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tv   Operation Warp Speed Officials Hold Press Conference  CSPAN  December 14, 2020 7:14pm-8:07pm EST

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officials with the defense and health and human services department hold a news conference on operation or speed and covid-19 vaccine distribution efforts. we heard from hhs secretary alec cesar who spoke about the distribution of the covid-19 vaccine. salient first shipment includes 2.9 milli doses this is about an hour. >> well hello everyon and thank you for joining us for thisistribution update today. we face for challenging friends around the country as the virus spreads of hospitalizations, death near or at record highs in many places and still rising. but today we have hope on the way. supplies of an fda authorized fe and effective covid-19 vaccine are aiving at sites across america. vaccinations begin tod.
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as sn as healthcare workers are ready to start providing them. america's way the very first countries to rule out a safe and effective vaccine for this vis. americans played a greater role than any other getting the world to this point. president trump's operation work speed is help bring us a medical miracle. substantial qntities of a sa and effective vaccine wiin a year after the virus was first kno to the world. i want to thank the president for his bold vision, for his unwavering support of operatio work speed and for bringing together all of america. hhs, the military, the private sector, the state make this happen. this week, everyone's work starts to pay off. this weekend shipment of vaccine is 2.9 million doses, have to vaccinate 2.9 million people. with 2.9 million doses held ba and set in 21 days for people to receive their second do. each friday from here on out
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we will announce new weekly allocations of the vaccine. it is likely that another vaccine may be authorized in the comg days that meet fda's rigorous standar. pending the successl authorization of other vaccine options, we have enough vaccines already purchased to ensure we can meet our goal of vaccinating every american who once it by the end of the second quarter of 2021. we continue to negiate for and purchase more doses to. including the announcement of another 100 million doses of made not, to be delivered in the second quarter of 2021. states and others jurisdictions have decided who will be vaccinated in the early stages, drawing on their own best judgment. their own situation on the recommendation of experts. these jurisdictions will generally be using these first doses to administer size front healthcare workers along with the residents of long-term care facilities le nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
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today, the cdc distribut another one heard $40 million in funding to states to continue planning efforts around allocations. operation work speed is taking care of the cost of the vaccine themselves. the ancillary supplies like needles and syringes, and the cost of distributing the vaccines to jurisdictions. while healthcare payers are handling administrative costs are no arican faces and out-of-pocket expense for thi vaccine. these jurisdiions have given us the locations where they went vaccines shipped. in total sixnder 36 sites nationwide with 145 sites expected to receive vaccine today one and 25 tomorrow and 66 sites on wednesday. as we speak vaccine is arriving at sites and tcks and planes over by ups and fedex to bring these life-saving products to pces where americans will receive them. by wednesday, vaccine will be delivered everywhe from sites here in washington to the shos of guam, to the northeastern corner of maine.
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here in washington members of the military, hhs publi health leaders and private sector partners are running an operation center 24/7 were many have been essentially all weekend to ensure these vaccines get where ty are supposed to go without delay. americans who may be in these early categoriesf healthcare workers or those in long-term care facilities should look for informati from their state governments like there fe covid-19 webpage or for guidance about where and when vaccinations would occur. we do americans want to know how quickly vaccines are being administered. and what kind of progress we are making. who went to ensure that any picture be given this progress is accurate and we proclaim to provide me updates and our work with states to provide as much infmation as possible in the coming days and weeks. like so many americans i usually await the d when i can go receive a statement affecting vaccine and the day when my famil can do that
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too. in the coming weeks, i and all of our public health leaders across the administration will be out making a majorush to ucate americans aut the incredible safety and effectiveness of these vaines. this fda authorize vaccine in each vaccine fda potentially authorizes will be to be typical numerous of sety review and more. seems got out through clical trials much larger than other trials were south of the drug companies gone through independentata safety and monitoring brd per discount to the fda's independent advisory committee. it has been subjected t transparent standards that the fda has published of its requirements. and it has been authorized by fda's career scientific experts. at 95% efficacy, this vaccine isxtraordinarily effective at protecting you from this virus. tting vaccinated will help ep you, your family and your country healthy a safe.
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in t meantime, and in the coming months as our country approach full fox nation, we have to continue takin steps to keep ourselves, our loved ones in our communitiesafe. wash your hands, watch or distance, where your face coverings you can't watch her distance and avo settings where you cannot do those things over you may let your guard dow down. every sacrifice you make in the coming months will help save les and ensure that we emerge from this pandemic as soon as possible. ch vaccine administered in thes coming days as a tribute to the generosity and genius of this country. the achievements o every americ who made operation warp speed possible should be a point of pride for us all. our war against the virus is not over yet. but this week we are taking a major step towards our eventual victory. with that, i'll hand things over to doctor to provide an update on the development he
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will then return to the geral who give us an in-depth update on vaccine distribution. >> thank you mr. secretary. hello everybody. very quickly, first acknowledge a historical event last week with the approval of the pfizer vaccine. i think it is a great accomplishment by science and the and vestment of research. great accomplishment by academic science. by science and development and biotech industry in the pharmaceutical industry. in a great public-private partnership is enabled by the u.s. government. so really a great job. yesterday was just the first step with the pfizer vaccine. this week, probably tomorrow
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the booklet for the review of the journey vaccine will be made public. many of you will have an opportunity to look more in depth into how remarkably aligned with the pfizer days and that moderna dana and trend data almost 95% efficacy. against disease and more to review tomorrow that booklet and the vaccine will be reviewed at the meeting by the fda on thursday. and hopefully as for pfizer diligently goes by with potentially distribution. we have insured significant commitment in terms of vaccines availability from a moderna within the first quarter and we announce on friday and the second quarter of 2021. we are in active discussions
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with pfizer to similarly extend the number of doses available for the american population. but things do not stop there. you notice we have two other vaccines in trials. the johnson & johnson vaccine, a one-shot vaccine. we are now almost at 42000 subjects included in the city. so it's more that we announced last week. the study's later this week. and given the intensity of this in the u.s. and it other countries where the trial has been conducted, it would definitely expect to have first readouts of that trial in the first part of the month of january, and likely potential complete readout of the trial towards the end of the month. and submission of a vaccine
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from the j&j vaccine. if approved will start to participate to immunizing the population in the month of february and going forward. because it is a one dose vaccine they can really scale up very quickly the number of u.s. vaccines that would bm in eyes. the fourth vaccine that you have an phase three trial is astrazeneca vaccine. you know that vaccine has undergone phase three trials in the uk, brazil and south africa. but also under operation work speed we have conducted a clinical trial muscle here in the u.s. we have more than 22000 recruited in that trial. and that trial should also be completing its first efficacy readout somewhere probably in the second half of the month of january. potentially be ready for eua submission later in february. and again participating with
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vaccine doses in the month of march and going forward. these are the reasons why we feel confident, provided the vaccine's performance remains on the path that we are on, that we will be able to have enough vaccine doses to immunize the u.s. population. there are two points i want to say in conclusion. one is, it is very, very important now that vaccines are approved in the u.s. that americans continue to act in a generous away and that they would continue to participate in clinical trials. it is thanks to the participation of tens of thousands of americans and the visor and moderna trials that we are able to have these vaccines approved today. and we are able to assess their efficacy and safety. and likewise for the astrazeneca trial. we have two more vaccine to the portfolio using more
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protein -based platform technology. please continue to participate in the trial. these vaccines are very likely to be as effective as a vaccines we know already. and as safe as those vaccines. it may very well be that participating in the clinical trials could be the fastest way to access vaccinations. you know that we are doing the best we can in terms of providing vaccine doses. but these are only in the few millions per week, participating in the clinical trial immediately with the trial or immediately upon the trial if you were in the placebo group to have the vaccine injected. in the second key point is to really engage our engagement. all experts, real engagement involvement now that the data is available in public to demonstrate the efficacy and the safety of these vaccines.
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it is very important that we increase the number of americans that except to be vaccinated based on facts and data and reality. because vaccines on the shelf are useless. and unless a large majority of us get vaccinated, we will not be able to control this pandemic. i will stopere and you'll tellsore about distribution. >> thank you and of course mr. secretary tha you for allowing me to it be a partf this. and we just came off o the doctor's last comment, on saturday i mentioned i was asked who is going toirst one to receive the vacne. my comment was we've had over whether to thousand people participate in tals. they were the first ones to receive the vaccine. they were the heroes to really help us get going. until i would applaud them to, that will be so helpful. so in update first and foremost pfizer vaccine after
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eua on friday, a lot of work was happening over the weekend by thousands of people from pfizer, ups, fedex and mckesson to ensure the vaccine were packed and ready to be shipped in a very methodical, disciplined, overwatch approach. our goal is every vaccine that goes out is safe and effective upon delivery. and we wanted make sure that deliveries occurred in the places where people could receive them. and then begin administering vaccine to the american people. it went incredibly well. as i talk to you about a lot of detail planning and executing to this point, our goal commerce strategy is simple the pfizer vaccine initial push, we wanted to get out to american people right
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away. i brief the cadence that we would pack on saturday, we would re- locate on sunday. we would deliver on monday. deliveries have begun today as we speak. of the 145 shipments the secretary reference, we know that 55 have been received and will track the remaining 95 accordingly as we go through the day. we know that the shipments for tomorrow's delivery have already been packed and checked and we will be managing each of those to include wednesday's shipment. that's an initial 636 shipments that went out for the pfizer vaccine. we have already identified the following orders for pfizer vaccine. there will be an additional 581 shipments that will continue on beyond wednesday, thursday, friday through the weekend in delivery to the
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american people. the point being, it was the initial push we are fully driving execution. and now we are starting our drumbeat of continuous execution of vaccine. as it is available, it is allocated to the states. the states tell us what location they wanted on. what quantities, we package and we deliver. it is a constant flow of available vaccine. clearly the next vaccine we are looking forward to, is the moderna vaccine and that light work on have just short of 60 million doses out to the american people. worshiping to tutored 85 locations across the country pre-w very similar cadence as executed at pfizer. we hit initial sizes on monday
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followed by tuesday and wednesday. and then by the end of the week we are in a routine cadence of execution. i cannot tell you enough, what role commercial industry is playing in this. pfizer, eventually moderna on the work they are doing to get the vaccine prepared for final distribution, mckesson and the distribution the ancillary kits for the pfizer which includes syringes, needles, alcohol wipes and diluted. and then it'll also be responsive for kidding the vaccine from a moderna. : : the pilots who got out to where
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we need to do. there's not one part of this country not being touched today through wednesday. everybody is receiving fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine and it is because of the commercial industry and the role they are playing in the distribution of the vaccine. we are incredibly excited about the strategy, we are continuing to provide states with future forecasts so they can continue to plan the forecast from next week through the following six weeks for planning. as i said, we will only release vaccine once the fda has approved it. forecasting, planning, execution is only based on approval. then we share allocations with the state for the planning on a weekly basis again, to reinfor
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reinforce, it is not a one and done delivery, it's a consistent flow of ordering, preparation and delivery so vaccine continues, it rolls out as vaccines are available and more people get access to the vaccine everyday. >> thank you. we'll open for questions. >> thank you all. where ready for questions. when aing a question, state your name of publicati and keep your questions as short as possible so we can get to as many questions as possible. >> ourirst question comes from angelica wit bloomberg news. your line is open. >> sorry, can you hear me n? okay, thank you. when will vaccination from care
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facilities again? if not until the 21st, why wait a week to start vaccinating? >> thank you, of course we are working through state plans and the guidance that was put out is long-term healthcare facilities/nursing home as one priority but as well as first-line medical personnel who are out there. allocations for vaccines went out to the states, two locations they directed and they are identifying in those populations who is first. here's what we do know, we know several states already going to have already established and going into long-term healthcare facilities, they will go in this week. we know the cdc, in collaboration with cbs, walgreens and in the states, created an elaborate campaign strategy execution into
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long-term healthcare facilities. this week, we are doing a scaling start into execution, for states are ready to go in partnership cbs and walgreens. to start scaling the vaccine into those facilities. we know on monday, a week from today, over 1100 long-term healthcare facilities and nursing homes will also begin vaccination so very incredibly difficult plan as we work to touch over 70000 long-term healthcare facilities and nursing homes. collaborated and prioritized as the states go. many test have to be achieved before you can walk into the door, you have to work through and make sure there are locations and facilities to do it. how to make sure all patients have signed consent, which means sometimes you have to reach out to several layers for approval.
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we had to ensure the right number of vaccine available to go into each facility so we are not going back and forth. we have to ensure the person's, not only the elderly but the staff can be inoculated the same time, so we close the bubble on each facility. so, a very detailed plan and expensive requirement, over 70000. states are already executing, going to execute this week and we are executing the scaled start with cvs and walgreens this week. if they want to do it, we can figure out how to get it done but we are ready to really take a good, heart approach to take care of these great americans in the elderly category.
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>> just one clarification there, you mentioned december 21, just by way of background, the cdc and working with cvs and walgreens, i received feedback, the nursing homes h until december 7 to make final election on contracting with cvs or distribution programs so the asked us to give them, the discussion came up to give headroom to get the logistics d operations established but there is no prohibition on to shooting in vaccinating sooner, it's encourad if they are ready to go faster. we expect to see basque nations in nursing homes this week and literally by next week, the pharmacy chains should have the ability to execute vaccition
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programs daily and thousands of long-termare and assisted living facilities. >> next question. >> fox news. >> gd morning, thank you all for this call tod. i think this question might be best for the general but anyone can answer. he mentioned earlier on the call that they could be hiccups cause nothing is ever perfect. what would some of the hiccups might be that you mht anticipate? ll be the remedy for tho and how intense would the hiccups be? >> i think we have worked through many situations, i'll give a couple here in a moment but it can be everything from as small as the addresses that were sent in more specified correctly, an example, for
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collins, the address double checked, this was a situation identified, it had key collins. the system is so delicate, it needed the exact clarity. they were two spaces in a number of states, i forget which one, the part of the city and the second part of the city there were two spaces which the machine could not identify so that is one. we've been identifying and working through it. we have set up teams to manage that so it's on the left. over on the right could be anything as catastrophic as an accident on the highway with a truck or god forbid, a plane. then in the middle, we have things like i know you seen the weather report, there's a storm
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coming in to the northeast corner on wednesday through friday, a major storm in the northwest coming in tuesday, wednesday and thursday. anything from whether could be a problem. the only thing we are working on and is the reason why we develop the strategy of the initial bushes and continuing drumbeat, so that we have the right people at the right places doing the right work. you need the dedicated workforce preparing the boxes that no how to do it. this is the most viable asset we have right now and we don't want people overtired, we don't want new people coming in, we want the right people doing the right things. the same thing with truck drivers and pilots. i read somewhere this weekend, we've expanded beyond this and
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beyond that, their normal hours. absolutely untrue. we create a steady drumbeat sorts of predictable execution and the right people are in the right place at the right time to deliver, prepare and deliver the vaccine so we are working a myriad of potential things from all the way from the left to the right to the center. my responsibility to deliver safe and effective vaccines means to get ahead of the problem so we are constantly thinking, where do we --here can we be vulnerable and how can we mitigate it. >> thank you. next question, please. >> elizabeth with usa today. >> thank you so much for taking my questio i want to a about delivery to ro area, larger medics in thfirst week, when can we anticipa it will get out to the lessopulousreas?
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>> i reference it back to the needs,e are enabling the states plans and their iorities distribution. we can delivero any place there's an enrolled vcine provider and that is, quite frankly, we've done the mat throhout all of our states territories and megacitie the capacity exists to do that. many states are aeady engaging in working with partners like cvs, walgreens and 17 oth pharmacies to help them expand but at the end of the day, we are enabling their plan to execute their priorities. >> elizabeth, just on your question about rural distribution, the governors are in charge in terms o where they
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tell us to ship two. one misconception i get asked about a lot by the media as the ultra low cold chain, the vice president and i met with the health commissioner last week in south carolina and she had a great line, she said we are not storing the vaccine, we are using it. we can ship the pfizer vaccine toural hospitals and health centers, etc., it comes packed in dry ice, refresh on the dry ice. the more complexity part is that it comes in 975 doses a package rit now where the montana will be smaller pkage size and regular freezer for storage capabilities but there's nothing in the naturef the vacne or distribution to prent use in
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rural, just want to make se to use the doses within the relevant timeframe. >> thank you. >> next question, please. >> john with signs using. >> thank you for taking my question. the commitment f radical trends, can you post a dhboard as real-time for delivery information? canou reveal exact -- [inaudible] specifically in vaccines -- [inaudible >> you broke up a bit, we are certainly releasing information about the commitment as much as we are able to procurement integrity act there are obviously some elements that are confidential we legally are not
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able to but we tried to post contracts and commitments fully and we are going to worko provide a dashbrd and infoation to ensure that you and the american public are able to see progress on vaccination as we go. if you have an update on what that will look like? >> we have created a system, there is no system in america that existed until we came together to bring in all of the data across the country into one system so now we do have a system and we can see ourselves as we are executing the beginning here, we are really just making sure that everything tracks, there's a lot of double phone calls to make sure this says this and it's very good and then based on guidanc we will diribute accordingly. >>thank you. next question, please.
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>> next question is from carl. >> hi this is carl. i was curious if you could elabate on the facilities from which these doses are gng to be shipped. maybe the first 25 milon or so we been hearing about from pfizer is it just going to be u.s. facilies or is belgium goi to play aole in providing supplies? >> th primary dosage for pfizer come out of kalamazoo and that is where they will produce and distribute. we did g initial doses from belgium to help us get going, to meet the requirement as we have made with pfizer. it really is approved
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accordingly by the fda. that is the only way we are allowed to distribute but i see it coming fm the united states as we go forwa. same thing with the montana vacce as it enrolls, you will be disputed from inside the united states. >> thank you. next question, please. >> lisa with mercury news. >> thank you for taking my call. it is great that east coast immunizations are starting this morning but can you tell us about the west coast, sack of sacramento and l.a.? >> all deliveries will be made today. i was told no later than 1400 hours multiple times, we are working through the time zones and just repeating accordingly so i suspect someone in the next
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four to six hours it will be on the west coast locations, if not already there. >> thank you. >> next question, please. >> thank you, next question from nbc. >> i'm wondering if you could walk us through what to expect from moderna, around the same time, what are the differences between how the moderna vaccine, operation warp speed versus getting the pfizer vaccine shipped and can you also talk about why there are so many more doses of moderna vaccines looks. >> in terms of the montana timeline, the advisory committee is on thursday and assuming that everything remains on track, we
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hope and anticipate fda transaction comparable from what we've seen from pfizer this past week, we would certainly hope the comparable timeline, the biggest difference pfizer and moderna are both part of what speed. they need to ship directly out of their warehouse facility using fedex and ups to the sites the governors have asked us to ship to wear as moderna is using a wholesale distributor so they will deploy from the moderna manufacturing, also using the logistics to get the products out there. do you want to give a little more detail? >> you are exactly right. pfizer, two lessons the transition with the ultracold
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from their locatns to ups fedex and then delivery. moderna chose, and we supported, they are going to use mckesson as integrated, they would take the finished product and package it in aordance with addresses and quanties and they will attach and the it will be distributed dow was this justhe logistical cision to ensure a great transiti a it goes through. so, not really a big secret that. the are the key indicators of the final delivery to t final lotions. the cadence, for this conversaon, maybe beyond a similar timeline, our goal would be for the moderna product to b available this te next week
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acro the united states. so monday, tuesday, wednesday, the initial push being sent to all states across the country. reference the quantities, the difference in quantities was about what was available when we we doing planning to ensure initial delivery. so as early as, i'm going to get my date wrong but as early as 15 november. i snapped a line on what was available for pfizer so states could d planning to the number as w were setting up the first dose we wanted them to have as mu time to do planning and realize where they wted it to go first. so i snapped a line on what was availabl at the time which was over three weeks a. that is what out.
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i didn't have to for moderna until week or ten days later as weaw where they were in the process. it's naturally a committed more vaccine available for distribution which allowed me t almost double availability for moderna over pfizer. the k is, we catch up in allocations. there's n exact number, it is available and thats what is allocated so we can assure the flow of vaccines going out to the states. >> next question, please. >> hi, can you explain the dashboard you referenced, what it will show is going to be situation, uptick? is going to be broken down by
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region? also, you referenced shipments over the weekend, are they part of the first round of 2.9 million doses or are they being delivered wednesday? >> first question first, remaining part of that. states are ordering to their priorities and what they want first. as they did their initial planning, they wanted certain places upfront to do certain things. as plans matured, home twice of words. as they enacted their plans, they immediately went in to follow up. we got the initial push and now we have the continuous effort from there. this is what we want that the vaccines go to the right place at the right time and can be
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executed. the first part, dashboards, i know it might sound complicated but we do this in army tactic centers all over the world. we do it every time we are on the battlefield or training, it is about seeing yourself in understanding what's happening you can identify and get ahead of problems and make sure the plan is working accordingly. we are looking at everything from the dashboards are, we have been tracking trials. you her doctor talk about how many people are participating in trials, we are talking locations were trials are and what the enrollment is and the type of enrollment. we are tracking manufacturing, all 25 facilities, we know how much work is being done, with the supply requirements are, with the equipment used is, the
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rate of execution so we can track and see all of that. the last dashboard is final distribution. our ability to know what is available, where is it available? what is actually moving from a to b to c and when does it arrive at its final location? then yes, we trapped track uptake of vaccine. not by individual but quantity of what is being administered daily, weekly, monthly accordingly. we want to do this so we can ensure the right vaccine at the right time to the right places in support of the dates. again, reminder, this dashboard has ever existed in our lifetime to do this type of national view to mission command execution from development, trials,
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nufacturing and final distribution. >>hank you. next question, please >> thank you. waington time. >> thank you for the call. inow it is earlyut have you had any problems yet that would require to preserve 500,000 doses? give a rough estimate of how many people mig be vaccinated with natnwide today. >> absolutely no situations that's required me to tap into safety stock so we have managed that hourly, daily, weekly accordingly. i don't know what the uptick would be. >> 2.9 million doses this week, that is going to be a matter of progress of the different sites for administration and how quickly they are able to
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administer vaccines so it's possible to protect that number for this week. >> next question, please. >> next question is from alisha. >> thank you for taking my question. my question follows up on the last one a little bit, i am wondering if you can tell us if there plans to hold back any moderna vaccines. >> there is. it is the same situation. its two different vaccines. the two vaccis have to be treated separely. first and second dose, pfizer to an individua, first and second dose for moderna. our goa is to make sure all vacce is available for bot first and second doses and then safety stock would be mitigate
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the situation that could potentially occur, whether it's weather, aidents, etc. the answer is, we are. i'm going to sre, this is abou making sure we are preped to mitigate situations. as our process matures both in manufacturing and distribution, as have said before, the safety stock will go down significantly. our goal, vaccines sitting on e shelf is not effective. two vaccines, the eicacy is high. we wt to get it to the american pple. we are just taking prudent steps to ensure the american people have access to the vaccine, first and second dose and w remain capable of ensuring
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everybod across the united states is theren equitable distribution. confidence will growvery day and allow us to rede safety stock accordingly. >> i waed to also explain something tha has come up in some media questions around the whole approach given that thi is a two de regimen on both pfizer and moderna vcines. the general explained, in early weeks of distribution for both, it is taking safety stock off the top, half-million on pfizer, just for contingency is unknown. in getting out to the states, half of the remaining doses, that is where you get to the 2.9 million doses pfizer doses
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being distributed. one question that has comep, should you distribute even more ofhe vaccine to get first dose into people? ll, we have modeled this out quit carefully week by week based on the expected release of additional produion from both pfizer and moderna. we needo make sure that if we vaccinate someone a first time, that we expect there to be a vaccine for the booster on the 21st day or the 28th day either from the federal level or fromngoing new production from the manufacture that would credibly be releasable and available for that person on that day. ...
8:01 pm
you are managing flow of first and second dose vaccinations as well as a flow coming from any factl errors which is the general has talked about where manufacturing protein biologics here and so you wan to make sure especially in the early weeks of proction that you build in enough safety into it because you want to make sure you get to a point where there is a rhythm and predictability on the quality of manufacturing that are coming off so that's will be managedo and we are pushing to the maximum number of people to get vaccinated and obviously that is our priority. getting money is people back to immunity as psible but we need to make sure there's a second dose of what we held back for from realistically expected ongoing production. i wanted to give that clarification. if we could have one last question, please.
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>> this question comes from sharon with "the new york times". >> thank you for taking my questions. general indicated on saturday the 20 million doses would be distributed by the end of the year and onunday they gave a lower number of 14 million. which is the right number and if it went down could you please explain why? >> i expined that 20 million people will be immunized, always said that in the month of december before the end of the year. i'm not sure about the 14 million, maybe 14 million is the order of magnitude that is coming out of pfizer in between the two there will be a vaccine in the month of december and give them a second dose in the month of january and immunize an addition of 3million people in
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the month ofanuary. >> just to be clear with all three of us sitting here, by the end of december we believe there will be enough eggs indusy pitted to get a firstose vaccination for 20 million peop and then as the doctor said by the end of january to add another 30,000,001st de vaccinations and theny the end of february we actually believe we could have 100 million vaccineshots in arms that will have then done between first dose and booster shot vaccinations of individua and as the doctor said by the end of the fir quarter and by the end of march 100 million actual individuals who have had at least a first dose vaccination, correct? >> yes, we plan to have 200 million doses of vaccine by thend of the first quarter so by the e of march which would
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be enough to have imnized 100 million people. depending on the performance of the vaccine and the arazeneca phase three programsnd military use authorization we expect the same number of doses potentially from the vaccine in february already and even more in march. >> of course, single dose regimen beaux-arts vaccination equals person vaccinated at that point. yes, that's right we are so confident in the flow in the vaccine's schedules we talked about but i think consistent in what we tried to present to you all. we will continue to do these briefings and i will be going shortly to gw hospital where i will get to see several of the first individuals getting vaccinated, our heroic froline healthcare workers here and want to get to see them getting vaccinated and see the process underw in about a conference
8:05 pm
of program that gw hospital set up to organize and allocate vaccine among their healthcare workers so we wille doing a lot of tha this week as our leaders try to make sure the rec and public sees our complete confidence in the process used it to get to these vaccines and have a credible scientific determination by the fda and encoage all those who are designated by their state goveors to go ahead and get vaccinat please. thank you very much. you could close us. >> thank you all very much. please send up anyollow-up questions to media. >> journalist and author james ball discusses his book, the tangled web we weave" about the history of the internet and the contemporary problems he sees today. after that hhs secretary alex azar and surgeon general draw atoms vouched for the coronavirus vaccine safety before doctors and nurses at
8:06 pm
george washington university hospital receive their first doses. ohio governor mike dewine announcing the arrival of the vaccine at several hospitals and distribution plans. >> you are watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government. created by america's cable television company as a public service and brought to today by your television provider. >> joining u now from london is james ball, author of this new book the tangled web we weave" inside the shadows systems that shap the internet's. mr. ball, you dedicate this book to our future overlords paid what you mean by that? >> guest: i felt like i ought to hedge my bets and i fel like when we've got a new internet era bringing more people more power we got ai on the rise and


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