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tv   Reel America U.S. Vice President Makes World Tour - 1956  CSPAN  August 14, 2021 1:35pm-2:02pm EDT

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the tenth anniversary of independence. on the afternoon of july forrd, mr. and mrs. knicks own landed at international airport. vice president of republic of philippines was there to welcome them. the warmth of the reception was everywhere. it was a gesture of the mutual esteem between americans and filipinos. several times the visitor hauled
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to acknowledge tremendous cordiality shown. following ceremonies outside of palace, mr. garcia accompanied honored guest. this again was more than a mere visit. it was a warm reunion between old friends. on the morning of the hth of july, a day glorious to both filipinos and americans, mr. nixon that the monument of josé, filipino patriotic and martyr known for freedom. it was exactly ten years earlier on this very site that the late president manuel rojas had first raised the flag of the new philippines republic. once more the friendliness from
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the u.s. vice president was expressed to the many, many people who had come to see and to greet him. but now the moment for the greatest event had arrived. over half a million people gathered at park when president and mrs. joined ex-president and mr. and mrs. nixon to review a parade. this was exuberant climax of the nationwide celebration of anniversary of independence. a country that not so long ago was left crushed and shattered by war.
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♪ ♪ ♪ military units. every branch of the island republic armed services took part in the giant demonstration of patriotic spirit. >> by permission of president, the huge crowd was allowed to search forward at the parade and better to hear the address of
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vice president nixon. >> i have witnessed many hth of july parades. i have seen parades with many floats and many bags but in all my life i have never seen a parade to equal the one the philippines put on today. [applause] >> we in the united states in our early years had the problem who were still loyal to a foreign ruler. but your problem in the philippines was a far greater one. the authority of your government was challenged and many rebels as you know were simple people. probably the great majority of them were but they were led by leaders and among the leaders were men that were truly not
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filipinos because they owed their first allegiance, not to the philippine government but to the materialistic ruthless foreign ideology of communist colonial imperialism. what did you do about it? to me it's one of the great stories of the republic one told and retold all over the world. it's true that you used military force where necessary in dealing but you also did something perhaps even more important. you removed the political economic causes of discontent and in this effort your president raymond played a leading part. and for this believe me, president has won the admiration of a whole free world.
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[applause] >> i know that there are those who friendly neutralities may spare, but you know there's an old cover and he who is with the devil must have a long spoon. they have no kindness to those who are trying to be friendly. they are cold and calculating and those who feel that they can outmaneuver them are taking a fearful route. we hope that asia understands attitude toward collective security and may i say at this point, i appreciate particularly the fact that with the rain coming down so many of you still
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will listen. [cheers and applause] >> as was the case 3 years ago, mrs. nixon and i have been deeply touched by the welcome that we have received all over your country. i trust that the years ahead we will see the republic of the philippines make greater progress in the next ten years. >> next day president and vice president nixon visited, long silent guns remained a memorial to the brave men who defended this island fortress. filipinos and americans fought and died side by side.
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it was here the that general mcarthur planned and wish today see for himself the hardship that is the defenders of democracy had experienced. ♪ ♪ >> next day national press club especially adorned from the visitors from washington became vice president final stop before he flew to sygone. this too provided reunion of men who he hasn't seen in years. during half hour interview he addressed and discussing controversial issues, of particular interest to them,
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assurance that u.s. military bases will return to the philippines. later that morning in the wake of monsoon rain, vice president and mrs. nixon arrived in the capital of south vietnam. representatives of president and vietnamese citizens greeted them. in no other place were nixons to see no other change than visit in asia. the land had been in the throws of war. today it was a free and peaceful republic. while riding into sygone testified to the friendship that vietnam feels toward the american people and their elected representatives. this happened to be a time of of national rejoicing, everywhere people carrying banners and marching of anniversary of presidency.
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thousands gathered on the lawn before the presidential palace to cheer the republic and president when mr. nixon came to be received by the young nation's chief executive. the two leaders conferred for an hour and a half. mr. nixon extended eisenhower's warmest congratulations who had shown astonishing progress and spirit through two difficult years. at president's invitation, the visitor from washington joined him in facing the assembly outside, speaking to his cheering countrymen jim thanked them for the splendid unity which he feels has been responsible for the success their nation has achieved. he also thanked the united states through its vice president for its help not only to vietnam but to the entire
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free world. in response, mr. nixon told his host that america was proud, indeed, to be vietnam's friend and ally. another high point at the vietnamese assembly. the u.s. vice president became first guest speaker ever invited to address body. for back in america he served many years as a legislator. [applause] >> the representatives to have vietnamese people, he expressed admiration for accomplishments that have marked the first two years of president yem's administration. he told delegates although the country was divided here in south vietnam the military march of communism had been halted and from this the free world derived great inspiration.
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a visit to the refugee settlement area was another opportunity for mr. nixon to see the extraordinary job vietnam is doing in rehabilitating the hundreds of thousands who fled the communist north. being a father himself, he especially enjoyed meeting the children. ♪ ♪ ♪ there were handshakes too for the elders, for the parents and the agents who had given all they had to escape communist tyranny and live in a land that offered liberty. the vice president met the roman catholic priest and others who would work long and selflessly to make this camp a living and a growing thing. he saw new farm equipment, made available through united states assistance. he saw a deeply religious people awaiting distribution of these
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tools after their blessing by a bishop who was a refugee. it was unforgettable experience for the vice president. one the great stories of southeast asia, the story of fight for freedom and better life for all. on the evening of july 7th, vice president and mrs. nixon arrived in taiwan. at taipei airport, former minister and yu were the first to welcome them. ♪ ♪ >> also gather today greet the personal representative of eisenhower government officials and members of the diplomatic
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core. the vice president's visit was tremendously heartening to the communist china. the next day he conferred with president after giving him a letter from president eisenhower, a letter that strongly reassured china's leader and its people of steadfast u.s. support in their stand against communism with mrs. nixon and madame yang the two statesmen posed for newsmen. mr. nixon summed up the talks in a brief statement. i just had a conference with president chu in: g with regard to the relations between the government of the united states and the government of the republic of china and in this conference, we discussed the mutual problems and the mutual dangers which we confront in the
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world. the government of the united states and the people of the united states stand firmly with the government of the republic of china and the people of the republic china against communist aggression in asia and other parts of the world. as a result of this conference, i am sure that there will be no doubt in the minds of people around the world that our two countries and our two peoples stand together against the common danger which threatens free people around the world, the danger of communist imperial colonialism. >> riding back to the airport, the vice president and his party were held by thousands of chinese young and old who were in streets of taipei. ♪ ♪ >> an imposing guard of honor was at the airport to pay country's respect to distinguished guests.
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china's fighting forces. >> an unexpected delay caused by the blowout of an airport tire postponed the departure after further talks with chinese and u.s. officials, vice president and mrs. nixon in plane for thailand 6 hours behind schedule. it was close to midnight when they arrived in bangkok. prime minister quoted them for traditional charm. they were also greated by u.s. ambassador bishop and other members of the diplomatic corp. ♪ ♪ >> leading his guest into a reception room at airport, the prime minister added a formal welcome of his own.
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>> he regretted that there wasn't time enough to entertain american friends appropriately. in reply the u.s. vice president insisted that the welcome was much more than adequate. and he expressed deep gratefulness that so many thailand leaders should be kind enough to turn up and meet him when he had been obliged to come at so late an hour. in a dining room prepared for the occasion the prime minister and mr. nixon and their party in midnight dinnerment one more example of thailand's hospitality to the american goo will ambassador. once again, mr. nixon held a
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press conference and underscored america's strong backing of the southeast asia treaty organization. thailand and the united states he declared will continue their efforts for economic development and social well-being so that all my pursue lives in peace and happiness. then last goodbye from prime minister before departure to pakistan. later that very important air force reached two of pakistan top cabinet members. welcomed the nixons to another nation. the regiment provided and took salute with vice president nixon in the absence of prime minister who was away in london for the common wealth country. with the united states affair,
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the vice president and mrs. nixon met more than 50 members of the foreign diplomatic corp. another place to greatly impress mr. nixon for tremendous development had taken place since last visiting the capital. the mora man accompanying the vice president took these views of the city's building. they are reminders of pakistan's energy and determination. at the presidential palace, provided colorful escort from the united states. ♪ ♪ >> inside mr. nixon posed with president and cabinet after conferring on matters of military and economic aid while mrs. nixon chatted with the charming and gracious.
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before leaving, the u.s. vice president beganned another press conference on the question of kashmir and hopes they expect settlement or failing that through the united nations. it was at this press conference that he warned countries of the free world against accepting soviet aid. the communist price he said could be a rope around their neck. unlike u.s. assistance which has given to maybe taken freedom, aid from russia could spell its end. after h hours the nixon's plane departed winging west to the capital of turkey. it was nice when vice president and mrs. nixon arrived at airport. the turkey president welcomed the personal ambassadorrary of
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eisenhower. insisted that the vice president and his wife be his personal guest. ♪ ♪ ♪ these were feelings that mr. nixon noted everywhere he went, people with different backgrounds and national origins. ♪ ♪ ♪ one of the most impressive moments of vice president's stay in the turkish capital was laying of a wreath of tomb, the founder of modern turkey. ♪ ♪ ♪ the second highest official of the united states government paid a solemn salute to the memory of one of the most extraordinary leaders of the
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century. driving back to the city on route to the airport, the american vice president's motorcade stopped in ancient historic part and this gave mr. nixon the opportunity once more to meet the people. he stepped out and shook hands with many persons who quickly surrounded his car. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> at the airport one last friendly touch. vice president and mrs. nixon had a personal good-bye for the police officers who had escorted them. ♪ ♪ >> a final farewell from the chief of national assembly for whom mr. nixon carried a message
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to president eisenhower. then the vice president's plane turn west ward once more over the capital city and over turkey. the ancient land which once modern tool. ♪ ♪ >> in the spanish mediterranean island of mallorca the plane stopped briefly to refuel. vice president nixon was greeted by the u.s. ambassador to spain and alberto martin arpajo. ♪ ♪ >> last refueling stop was bermuda and 11 days after they left home vice president and mrs. nixon returned to washington. a large crowd greeted them include senator knowland and
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historic trip was over. reassurances of friendship around the world especially with 6 nations whom the united states is proud to call partners in the struggle for freedom. ♪ ♪ ♪ .. ..
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