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tv   George Gilder Gaming AI  CSPAN  August 16, 2021 4:35am-4:57am EDT

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fund in his book our broken election in which he argues the pandemic to change the election system make it more vulnerable to fraud, economic historian deirdre mccloskey with human objects which looks at a new kind of economic that focuses on science and a better understanding of human action. futurist economist george gilder talks about the future dominance of artificial intelligence in his book gaming ai. and on after words, conservative a podcast or journalist ben shapiro discusses his new book the authoritarian moment which he argues progressive left is pushing an authoritarian agenda in america paid he is interviewed by a nationally syndicated radio talkshow host eric. watch book tv every weekend and funny. on your program guide or watch online anytime
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>> over the years on a book tv we have talked with author george gilder about economics and technology, bit coin comment today were going to talk to him about his most recent books it is called gaming ai. mr. gilder what is this book about? >> this book is about the crazy religion that captivated silicon valley were somehow their machine can clips human intelligence and then cascaded through the universe produce an ever more brilliant machine leaving us behind on the beach and the guaranteed annual income while larry page and google fly off to nearby
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planets with elon musk. it may beat with branson aboard now. this allusion that somehow the human mind is a computer and can be excelled and usurped by computers that has captivated many figures in silicon valley as a new religion. it is nonsense i show in gaming ai which is not a great title for a critique of artificial intelligence, but artificial intelligence began by playing in games and then it moves on to be all of the
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great figures and we see the world champion was defeated by an ai device. it is from these successes of the masters of silicon valley have imagined they can create general purpose brained themselves. this is a great solution and results in bad strategy and what you want to do is enhance human minds not try to usurp your customers and creatively. >> you right in gaming ai that at stake is a new demotion of the human race, what does that mean? >> the human brain, one human
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brain is as complex in its conductivity as the entire global internet. each take ten to the 21st 21 zeros to capture the number of connections in the human brain. it is called the connect home of the human brain. it takes that to map it. it takes data to map all of the connections in the entire global internet. the idea that somehow the human brain is something that is summed up by a computer is just delusional. it is a mistake.
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i explained and gaming ai. built the first model of computer. and he demonstrated the machine cannot be self-sufficient. it is always dependent on a source of intelligence outside of the machine itself. which is proof about the incompleteness of all logical symptoms. the people of silicon valley have forgotten the most fundamental principles of their own technology. >> how are we using artificial intelligence today?
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and how do you see it in its best form? >> artificial intelligence is just the next step in the advance of computer science. it is a formidable, wonderful technology and tool that enhances human productivity. it does not destroy jobs as some people imagined. people are not employed because they are unproductive. artificial intelligence can help make human beings more productive and thus more employable. and so it creates jobs that does not destroy jobs. people are forgetting the
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essence of our economy and an endowment as human beings. >> you use a term in here called singularity. what exactly is that? >> guest: i have a friend, absolute genius who has been director of technology, google, invented the first speech recognizer optical character recognition for the blind, readers for the blind, rate is absolutely brilliant. he is in the past the singularity this moment in 2041 when computers will finally transcend human intelligence and start producing their own
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intelligence and away we cannot comprehend or control. that idea of singularity is captivated in silicon valley. i think it retards technological progress rather than simulating it. >> how is that? how did slow technological progress? >> because technological progress we are human beings with minds, wills, and imagination counter actuality and all of the capabilities of human beings are what technology extends and elaborates and allows us to
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contribute to human life and achievement. to try to separate technology with the apocalyptic idea which leads people like elon musk to say >> things like ai represents the end of the world. steven hawking also made some preposterous about ai if it succeeds we will and the human race. these people are like doomsday adventists on the mountain awaiting the end of the world. it is just ludicrous. it is one of the stupidest
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things i have encountered in my 81 years of ruminating on these subjects but. >> george gilder, don't algorithms represent a crude thinking on their own for computers? >> of course, computers are very good for computation. they can do pattern recognition quite efficiently. they can see mathematical patterns and large data. the patterns they see are largely dependent on the selection of the data. and the preparation of the data. the translation of the data into the symbolic languages,
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the computer can actually address and interpret. the computer is not separate from human minds. charles the great philosopher shows symbol systems are separate from reality. between every symbol system and its object you need an interpreter, a human mind in a game they are the objects. symbols have the rules embodied in them and they are the object. so of course if you speed up the game or the go game to
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some gigahertz billions of cycles per second you can play all of the games that are possible and defeat a human player that does not have the benefit of the processing. the math is not the same as the territory. ai imagines you can make math that are the same as the territory. it is so complex it is no longer has the interpretation.
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it becomes the universe. and so it is just a misconception of how the mind works. how computation functions, you can program it to do anything. you can program a computer you got somebody at the end to take the symbols and interpret them in terms of some human reality. technologist, economist, george gilder is the author of 19 books. a founding member of the discovery institute. his most recent book is this gaming ai why ai can't think but can transform jobs right
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thanks again for being on book tv. >> thank you so much great to be here. >> here is a look at some the best-selling nonfiction books according to the "washington post". topic this is ireland can fix the "washington post" karol lennox and looked at the final year of the trump administration. followed by charlie's illustrated fables a boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. after that his examination of the psychoactive properties of certain plants and this is your mind on plants. next wrapping up our look at some of the "washington post" best-selling nonfiction books is a travel guide by the late author and travel host. some of these authors have appeared on book tv and you can watch the programs anytime
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>> weekends on cspan2 are an intellectual feat. every saturday american history in tv documents america's story and on sunday @booktv brings you the limited nonfiction books and authors. funding for cspan2 comes in these television companies and more. >> the greatest town on earth is a place you call home. spark light is our home too. now were facing our greatest challenge that is why spark light is working around the clock to keep you connected. we are doing your part it's a little easier to do yours. >> spark light along with these television companies support cspan2 as a public service. during a virtual event with the institute of american history at harvard university professor henry louis gates junior discussed the importance of the church and black communities. >> majority black stage. south carolina, louisiana,
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mississippi were majority of black states. was charleston, south carolina. georgia alabama and florida were almost majority black states for this a real concentration of black power as clyburn said to me in the film, and those six -- seven state street that was true even before the civil war. south carolina nickname was negra country. it was so full of a black people. that of course was because of the economy and the productivity of rights. in the expertise of africans brought to south carolina. the ame church he was brought
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by richard allen. it's formally a boy in 1860. in charleston there is a manual church. in 1822 and man was accused of plotting insurrection and charleston. how did he get free? he got free i want you to listen to this. and the complexity of slavery but he hasn't slaved a in 1799 he played this city lottery, the lottery it like he plays the grocery store or convenience store and he won $1500. he is 600 of those $1500 to buy his own freedom from his so-called owners, surname was bussey. after 1800 he was free.
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in 1822 he was a very prominent man. the church was completely destroyed. now there was an and norma's, sensitivity is not the right word for there is paranoia among the slave owners. the haitians has defeated the largest army on earth. when napoleon became emperor he wanted to reinstitute slavery in the name of haiti. >> a particularly brutal form of slavery. it was horrible. the average lifespan on a sugar plantation was seven years, seven years. it was the richest economy in the world.
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and because of sugar, sugar was like crack. i've never done crack forgive me for using that analysis. but normal people, students cannot afford sugar. kings and queens and bishops to, only wealthy people could get sugar before the new world opened up. and so sugar could be mass-produced to become one of the first commodity products. was also used to bolster the working class to give them more energy so they can be exploited. some anti- slavery figures and england boycotted sugar. they knew it was a product with blood dripping all over it. so the haitians defeated napoleon when napoleon said his brother-in-law leclair back in 1801 to try to reinstitute slavery which have
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been abolished in 1794. then under the french assembly. you know those details. he died in a horrible death in a prison in france. he led the haitians to freedom. the americans were paranoid about slave insurrection. so whether or not he was plotting he was found guilty he was executed. they destroyed the church. cut to the civil war there all of these black people in south carolina, richard harvey came as it ame minister in brooklyn. basically he backed himself to charleston because the ame church had not been allowed in the confederacy. 90% of all black peoples lived in the former confederate states.
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lived in the south before the great migration. they knew that was fertile ground for growth. and so ground zero had to be charleston. the first thing richard harvey kain does is rebuild mother emmanuel church. who does he hire as the architect to build it? you can't make that up. it is a gift of god. >> to watch the versus program visit our website and search for henry louis gates to find this and other book tv appearances. >> good evening everyone. welcome to pmp live. i'm brett graham along with my wife who lives in muscatine. we have with us this evening a very experienced journalist to talk about her insightful richly detailed new book dissent for the radicalization of the


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