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tv   Reel America Lets Go America - 1936  CSPAN  July 24, 2021 1:51pm-2:02pm EDT

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ghosts come all for all saints day. so thank you again, thank you for being here, thank you for your support. keep it up. take care. >> according to the bureau of labor statistics about 16% of american workers were unemployed in 1936. next, on reel america, film sponsored by the national association of manufacturers from that year. looking at the labor market and the future of work. [music]
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>> under the spreading chestnut tree, the port long fellow of colorful and romantic american industries of golden times, times which we sometimes call the good-old days. just how good were the good-old days? blacksmith of times, he had to be, he was the steel industry. [music] mighty man was he also and he had to be, he was the food industry, the fair necessities
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of life. not if they really know how she labored from dawn to dark. we need to know from when we have come from what we have advanced to appreciate what we have achieved and to have faith in opportunities to come through the american system. founded upon liberty and freedom of initiative. let us create progress by all of the nations. 100 years and watch the system at work, america marching forward, forward on the road to marvels of today and more widespread distribution of the industry than any other nation on the globe has ever seen. liberty and freedom of enterprise were the gifts that stimulated creative minds in america. in those minds, ideas were
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taking shape, dreams were becoming reality, progress was being run and future wealth produced for all and new products, new services, new jobs. what an inspiration to our forefathers, such vision is given to few men. there have always been skeptics andwitness. >> it's just a pet. never be practical.
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>> wages are a dollar a day. >> oh, yes, indeed. when can i start? >> you started. get to working there. thank you, sir. [music] >> faster than you can think about it. it's a can-making machine.
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>> there's no future in this business. the machines take our jobs away from us. there's no future anyhow? we can't do it. >> america marchs forward. that was a delicious soup we had last night. you sure can cook. >> i'm glad that you think i can cook, dear. >> we have made progress.
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brought us a long way from the labor to front homes, far from tools that were mere extensions of a man's arm and labor of the blacksmith whose arms were like iron, today no spreading chestnut tree could cover the nation, the mills that require the modern blacksmith to meet the demands of steel. america ingenuity has power and made up servant of man. comfort and greater opportunities that our forefathers ever dreamed of by producing more of the things that people want.
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these things have not just happened, science and industry have worked. worked together to create the new. and even today, the new thicks still in the development stage throughout the nation's thousands of workshops, will create new opportunities, new jobs, more wealth for all in the years to come. the wings of tomorrow. new types of house. air-conditioning. streamline trains. and a number of things will be developed because of the nation's imperishable heritage of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it is this that has given all of the industrial progress that we have achieved in the past and certainty of progress in the
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future. a certainty as long as this great gift of liberty, individual liberty to grow better better is valued and protected. you are descendants of pioneers but you are also pioneers, opportunities still rise from every smoke and test tube, every laboratory and every workshop in the land, you will come a long way from the blacksmith shop and the hand labor of that day, journey forward has just started because this is america. where do we go from here? straight ahead and don't steer the horses. >> there aren't anymore horses? >> my grandfather. >> i wonder what our grandparents would say if they could see the world as it is now. great work kids, carry on. carry on what? >> the heritage they handed us.
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>> freedom, individual initiative, opportunities, let's go, america. [music] >> weekends on c-span2, every saturday american history tv documents america's story and on sunday book tv brings you the latest in nonfiction books and authors. .. .. >> in american history
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nonfiction books, i'm reckon history tv on the presidency, 650 hours a president lyndon b. johnson white house phone conversations are available on the website created by the johnson presidential library and the university of virginia, find out with the case reveals about lbj's' presidency with historian michael beschloss university scholar melody barnes and msnbc news brian williams and lectures in history university of north carolina and chapel professor joseph looks at civil military relations during the korean war including general macarthur's removal from command by truman. watch mark in history tv every weekend and find a full schedule on your program guide or watch online anytime >> good evening. i'm associate professor and chair of the presidency program at the university virgini


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