applause] the president is right.
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he did the right thing. [applause] otherwise it puts me in a bad negotiating position and you can't really negotiate. stuff. i'll never forget that about farmers. it's incredible and the other thing i won't forget you don't mind if i go off script. enough with crazy hunter biden making millions of dollars a day. he made it because of his great intellect. but you know the other thing, where is hunter? is hunter here? hunter congratulations on making a lot of money last year. the other thing i remember in the white house we had 36 farmers come to see me but i'll never forget it and they were getting hit really hard. this was two and a half years ago and they came in to see me. they said sir we are hurting but you are doing the right thing sara: . i'll never forget this meeting.
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i have pictures of it. many from iowa but from other states that many from iowa and everyone is always asking me for money. i want money and countries want money. please defend us and then they rip us off on trade. we defend them and they rip us off on trade. there are is asking for money. i said to them you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to get you a lot of money with tariffs and this is early on in the strategy. i'm going to subsidize you guys and you will be so happy and i used a terrible word. they said sara: may i speak? yeah what do you want to say. we don't want -- all we want is a level playing field. we don't want anything. [applause] it's true. i've never heard that. most people don't care call it
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subsidy get me cash, just give me money. the farmer said and by the way i concede there was a chill in the road and i said that i say something with ron? the farmers are unbelievable or they are the heart of this nation and they said we don't want subsidy. we don't want that. we just want a level playing field. we will beat anybody. and to this day i tell that story all the time. most people can call it anything you want. you call it subsidy anything you want. i just think you people are incredible. enough of that. enough of that. enough of that are. one of the most important issues for iowa is the whole thing that
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happened with ethanol. they were killing ethanol and joe biden has vowed to abolish abolish -- this crusade to eliminate guests and his running mate sponsors are insane. she's the most liberal. and by the way did mike pence beat her badly? [cheers and applause] you know the expression in boxing? as my friend would say ufc. if that were a fight they would have stopped it. mike pence, we love mike pence and he loves iowa two. he just left. the biden/harris platform will demolish iowa ethanol. you know that. wiping out the entire industry. we went through the whole thing where we had no demand because of the pandemic and we all fought hard to keep it going and keep the ethanol going.
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we did the 12 months. i did 12 months. remember was eight months and i said why not 12? they couldn't give me a very good answer but i made it year round at 15%, up from 10, 15%. when the market comes back which it is coming back. you have been expensive gasoline and that's not so bad. you never see gasoline with a two in the front of it and we saved their energy jobs. whether we like it or not when we have a problem with energy i call the russia and i called saudi arabia and they increase production by 10 million barrels a day and our entire energy was saved all over the world frankly. they aren't doing it us but they are doing it for everybody and we have an incredible country. we saved their energy industry are energy jobs and we are energy independent and it's a beautiful thing. [applause]
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and by the way i made a promise that most of you understand for those people in the ethanol world, you could use the pumps. do you understand that? another where you don't have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in new pumps because with the additional ethanol the additional power some people say make them buy a new pumps. i don't want you to buy new pumps so for those people who understood what i just said you know what i'm talking about. that will be okay. to defend our rights and our constitution i nominated judge amy coney barrett to the united states supreme court. [cheers and applause] [applause] and i will tell you i don't mind running against sleepy joe but i
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wouldn't want to run against her right now. please promise me any me you will never run. she has been great. she's outsmarting these people with bad intentions. you look at some of the questions that are being asked and it's so obvious. these are not great chess players, let's face it. they aren't great, they are horrible and nasty and she handles it like nothing. she's the greatest and one of the reasons she has a highly respected for faster has been teaching for many years said she was the single greatest in he's ever had. i believe and that kind of thing. it's called intelligence. i believe in intelligence but i just want -- i haven't spoken turn a few days and i want to say that we made the right choice, right? [cheers and applause] and speaking about making the right choice you made the right choice a long time ago with a
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man named senator chuck grassley. [applause] and you made the right choice and you were going to do it again i hope because she is great, joni ernst. [applause] and there right now and washington fighting to confirm our great new justice or future justice of the united states supreme court. johnny has been fantastic and she's been fighting for iowa's values for a long time. she will call me, sara: and we do this? nobody called me more ethanol than johnny and check. i used to say tell them i'm not in. i can't take it any more johnny. but that's what a good senator is. they want to keep your state going and keep our country going. they love our country and they love the state that they represent so joni ernst investigator in and check grassley we don't have to worry about him. he will be around forever.
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he is great. [applause] you know what i love about chuck grassley? he has that great voice even when he's being nice he sounds like the toughest guy and he's being nice. he looked at the corrupt at the eye director, he looked at call me, corrupt guy and he just said did you leave and call me jumped and he said yes i did. i will never forget chuck grassley and he didn't mean it to be mean. he just has that rough voice. >> did you lee? i gave it to my college professor friend from columbus. what a piece of work he is. if democrats when they will pack the supreme court with radical left judges. who will shred our 2nd amendment
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and if they win your 2nd amendment is gone. they will and power violent mobs and killed tariffs. joe biden refuses to even answer questions about packing the supreme court. how about this? do you want to pack the court? i'm not going to answer that question. you know why? because they don't ask them. me it would be like forget it. you are going to pack the courts are? i'm not going to answer that because i don't want to say. next question. can you believe that? this is the essence of our country and we can't allow this to happen and the other thing is i put up a list of 45 great brilliant conservative in our case justices that go by the constitution as written etc., etc.. [applause]
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he has got to put up the name of justices or judges whoever he picks to become a justice of the supreme court. he's not doing that and they aren't asking that question. did you see the nbc thing last week where they had an nbc town hall? it was designed for a child. when i get in they ask me things that nobody ever contemplated could be thought of. they are asking him these questions in nbc took a lot of heat. it took a lot of heat. biden's agenda would be a catastrophe for iowa seniors. everybody knows that but for years biden tried to cut social security and medicare. do you remember that? you do know he wanted to cut your social security and your medicare and now biden's pledging mask amnesty and federal health care for illegal aliens decimating medicare and is growing your social security. the problem is we all have a heart. i say it all the time.
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i love to take your river by the all the world but the problem is our country can afford it if you start saying we are going to give free education we are going to give you medicare and health care we are going to give you everything our country will be flooded with millions of people that will come from all over the world. they will decimate our country. biden cares about illegal aliens but he doesn't care about senior citizens and remember when i asked the question at the debate were the democrats were out there and you had all these democrats that started off with 26 and i said there's no way they'll pick, luck because she treated him worse than anybody else and her poll numbers were dropping like a rock. they asked who was going to give money, health care to illegal aliens and they all raised their hands. remember joe? he didn't understand the question. at least he hasn't excuse because he is no clue what the hell they are asking but
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remember is positioned? their hands are all up. we are going to give her a lot of money and forget about all of you people. that's a big crowd by the way. look at that. turn those cameras, please. look at that youthful crowd. [applause] remember joe is standing there and people can come into the country illegally. they come in at legally and under plan they have the manifesto and they want to give them a lawyer. that's what we need are we need are small lawyers napper they want to give them a lawyer and they want to give them education and health care but they asked the question and i said wow because i think they have like 26 people originally but everyone of them raised their hands including sleepy joe. what happened is joe you could see for 47 years he knows this
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is isn't going to work. he sang to himself as you know they are still something left, not much but he sang to himself if the natural instinctive political instinct and his shoulder went up and then his head. so i don't know. i'm not going to hold them. how about the no fracking? we will not frack. do you understand do we will not and then he gets the nomination goes to pennsylvania where they are reliant on energy and fracking is a job. probably 900 jobs. the day after he says he is not fracking he says we will frack. we will frack and they don't hold them to it but if i did that it would be the end but it will never be the end for us either. never going to be the end. we have something going that
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nobody has ever had going. we have a relationship with the people that nobody is ever had not as -- i do think i'm a nice guy. a lot of people in suburbia, i've save the suburbs and i heard i'm not doing well with suburban women. [applause] i got rid -- they said that last election too. he will do terribly with women and when i did great with women they said man he did great with women. the same thing is going to happen. you know what i find, women period want security or they don't want their values going down. they don't want a low income housing project built in the middle of suburbia next to their house and we have a rule that is a disaster. to regulation i set the ben carson or they looked at me and they said we can amend it and i said you don't understand i want
8:17 pm
it terminated. to disaster or they change the zoning and make it impossible and you end up with low income housing over the place the river this 29 to 30% of the people living in suburbia are minorities. this has nothing to do with discrimination and has nothing to do with anything. what it has to do with is the american dream. we aren't going to destroy the american dream for stupid people like cory booker. cory booker in charge. how about that one? he did a great job as mayor of newark, new jersey. how is newark doing? this election is a choice between trump recovered at a level that nobody has ever seen before and a biden depression. if they get elected they are going to double triple and quadruple your taxes. you'll have the depression the likes of which this country has
8:18 pm
never seen before and that probably includes 1929. one thing we learned about the farmers they don't do well in depressions. do we agree? nobody does well in the depression. you'll have problems like you've never had before. joe biden would terminate a recovery delay the vaccine prolonged the pandemic and by the way for those dates open up your states. [cheers and applause] watch on november 4, november 4 all these democratic governors that have locked down you know i always said right at the beginning it was me they came out first. 20 years ago somebody said the same thing but they care cannot be worse than the problem itself. get the children back to school.
8:19 pm
[applause] i will give you an example. 99% of barron trump you know he had he had the corona and 19, the china virus. yet 21 different names. i could go over it but tamika runnemede italy. china is china and they came from china so we have the china virus. he had up for sort such a short time. they are young and their immune systems are strong and they fight it off 99.9% and barron's is beautiful and he's free, free. our first lady who loves iowa by the way. she put out that barron has
8:20 pm
tested positive and i said wow and we talked about it and it's like let's put it out. barron tested positive and within two seconds barron is fine now. he tested negative, right? we have got to get the kids back to school. get them back to school. get them back. [applause] and when i added you might have. and most of you don't know this but i have it too. i didn't love it but you know it's a little tough and yet the temperature and he don't feel good. the scary part is where they are going. you are at 101 101 and 102. evan had a temperature in years and all of a sudden you see what happens to people and i went to
8:21 pm
the hospital and it's an incredible hospital walter reed. i've been there many times for our great warriors to come back badly wounded. and one thing when you are president i am lying in his bed not feeling my best and i'm surrounded by 12 doctors. one is the head of johns hopkins and what is the head of walter reed. these are incredible doctors and i looked at the alternatives all things we developed in the last seven months and one of them was regeneron. i said i will take that one. very early in the testing but it had great numbers and i'm telling you they gave me this and they call it a therapeutic. to me it's secure. i i felt like superman the following morning. in fact i made a speech about it two days later. somebody said he looks better now than he did two weeks ago. what the hell is going on?
8:22 pm
this is what is happening. we are making tremendous progress. the vaccines are coming out soon put a lot of great things are happening on that front and a lot of great things are happening for our country but i'm working to make the antibody treatments that i received, i want to give it to all the people that qualify for it, people in hospitals and people just before they go to the hospital. we will clean out her hospital. eli lilly makes a similar drug and we are going to do it free. we are going to do it free. we are in the process of getting emergency use op or station and we are going to regeneron and eli lilly a comparable drug. we are going to give it to everybody and i hope to have the luck that i had. maybe it would have been perfect. i didn't need it. i would have been perfect anyway. i said sarcastic way i'm in no
8:23 pm
danger because i'm in perfect physical shape and i'm very young in "cnn" reports president trump lied to the american public. can you believe this? this is telling. we had an incredible rally in pennsylvania. [booing] said they were going to "cnn." i thought they were doing it to me. we don't have to many of them any more. the beginning we thought we'd always have the funny people stand up and raise their voice and get balled out. i shouldn't be talking about this because all of a sudden -- we don't have any don't have that anymore. i learned about the cameras because the cameras never lie. look where that crowd goes all the way back to the building. i never thought the cameras could move and then i just noticed whenever we had a troublemaker in the audience they would> >> around like a pretzel.
8:24 pm
i thought they were like rigid like a rigid piece of steel that doesn't turn but we have the backroom behind a pillar. the camera would turn around like a snake at different angles. that sounds good. her brand-new f-35 fighter jet. you can't see it. [applause] the greatest play in the world and by the way speaking up that our military when i came in the world's most overrated general told me sirte we have no ammunition because they may have had a conflict early and could i said no president should ever hear that could we have rebuilt our military $2.5 trillion all paid in the usa. the likes of which no country has ever seen before. we are the envy of russia and china and any other country.
8:25 pm
we have equipment that nobody has. our missiles at our rockets are nuclear has been totally upgraded and pray to god we never have used it because i see what happens. pray to god but if we didn't have that we could be in very big trouble. a very tough situation but you look at the new tanks we have ordered from ohio by the way. the lima l plant. i said keep it open. before he i became president i said keep it open. i said we could never build a plant like this. you could never get the people. we have totally rebuilt our military. we have the greatest missiles rockets fighters bombers tankers ships in the world. we are all made in the u.s.. [chanting] usa, usa, usa. you can be proud of your
8:26 pm
country. look at this young handsome farmer are you going to be a farmer someday blacks he goes yale. i would like to be a farmer sometimes. we are joined tonight by some incredible friends and great people. your governor who's done an incredible job, kim reynolds and kevin her husband. [applause] thank you, thank you. [applause] a really great job, kim. how are we doing? are we looking good? thank you fervid thing kim as well as lieutenant governor adam greg: . adam, thank you. [applause] great job. iowa secretary of agriculture, mike nagy. thank you, mike.
8:27 pm
iowa senate majority leader jack whitmer. [applause] you know why they all stay together, they like each other. speaker of the iowa house, you've got to tell me this. this is good genes i think. there are genes involved here. pat grassley. what is the relationship, pat? that's good stuff. you've got a good stock. i want to bet on that guide for the future. great job and you are doing a great job. are we doing all right? and terry branstad. [applause] do we have time for one quick story about branstad? because his son and his son eric is even better than him but i'm not going to talk about them and here's a guy that doesn't mind me saying put a lot of fathers would get angry if you said
8:28 pm
that. those are not great fathers. his son is great but when i met terry long before i thought about this i heard the governor of iowa is in new york and he wanted to see me where i said what the hell do i want to see the governor of iowa for? i'm putting up buildings and i'm saying all right and i invited him. therefore i thought about doing this he came up and a humble guy a great guy a handsome guy sat down and i figured i'd give him five minutes, no longer than five and i ended up spending an hour and a half. i said that's a smart as then i learned as you know he was the governor for 24 years an all-time record in the united states, 24 years. [applause] he told me a story at the first meeting before i was even thinking about doing this and again it's only because obama
8:29 pm
and biden were so bad. i said let me do it right i wish i didn't have to but i'm having a lot of fun because we are making such progress. he told me a story he said you know many years ago i met a man in china who was selling corn. can you believe that? corn, crops. he was selling corn and he said to his wife this is 35 or 40 years ago he said i met a man in china and i went home to my wife and i said you know i just met the next president of china many years forward but i just met a future president of china and i said who was that? it was president xi who is now the president of china and they said you've got to be kidding. he said i could tell right from the beginning he was different and i'm not happy with what's going on but he said i just met the next president and then i remember that story and iran and he was so incredible to me in iowa and he wanted us to win and his son was very much in charge
8:30 pm
of what we are doing and it worked out great and we won by a lot and then we won the whole thing. i said we have to pick somebody really smart for china. the governor of iowa came to me and told me that story and i told him how would you like to be ambassador to china and the censorship i've been doing this for 24 hours and it would be an honor not to tell you this he represented us great with china. [cheers and applause] he represented us. i never told that story. i never told that story but a month ago he told me he censorship i want to come home now. it does want to make sure you get reelected and i want to come home and i know is out there working but we love him. he's a special guy. we have a couple of real duties with grassley and this guy what a couple of great people. thank you very much for everything. a great job you did as ambassador. the only question i have is do
8:31 pm
we call you mr. ambassador mr. governor? what do you like? he said either one is okay. that's him. anyway thank you very much. great job. i want to introduce another one of the best may be the best in the whole country the chairman of the iowa gop, jeff cosman. you look good, jeff. you have lost weight, jeff. i'm proud of you jeff. you do a great job. how are we doing? always be careful. remember when he said he was running for president and he was doing okay and he was on the cover of a third-rate magazine called "vanity fair" and he made the statement i was born to do this. that's the end of his political career. he was born to do it. that didn't work out.
8:32 pm
thank you very much, thank you very much. i appreciate it. [applause] congressional candidate a star a guy who's going to be fantastic david young. [applause] you have a lot of good candidates. we are also joined by a very special guest one of the greatest wrestlers in american history. you know that, right? he's an unbelievable guy. i've known about them for a long time am do we all love jim jordan or congressman, right? jim jordan, jim jordan is a great wrestler and a great ncaa champion. a lot of people don't know that the gem is from ohio. he says the greatest of them all was a guy named dan gable gable. have you ever heard of dan gable? [applause] and listen to this i'm going to
8:33 pm
have to tell you is banned here are? come here, come on. you mean i can't take this guy in a fight? can you believe that? wow. i am immune and i can't give it to you so that's good. we love you. i met dan a few years ago and i looked at him and i said how come he is 80 and he won 181. that's like crazy, 181. i'm going to ask a leader who is the one that he did something else won the olympics in 1972. [applause] and to do that he had to wrestle against the sixth greatest wrestlers in that weight class in the world and he did something never done before.
8:34 pm
he didn't yield one point throughout the whole thing. [applause] and he ended up in the olympic final for the gold medal. he beat the great russian wrestler. he went through the whole thing and nobody got point and i'm looking at him and saying to myself i'm telling you i can take him but i better not try. dan has been inducted into the usa wrestling hall of fame the u.s. olympic hall of fame and the united world wrestling hall of fame. he has become university of iowa's all-time most winning coach. backed jim jordan said he was as great a coach as he was a wrestler. how many championships to do when? 15. i come from a town where they say they never win. he won 15. that's called extraordinary
8:35 pm
talent actually. i thought about it long and hard so the congressional medal of honor and the presidential medal of freedom are the two greatest awards you can get in our country and i'm proud to announce that i will be awarding very shortly at the white house in the oval office coach gable the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] say something. [applause] >> that is humbling. that is humbling because that's the highest honor. i'm used to winning and having to do it on the mat but because i did it so many times on the mat and in other places i'm actually getting other awards were i can just do it and they give it to me. the thing about this guy is i
8:36 pm
have coached a lot of athletes overall the years and i will tell you what, when i look at him and i hear him he kinder reminds me a little bit of this guy right here. and every one of them every one of them you had to learn a little bit more. they had to get veteran and every one of them did and that's why they are not just one time champions. this guy is already the one-time champion. [applause] but because he is open for learning and he is already very competent he's going to be a
8:37 pm
multi-champion, the president of the united states of america. [applause] [chanting] four more years. four more years. [chanting] >> he's the pride of eye when he's great. you try to figure out a good-looking good looking guy all that stuff but why is he won 81. he didn't allow one point. they are the best in the world of the toughest had something different and you'll probably never figured out it's with great champions you see it all the time.
8:38 pm
there are very few jack nicklaus and tiger got the same award went tiger won the masters a few months ago. that's an incredible thing you did and we gave him the presidential medal of freedom. i said tiger you deserve it. i went through a lot and he came back and he said that you have great champions and they are different. in nobody knows why. that man is different and he's a champion and it's an honor to president you to the people that love you the most, iowa. [applause] under mike mystery should we build the greatest economy in history of the world and now we are doing it again. we are going to see some very big numbers and you are seeing it. my first three years family income increased by $6000. that's more than five times the gains in all eight years under the last administration.
8:39 pm
african-american income grew nine times more than it did under biden and obama. we lifted 6.6 million americans out of poverty. african-american employment, hispanic american unemployment and asian-american unemployment all reached the lowest level in history. [applause] at the end of the last administration the congressional budget office projected fewer than 2 million jobs would be created over the next three years and we crashed that rejection and created almost 8 million jobs. nobody could believe it. [applause] we are doing it again. my policies that benefited those who needed it the most. the bottom 50% of households saw an astonishing 40% increase in net worth after our tax cuts
8:40 pm
wages grew faster. it makes me feel so good. blue-collar workers were the ones that have the biggest benefit from what we did. since the china virus we have created a record 11.4 million jobs a record, we'd never created jobs at the level we are creating them now. we have got the employment rate in half. we are down to 7.8%. sounds high but a lot of people said we would be at 42% without the 7.8 and going down rapidly. under biden at 630 months to recover more than half of the jobs lost, 30 months. we did it in five months. jobs have been recovering great think of those, jobs have been recovering 23 times faster than the obama-biden recovery.
8:41 pm
23 times faster. not 23%, 23 times faster. i've spent the last four years reversing the damage joe biden inflicted over the last 47 years. he supported nafta, a disaster. now you have usmcj. he supported pcp. would have destroyed your farms in the auto industry would have been gone and supported china's entry into the world trade organization a catastrophe for our nation. china tried to get away the fact that they are developing nation not any more. if biden wins china wins and that's what's going to happen. leiden wins china will own our country. they will own it. if we win iowa wins in america wins and we are going to win for a long time. [cheers and applause]
8:42 pm
for decades are politicians trillions of dollars rebuilding fighting foreign wars and defending foreign borders but now we are finally protecting our nation rebuilding our cities and we are bringing our jobs, our factories and our troops back home to the usa where they belonged. [cheers and applause] and as i mentioned one of the things that was very important to me was to eliminate the very unfair estate tax or death tax or small businesses and farms so if you love your child and you are farmer and you think he or she is doing a great job and she wants to keep the farmer he wants to keep the farm there is no more a state tax. you'd have to borrow fortunes is pay the tax. [applause] is there anybody here who has a
8:43 pm
child for which they do not want to leave the farm because they do not like their child? raise your hand, there is one person over there. but it's a big thing. a lot of farms are put out of business and their parents passed away and they leave the farm to the sun the daughter of the family and the family has to borrow fortunes and then they have a couple of bad seasons and they end up losing everything. we don't have that anymore. we cut the estate tax and now it's gone. these are things a lot of people don't even know. along with the tax cuts we got there. biden wants to repeal or tax cuts and massively raise taxes on the family farms and what we did was you know exactly, we hit it so quickly. we hit so hard, we hit so strong
8:44 pm
on this whole tax situation because the farmers were being untreated -- being treated so unfairly with respect to taxes. i quickly issued a major disaster declaration and i will be with you every step of the way. camel phase or governor you are like a large-scale swimming pool. i hate to say i it i why looked at the pictures and they said kim i never knew that this was oceanfront property. we gave your thing you needed and we rebuilt the dams in the. [applause] we rebuilt it fast and my opponent has a radical plan to eliminate u.s. borders light implementing catch and release imposing deadly sanctuary cities and removal of illegal aliens of you have somebody that's a murder or rapist they agree with
8:45 pm
bernie sanders, crazy bernie but there's nobody that knows how to lose like ernie. four years ago he went home happy. pocahontas refused to get out of the race otherwise it would have been running against bernie. there would have been a lot more enthusiasm for bernie a smaller base to mourn louisiana some. we are going to get a lot of the bernie voters because they don't like gel and they love our policies on dealing with other nations. they love our policy and trade because they understand. they happen to understand that they also know we can do something about it. bernie would have never been able to do that for the united states would be completely overrun in a matter of days. under my leadership we achieve the most secure border in u.s. history and we are finishing the war. now over 400 miles long. mexico is paying for the wall.
8:46 pm
we did more could one of these fake reporter said it. what are the only politicians that has ever run, one of the only politicians that has run that has done more than he or she has promised. as an example i campaigned a lot in iowa. he never mentioned the word space force but when i got into office i realize i look at russia and they look to kim jong-un and i look at china said we need a space force. we got a space force where and never talked about on the campaign trail. we also passed va accountability for great veterans. now instead of waiting in line for weeks and weeks if they have to wait they go to a doctor and we paid the bill. 91% approval rating in the va. they are doing a great job over
8:47 pm
there. [applause] i shouldn't be telling you this because some places aren't happy but think of this. all our lives we those in the evening news horror shows with the fats and it's terrible what they are doing. you don't see any stories about the va. we have done 91% approval rating by the va for the job we are doing. [applause] and we defeated 100%, bringing our soldiers home but we defeated 100% of the isis caliphate in syria and iraq. when i took over was a mess. and we killed the leader of isis al-baghdadi. they were looking for him for years and years. [cheers and applause] weave that together world's number one terrorist and the mask murder of american troops and many other troops and many other people kasim acela mani is
8:48 pm
dead. one of the biggest things to happen in the middle east in 50 years. i withdrew from the last administration's disastrous iran nuclear catastrophe. $150,000,000,000.1.8 million in cash for nothing. the deal is expiring now anyway if we didn't terminate it. i kept my promise recognize the true capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. [applause] and you know presidents have been talking about that for decades. every of president said they were going to do it and they never have the guts to do it and i also recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. 52 years they've been talking about that. i got it done in about two hours.
8:49 pm
and instead of an endless war we are forging peace in the middle east. i get nominated for three nobel peace prizes. [cheers and applause] and i told the story the other night. i was in florida and pennsylvania and i told our first lady darling we are going to have the greatest publicity i've ever had tonight. i got nominated for the nobel prize. you know what that is darling. i get home and i turn on the television and you're they are talking about the floods in iowa and how is this happening? how are they doing in florida? stories one after the other and where is my nobel peace prize? the don't talk about it. you know darling this news is a little tough to. when obama got his nobel prize he didn't even do anything and he still doesn't know what he got it for. they said why did you get it and
8:50 pm
he said i have no idea. it was the biggest story all over the place. i got three nominations and nobody talks about it. i might as well mention it. kim i should mention it. kevin, right? kevin stand up please. there is the guy. [applause] we went on a hunting trip. my son don loves hunting and three of the governors terry previous governors went hunting and it was 25 degrees below zero. the only two guys that stood out there the whole time were kevin and donald trump jr.. everyone else was back in 15 minutes and they are all back and they wanted to go back into the lodge. after weekend my son comes back and kevin comes back. you two guys didn't even know what they were talking about. he didn't know what the problem was. people don't know that about don
8:51 pm
the cabinet is fantastic. thank you kevin for being here. he's a real guy. [applause] i'm ending the wars and biden will lead us into new wars. we did more in 47 months and biden did in 47 years and that is a fact. if you look at the democrats they are pushing the most far left agenda ever put forward by a presidential nominee. their plan would destroy your social security, destroy protections for pre-existing conditions. biden vowed to terminate our travel ban and jihadist regions. i got the travel ban. it's not nice to come up and blow up cities either. we won in the united states supreme court and he once ended. 700% opening the floodgates to radical islamic terrorists.
8:52 pm
no thank you, no thank you sleepy joe. he will ban school choice and band charter schools, very important places where it all starts. civil rights starts with education and we need school choice. and my second term i will provide school choice to every parent in america. we have already started. we have already started. [applause] it's an incredible thing because it's great education were less money. less money, great education just the short -- a vote for republicans as they vote for safe communities great jobs and a limitless future for all over americans. over the next four years we will make america into the manufacturing superpower of the world and we will end our reliance on china once and for all. [applause]
8:53 pm
we will hire more police come increase penalties for assaults on law enforcement and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities. [applause] we will uphold religious liberty, free speech and the right to keep and bear arms, your 2nd amendment. [cheers and applause] we will strike down terrorists who threaten our citizens and we will keep america out of ridiculous horrible and less foreign wars. we will maintain america's unrivaled military might. we have never ever been close to a strong as we are right now, the greatest equipment ever in our history and we will ensure peace through strength. [applause]
8:54 pm
if you remember when iran they said he's a militant kind of the guy. we will be in award the first week. where is the war? and i'm making other countries pay because you know nato, they were paying their bills. they were delinquent to use the new york real estate term. i said you've got to paper the secretary-general of nato is my single biggest fan. they are paying $130 billion a year more now because i said look you have got to pay. they rip us on. and we are supposed to protect them the european union. nato paying 130 million more going to $410 million more each year, so that's it. [applause] he is going to get us into a war. where of the. where are the worst? they don't want any part of them and nobody wants any part of them. we were tired of being ripped off as a country. we will end surprise medical billing.
8:55 pm
you know the surprise medical billing is a disaster. it's ending as of january 1. required price transparency all signed and all done january 1. can you imagine if i lose and i've done all these things? the kick in on january 1 you were going to say that biden has done a great job with price transparency? what are you thinking, he has no idea what is in further reduce the cost of prescription drugs. we went to a favored nation clause so we will pay the lowest drug prices in the world, okay? [applause] we will strongly protect medicare and social security and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. america will land the first woman on the moon and united states. we'll be the first nation to land an astronaut on mars.
8:56 pm
and when i took over nasa was basically close was shredded and it was nothing and now it's the number one preeminent space sector anywhere in the world by far. we will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education. [applause] we will teach our children to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great american plan. [cheers and applause] and we will live by the timeless words of our national model, in god we trust. that won't change. [cheers and applause] for years to have a president who apologize for american now you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the great people of iowa.
8:57 pm
[applause] so get your friends, get your families, get your neighbors, get your workers and co-workers and get the out to vote as if i don't get iowa i won't believe that one. i may never have to come back here again if i don't get iowa. do you understand that kim? i will say this. there's never been a president who is done more for farmers and ranchers breed the farm belt for iowa, there's never been a president that is even come close to what i've done and i will say that and i will say it loud and clear. i will say that loud and clear. from cambridge to council bluffs from cedar rapids to rock rapids from davenport to write here in des moines we stand on the shoulders of iowa patriots who gave their blood sweat and tiers for this beloved nation. we inherit the legacy of
8:58 pm
american heroes and nobody has anything more than you have. look at yourselves and look where you have come. look in the world of politics. so i went by the way as long as i'm here iowa and i made this pledge to you four years ago, iowa will always come first in the nation. you know what that means, right? there's a lot of pressure. let's put them back. we are putting them back do you know why? that's the opposite of cancel culture. that's called a great american tradition. iowa will always be number one. you can forget it. [cheers and applause] we inherited the legacy of american heroes across the ocean blazed the trails settled the continent came the woman is laid down the row roads dug out the panama canal raised up the skyscrapers won two world wars
8:59 pm
defeated fascism and communism and landed our brave american astronauts on the face of the moon. so much you have done. we made america into the single greatest nation in the history of the world and the best is yet to come. [applause] proud citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people. [applause] with your help your devotion and your drive we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [applause] because we are one movement. we are one people in one family. we are one glorious nation under
9:00 pm
god and together with the incredible people of iowa, we have made america wealthy again. we have made america strong again. we have made america proud again. we will make america great again and we will make america great again. thank you, iowa. thank you. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] ..
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will democrats need to pick up four seats to gain control of the senate. according to the political report, there are 12 competitive
9:06 pm
races this year. one of those is in colorado, where the republican cory gardiner is facing former colorado democratic governor john hick and luber. the political report rates this as leaning democratic. >> making the case that he is in the position to deliver for colorado. if coloradans deliver him back to the private sector for the first time in 15 years, that will get republicans out of high office in colorado. democrats turned to a man who wanted to be president but the democratic primary voters didn't share that desire so the former governor is back running for the senate. two men colorado knows well with disagreements on healthcare, the economy, immigration, supreme court and how to handle the pandemic. now all that is left is for them to debate and for y