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tv   George H.W. Bush Memorial Exhibit  CSPAN  August 28, 2021 9:50am-10:01am EDT

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dig to the young lives of these famous women, what they feel, the way sexuality plays into this era is fascinating. so there are many phases throughout the hotel's history. >> what this program anytime on >> is c-span's online store, a collection of products, browse to see what is new, your purchase will support nonprofit operations and you have time to order the congressional directory with contact information for members of congress and the biden administration. go to american history tv. you can find the full schedule for the weekend on your program guide or ♪♪ [hail to the chief]
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♪♪ ♪♪ >> the exhibit you are about to see we started putting together shortly after the president died. they were invested in the funeral service that happened here, the train came up from houston to college station in 41-41, they were proud of the fact the president and first lady were buried here. there's a lot of that incorporated into the exhibit and one of the first things you see here is the life-size statue of president bush's
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service dog sally. we installed the real live sully came to the ceremony, that dog is at walter reed and the real iconic photo which is in the exhibit is in front of president bush's casket. president bush got sully in june of 2018 and he served president bush for 6 months before the president's death on november 30th, 2018. a picture of him as a puppy and every day every day tasks added a little quality to the last month of his life. the memorial exhibit itself, we have the flag that flew half staff over the white house and
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the flag that flew over the capital and one of my favorite items in this exhibit is the ship's we'll that was built by the crew of the uss george h w bush, the last of the nimitz class aircraft carriers. in june, in 2019, they created themselves. all the sailors of the year, they do a service project and
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the shells that were used for the 21 gun salute at ellington air force base where the body arrived in texas for the funeral in washington dc, the guestbook on the page that angela merkel signed and the condolence book which is turned to barack and michelle obama and the program, from the service and u.s. senate condolence book which is turned to mitch mcconnell's signature. we have a photomontage throughout his life. the early life. they were married younger. he was still in the navy when they got married. we have a montage of photos
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from his life and career at the library and some photos, a nice photo in texas as you before the 141 traveled from houston to the library carrying the body with an intersection of railroad track that was cut out by you. a section that the train actually went over and one of my favorite cartoons, one of a series of two, mrs. bush died there was a cartoon of mrs. bush going to heaven and being greeted by her daughter and when president bush died 6 months or 8 months later, the cartoonist from jackson, mississippi did a cartoon of president bush meeting robin and mrs. bush in heaven and from the train,
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president bush loved trains and railroad travel and early in the planning process he wanted to be brought from houston to college station and so the drum late from the train to bring the family up and had a car designed for the casket to an exhibit for american railroads ten years ago and you people 141 was used to pull the train and it will becoming here, and
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outside the library looking forward to that, the u.s. postal service issued a stamp in june of 2019 stamped with the portrait on it and unveiling it in a ceremony, the president picked the portrait out. president bush and mrs. bush were so much a part of this place from 1993 until the last years of their life they were here all the time, did programming with us and a literacy program, here for events, was their second home. >> all of c-span's american
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history programs are available online. go to and type in your topic of interest in the search box, thousands of programs looking at people and places that shaped our nation all available online, this week we are looking back to this date in history. >> armed forces rolled into their beloved city, many of these men appeared since 1940. for four long years they dreamed of this day. the dispossessed have come home again. although present unofficially it was fitting these armies on their way into the city, soon
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they were lost in the united celebration. ♪♪ the spotlight so brilliantly on general they gaulle, with his presence parisian joy was complete. ♪♪ to him was given the honor of rekindling the everlasting flame at the ark to triumph. ♪♪
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>> join us for more this day in history posts. >> joseph ellis is looked at as a top scholar, the group of people who formed our country. one of


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