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tv   Campaign 2020 President Trump Holds Rally in Bullhead City AZ  CSPAN  October 28, 2020 3:26pm-4:52pm EDT

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♪ don't want to be a boy ♪ you want to be a man ♪ it doesn't matter who's wrong or right ♪ ♪ beat it ♪ beat it ♪ just beat it ♪ it doesn't matter ♪ who's wrong or right ♪ just beat it ♪ beaded ♪ it doesn't matter who's wrong or right ♪ ♪ just beat it ♪ beaded ♪ don't want to be a boy ♪ you want to be a man ♪ ♪ [cheering] ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 46th president of the united states, donald j
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trump. [cheering] i want to be an american ♪ ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ i won't forget the men who died ♪ ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ i'll gladly stand up ♪ depend her still today ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ ♪ in the lands of minnesota ♪ ♪ to tennessee ♪ down to houston
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♪ pride in every american heart. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ i won't forget the men who died ♪ ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you ♪ ♪ and defend her still today ♪ because there ain't no doubt ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ i proudly an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i'd gladly stand up next to
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you ♪ ♪ and defend her still today ♪ because there ain't no doubt ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ [cheering] [cheering] usa! [chanting] >> thank you very much. what a crowd. this is quite a crowd. hello, arizona. [cheering] hello to everybody in nevada.
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i love nevada, to. [cheering] how many people are from arizo arizona? [cheering] how many people are from nevada? [cheering] not bad. not bad. days from now, we are going to win arizona, we are going to win nevada. [cheering] we are going to win for more years in our great white house. [cheering] [chanting] look at the big news back there, there's a lot of them. i got a call this morning, we are one up in wisconsin.
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[cheering] we were there last night, it was very cold. but we had a great time. tremendous crowd. tonight, last night i heard this morning, i get a fake call. we are even or whatever but i get a call. abc washington post. they say trump, 17 down in wisconsin. [crowd booing] they tried it last time four years ago. that didn't work out too well. it is unbelievable how dishonest the media is. they say it because they are they are, very dishonest. a vote for me is a vote for massive middle-class tax cuts, regulation cuts. fair trade. american energy independence.
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[cheering] it is a vote to support our police, military. defend our second amendment. [cheering] stand up to china it is proudly standing with that beautiful raise. you know the phrase? made in the usa. [cheering] we will deliver record prosperity, epic job growth and a safe vaccine is very weekly coming. we will have it momentarily. it will eradicate the virus and we are rounding the turn. we've got the vaccine. it was a maybe you don't. we have it. it will quickly and the pandemic. it should never have come here from china. they should never have let it happen. we will never let it forget. you see what's happening all over the world. normal life will fully resume.
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normal life. [cheering] next year, it will be the greatest economic year and the history of our country. [cheering] a vote for sleepy joe biden, he is a sleepy guy, i'll tell you what. [crowd booing] it's a powerful party and the party is joined with the fake news media right there. they are totally joined with big tex. section 230, does anyone know what that is? section 230. tremendous corruption on behalf of the biden -- you can't find it anywhere in the media other than the new york post. they endorsed me the other day. [cheering] but you can't find it anywhere in the media, anywhere.
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it's not on facebook. it would be trending. to give you 25 things i've done over my life and make it negative. always negative trending. but sleepy joe biden, with all the corruption and the money they took out of these countries that we end up paying for, you can't buy under big tech and you can't find it on the washington post or new york times because they are crooked, dishonest and we caught them. we caught them just like we caught them spying on our campaign. [cheering] just like we call them spying on our campaign. [cheering] we caught them spying. [cheering] [cheering]
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a vote for biden is about for the biggest tax hike in the country. the only guy i've ever seen, he's campaigning because he has no clue. i'll say it, because i said hey, i've seen enough, i've seen enough. there's a guy who gets caught and the media doesn't want to write about it. you know what they call it? it's not freedom of the press, depression of the press. we don't have freedom of the press. you understand that? we don't have freedom of the press, we have depression of the press and there's never been a time when it more obvious than right now. is that right? [cheering] by the way, he doesn't want that. he has no idea where he is. they carried him off the stage yesterday. give me a break. you will grab him, get him off. get him off.
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he signed to make it to the finish line. i mean, honestly, it is a disgrace. the whole thing is a a con job. they have a corrupt party in all of this work being done by big tech and the media, that should be considered a major massive billion dollar campaign contribution because that's what it is. they have better care with social security, your social security and he wants to abolish a thing called american energy. you see that. [crowd booing] no fracking. he gets the nomination and goes to pennsylvania. joe, you have to change. okay, what you want me to say? i love fracking. say i love it. so he says i love fracking. about for sleepy joe is about for open borders. shredding your second amendment,
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which is totally under siege, by the way. [crowd booing] you are so lucky i am your president. [cheering] [cheering] [chanting] usa! [chanting] >> thank you. what a nice group. by the way, we are substantially up in a state known as arizona. [cheering] and i hear we are up in nevada. is that right? [cheering] we are a little concerned with the ballots floating around. a lot of ballots floating arou around. it is windy as -- out here. i said is it windy? should i bring a hat? [cheering] i don't love my hair flopping around.
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at least i figured out after three years, it is fine. if it wasn't, i would have found out about it today. you know, should i put on a hat? [cheering] nice hat. i want to know, has worn this happy for? [cheering] am i allowed to do it? i'll do it if you want. otherwise -- [cheering] [cheering] what a guy. better? nice hat. you know, we are going to change the hat. we've created the greatest economy in the history of the world. then we had the plague come from
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china and now we are doing it again. bizarre unbelievable. by the way, you will have a very big number. a lot of you want to wait anyw anyway. it will be a great, great, red wave. [cheering] before that happened, and i don't know what it is but the atlanta predicted a very big number, biggest in the history of our country. it's going to be announced probably on the first, maybe a day before the first. if the number is not big, you don't even have to vote. i think it's going to be maybe the biggest number in the history of our country. ggp. that is our big number. i'm taking a chance when i say you don't even have to vote for me. who here is voting for trump? [cheering]
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thank you. [cheering] thank you. [cheering] all right, that's good. are you waiting until tuesday? [cheering] is anybody sending in about it? or you doing it the old-fashioned way? [cheering] i just did that. whatever you do, you have to vote. who is going to vote for sleepy joe biden? [crowd booing] i had leader of the country call up, tough leader. they wouldn't, if it's good, they wouldn't reported. he said i hope biden doesn't win because he's always flipping. a killer. i hope he doesn't win because he's sleepy. i said you happened to be right about that. this election is a choice
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between a trump super recovery and biden depression. you will have a depression, like you haven't seen before. maybe 1929. want to raise your taxes, but regulation back on and remember this, get rid of your second amendment. remember this. [crowd booing] pro-life, anybody pro-life? [cheering] this is the single biggest election, in my opinion, and i never thought i would say it, in the history of our country. [cheering] the biggest in the history of our country. it's a choice between trump and biden lockdown. you close it up. it's really something. we talk about the american dre dream, you have the american dream, it was all together. believe it or not, he's getting called for people, you wouldn't believe it. then we had a man that came in,
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we went back to work saved 2 million people, 2.2 million people, maybe more than that. it's a choice between the american dream and a socialist nightmare, that is what it is. the reason it's so important is because you've heard me say many times, our country will never be a socialist country. [cheering] that's why they want it back. i'm fighting for the dreams of all americans including millions of truly amazing hispanic americans. [cheering] whose hispanic? [cheering] others are shocked, they don't believe it. they are reporting on it, i said i've never had a problem. i always liked hispanics but they are beginning to understand
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me. they've made incredible progress so the polls for hispanic americans are the highest ever in the history of our country, republican but it could be that we are going to stop, top them. once we top them, forget about it. we've really got the ball. by the way, who sought the debate the other day? [cheering] ninety-one -- nine. i don't know the rules. that's not bad. [cheering] i get angry at the media. he admitted right at the end, i said does that mean you don't like it, joe? well, it's amazing. you have a watch? how about colombo? right at the end. they've been working five days and then they had to go to
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pennsylvania where fracking is a big deal. how about texas? you think they like him in texas? no guns, second amendment. no religion. then i hear, trump has a one point lead in texas. i don't think so. i used to hear this four years ago all the time. he cannot win the great state of ohio. he won by eight points. [cheering] trump has never done this before, he cannot win texas under no circumstances. he cannot win texas. he won by i don't know, a lot. i don't know. remember the guy from utah? is a specialist in utah, he would win utah. even hillary, crooked hillary be that guy. nice shaved head, nice guy. remember his name? i remember his name. another rhino.
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[chanting] i didn't start it. [chanting] i'm an innocent bystander. every time, he started it. all you have to do is mention their name. disgraceful, deplorable. he redeemable. they said deplorable, who would have thought her speech would have turned out to be, she came out and said global but she also said you redeemable. to show you what i know, she used that word, how terrible it was deplorable but whoever her speech writer is, i don't want him or her. that was a disaster but i never thought it would be that bad. the next day i showed up at a rally, everybody said i am a deplorable.
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oh boy. she was a lot smarter than sleepy joe but they've got a little different things going on. they are more desperate. they are totally desperate. let's not kid ourselves, coming off the stage yesterday, he saw that he called me george. he thought i was george. he called me george. [laughter] unbelievable. i didn't know if i was happy or if i wasn't because he called ms standing next to him and she's looking like, you could she was under great, great stress. for the last four years, these suckers are moving. isn't it nice to have a president who doesn't need a teleprompter? [cheering]
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[cheering] they are moving like crazy. they are moving like crazy. that's okay with me. [chanting] we want trump excavation.! we want trump! [chanting] >> and i love you. i do. [cheering] that's the phrase, and they say it, nobody's ever heard, we all liked ronald ragan but nobody ever said we love you, we love you. you wouldn't get crowds like this. if ronald reagan, who i considered to be top-notch, if he came here, he'd have a couple hundred people, legitimately. he would go to a ballroom and they would be two or 300 people.
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that's the standard. twenty-five, 30, 35000 people. [cheering] at least some of these crowds, we were packed in florida and all these places. at least some of the crowds, look at them, you can't even see the end. if they were legitimate, they didn't show it on. they never show it on camera. [cheering] they never show it. they don't like to show it. you know what they do show? barack obama yesterday, they made the mistake, the camera slipped and they showed his crowd, about 20 people there approximately. which was about ten people more than sleepy joe had yesterday. [laughter] we were in pennsylvania, you saw that. we had three rallies, it was
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incredible. thousands and thousands and thousands of people. joe was in his basement and you thought. his hand, they say sleepy joe, we have to get you out of here. we got to move you. he's not looking good. they put a lid on. a lid for garbage cans. [laughter] they put a lid on. he had the lead again today. he has a lid every day. then he said, he doesn't want big crowds. really? because of covid. he's such a great guy. why did he cheat so much with hunter? where is hunter? where is hunter? where is hunter? remember we did the teacher, where is hunter? now we have the laptop from he
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hell. the greatest laptop i've ever seen. they refused to look at it. the worst. nobody has everything ever seen anything like it. except for anthony. [laughter] maybe anthony is even worse. anthony, that was not good. for the last four years, i've been delivering the hispanic americans message like they haven't heard for a long time. [cheering] fighting for school choice. [cheering] school choice, big deal. hispanic owned businesses. we have great business people here. i know some of them. incredible, all these people are. let me recover my ears for a second. [laughter]
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[cheering] whoever did this microphone, don't pay them. [laughter] have a reputation for not payi paying, it is a false reputation. when someone does a lousy job like a microphone that's no good for teleprompters that fly with the wind. [laughter] i say don't pay them. but we love our incredible hispanic members of law enforcement, we have a lot of them. [cheering] we've achieved the lowest hispanic americans, unemployment ever recorded. not even close. we are getting back to those numbers again. the last number of months, 11.4 million, a record people were hired. joe biden would obliterate every single thing we've done, he is looking to do that. he's looking to obliterate tax
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cuts. so we gave tax cuts the biggest in history, he wants to end the tax cut. we want to end the child tax credit. $1000 child. wiping out small businesses with lockdowns, regulations, getting your police departments and devastating your families massive tax hikes. the biggest in history. it's not going to happen because he's not going to win. [cheering] he will attack religious liberty and his running mate, the most liberal member of congress. she makes bernie sanders look like a super conservative. we want to know, who are the judicial nominees? who are they? will you put on the court?
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they want to pack the courts. our nominee. amy. right? [cheering] fighting wants to ban charter schools. extreme late-term abortion. late-term, even beyond late-term. you saw the governor of virginia, the child is born and then they make a decision as the execution of the child. you saw that. the governor of virginia. biden totally supports him and surrender your country to the violent socialist mob, take a look at philadelphia last night. we offered to go in, offered to go in and they said stand back, stand back the police want to do their job. they don't want that to happen. i think they endorsed me, too. all police departments endorsed me. that's why we are going to win a
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record share of hispanic americans, african-americans, asian americans, we are going to win historic share of women. remember last time? [cheering] he will not get women. remember? [cheering] he will not get women. it didn't work out that way. i don't know what happened. we did very well with women. you know well? they want security, they want safety. if they are from suburbia, suburban women, you know what they want? they want security and they don't want their neighborhoods destroyed. i ended the regulations that would destroy them. [cheering] but i am not just running against joe biden, i'm running against the left wing mob and left wing media. the big tech giant and i'm also
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running against the rhinos. do you know what a rhino is? a rhino may be the lowest form of human life. i actually thought of the others more than the rhinos. do you know why? [cheering] [cheering] that plane was about four days old. brand-new equipment. [cheering] we are the envy of the world. look at that. he's trying to show off for the president that is one of ours. got to be careful. they have nothing but the same for you, they lecture you on open borders.
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we are just now completing. very soon mexico will pay for it. [cheering] they lecture you on everything. i love that sound. you don't know what i went through to get those suckers up there. i had to get the money from the democrats. [cheering] look at that. look, look, look! they gave the president a little display. [cheering] [cheering] [chanting] how about that? i wonder if the fake news caught that. did you see that? they never turned the camera. they don't want to show anything that's good. that was something. we are trying to get attention with the independence over here.
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they got my attention even though he was very high but that was beautiful. nobody in the world has the equipment we have. i love it. [cheering] you know how hard it is to get democrats to pay for that stuff. they don't realize how important it is. they support lockdowns while jobs remain totally exempt. they keep your kids out of schools and you know what they want to teach in school? we don't want to teach that in school. we ended that. families have private tutors. they want to take away your guns, second amendment. second amendment is so under siege. but we are going to keep your second amendment. nothing will be changed. i don't see the people of arizona or nevada, don't worry.
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i just left nevada, by the way. i'll be back there very soon. [cheering] they all have armed guards. we have to tell these people, from now on, no more armed guards. let's out law the guards. how about nancy pelosi? she goes to san francisco. [crowd booing] she wants to get her beautiful hair redone in she ends up with a total trump supporter as the owner of the beauty parlor. [cheering] i like that woman. i'm going to go and have my hair done by that woman. she was great. with your vote, it is windy. i think it is from the f35 we just saw. [cheering] you can stand the wealthy liberal hypocrites, they will never forget.
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under biden's cruel and senseless lockdown, have americans will die. from suicide. drugs, medical care, so many different things. it cannot be worse than the problem itself. [cheering] arizona, but nevada, get your governor to open up your state, please. get them to open your stay up. that, get them to open. get them to open it up. if you vote for biden, your kids will not be in school. he wants to shut it down. he said the other day, we will shut it down. it is devastating for our nation. we did just the right thing, we closed it down. we understand the disease, it affects like as an example, me. guess who had it? i had it. i'm sure none of you heard that
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story. [laughter] in fact, this rally, usually we set up, we don't go to rallies anywhere, you are allowed to protest but you're not allowed to go to church. you're not allowed to have dinner with your friends. you can't do anything. we call everything a protest so we have no problem. we have states where you can only protest, you can't do anything else. ...
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one gentle little touch to the face and he's down. these down and he wouldn'tget up very quickly, would he? joe biden said i'd like to take him to the back ofthe farm. okay . i said to him , to say he practices violence. the president practices violence. remember he said? i would taken to the back. if you have to fightsomebody, that's your dreamfight . sleepy joe .
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this guy never lives. i'm doing 34 of these a day and you think that's easy, right? wind went crazy, i did one last night in michigan . it was about 30 degrees and it was raining and the rain was going youknow, sideways. one of these jobs . so we had an incredible crowd of people. you know, they're all great. they're all like us, the same. they love our country.and i brought so many auto plants to michigan, if i don't win michigan, that would be a tough one and look what we've done forthis one here. both of you , for both of your six area these guys,
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that's right. it's probably our rhino was operating . they're having a bad day today. they're having a bad day but we are having a good day . thank you. it's all right. don't worry. fellows,don't worry about it . the biden plan will crush you, crush your family. we will crush the virus and you will have an economy the likes of which we've never had before. better than last year. you had your best yearever last year . this is going to be better and you see where we're going. it's a super thing. since the china virus arrived , we airlifted amounts of
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material the likes of which nobody has done since the second world war. it's one of the greatest ever. nobody has done sincethe second world war. we've pioneered groundbreakingtherapies, reduced and i'm telling you, we are down 85 percent . think of that think of that . down 85 percent . nobody has any idea what that means and it's all been done within a short period time and i say, so i had it, my wife had it, our great first lady. that's everybodylike our first lady ? [cheering] she made a speech in pennsylvania and they loved her, she made a speech. she's a very elegant woman and she gets it almost as hard as i do, they go after her and she's cool. she's very cool, she goes that's okay, no problem. me, i want to go get them. that's no problem, it's no problem. got very extreme confidence, somehow. she's like okay, all right.
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that's their problem, notmy problem. how cool is that ? but she made a speech in pennsylvania and it was fantastic . she's a great first lady and she really loves you, she loves our country but she had, she got better. i had it, i got better but barron had it, barron is 14. when you're six foot five and your 14, that's pretty tall. i walk out of the helicopter and it's like hi, are you having a good time? he strong and he goes to the doctor, sean area he's a great doctor. the white house doctor. sure, barron has tested positive i'm sorry to inform you. positive for what? he goes, for covid. china virus, the plague, we have to be accurate.
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barron has tested positive and i said too bad. how is barron doing? to get seconds later, it's all gone. 99.9 percent, they have strong immune systems, much longer than our immune systems. much much stronger. i'm working to make, to breakthrough treatment that i received and what we're going to do is where making it because i have a thing called regeneron and we're going to make it available to anybody who needs it for free and i do suggest, i don't know if it'shealthy , i made a statement and they took it veryseriously, cnn, total think news . and i got very correctly and i said i should because i am a perfectphysical specimen and i'm very young. it went crazy . he is not young and he's nota
4:08 pm
perfect accident, they went crazy . they went crazy. they haveno sense of humor whatsoever . next to our relentless efforts, 97 percent of all emergency room visits , 97 percent are for something other than the virus, thinking that. because we understand it now, we understand. people are getting better and you know your immune, that's why i can jump right there you need those men, i'll kiss them and i'll kiss every man there andkiss every woman there if you don't mind also . they won't catch anything and i will catch because they say until i came along, they said if you have it, you get better. your immune for life. but what i said, better and they said he will.the whole medical center was that was good for life , but with me they said i'm now good for 4 months and i think
4:09 pm
it's a much longer period but who knows, we will know soon enough. we're on 1 million doses of a really great state that scene and we have some of the greatest companies in the world, there right at the doorstep and if i were president, if you had sleepy joe as your president it would have taken you for years to have a vaccine, you would never have had a vaccine but what we did with the fda they said we will need approximatelytwo years and i said how about one week ? we've moved up the schedule and get we will vanquish the virus and emerge stronger than everbefore. our country will be ever stronger than ever before . now, what i did only because of you and the double state with a double treatment, we now have a new little thing, we have a big board that shows different things and here's some of the governors talking about the incredible job we did on covid or the
4:10 pm
china virus. >> every time i call the present he's gotten on the line quickly and we have to get support for that mercy ship in southern california and he was able to direct that in real time class what the government did working with state was a phenomenal accomplishment. >> got 2000 of these medical sites that are up, almost all operational now in the state. because of his support and those are the facts. >> 'steam has been on it and i know a team when they're on it and i know the team when they're not on it. his team is on it yet they've been responsive, late at night, early in the morning. >> were working well with fema and the army corps of engineers a for field hospitals. that was a decision of president himself took and i'm thankfulfor it . >> these were extraordinary efforts and acts of mobilization. and the federal government stepped up. we needed help and they were there.
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>> he said everything that i could have hoped for. and we had a very long conversation and every single thing he said, they follow through on. >> we got to have double the number of ventilators we requested for that area and in fact we got them and frankly short order. >> have we lost anyone? because we didn't have a bed or we didn't have aventilator or we didn't have health care staff ? no. >> the president was extending support were new slobs so conversation, commitment,promise made, promise kept . >> to be fair, maybe biden is not telling us because he's forgotten hisown plan . watch biden's staff quickly swooped in to shuffle him along during a quickie escape the basement trip to pennsylvania.
4:12 pm
>> here's the deal, one of the things that's important is that -- keep in mind although they're going to vote on i think today. >> that was terrifying. >> what kind of countryare we going to be ? 4 more years of george, were going to find ourselves in the position where if trump gets elected where going to be in a different world . >> 56 percent of americans that they were better off today than they were four years ago that they were under theobama biden and ministration so why should feel people who feel like they are better off today under the trump administration vote for you ? >> if they think that they probably shouldn't. 54 percent of the american people are better off economically today and they were in our administration, their memory is not verygood quite frankly . >> a few moments later.
4:13 pm
>> i'mrunning as a proud democrat for the senate . so vote. vote. i got in trouble and were running again, the senator was a mormon red or it was the governor, okay. >> their memory is notvery good quite frankly . >> can't do it. can't do know, we have a great, great country but we have a country with tremendous potential. a country that could be greater and ever before. we can't do this to ourselves . we can't area and i
4:14 pm
personally don't think he's a nice person but that's okay, i don't think he's a nice guy. if he was anice guy i wouldn't have put those clips up but those clips are just a few of many, many clips . that just happened over the last couple of days. we can't do it. for instance if you were here today he say i want to thank the people of ohio for being with us. he's done that seven different times and once you do that it's over. you just walk off the stage, you can never make a good speech after that. nobody's going to go home and say that was a great speech except for the fact he called us the wrong state. joe biden is the spokesman for the rage filled extremists andthat's what you're going to have to and you can't let it happen . the democrats have spent the entire year inciting violence , hatred and hatred against our police. our police.
4:15 pm
without our police we have very little. last night the city of philadelphia was ransacked by violent mobs and biden supported people, these were all biden supported people and you wouldn't even call them out. this morning they said please call them out, he doesn't want to get involved because he doesn't want to lose the radical left stores were looted, police cars were burned and dozens of officers, greatofficers were injured . biden and harris stand up and a stand with the rioters and the vandals area i stand with the heroes of law enforcement. [applause] it took generations to build the america we know and love, but if the radical left gains power it will take themonly a short period of time to destroy it . this election day you must stop the anti-american crazy radicals. they are crazy. that's why i say this is the
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most important election in the history ofour country . i never thought i'd say it because we had a time last four years ago, but based on absolutely insane. joe biden is a corrupt politician but big tech will not allow that to be said and the media will not say. what he has done is horrible, the money from china, from ukraine, from russia . the mayor of moscow gave him three and half million to the sun, the sun had no job, no nothing. got 3 and a half million dollars. they put him on the board of burisma, 100 e $3000 a month and i understand $3 million upfront payment, they could have had him for less. china gave him one and a half million dollars to manage even though he's never
4:17 pm
managed money before you and i ask people on wall street is that common? they said it's not common even for us, we don't do that and that was after the meeting lasted 10 minutes, flew in with his father. flew back with 1.5 billionto manage from china . and then big one and i guess this one maybe got caught. i get a lot of credit for last night. tucker carlson did a great job. [applause] because he was willing to call it out. by the way, follow-up, sean hannity did a phenomenal job. you look at sean hannity and laura did aphenomenal job . they're getting the word out, the great lou dobbs . you know, we have a lot of good support but the problem is we've got to have more because look at all those people up there, look at them .
4:18 pm
every one of them, they turn their camera off if i even talk about this. they turn their camera off if i mentioned biden corruption. they turn their camera off and yet they'll do stories about me left and right, stuff that's so untrue. it's unbelievable. pretty unbelievable. it's a lot of fun being president, i got impeached over a telephone call, congratulations on your victory president of the ukraine but we had the republicans stood by in congress, 197 to nothing, how about that? that's pretty good. last night in that hour-long interview, the biden family business partner revealed the depth and extent of biden corruption and you know, if you walk out your vice president and your son walks out with hundreds of millions of dollars and he's got no real capability, i would say that's correct.i would say that's corrupt but joe got a
4:19 pm
piece area but the big guy, they said we're going to keep 10 percent for the big guy. they call him the big guy, i don't think so. joe was personally involved in establishing corrupt business dealings with china. at the same time he was letting china plunder our jobs and destroy our businesses, our factories, our workers. another report showed the executive of a chinese company that paid the bidens at least $5 million was under surveillance by the us government as a likely chinese spy. it's all down, documented. they won't repeat it. can you imagine if i did this after mark i had a conversation, congratulations on your victory. i never met the president of the ukraine. i called him up, one of my great people please call him and congratulate him and i said izzy? president of the ukraine and i got impeached and we went
4:20 pm
through hell for six months. they spied on my campaign for eye one, they spied and after i won baseline. and let's see what happens to them. let's all see andby the way, obama and biden knew all about it . obama and biden knew allabout it . if biden wins, china wins because china will own the usa. they're going to read president xi is not got the same problems biden has. he is a very sharp guy,very smart guy . every cunning guy. he will own the united states . i charge them billions and billions of dollars in tariffs and i gave $20billion to our farmers because they were targeted . when we win, you win.
4:21 pm
arizona wins. nevada wins. and america wins. we're thrilled to be joined tonight by some really great friends of mine and they are warriors and their fighting hard to read your governors doug doocy, he got you opened up. you look good, doug. he got you opened up, your open. thank you very much and i hear we are doingwell . i'm going to be so angry at you. i'll call don, how are we doing? he won by about 17points . i said that's not so bad really great job, great governor . somebody's done a fantastic job . in the senate and she's respected by everybody there including me. she could fly thoseplanes very easily that we just saw overhead . senator martha: sally.
4:22 pm
great, great. so you know, martha's opponent wants to get rid of your second amendment's. i don't think so. if you talk about nothing else, he wants to get rid of your second amendment. i want to take your guns away. you can't let ithappen . will you please win and mark you've got to win. she's tremendous and you could fly those planes really he's only one in this whole group that can. congressman paul kosar great job . great job by a warrior, he's a warrior. thank you, great job. we're doing okay, rice? i hear we are doing good. congressional candidate daniel out of the bar. he's a really smart guy but
4:23 pm
don't mess with him. hewas a professional wrestler .he's a big dude. but i hear you're doing well. i hear you're really doing well. we only 100 percent, you know that. and jim marchant, congratulations. i hear you're doing wellto . he's doing good dan, i think so. i hear good. two winners read arizona gop chair quitelike right from the beginning, kelly ward . now, if we lose i will like her anymore and i'll say your fire but i hear we are doing well, kelly. really well. you have no idea when you watch yourself on the fake news you watch yourself and you say , but the real numbers are we are substantially up and also we are up in nevada, we're
4:24 pm
worried about thegovernor because he's a political , he headed the political club, some club in nevada. he turned out millions of ballots. found some in the garbage can with the name on it, military ones. the name from was on it and we said what's happening but you've got to be carry with careful with the balance. wedo have law enforcement watching in your state. they have law enforcement because it's illegal to do bad things. nevada gop chair michael mcdonald, michael . michael, it's good? it's going good, right? that's really good and we have somebody else afriend of mine for a long time, respected by everybody . attorney general adam lacks all. thanks, adam. you are something, we're doing okay. you're watching the cheaters and all those people that send in the phony balance.
4:25 pm
the triple balance, youhad virginia , they sent in 500,000 phony applications. they had another one, thousands of ballots were printed. hadone problem. they forgot to put the name president donald trump on the balance . that causes a little problem. history says you don't win too many of those . it's very dishonest what's happening hopefully the courts will protect us, they have to protect us. we had a big win yesterdayin wisconsin . where the united states supreme court said i'm sorry, we have an election, you have to get it in . some of these people in nevada and want to have the election. i want to have to accounts weeks after november 3 let's all wait for the governor to count them updated and how many is he going to add during those two weeks ? a man who i've known for a long time, he's an incredible guy, he's respected like you wouldn't believe . made a lot of money with somethingthat he truly loved
4:26 pm
. ufc president dana white. he's incredible. this guy, what's the job he does. if there was ever a case for loving what you do, he sees these fighters, they want to rip you apart and he goes up and he likes them a lot, they'reyour friends . he's done a fantastic jobwith some of the highest ratings on television, dana white, ufc . i'm glad he likes me. and another friend of mine who was treated very poorly by big tech but he's smarter than all of them and he figured this out a long time ago and he's got a very successful book that justcame out . charlie kurt, everybody knows him . thank you, charlie. under my leadership we've
4:27 pm
received the most secure border in ushistory . we built almost 400 miles. i'll tell you what, the wall they kept saying to the democrats we don't need a wall, we need your own . all they want is they talk about drones. so that we can watch thousands of people for into our borders. we actually we're all set, we have some such technology. we got exactly the wall the border patrol wanted. i negotiated with them but they didn't want to talk about . they wanted steel, concrete inside the steel and they wanted rebar inside the country, we got everything they wanted wires all over the place to hook up the technology . and the democrats said the wall is obsolete and i said the wall will never be obsolete and the other thing that will never be obsolete, walls and wheels. everything else is obsolete. about 15 minutes after it's about. joe biden has pledged to have open borders. he even said maybe we will
4:28 pm
take down the wall, one of the biggest projects of the history of our country. his plan would completely obliterate so many of the things that you want. he would do things that you would never have that you would never accept. we will do things that are so far left that we're not going to talk about them today. he will dothings that will destroy our country . this would trigger a zune army of illegal immigration. and want to have free healthcare for all. free education for all. everybody gets a lawyer, that's just what we want is a new lawyer area everybody area everybody gets a lawyer. we can't have it, we can't have what he has . he's also pledged and he pledges this strong but he can pledge about five hours later, he'llhave no idea what the hell he pledged . washington democrats continue
4:29 pm
to attack our wonderful members of ice and the border patrol. more than half of whom are hispanic americans and many are here today and i'm very proud to receive the endorsement from some of the toughest people on earth. in fact i think they could actually go to dana, some of them are nicefighters . national ice council, the union representing our incredible ice officers and a man who's been a friend of mine for a long time, is the head council president. just got the endorsements, chris craig. where is chris? you're looking good, chris. good some of your people maybe fight in the ufc? i don't know. good his people from ice, they like to fight. dana wants to have them,give them a try . thank you for all and thank you for your service, you do
4:30 pm
a fantastic job andthe border told patrol does a fantastic job . these guys data, they go in and they start swinging. i don't want that job, nobody out there want to. they go up and you know, we've moved out chris thousands and thousands of hardened criminals, horrible criminals. ms 13, we moved to the hell out of our countrybecause of ice . killers. as president i will always stand chris for the heroes of ice and border patrol. tell everybody hello, give them a big hello from me. we invested $2.5 trillion in the us military including nearly $1 billion to build the world's most advanced missile. you know where it's being built, right here in arizona. we also pass the va choice
4:31 pm
and the vaaccountability . we killed the leader of isis, al baghdadi and we took out the world's number one terrorist, soleimani. soleimani is dead area i withdrew from the last administration's iran nuclear deal. i recognize the capital of israel and open the american embassy injerusalem . and i also recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights and instead of having these horrible, ridiculous endless wars in the middle east we are making peace. you see what's going on? everyone's gotten together area there'sno blood in the sand . and i was nominated for three nobel peace prize.
4:32 pm
for all different things, believe it or not . also, you know we're doing trade deals with kosovo serbia, their killingeach other for many years . the decades and decades,their killing each other . i said, so we're doing a deal with him what are we doing? i'm not doing any deals unless they get together. what do we want to have people kill each other for? we made a deal in about 15 minutes then they were in the oval office hugging and kissing and saying how much they loveeach other and it's going to last . i really believe that will last but here they are, they want to make trade with us. more than we want with them, they want to make trade with us. everybody wants to be with the united states officially so we will make a deal but you guys have to stop killing each other, don't be crazy. get along and they're getting
4:33 pm
along. they're getting along. a vote for republicans is a vote for safe communities and a vote for the americandream. a vote for the american dream . and alwaysremember , abraham lincoln, the great abraham lincolnwas a republican. we have to bring that up because most people don't know . and i can be more presidential than any president that's ever served with the exception of perhaps abraham lincoln when he's wearing thehat . when he's wearing thathe's very tough to beat . over the next four years we will make america into the manufacturing power of the world and we will end our reliance on china once and for all. we will make it right here in arizona . we will expand opportunity zones, reduce your taxes . obliterate your regulations
4:34 pm
like we've done,nobody has ever done what we've done to regulations and provide school choice to every parent in america . we will hire more police, increase penalties for assault on law enforcement and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities. we will defend religious liberty, free speech, the right to life and the right to keep and bear arms. we will maintain americans unrivaled military might, nobody has the equipment that we do. we are the envy of theworld militarily . nobody has done and when i came the first week i was told by one of the world's most overrated generals serve, we have no ammunition. now we have so much ammunition we don't know what the hell to do with . all made in the usa . all made in the usa. and we will ensure peace through strength. we will end, you like that?
4:35 pm
>>. [chanting] usa, usa. >> thank you, we will end surprise medical donors, lower drug prices, last year was the first year and 52 years where prices went down. i'm proud of that it was just a little bit but they didn't go up but they went down. now i've invoked favored nations, we pay more than any other nation in the world by far . the drug companies 80, big pharma hates me, they're spending so much and what i did is i made it favored nations, where the most expensive so far in the world . we know now go down to the least expensive, the least expensive in the world. will have a 50, 60, 70 percent reduction in drug prices and i am not like very
4:36 pm
much by those drug companies. so when you seethose ads , one after another, they make sleepy joe look like peanuts compared to the drug companies nobody has more money, nobody's more powerful in terms of lobby but i had no choice, i have to do what's right. we will protect your social security and your medicare which joe biden, you saw that joe biden tried to obliterate and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. america will end land the first woman on the moon in the united states, we will be the first person to land an astronaut on mars area maybe we will make that woman to area maybe we should make that a woman to, what do you think mike? he said make it nancy pelosi.
4:37 pm
who said that, that's pretty good area stand up please, look at this guy. that's pretty good. i didn't say it, just repeating it. they say the insights trouble, he loves, no i don't . thank you very much, that was very good. are you a canadian professionally ? great. we will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education, finally . it's already happening to our schools. we will teach our children to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great american flag. right? and we will live by the timeless words of our
4:38 pm
national model , in god we trust . you know, they tried to take the word god out of the pledge of allegiance, you saw that area they did it once and they did a second time and i said that's not a typo and then they had the wrath of the american public. they put it back butthat's where they're coming from. for years you have a president who apologized for america . now you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the great people of arizona and nevada. and nevada, i got to addthose people, their great they've been great . thankyou . >>. [chanting] we love you, we
4:39 pm
love you. >> you have to stop, they'll say the president was crying today, the president broke down in tears as theyscreamed we love you. from tombstone to prescott, from phoenix , i hope you have a good memory because you can'tsee this. luckily i have a memory . you are so lucky as people that i took you on this journey with me. i say that to all my people. i say it to all my people as the press, absolutely their disgusting area i saved all my peopleyou're so lucky, charlie you're so lucky . i say it to all my people, where so? is she here? does anyoneknow hope ? you're there so lucky. lookat that group of people.
4:40 pm
there's jared, he's making peace in the middle east, that's all he cares about his peace in the middle east . peace in the middle east. he's a brilliant guy, you don't get guys like that but he's done a great job and you have jared, you've done an incredible job . he's doneit the exact opposite of what they've been doing for 40years . job . and from phoenix, to write here. [cheering] that sucker is moving so much. i'm trying to go up and it's is my head moving up and down like this? you did a great job of anchoring these things. this is what, all you have to do is put another but we inherit the legacy of american patriots who poured out their hearts, sweat, to secure our liberty and to defend our freedom.
4:41 pm
this great state was settled by some of the toughest men and strongest women ever to walk on earth. arizona is where wyatt earp and doc holliday, how about that ? became american legends. it's where the great american west came the american dream and arizona is the state where generations of pioneers and prospectors, minors, cowboys and cattle hands, marshals and lawmen tamed the frontier, braved the blazing sun that i'm raving today. i miss brave as they are, i'm standing uphere like a lobster . they show the entire world out of the west was one area they helped make america into the greatest nation in the history of the world and the best is yet to come. proud citizens like you
4:42 pm
helped build this country and together we are taking back our country. we are taking it back. don't ever let a bad thing happened on tuesday. don't let ithappen, we can't let it happen . we're so proud of our country, we can't let it happen area when that goes, you look at venezuela. this would be a massive version of venezuela and it can happen is the ideology is the same. it can happen, don't let it happen. we are returning power to you the american people and with your help, your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning , winning. we are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under god. and together with the incredible people of arizona
4:43 pm
and nevada and nevada, we will never forget nevada. going to have a tremendous, are we going to win in nevada please ? we've got a lot of people here. a lot of people, a lot of people from nevada to. we have made america powerful again, our military. we have made america wealthy again. we have made america strong again. we have made america proud again. we have made america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much. go out and devote to go out and vote. thankyou everybody .
4:44 pm
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>> be with us tonight with a hearing by the leaders of facebook, google and twitter. they testified on social media regulations before the senate's science and transportation committee and you can watch that tonight starting at eastern on c-span2.
4:49 pm
>> with six days left until election day on november 3 when voters decide who will control congress andoccupy the white house next year . stay with c-span, what campaign 20/20 coverage every day on c-span, stream or on the demand at or listen on the free c-span radio trend app. your place for anunfiltered view of politics .>> the presidents available in paperback, hardcover and e-book from public affairs presents biographies of every president inspired by conversations with noted historians about the leadership skills that make for a successful presidency. americans go to the polls next month to decide who should meet our country , this collection offers perspective into the lives and events that forced each presidents leadership style. learn more about all our presidents and the books featured historians, visit presidents and order your copy today wherever books are sold.
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>> that's what gives us the confidence to describe the universe like we were there. >> it started with the big bang . is there a song in there? >> i wouldn't give reporter and interview unless they read why not the best first. they had to read the book. >> for 20 years, but these in-depth wasn't america's top nonfiction authors for an in-depth conversation with c-span2 viewers and on sunday at noon eastern, join us for our live 20th anniversary special, more book talk with authors, your phone calls, facebook comments , text entries and look back to memorable in-depth moments . >> remember those days?
4:51 pm
>> what's in the book? >> book is an examination of life at yale. >> what in-depth sunday live at noon eastern on tv on c-span2. >> former hhs secretary kathleen sebelius and scott gottlieb were part of the discussion on the federal response to the coronavirus and its impacts on the pharmaceuticalsupply chain . other speakers included representatives elissa slotkin and buddy carter. hosted by the hill newspaper, this is just over an hour


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