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tv   George H.W. Bush Memorial Exhibit  CSPAN  August 28, 2021 12:50pm-1:01pm EDT

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impacted in terms off its intellectual cachet and its place in a new york intellectual society. and then the 1950s this new woman particularly fascinating because this is the decade where the barbers on his nickname the dolls house because of all of these models. this is when grace kelly is here and so forth. many actresses in the late 1940s and 50s are at the barbizon. it is eight dolls house the barbizon is now a place where it's famous because these beautiful young women so men hang around at the coffee shop trying to pick up women pretending he is a canadian hockey player. there is all of this, absolutely. it is so interesting when you dig into the young lives of
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these famous women, the kind of conflicts they feel. the weight sexuality pla into this era, it is fascinating. the new woman really has many phases throughout the hotel's history. >> watch this program and thousands more anytime at >> is c-span's online store. there is a collection of c-span products, browse to see what is new. your purchase will support and nonprofit operations you still have time to order the congressional directory with contact information with members of congress and abide in administration. go to c-span's american history tv continues and out. you can find the full schedule for the weekend on your program guide or at ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ snow for. >> the visit under an exhibit you're about too save started putting together shortly after the president died. people here were really investigated in the funeral service it was here the trarain came up from houston to college station, they were proud of the fact the president and first lady were buried here. there is a lot of that incorporated into the exhibit. one of the first things you see here is the life-sized statue of soli, president bush's service dog.
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their ceremony here a couple months ago we installed soli in that real life soli came to the ceremony. that dog is now at walter reed. the real iconic photohich is in the exhibit of soli in front in front of president bush's casket. president bush got soli in june of 2018, he served president bush for about six months until the president death in november the 30th of 2018. we have a picture of him as a puppy with president bush. he did help president bush every day tasks. added a little quality to the last months of his life. the memorial exhibit itself,
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we have the flag that flew at half staff over the white house. we also have the flag flew over the capitol. one of my favorite items in this exhibit is a ship's wheel that was built by the crew of the uss george h.w. bush. it will be the last in its class of aircraft carriers. the crew built it and presented here in june of i believe 2019 i believe. they created it themselves. we had all the sailors of the year from the ship here. we bring them in once a year, they come to the library and do a service project. the cases have the shells that were used for the 21 gun
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salute at arlington airport base in houston which is where the body arrived here in texas from the funeral in washington d.c. we had the guestbookok from blair house which is on the page that merkel signed. we have the condolence book which is turned to barack and michelle obama. we also have the program from the service. we have the u.s. senate condolence book which is turned to mitch mcconnell's signature. we have a photo m montage throughout his life. of course the early life, they were married young. he was still in the navy when they got married. we have eight montagef
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otos fro his life and career here at the library. and some photos, a nice photo from texas as the u pete 4141 traveled from houston appear to the library and carried the body with it. and then a section of the railroad track that was cut wils bush. and then the light from the train, president bush crazy loved robo travel and early the
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planning process for this funeral, he wanted to be brought from houston to the station as his final resting place. library and in the train and so, the drone light from the train and then that you be you and some of itsts heritage fle, to bring the family and they had a car specially designed for the casket and then they had created the ub 4141, four and exhibit that we did here in american railroads more than ten years ago and that railcar, that you pete 4141, locomotives was used to pull the train and it will be coming here sometime in the next year or year and a half and it will be the library. so we're really looking forward to that and then the u.s. postal
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service issued a stamp in june of 2019, a forever stamp with the president's portrait. and i had unveiled here in a ceremony at this station and the president portrait out. so much a part of the space from 93 - until the last years of electing they were here all of the time. they did programming with us and president bush, she did a literacy program for us every year and he was here for events all of the time and really was a second home and we want to remember them here and we got to enjoy their company for so long here in town. >> did you know that all of cspan's american history programs are available to watch online, go to and type in your topic of interest in the search box predict dozens of programs looking at the people and places
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that she generation, all available online at /history. in this week we are looking back to this date in history. >> they will fly up about their beloved city and they've carried on the struggle since 1940, many of them in for four long years they have on this day. in they have come home again. although unofficially it was fitting that these comments on their way into the city. and soon they were lost in the united celebrations.
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[background sounds]. the spotlight fell on the general, when he set foot in paris, his presence and it was reprieved. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ to him was given the honor of rekindling the everlasting claim at the place. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪


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